The Preacher’s Son Ch.07

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*Hello! Oghma here! This chapter took far longer than I thought. Aside from obvious family obligations and the like, I ended up making it far too long, and by accident ended up writing two chapters. So, the good news is that the next one will be out much faster. Thank you all for waiting, and I’ll see you again soon. *

**Disclaimer; Excessive sizes, cumshots, somber subject matter and some fantastical elements ahead. All characters depicted in sexual situations within are of 18 years or older.**

Once again, Matthew found himself in the nighttime desert, surrounded for miles with nothing but untamed wilderness with no clue how he had gotten there. “Marcus!” he called out, his yell echoing through the night air to no avail. Frantically, he looked around him for any signs of his friend. Though Marcus was nowhere to be found, Matthew quickly spotted another figure walking the sands, positioned with their back to him and walking away. “Wait!” he shouted, running over towards them. “Have you seen- “he stopped, his run slowed down to a walk once he was about 10 feet or so behind her. Matthew had immediately recognized the figure; it was the woman in green from before! “You…!” he gasped softly.

“Me.” She replied, once again not turning behind to show her face or breaking her stride.

“I remember you. You spoke to me, tried to say something to me but…” he paused, but didn’t stop following her. “But it was a dream. So, I…I must be dreaming again.” Matthew sighed.

“Perhaps you are.” The woman answered. “But why does that matter?”

“Well…” Matthew continued. “If this is a dream, then why should I listen to you? It’s just my own brain talking to me isn’t it?”

“Maybe so.” Matthew swore he saw her shrug, but it was difficult to tell. “But isn’t it good to listen to oneself? Perhaps you have more wisdom and knowledge than you think you do, and you just need to block out the noise from others.” Matthew’s gaze sunk to the ground, it seemed she was as cryptic as ever.

“If that’s true, then you’re not being very helpful at all.” He muttered. “You just keep making me more confused.”

“Were you any better off when you were sure of yourself?”

“Honestly?” he asked. Though she didn’t turn around, somehow Matthew knew that she was giving him some kind of affirmation. “I don’t think I’ve ever been that sure about anything. I always questioned those biblical stories my dad would read to me as a kid. Stuff like the great flood of Noah or the Tower of Babel just never made sense to me. Boy, did that ever make him mad!” he said with a soft chuckle. “I think the first time I was completely certain about something was…”

“Himawari?” she asked. Matthew stopped in his tracks for a full second in surprise. He soon regained enough composure to resume following the woman.

“How did you know?” he asked.

“Does it not make sense that I would?” she asked him. “If I am just a manifestation of your mind talking to itself, then I should know everything you do. And if I am a divine revelation, then that too would explain it.” Matthew was again struck with surprise, as he had only been considering that last explanation. But she wasn’t wrong either way.

“Yeah… Himawari” he answered. “While we were…while we were together I… I thought about her all the time. Not just about the ah, well you know.” Still kind of timid about the subject even when in the realm of dreamscape. “But when she was gone, I missed her smile, her warmth, her comfort… she soothed my soul like nobody else ever could. I just couldn’t bear it when I heard her say she didn’t love me.”

“Did she really say that?” the woman asked, once again forcing Matthew to pause. Somehow, he was able to dig through his memories and play it back in his mind with perfect clarity.

“Well…no.” he admitted sheepishly. “She said I confused her, that she was feeling doubt.”

“Much as you are now?” That one struck him hard. “Confusion and doubt are how we find the truth Matthew. If one just asserts something as hard truth without ever questioning it, then they will never truly test it. Perhaps she was confused because she had never felt this way for a man before, much like you were at first.”

“That…” Matthew replied. “I guess that makes sense.”

“Do you still love her?” she asked. It took Matthew quite a while before he could muster up an answer.

“…Yes. “

“Your feelings haven’t changed because of what she told you?”

“No. I mean, I thought for a while that they did. But now that I’ve been here, I just can’t stop missing her. It hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before to be apart from her.”

“There you have it, your doubt and confusion helped you realize what you really felt.” She said. “If you had not gone through this turmoil, you would never have known for certain if your love for Himawari was real.” Matthew said nothing for a good while, just followed her footsteps in contemplation.

“So, are you saying everything happens bahis firmaları for a reason?” he finally asked in a pleading tone, as if he was seeking a sign of hope.

