The Big Bang Ch. 02

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It was 8AM, Sunday morning, and Olga Petrovsky’s taxi had just arrived in front of the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, in New York City. Normally, after a long flight involving the crossing of many time zones, she would be absolutely exhausted and ready to sleep. However, this time she felt quite refreshed and knew she would not be able to sleep for a few hours. The reason for her vitality you may ask, a most eventful flight.

Olga had met a man named Chris while travelling on a private jet from Cairo, Egypt to New York City. Upon entering the plane she was immediately attracted to him. Exactly what attracted her initially, she could not say. He was definitely handsome and exuded confidence, but she had come into contact with many men like that throughout the course of her life, so that could not have been it. Perhaps it was just her, she saw someone she wanted and just went after him. This type of behavior was certainly out of character for her, but she liked the way she felt. She felt ALIVE!

After checking in and reaching her hotel room, she called room service and ordered breakfast. After eating breakfast and watching a bit of television, she decided to lie down and get some rest. However, she just couldn’t sleep. She just continued to replay the events of her flight over and over in her head. Of course the sexual encounter was the highlight of the thoughts she had, but the conversation she had with Chris afterwards was remarkable as well. It was so relaxed and natural. They joked and laughed like friends that had known one another for years. She felt as if they could discuss anything.

After about an hour and a half of daydreaming, Olga allowed her logical mind to take over. Her logical mind told her that Chris probably had many girlfriends and that she would never hear from him again, despite the fact they had exchanged contact information. Her logical mind told her that she lived in Moscow, Russia while he lived in New York City. Her logical mind told her to stop behaving like a school girl and act like the accomplished business woman you are. Her logical mind told her she had preexisting commitments which would make a future with Chris literally impossible. However, despite her best efforts, just before falling asleep, her last conscious thoughts were of Chris.

Chris Knight emerged from the taxi which had driven him from Kennedy Airport to his Long Island City high rise apartment in Queens, New York. As he arrived at the front door to his apartment building, it was quickly opened by a smiling door man.

“Good morning Mr. Knight, you’ve been away for a few days, go anywhere interesting?” asked the doorman.

“I was in Cairo, Egypt for a few days on business. Didn’t get to see any of the sights though. Only saw the airport and the hotel,” replied Chris.

“What a shame Mr. Knight to miss the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and all the other historic sites. Guess you’ll have to go back on your own dime to see all those things?” said the door man.

Chris replied succinctly, “Yes, I believe you’re right sir. I believe you are right.”

“Need any help with your bags sir?” asked the doorman.

“No thanks, I’ll manage,”answered Chris.

Chris then shook the doorman’ s hand and deposited a ten dollar bill in his hand for his warm reception. Chris then made his way to the elevator and took it to the tenth floor. Upon reaching the tenth floor, he exited the elevator, made a right and walked three doors down to his apartment. When entering his small one bedroom apartment he was always impressed by the floor to ceiling view of the mid-Manhattan skyline from his living room window. That view, by itself, made the twenty-five hundred dollar a month maintenance fee all worth it.

It was just about 8 AM and Chris was in serious need of rest. He would have usually slept on the flight, but because of his fortuitous meeting with Ms. Olga Petrovsky,

he didn’t sleep at all and he didn’t regret it one bit. He looked forward to seeing her again very bahis firmaları soon. In fact he planned on sending her a text this evening, just to see if her interest in him had not worn off since their meeting.

For now, Chris grabbed himself a bowl of cereal and went straight to bed. Within minutes he was fast asleep. Great sex had that effect on Chris, he could not resist sleep after having had a satisfying sexual experience.

It was now 5PM and Olga had awakened about a half-hour ago. She had decided to go the hotel restaurant and have dinner at about 6PM. She wanted to turn in for the night by 9 PM because she had several morning sales appointments with high-end shops on Fifth Avenue. You see Olga sold one of a kind merchandise to high-end stores around the world. That’s why she was always on the road. Her friends always told her that she spent more time away than she did at home. This of course meant she had to sacrifice some of the things other twenty-eight year old women enjoyed such as partying with friends and relaxing vacations. However, Olga’ s discipline and focus earned her the right to run her own business and amass millions in her bank account.

At dinner her phone dinged indicating that she had received a text message. When she read it, to her utter amazement, she saw the message was from Chris Knight. The message read, “Hope you are settling in nicely in the city, hope to see you soon, Chris.” Although it was a simple message, it reignited all of the feelings she had prior to going to sleep this morning. The first questions on her mind now was how and when she should respond to his text? However, after several minutes of thought, she decided to text Chris back right away. She came to this conclusion because their initial meeting grew out of both parties being open and honest about their feelings. There was no game play, no one tried to gain advantage over the other. So Olga felt, why introduce those negative qualities to their growing, whatever this is?

