The Larkins

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This story uses the character of “Dr. Donald Larkin”, with the explicit permission of SEVERUSMAX, an established writer on this site. It’s a minor character in his story “The Professor’s Bride”, mentioned only briefly. This is his past and background.

Donald Larkin lived in a college town, but his parents weren’t part of the faculty. His mother taught, alright: she taught English at a local middle school. His father was a firefighter and had a modest salary from that job. They certainly couldn’t pay much for college, especially since they had three kids. If he had lived everywhere else, attending Notre Dame would have been impossible. Luckily, they lived in South Bend, Indiana, where the university had its campus.

The school semester was over, and Donald had found a minimum-wage job to help cover expenses during the summer. He avoided some expenses some time before, but he didn’t wish his family to know how he had pulled that off. He didn’t spend money on dates, for the simple reason that he had a lover already. The thing was that his lover was another guy. His parents, while supposedly more liberal, might not be ready for a son who was in a same-sex relationship.

Donald wasn’t gay. In fact, he often slept with girls, which was okay with his boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin was a handsome black man, whom Donald had seduced away from his domineering wife. He now lived with a number of male roommates, but none were yet aware of their relationship. Not even Kevin’s ex had any idea, which was for the best. Donald didn’t want Kevin to lose his shirt in the divorce. The ex-wife only knew that Kevin had left her because he was tired of her bullshit.

Kevin was bisexual as well, so Donald and he had frequent female sex partners. They even had some threesomes, although they waited until the girls were gone to fool around with each other. Both of them leaned more toward women in terms of sex, as a matter of fact. It was simply that they loved each other in a way that superseded their normal tendencies. If they had been straight, that wouldn’t have been possible, but it was, since they were bisexual.

Because they had such regular sex with each other, satisfied their desire for variety by taking women as casual partners, and didn’t wish to expose their orientation to outsiders yet, Donald and Kevin agreed not to sleep with other men. They naturally wished to be more open in time, but Donald had a scholarship and Kevin had a gun shop. Many of Kevin’s customers didn’t approve of sodomy, though that was hardly a universal view. As for Donald, even the most liberal faculty members at Notre Dame might frown upon an openly bisexual student having a scholarship there, no matter how smart he might be. It was a Catholic college, after all.

Donald’s family was of mixed faith, with a Jewish father and an Irish Catholic mother, but that didn’t guarantee that either would tolerate his lifestyle. He simply limited his sexual relations with Kevin to the apartment, and even then they made sure that they were careful not to get caught fucking by the roommates.

Not long after he started his new job, his routine was disrupted by his sister’s friend, Heather. She was a busty brunette, definitely not on the slender side, though she certainly wasn’t fat. Katherine, Donald’s older sister, was back to work her own summer job and pay her way through medical school. She had talked her best friend into joining her at the Larkins’ house, since they would otherwise have to pay rent while trying to earn their tuition.

Donald naturally dreaded this arrival. If his sister, Kat, was anything to go by, her friend would be a ridiculously silly and prudish woman. How a medical student could be so immature and superstitious was a question that still confused him. It was an absolute enigma, in fact. He loved his sister, and she had good points, but he refused to blind himself to her flaws. She belonged to a circle of devoutly Catholic women and had no doubt planned to convert her own father to the Church, not to mention Donald, who had early professed a preference for his dad’s religion.

She also regarded sex as something to be postponed until marriage, which especially irked Donald. She was sweet, but he feared for her future husband. Life would have to be tough on even the strictest Catholic man, waiting so long for what would almost certainly be inferior and infrequent (not to mention dull and monotonous) sex. A liberal Jew like Donald would see it as simply intolerable, not that his sister would ever marry one (unless she planned to convert him at some point, which he wouldn’t put past her).

He was more than slightly shocked when he first met Heather. She wasn’t a prude at all. For one thing, she didn’t dress like his sister. Just how Kat ended up with a girlfriend like her was beyond his imagination. They were almost polar opposites. Katherine wore skirts, long dresses, and otherwise conservative clothes. Heather wore miniskirts, shorts, jeans, and bare midriffs, when she didn’t have to dress for class at least. It was evident that nothing had changed his sister, but bahis firmaları she clearly had a much more open-minded friend, at least as far a clothing was concerned.