“That depends on how you look at it I suppose.” She told him. “Causality and chaos theory are funny things. When free will and chaos meet, there is no telling what may occur. Each action creates a reaction that leads into another. So yes, in that way everything does happen for a reason, just not necessarily out of intent.”

“So, everything is just chaos and random chance?!” Matthew exclaimed, his voice tinged with frustration and disbelief.

“Again, that depends on how you look at it.” She replied. “Chaos may influence and direct outcomes, but yet order finds a way.” Her hand moved and pointed towards the ground, where a patch of desert grass lay. “Tell me, did someone plant that grass?”

“No, no of course not.” Matthew replied. “It just grew there on its own. I dunno how grass reproduces, but nobody planted it.”

“And yet it grows, chaos may have brought it to its resting spot but it grows orderly where it lands.”

“I don’t think I understand.” Matthew said, with less frustration than he would have expected to feel.

“Do you need to right now?”

“No… I need to think on it. I need to.” He let out another soft laugh. “I need to power through my confusion and figure out what you mean.”

“Good!” Matthew heard a twinge of pride in her voice. “You’re learning.”

“Just one thing…”


“Who are you?” The woman stopped in her tracks, causing Matthew to do the same. Again, she turned to look at him. But all Matthew managed to see was a flash of scarlet hair before awoken by the alarm.


Navigating the seatbelt around her chest had always been a problem for Himawari, but now that her belly was starting to swell with child it became even more troublesome. It wasn’t a large baby bump yet, indeed it was hard to notice when she was clothed, only if you rubbed her belly would you realize there was anything growing there. Not that she needed it, since she was sporting that famous pregnant “glow”. Still, after much navigation and frustration she was able to click the seatbelt about as comfortably as was possible. It would have to do; a couple hours of discomfort would be a small price to pay for what she hoped to accomplish. “Are you sure you wanna do this Hima?” asked Yukiko, leaning through the open window.

“Sure as I can be, I guess.” Himawari said with a tone of wavering determination. At that moment, her passenger door opened as her companion squeezed inside. She then turned to the side to face him. “Thanks again for coming out on such short notice Mr. Kern.” Himawari said.

“Think nothing of it.” He said in that reserved and polite tone he was known for. Joshua Kern was a lawyer and a major player in the Institute for Breeder Equality’s legal team. A breeder himself, he stood at around 6 feet tall. His light brown hair was cut fairly short and slicked back, with a professionally clean-shaven face. A pair of half-frame rectangular glasses rested on his nose, magnifying his hazel eyes. “I mean I was surprised when you called me for this, but I’m happy to help with a case like this.”

“You really think you can get him discharged officially?” She asked for what had to be the thousandth time. Always a strong sign of anxiety when they seek reassurance constantly.

“Yes, I can.” He reassured, remarkably without a trace of annoyance in his voice. “It’s a bit of an obscure legal clause to be fair, and we need to provide testimony of being abused. But if this is anything like the ones, I’ve encountered that won’t be a problem.”

“Okay… thanks” Himawari replied. She still wasn’t completely reassured, but there really was no other option.

“Do you want me to come with you Hima?” Yukiko asked. “Maybe give you some more support?”

“No… no that’s okay.” She said, waving her hand. “I think I can handle this.”

“Alright… I think I better go set up some accommodations for him.” It was a bit of an optimistic gesture, but one that Himawari appreciated nonetheless.

“Thank you Haha.” She said in a low voice.

“Daijobu Himawari.” An odd term in Japanese. It could either mean “Are you alright?” or “It’s alright” depending on the intonation. In this case it was clearly the latter. Somehow it always felt more genuine and reassuring when it was said this way.


“Alright now what you wanna do is twist to the side as you pull on my arm.” Marcus lectured, leaning only slightly forward without putting much weight on Darla. Normally he’d either be more upright or driving his mass into her, but this was a drill and not an actual match. They were in his bedroom, practicing on the rug as there was no way he’d be able to fit a proper mat there. It was a sparsely decorated room, a plain bed barely big enough for himself, a small unlacquered shelf hung on the wall perpendicular to his bed, with a collection of kaçak iddaa random objects from boxing gloves to sex lube resting on it (he didn’t have the storage space to put them anywhere).

