The Cabin

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*author’s note, this story was submitted on behalf of a sexy lady who wouldn’t have the courage to do it herself. *

* * * * *

Me and you go out to Michigan to my Grandparents house out in the woods. B/c there isn’t much room in there place we get to stay at the cabin next to them. We all talk with them getting a little drunk since my grandparents love to drink. I tell you lets go and put our stuff away. You walk out to the car ready to drive over to the cabin. I tell you to go ahead I am going to walk the path. You try to make me change my mind but know its useless and get in the car and start it up. You make it there first and wait leaning on the car watching the great view we have of the lake. After a while I come out of the woods with a smile on my face and walk up to you wrapping my arms around you and kiss you deeply.

Like the view? I say. You nod and tell me lets put this stuff inside b/c we have a lot. So I get 2 of our bags and you get the cooler. We have bags of food in the car too b/c in the he cabin there is a kitchen and 4 bedrooms. I smiles to you as I put the food away. We light the candle in the kitchen to give us some more light since its getting a little dark. I tell you to go get some fire wood out of the pile where the car is parked. You go out and get some as I finish in the kitchen. As you come in I walk to the bedroom asking you to start a fire. You start it having a little trouble at first but get it going and stand there pleased with yourself. I come out bahis firmaları wearing a short black nightly that shows a lot of cleavage.

You star and get the wicked smile on your face. I look at your pants seeing the bulge and smiling. I can tell you like what you see but get that urge to ask you if you do. you nod and walk to me since I am motioning you to me with my finger. I grab you and talk you into he bedroom. I push ya onto he bed and you fall smiling. I then take off your pants and look at your wonderful cock I love so much. I get on my knees and start giving you head. I don’t forget about the balls and play with them as I suck on you. As soon as I taste the precum I get up on the bed on top of you. Have you been a good boy, I ask? You nod and I slowly straddle your cock riding you as you pull that nightly off of me.

I keep riding you for awhile and then bend down kidding your ear lobe and whispering how much I would love to feel you go deeper in me. You turn me around and start in on me as I wrap my legs around you feeling you fuck me fast and hard the way I like it. I start to hit a big orgasm and you can feel it. I look at you in your eyes and tell you I want you to cum with me. I start to scream that I am cumming and you know what to do. You cum the same time and we both claps with the orgasm. As soon as get my strength back and your asleep on the bed. I get up wash off and get dressed into my button up hip huggers with no panties and a nice long shirt and a bra. I get my shoes kaçak iddaa on and walks over to my grandparents and talk with them. You wake up not knowing where I am so you grab a beer and sits at the table. You look out eh window seeing if you can see me out there but you cant. You trust o the fire place and put more fire wood in it. The fire starts to grow and get bigger and fill the room with light. I walks back from my grandparents house and look into eh window seeing your awake. I smile and run inside. You look at me and as soon as you ask me where I was I kiss you to cut you off. I laugh knowing what you where going to say and tell you.

You nod and I ask if your hungry. I fix you a good dinner and we both eat. I clean up eh table and look out at the lake. You come up behind me and ask what I am looking at. I ask if you think its cold. You laugh and tell me its cold now b/c its night and I must be crazy if I am going to go out swimming now. I nod and turn around jumping onto eh counter. I look t you and ask you if you can help me find some fun. You smile and grab me taking me off the counter and have me lean over the table. you unbutton the hip huggers and pull them off my nice hips. you love looking at my ass and love how its right there in front of you nice and round.

You kiss my ass and then take your fingers and start to play with my pussy. I stay holding onto the table moaning at your touch. You get on our knees and start licking my pussy from behind. As soon as I am nice and wet kaçak bahis you stand up and grab onto my hip then drive your cock into my pussy from behind. I grab the table and let out a short and loud moan. We fuck like that for a few and then you whisper in my ear and ask if I would do anything for you. I nod and tell you yes, anything. You then smile and tell me to cum. I work my hips with you and get on the verge of cumming and you can tell so you grab my as and fuck me harder. I cum right after that and scream in pleasure. you then slow down and ask me again if I would do anything for you. I tell you again yes. You smile and say good. You them slip your dick out of me and push your cum covered dick into my ass. I freeze since its my first and wonder why you are fucking me there. You tell me to relax as you work your way in me.

I tell you to be careful since I am scared right now you tell me you would never hurt me and you love me so I stop saying anything about it. You make your way in and slowly start fucking my ass. You start working in on me and I start loving it after awhile. I moan and hold onto the table and you feel your about to cum from it being so tight. You keep working in on my nice and easy fucking me good but not fast and hard like I like it in my pussy. you want me to cum when you do so you start finger me and playing with my pussy. I start to move my hips feeling another coming on. You smile fucking me in the ass. We both start to pant and finally we both cum. I lay there on the table feeling sore and satisfied. you get me up and take me to bed. We lay there holding each other. I smile looking at you and you ask what. I tell you.. tomorrow is always another day of fun. We then fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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