“Donald, I presume? I’m Heather. Kat has told me a great deal about you, babe. She complains that you still haven’t found a woman, though I point out that she hasn’t found a man, either. People find love in their own time, don’t they? Anyway, do you mind if I borrow your room to change? Kat’s in her room and I don’t feel like chatting while I get into something more comfortable. She’s a great friend, but sometimes a little too talkative,” she introduced herself without any embarrassment.

“Sure, go ahead. Nice to meet you. I wouldn’t have thought that you were such a free spirit, being Kat’s girlfriend and all. Don’t worry, I’ll resist the temptation to barge into my room and watch you change into something more comfortable,” Donald teased her back, clearly reacting to the flirtation of this slightly older woman.

He found her use of the term “babe” and her suggestion of changing into even skimpier clothes (in his bedroom, no less) to be rather brazen attempts at sexual innuendo. Her choice of an outfit put her previous flirting and teasing to shame. If a bare midriff and torn, stonewashed jeans (with half of her panties showing in the back) weren’t wild enough compared to her friend’s taste, a pair of Daisy Dukes and a bikini top certainly fit that bill.

By then, Kat had already finished with her own undressing and started to introduce the two, only to find that they had already met each other. She was a little annoyed with her friend for wearing such scanty outfits around her brother, since she herself wore more “modest” culottes and a “respectable” shirt with plenty of undergarments. The many suggestive double entendres often went over her head, thankfully, since she would have been outraged by them.

It was a good thing that she never found out about the other form of flirting in which Heather engaged, as Donald discovered when he entered the room himself to change and found the real purpose of her changing in his bedroom. She had left her panties behind on his bed, which was a bald declaration of intent, if there ever was one. Having found in his sister’s close friend a more sympathetic guest than he expected, he naturally decided not to snitch on her. Instead, he hid the panties in his drawer for a later “discussion” with the brunette.

When he returned to the living room, Kat was already gone, but Heather had stuck around for some reason. Apparently, his sister had decided that she wanted to shop at the nearest mall, but her girlfriend pleaded fatigue and avoided it. It was obvious to Donald that she wanted to be alone with him (his parents were out of the house for the weekend). It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted from her host. Then again, he preferred such a direct manner of seduction. It was better than trying to decipher a girl’s intent.

“Hey, Donald, do you have any stiff drinks? I could use a buzz right now. I’ll share it with you, of course. I love being around guys, you know, not that women are bad, either,” Heather spoke in her very charming voice.

“How about a little gin? That’s about all Dad has around here. Mom keeps wine in the fridge, but mostly for formal dinners and such. I wouldn’t mind a little booze myself,” Donald smirked.

“Gin and tonic, perhaps? I like those. So, did you keep the present I left for you?” she winked at him.

“Yes, until later, if you want it back. I gather that was your true reason for changing in my bedroom,” he grinned, as he poured drinks for both of them.

“Yeah, well, I had a funny feeling that you were cooler than Kat. She is also worried that you might be gay. I seriously doubt that, from your behavior. You’re definitely interested in women, aren’t you? Maybe slightly older women attract you, slutty women with clothes that barely cover anything? Oh, and keep my undies. They’re a gift. They’re also an invitation to get into my panties whenever you wish, honey,” she commented with a smile, as they drank their gin.

“Oh, I’ve got a few condoms left, if you want to use them,” Donald deliberately pushed the envelope.

“Condoms? I’m clean, sweetie. No STDs, I assure you. I get tested a lot, because I like to go bareback. I know, I’m a medical student, so I should know better. Well, I do know better. I just don’t give a damn. A lot of my sex partners are regularly tested too,” Heather rejected that idea, shocking him.

“What if I knock you up? That might blow your medical career,” he observed.

“No, I’m on summer break. Besides, I could always go with correspondence courses if that happens. As for child support, we’ll work something out. Maybe have a marriage of convenience and a divorce afterward, or whatever else. I’m not worried about it. So, any more excuses, dear Donald?” she countered, before walking over to him to give him a kiss that included more than a little tongue.

“Uh, I should tell you something. Something that I don’t tell most women beforehand, kaçak iddaa but I think that you deserve to know it, before we fuck without protection and possibly get you pregnant. I’m involved…with a man. I have a boyfriend. Relax, I’m not gay, as you noted. That much is obvious. However, I am bisexual.

