We Finally Meet Pt. 02

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This is a continuation from the first installment, it will make a lot more sense if you read it first.


Standing to your side, gently caressing and massaging your slightly spread thighs. Firmly kneading your smooth skin between my fingers, trailing closer and closer to your aching and begging sex. Moving around the table so I am now standing between your legs, I grab you by the ankles and pull you down towards me until your knees are hanging over the edge.

I lean over and kiss your stomach, just above the waist line of your sexy little thong. Teasing the line of fabric with my lips as your rock and buck your hips in an effort to grind your pussy against me. Much to your dismay, I continue to trail my lips over your hip and down your thigh. Kneeling between your legs and staring up at your barely cover cunt; the wet spot in your panties makes my cock throb and drip precum.

Lifting your legs and pushing them up towards your chest, my hands glide down to caress your amazing ass before hooking my fingers in the waist of your thong. I can’t help but to moan when I see the tiny black triangle of material stick to your wet pussy and finally snap free. Admiring the glistening wet canlı bahis lips of your sex as I spread and lower your legs back to the table. Your pussy dripping with excitement; a tingle rushing through your entire body when I bend over and get close enough that you can feel my breathing on your begging clit. Kissing over your smooth mound, closer and closer to your sex. Your hips jump off the table when you finally feel the warm touch of my tongue against your slit. Slowly lapping against the sweet folds of your pretty pink cunt, circling over your hard and sensitive clit. Darting my tongue into your tight wet hole and letting you just rock and grind your pussy against my face…

The clicking of cuffs and the feeling of metal around your ankles shakes your mind away from the bliss that it was lost it. Your limbs are now cuffed to table and the devilish look on my face when I stand back up is one of raw lust and mischief. “Was this what you had in mind when you showed up dear?” I ask as I walk over and open the closet. Your eyes get wide and a shot of fear trembles through your body, quickly replaced by a warm shiver when you see a shelf with a ball gag, a flog, and an array of butt plugs and other phallic bahis siteleri toys. The moan of approval that escapes your lips makes me want to just rip your clothes off and fuck you in that instant, but I resist.

Instead I grab a small black plug and rub a little drop of lube on it. Holding it in one hand, massaging three fingers against your pussy with the other. Rubbing your wetness up and down your clinching and spasming slit, trailing a wet fingertip at a time down to your naughty little pucker. Pressing my middle finger against your tight ass, spreading your pussy juices around the ridges of your pucker. Swiftly I pull my hand from between your legs and instead hook it under your knees to raise your ass off the table. Lifting your legs as far as your ankle cuffs will allow, still enamored in the gorgeous sight of your perfect pussy and tight little ass.

Gently and slowly I push the plug between your cheeks and slide the tip tight against your pucker. Holding it steady while I lower your ass down onto it. I want to stroke my cock so badly while watching you take that little plug in your ass, your pussy spasming and twitching with pleasure as you stretch around it. You come to rest back bahis şirketleri on the table, the feeling of being filled up resonating through you, making you need more. I go back to the closet and pull out the ball gag, you plea “Don’t you want to hear how you make me moan?” I do, but you must be quite for now, so without a word I slip if over your head and push the small red ball into your mouth.

I kiss you on the forehead and rub the blade of my finger over your cheek, you see me check the time and see even more excitement rush through me and my cock twitch proudly in my boxers. I kneel beside the table and pull a round insert from the table, exposing your ass from below, making the plug accessible.

I push it in just a little more and then give your cheek a firm, but loving spank. “What you don’t know, is that my wife will be home in 2 minutes. If, when we come back down, that little plug isn’t still deep in your ass, she is going to make you take a much bigger one and there will be a punishment also.” I can’t tell if it is a look of excitement, or fear that comes over your face, but it doesn’t matter because you’re ours now. I lean over your body and suck your clit into my mouth, tasting your sweet pussy on my tongue for just a brief moment before leaving to go up and meet my wife.


Sorry these are coming in installments. Please let me know what you think of content and style. Happy reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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