Olga’s text back to Chris was simple and to the point. It read, “I have settled into the city quite nicely. Thinking about you a lot, please give me a call later, Olga.”

Chris was shocked when he heard his phone ding with a text message not more than fifteen minutes after having sent his initial message to Olga. He was even more amazed by the fact that she had been thinking about him and that she wanted him to call her. The time was now 6:45 PM. He figured he call about 8 PM, not too early, not too late, since tomorrow was a workday. In between now and then he would order something for dinner and ponder what he would talk about when he made his call.

Olga had returned to her room and was watching a bit of television before it was time to turn in. Just as the show she was watching went to commercial break, her cellphone began ringing. She grabbed her cellphone from the night table next to her bed and quickly saw that it was Chris. Inside her head, she jumped for joy.

“Hi Chris!” Olga said with a smile in her voice.

“Hi Olga, how are you doing?”

“Just fine Chris, just getting ready for bed. I have a long day ahead tomorrow.”

“Oh, please forgive me for interrupting you. I’ll talk to you at…”

“No, No, No Chris!” Olga interrupted. “I was just watching television trying to wind down. In fact, I have been having trouble sleeping since I met you.”

“Why is that, Olga?”

“Just thinking about what happened on the plane and how at ease I feel with you.”

“Well to be honest Olga, I’ve been feeling the same way about you as well. I didn’t have trouble sleeping, but while I’ve been awake, most of my thoughts have been of you.”

“Oh really, aren’t we off to a quick start?” Olga said with a laugh in her voice.

“Yes, we are off to a quick start and if you think that’s fast, when may I see you again?” Chris said half jokingly.

“Well I’ll be leaving New York City first thing Wednesday morning. Monday, I have meetings on and off all day until 8PM. kaçak iddaa Tuesday, I get off to an early start, but my last meeting ends at 3PM. So anytime after 4PM, Tuesday works for me. That will give me a chance to shower and change my clothes.

“Wow, I did not expect such a well thought out answer, how does 4:30 PM, Tuesday sound?”


“Well, I can’t wait to see you. I will take you out for an early dinner so that you can get to bed and be well rested for your early flight on Wednesday.”

“Sounds great, but I am not a little girl, I don’t have a set bed time,” Olga said with a playful tone.

“I’m just trying to be respectful of your time. I know that you have things that you need to do.”

“The only thing I NEED to do is you!”

“What was that?”

“I mean, I just want to spend time with you…everything else is secondary to me right now. I’ll be fine if I lose a little sleep. Please excuse my last comment, English is a second language for me you know,” said Olga with a slight chuckle.

“Sure it is dear, you only speak English better than most Americans. You meant what you said.”

“Ok, yes…maybe a little.”

“That is one of the things that I love about you, your directness. Since we’re being direct

now, tell me what you’re wearing?” asked Chris slyly.

After a few seconds of silence, Olga answered in a sexy, soft voice, “I am wearing a very delicate, pink, satin bra and panty set.”

Chris was a bit taken aback by her answer and let out a little nervous chuckle. Then he said, “I would sure like to see that.”

“I know you would. If you have an iPhone, FaceTime me and we can have some fun,” said Olga.

“Sure, give me a few minutes and I’ll call right back, ok?”

“Sure, I’ll be waiting,” she said lustfully.

In less than a minute, Chris called back and the FaceTime connection was made. Chris could now see Olga sitting in bed in exactly the outfit she had described earlier. Chris not wanting to embarrass Olga was seated on his bed in the nude, with the exception of a towel covering his manhood.

Olga said, “I love your outfit. I only have one problem with it.”

“What’s that?”

“The towel,” she said in a low, sexy voice.

“Sure, I will remove it, but only after you remove your panties and bra.”

Olga answered, ” I was hoping you would ask that.”

In less than a minute, Olga had removed her underwear and was sitting in her bed totally nude. Chris drank her in with his eyes. After Olga threw her long, straight, black hair over her shoulders, he had an unobstructed view of her pert breasts. As he leered at them, he remembered them well, the half-dollar sized, pink areolas, and the nipples which seemed to stiffen and lengthen more, each time he licked them. He also stared at those grey eyes of hers, they mesmerized him. He felt like he could stare into them forever. She also possessed some of the most kissable lips he had ever seen. To sum things up, Olga was the epitome of feminine beauty.