“The reason that I think that you deserve to know this is that he might well object to my knocking you up and having to deal with the possible consequences. Also, he would know about our little fling, because I’d tell him about it. You see, we have an open relationship. Well, it’s not totally open: we’re both allowed to screw other women, but not other men. No, my parents don’t know, and obviously neither does Kat, though she evidently suspects something disturbingly close to it.

“Oh, and we’ve always used condoms with other girls, so I’d have to get special permission to do this. No doubt he’d want me to grant him the same favor in the future at some point,” Donald declared, between kisses.

“That is supposed to be an issue? You’ve got to be kidding me! Donald, baby, I love it! I never realized that you were so…discreet. Go ahead and call your man. I sincerely hope that he’ll go along with it. Hell, he might even want a threesome, don’t you think? I’m only here for a short time, and I won’t let anything get in the way of what might be (unless you knock me up, that is) my only chance of fucking you on a regular basis.

“I’ve wanted you ever since I first heard about you. Something about you just seemed, well, yummy. I’m glad that you haven’t disappointed me. Besides, how often does a girl get along with her best friend’s brother so well?” Heather retorted with glee, stubborn in her desire to screw Donald for a mysterious reason.

“Wow, I thought that I would shock you, but you’ve blown me away! I never thought that you were so understanding. Okay, I’m going to call Kevin. He should get a kick out of this. No doubt he’ll want his share, not that I mind,” Donald reacted to her statement.

He dialed Kevin’s number, which thankfully got an answer right away.

“Kevin, my man, I have a surprise for you!” he teased his boyfriend.

“What’s that, honey?” the gun shop owner asked, glad to be in the privacy of his office alone.

“I have a girl that would like to screw me, and possibly you as well. The thing is that she likes it bareback. She claims that she has been tested and all. Oh, fuck, she’s not waiting any longer. I think that she ran out of patience. She’s kind of….well, giving me some head,” Donald grunted, as Heather indeed sucked his dick, which she freed while he was distracted by the phone.

“Well, buddy, it seems that you owe me one. There’s no problem. Just enjoy her mouth, pussy, and anything else, but don’t tell any more people. You’re not really supposed to have told her, but I guess that you wanted to inform me and get my permission to screw her without a raincoat. I suppose that you also believed that she was open-minded, which appears to be right.

“In any case, I want some of her tail for myself, and please don’t tell me she’s against anal. It’s been weeks since I got any female ass, so I’m ready for that. I still get a kick out of the fact that my ex doesn’t know we’re dating, since she took both of us in the rear recently,” Kevin chuckled, not really that pissed off or worried about Donald’s deal with Heather.

“Yeah, that’s a hoot and a half, lover. Oh, shiiiitttt! Heather is devouring me like I’m a drumstick!” Donald groaned with pleasure, as he became dangerously close to his release.

Heather’s mouth explored Donald’s dick as much as was humanly possible. She even licked his balls and started rimming his ass, something that only Kevin had done to him in the past. She treated his body as if it were some kind of dessert or morsel that she was hungry to eat up.

“Okay, talk to you later, babe. Just remember that I want some of that fine girl of yours for myself too,” Kevin laughed and hung up.

“So, he’s cool with it?” Heather spoke up, as she let go of Donald’s cock for a moment.

“Very cool with it, in fact, honey. So, are you going to finish the job?” he urged her with a devious grin on his face at the thought of cumming down her throat.

“Duh! Did you think that I’d leave you high and dry? Hell no! No, honey, I just want you to take me. I want you to fuck me, with the emphasis on ‘fuck’. I want it rough, baby. Who knows when your sister is coming back, so it’s best if we screw and get you off as quickly as possible this time, hence the blowjob. I want it fast and ruthless, either in the pussy or the ass. It’s entirely up to you, though my cunt is better prepared, since I’m dripping wet at the moment,” she encouraged him.

“Pussy it is, then. You can keep your top on while we screw, if you prefer. That would make it easier to get dressed in a hurry. I’m keeping mine on, just in case,” Donald stated, as he started to unzip Heather’s shorts for her.

“Thank you, baby. In the future, I’ll wear a skirt around you and leave you a pair of my panties before we kaçak bahis screw, to remind you that I’m fair game. If I’m on the rag, however, I’ll leave no panties there. That’ll be the signal that only my ass is up for grabs. I stick to oral and anal when I’m on the rag, because of UTIs. Now, will you go ahead and screw me, please?” Heather urged him.