“Like…this?” she asked. Taking his right arm in her left hand, Darla pulled it across her chest while pushing his other arm back. She moved the upper half of her torso to the right, but didn’t twist all that much. As she brought her right leg over the back of his neck, Marcus gripped her back and started to lift. Darla yelped in surprise and released her legs, Marcus picked up on her cues and gently let her back down.

“Naw see? You gotta go at an angle, otherwise they can do that. Then they’ll slam you on the ground, and even on the mat that hurts like hell.”

“That seems kinda brutal. I don’t think anyone in my weight class is strong enough to do something like that, and besides’ isn’t that banned in Jiu Jitsu competitions?” Darla asked, sitting up a little to look at Marcus better.

“Yeah but, you can’t just train for tournament rules. You gotta make sure you can use this in a real fight, even if you never get in one.” He replied. “And on the street, there are no rules. Plus, you never know just what your opponent is capable of even in a match.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Darla said with a nod. “So… from the top again?”

“Yeah, start in guard.” Answered Marcus as he got back into position. Darla wrapped her legs around his back. As he drove forward a little, she noticed a sudden pressure against her butt, mostly hard but still with a little bit of give. This caused her to let out a giggle.

“Come on! I said I wanted to practice with you, how can I concentrate when you’re pressing that big ‘ole monster against me!” Marcus laughed a little bit.

“Can’t help it! I’ve got such a gorgeous girl under me with her legs around my waist! Any guy would get at least a semi from that!”

“Yeah, well not every guy’s more horse than man.” Darla replied in a teasing sing-song tone. “I swear, we’re never gonna get any training done this way.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Marcus gave her a low growl and reached downward to grip at her hips, prompting a squeal from Darla. He looked over her with a visage of adoration. Darla may not have been a Breeder, but she was no less beautiful for it. Her brown hair was cropped short and currently tied back in a ponytail, to keep it out of her brown-green eyes while they rolled. Though not exactly titanic in size, her breasts were well above average, easily a DD cup at the smallest, even if they were currently bound up in a sports bra. Darla’s hips flared outward somewhat, giving her a fairly hourglass-shaped profile. Firm toned abdominal and thigh muscles were on display, even though the rashguard shorts. Marcus could swear she was some sort of amazon or valkyrie straight out of mythology. Right now she wasn’t wearing any makeup, but her natural beauty shone strong. “Well, the competition ain’t for another couple of weeks, we got plenty of time to get the triangle choke down…”

“So you keep saying…” Darla said with a low purr, grinding and wiggling her hips against his groin as best she could. “And yet we just end up having sex each time.”

“Again, you say that like it’s a bad thing.” Marcus chuckled, his hands traveling upwards to clutch at her face. He leaned downward and drew her up for a tender kiss. It didn’t remain tender and sweet for very long, and soon they were aggressively mashing their lips and tongues together in frenzied passion. Darla’s arms were wrapped around Marcus’ back, rubbing all along his tank top and exposed muscles. Even through their clothing, Marcus could feel her mound growing more and more wet. Reaching downward, he gripped the sides of her shorts. Without breaking the kiss, he carefully slid them down her legs, prompting Darla to break her guard and maneuver them to help him take the shorts off. Eventually they had to break off though, as there was only so much attention Marcus could devote to multitasking.

“Oooh!” cooed Darla as the clothes finally cleared her feet. Marcus noticed that she hadn’t been wearing any panties, meaning she had expected this to happen. Though he had seen it before, he couldn’t help but take a good long gander at her pussy, especially now that he noticed something different about it. Where just yesterday there had been a small, well-trimmed tuft of black hair there was now an utterly hairless cleft, with some marks of razor burn and stubble here and there. It was a bit of a surprise for Marcus.

“You shaved!” he exclaimed impressed.

“Yeah… I thought you’d like it this way.” Darla replied with a hint of embarrassment in her voice. “Since y’know, Breeders don’t have any hair down there. I mean, this was my first time trying something like this, so I’m not sure if it looks as pretty as it-“

“Darla.” Marcus interrupted, placing a finger on her plush lips to cut her babbling short. “You didn’t have to do that. You kaçak bahis know how I feel about you, and it ain’t gonna be changed by how much pubic hair you got.” Her expression shifted to one of happy relief. “But I appreciate that you did it for me.” He looked down again at the dripping wet opening, suppressing an urge to whistle in amazement; She was soaked! “Look at that…we might not even need the lube this time!”