“Earth to Chris, you lost your focus there for a second?” asked Olga.

“Just a little bit. The sight of you would make any man take pause.”

Olga let out a chuckle and blushed a bit. She loved it when Chris complimented her. Olga then said, “Show me what you’re hiding under that towel, it seems something is trying to get out from beneath it.”

Chris had not noticed it, but the sight of Olga had excited him greatly. His raging erection had caused the fabric of his towel to form a tent like structure in his lap.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice…”

“No need to be sorry,” Olga interrupted. “In fact, I might have been a little disappointed if you had not had such a strong reaction”.

Without allowing Olga to say another word, Chris threw his towel to the ground. Now it was Olga’ s turn to ogle Chris. For the moment, Olga was fixated on Chris’ thick, eight inch long, penis. She watched as is bobbed slightly up and down with each beat of his heart. All of the memories kaçak bahis of what happened on the plane flooded back into her brain. She remembered Chris lifting her onto the counter in the airplane’s lavatory and gently inserting his cock into her. She remembered how good it felt, how she wished they could have stayed like that forever. She also remembered how she enjoyed the way he held her with his strong arms and gazed into her eyes. She now felt a tingly sensation in her nether regions.

“Now who’s losing focus?” asked Chris with a smile on his face.

“Oh, I just had a very pleasant flashback,” said Olga.

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” as Chris slowly stroked himself. Then he just blurted out, “I need you Olga!”

“Me too Chris, I need you too!”, as her right hand began massaging her smooth, bald pussy. Olga was surprised at how wet she was. She masturbated frequently, but had never been this wet, this fast. Chris had definitely gotten into her head.

Chris became even more excited as he watched Olga masturbate. He enjoyed the look on her face, as well as the way she moved her body.

Since both Olga and Chris were in full masturbation mode, they needed their hands to be free. Therefore, they both propped up their phones on pillows at the foot of their beds. From that position, the phones did a good job of capturing both participants’ actions.

“Olga, when we had sex on the plane, your pussy felt so good. It was so warm and I loved the way it gripped everyone inch of my cock.” As Chris said those words, he unconsciously increased the rate at which he stroked himself.

Olga listened to and watched Chris, then shuddered. What he said made her so hot! Olga then said, “I loved the way you ate my pussy, you made me cum so hard!” Olga then stopped massaging her clitoris and inserted two fingers into her snatch. She then began thrusting them in and out at a feverish pace, which greatly stimulated her G-spot.

Olga’s face wore the mask of impending orgasm. She moaned and squirmed without inhibition. Chris let out short grunts as he stroked himself with reckless abandon. They both wanted to say more, but were consumed by their passion for one another. All they could do now was watch and listen to each other’s involuntary sounds while they both made their way to the volcanic orgasms each wanted the other to experience.

Two minutes later, the volume of Olga’ s moaning increased markedly and she let out a long wail. Her entire body shook violently. Inside, Olga felt the rhythmic contractions of her orgasm roll through her body, she was in a state of complete bliss.

When Chris heard the volume of Olga’ s moans increase, he could hold back no more.

He wanted to say to her, “I’m cumming,” but all that came out was “Uhhhhh!” as he reached his point of no return. He felt his cock reach its maximum hardness, and fractions of a second later, he shot stream after stream of hot cum all over his bed sheets. Once Chris recovered from his ejaculation, he looked at his phone and saw a sweaty, smiling Olga looking back at him.

“Chris, that was sensational. I needed that. My mind is clear and now I can sleep,” Olga said with a smile and a laugh.

“I needed that too baby…I just keep wanting more and more of you. I can’t wait until Tuesday afternoon.”

“Me neither Chris, maybe we’ll skip dinner and head straight to bed?” Olga said playfully.

“I think we should eat first, we will need our strength to operate at peak efficiency,” Chris said with a smile.

“Oh dear, Olga…it’s nearly 10 PM, we both need to awaken early tomorrow. We should get off the phone?”

“I agree darling, call me or text me tomorrow, please?”

“I would not have it any other way. I will text and call, if you would like me to?”

“Yes, please do both.”

“Ok, I will. Have a good night my sweet Olga and thanks for tonight.”

“You have a good night too my dear Chris and thank you as well. Bye-bye!”

“Bye-bye Olga!”

Both Olga and Chris hung up their phones, cleansed themselves and got into their beds. Within five minutes, both of them fell into a sleep they would not awaken from until their respective alarms awakened them the next morning.

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