Donald gladly acted on her plea, by guiding his fingers and then his dick into her drenched cunt. Heather presented her bare ass for his pleasure, allowing him to see what he’d get later, while he began thrusting his unprotected cock into her pussy. She fully enjoyed doggie-style, but especially liked the idea that he would knock her up. She was very fertile that day, so she intended to get him to screw her pussy, sooner or later.

Her plan (and Kat’s) clearly worked, as she would explain later to her friend. What she didn’t tell her friend was the full extent of her own vision for herself and Donald. Kat couldn’t see past “curing” her supposedly gay brother of his sin, even to the extent of using fornication to achieve it and get him married off. That she wasn’t married herself yet was irrelevant to her. It was more necessary to get Donald to settle down, in her mind, because he showed dangerous homosexual leanings in her paranoid perspective. She chose Heather, because she figured that her busty friend had the best chance, even if she was a bit “sleazy” to Kat’s thinking. Perhaps Donald could help her out with that, too. It would “save” both of them.

Heather, however, was a step or two ahead of her girlfriend. She didn’t mind sharing Donald’s body, so Kat’s idea of a conventional marriage upon pregnancy was a non-starter, particularly since Heather liked screwing more than one man on a regular basis. She just wanted a few regular cocks, and would even sleep with a girl or two to achieve it. She certainly had no problem with Donald continuing his relationship with Kevin, which she knew that he could tell her about, but not Kat. Hell, she would love for Kevin to knock her up as well. If she improvised well enough, she could have two boyfriends who just happened to fuck each other. She’d probably marry Donald, while they kept Kevin as their lover.

This was on her mind as Donald rammed her, but not for too long, since she quickly discovered that Kevin was a lucky man. Her friend’s brother had a truly exquisite cock, delightful in its ability to plunder a woman’s pussy and leave a gap in its wake. This was the cock that Kat wanted for her to use? It was magnificent! She was not sure if she could delay her climax much longer, and he had only been inside her for a few minutes!

Damn, she had to thank her friend, and at least one idea occurred to her. She’d set the girl up on a “double date” with Donald and Kevin, then ensure that a mix-up occurred and Kat ended up losing her cherry to her brother. After that, of course, she’d be game for a moment in the sack with Kevin too. By the end of the evening, she’d get Kat to screw all three of them! Kat’s plot would backfire and she would change more than anyone else, which she needed to do anyway. If the scheme didn’t fall through, there would be a four-way marriage that involved brother-sister incest as well. After all, it was only fair to Donald and Kevin that they would get a second woman, if she got two men out of this deal.

Donald had his suspicions of Heather being up to something, but he didn’t worry about it at the moment, since he had his own self-control problems just then. For a woman who evidently had no trouble getting laid, she still knew how to avoid the loose pussy traditionally associated with promiscuous girls. Maybe she was more selective in her partners than either he or Kat supposed. Well, that stood to reason, since she tested herself and enough bareback sex with enough different men would have undesirable results in time. Only by being reasonably picky and limiting it to a few fuckbuddies would a guy or girl be able to screw around without a rubber and not become infected.

Whatever the case, Heather kept thrusting back at him, pulling him into herself as he pushed inside her. She grunted quite a bit, gasping as he moved inside her, her growls indicating a feverish need to have him even deeper in her cunt. She wanted him as far inside her body as possible. She ached to welcome him to her now slippery hole, needing more of the pleasure of his hard dick, ready to shoot his load in her. She started to whimper after a bit, her sweat pouring down her breasts and toward her belly, as Donald invaded her repeatedly. She wanted rough sex, and that was exactly what he gave her, not that she changed her mind about it.

Finally, Heather lost her battle to restrain herself and simply squirted on Donald’s cock, a cry leaving her mouth that sounded like a wild animal in heat. She tightened up as far as she could on his prick, forcing his body to expel its own cum into her slit. It was actually the most intense straight sex either of them had known with anyone, as the idea of his seed so far inside her pussy was a rush of adrenaline for both of them. The worry of knocking her up was actually a thrill for him on a secret, visceral level. He was also turned-on by the idea that he might unravel whatever little scheme someone might have hatched against him.

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