“Nice try bucko!” she exclaimed, tapping him on the nose. “You’re not tearing my delicate little flower up! You gotta grease it up before you enter.” Marcus grinned even wider, nearly laughing at the rather unladylike way she phrased it.

“Hey, all I said was we ‘might’ not.” He said, getting up and walking over to the shelf near his bed. In one swift motion he pulled the canister off and made his way back to her. Darla meanwhile had gotten onto the bed, and parted her legs open to properly present herself to him. No foreplay was needed, or even wanted right now. “Wanna do the honors?” he asked as he approached, handing the bottle over to her.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Darla replied, resting the bottle on the bed and reaching out to grip the waistband of his shorts. Like a child on Christmas morning, she practically tore them off to get at the prize within. “Ah…!” she cooed when his cock finally came into view. Calling Marcus hung would be an understatement, for his was the kind of cock one would normally see on a barn animal. It proudly jutted out about nineteen inches or so, with the girth of about both of Darla’s wrists put together. Big pulsating veins supported the behemoth, keeping it pumped full of the blood it needed. The foreskin was currently only partially retracted, caught slightly by the flared prow of its head. And what a head it was! It was practically a fist in terms of size, with hardly any tapering at all towards the very tip. Indeed, one could be forgiven for thinking it didn’t taper at all. In terms of color, it was a slightly brighter shade of brown than the rest of his cock. Amusingly, the impressive size of his shaft created a sort of contrast that made his testes look at least a little bit diminished by comparison. Though they certainly weren’t small, each one was roughly the size of a tangerine after all, they weren’t entirely proportional to the rest of his package. “I swear it gets bigger every time I see it!” Darla laughed. “You sure Breeder men don’t keep growing as they get older too?”

“Positive. If we did, we’d all die from blood loss every time we got hard!” Marcus laughed too.

“Well if you say so…” hummed Darla, reaching over to pick up the bottle one last time. With a squeeze and a rather unsettling sound from the bottle, she poured a large batch directly into her palm. She then rubbed her hands together to spread it around a little before reaching forward to slather it all over Marcus’ cock until it was all nice and shiny. “Just take it slow okay?” she asked once it was completely slick, leaning back onto the bed.

“Always do. “chuckled Marcus, taking his cock in hand. Gently and carefully, he rubbed his cock around her mound, stimulating her and spreading the moisture around. Then, he aimed it lower towards her opening. A soft moan emerged from her plush lips, signaling to Marcus that he was doing his job well. On that prompt, he pushed forward slowly. Darla let out a gasp as he began to spread her wide. Though this wasn’t the first time they’d been together, she was just a normal human and as such wasn’t technically built for such large insertions. At least not pleasurably. Still, the human vagina was quite a remarkable thing, and despite everything it still managed to open up. Before too long, Marcus had managed to get the entire head inside, which for Darla may as well have been a fisting. The old phrase “Just the tip” clearly hadn’t been invented for Breeders.

“Ffffuck…” she whispered, twisting and wiggling around. “Still stings a little.”

“Want me to stop?” Marcus queried.

“Don’t you dare!” she replied, reaching out to give him a playful slap. “I’m gonna get used to this beast if it kills me.” Darla then looked down, biting her lower lip as she savored the spectacle. “Don’t stop now! Let’s see how deep we can go!”

“Yes ma’am.” Chuckled Marcus. With that, he started to piston his hips slowly. Although it took her quite a while, he was able to get a good pace and sink a fair bit into her, about 5 inches or so. Darla’s rhythmic moans egged him on, and her juices bathed his cock in a clear sign of her pleasure. As for him, the slow pace was stimulating him gently, her pussy clamped tightly and warmly almost like a second skin. Though he wasn’t able to go fast, the mismatched tightness provided enough friction, at least enough for a gentle ejaculation. “That’s it… you’re doing great baby.”

“Good to hear…” she groaned, her hands reaching outward in an attempt to clutch to his back. Unfortunately, his massive length was leaving a lot of space between their bodies. Marcus picked up on her cue and leaned forward as best he could, which closed the distance just enough for her to reach. “You-ah-you know I w-wouldn’t go through a resizing like-oooh-this for just anyone!” she growled.

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