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Yes, this is one of those stories, if it’s not your cup of tea. Then I suggest you find something else to read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Thanks WAA01 for the edits.

For the unedited version due to Lit’s rather idiotic rules you know where to find it.


Cory Miller wasn’t gifted with an athletic body, or a brain with the IQ of 180. No. This is a story about a boy who, through no fault of his own, yet due to the genetic lottery, was born with a rather small penis. Yet, that wasn’t the worst of it, his mother had walked in on him, by accident, when he was measuring it when he turned eighteen last summer before his senior year. How he wanted to die that day when his mother dropped the laundry basket she had been holding as she doubled over in laughter. She couldn’t keep it to herself. No. Not his mother. She had to spread it around the family that their son and their brother had a teeny tiny cock. She even went as far as to give him the nickname of ‘Li’l Stanley.’ It was never ‘Hi Cory!’, ‘How you doing, Cory?’ and such, no, it was “Hi, Li’l Stanley!’ His two older sisters took the most pleasure out of his torment. Some days his mother, and even his father, would join in. Was it his fault he was born with such a small size? If anything that particular genetic anomaly falls on his parents; he was, after all, a mixture of both of them.

“Hey, Li’l Stanley.” How he sneered at the sound of his twenty-one-year-old sister’s voice. “I need some help, you mind helping me, you’ve always been better at math than I am,” Dayana said, in a sweet tone to butter up her brother. Her blonde hair brushing along her chest. Her t-shirt was tight against her 38B breasts foretelling she wore no bra underneath.

“First, you insult me, then you ask for my help? Go fuck yourself, Dayana. Don’t you have some party to slut it up at?” Cory asked, his venom wasn’t hard to miss.

“Hey, you can’t talk to Dayana like that?!” Zoe said, defending her older sister. “If you don’t like it, grow a bigger dick!” she spat.

“If I could I would. But you see there’s this thing called DNA, something you two college know-it-alls should be aware of. You simply can’t change it. If you want to look at someone look at your parents. They’re the ones who did this to me,” Cory sneered. “And shouldn’t you be surrounded by your football team, blowing each and every one of them in your bukkaki fetish?” he asked, peering over at his middle sister. Knowing that Dayana had bought Zoe booze when they were out given how Zoe was almost twenty.

“Mom!” Zoe yelled for their mother. Her sandy blonde hair matched their mother’s along with her 32D breasts given how they had swapped out bras when the strap of their mother’s broke one day. Their mother, Celeste, stood a little over six feet, being forty-two, his friends, those few he brought home, were always smitten by her and his sisters. ‘If they only knew the real them.’ He would always say to himself when they would go on and on about how hot they were. Cory didn’t see the appeal. He had lived with their verbal abuse for the past five years and he was growing tired of it. He was so glad he was almost done with high school. Then he would leave for college and most likely stay there for the next four years, then find himself a nice job far away from his parents.

“What’s the matter?” Celeste’s smooth, sinful voice drifted up the stairs.

“Li’l Stanley is in here calling us whores and sluts,” Dayana called back glaring at her brother.

“Cory! You get your ass down here right this second!”

“No, thank you!” Cory shouted back stunning his sisters. No one said no to their mother, not even their father, she was that much of a force of nature. Sure, his heart was racing when he heard her feet on the steps, yet he was going to face down this fire-breathing monster. They might have crushed his spirit, pushed him into depression, and his low self-esteem, yet he wasn’t going to have it any longer!

“You’re in for it now,” Zoe snickered as she and Dayana backed away to enjoy the show. They both looked perplexed when Cory turned his chair to face the door with his arms crossed.

“Yes, just barge in, no knock or anything,” Cory said, coldly. Silently taking note of how that stopped her… if only for a second.

“What’s this I hear about you calling your sisters sluts and whores?” Her green eyes burned in her fury. No one, not even her son used that term for her daughters.

“What? Don’t like the truth?” Cory asked, arching an eyebrow. “If they don’t want to be called sluts and whores maybe they shouldn’t be sluts and whore…” Dayana and Zoe gasped as the slap reverberated loudly in Cory’s room.

“You do not use that language in this house! Do I make myself clear!?” Taking a step back as Cory pushed himself out of his chair. Sure, she had seen the anger in his eyes whenever they would tease him, yet what she saw… even she knew she went too far.

“So…” Taking a steadying breath, “Those sluts, and you, can belittle me for five damn years for something I had no control over. Thanks by the way for the weak genes you passed on. And yet I can’t call them what they really are? You sure bahis firmaları you want to go down this path?” Cory growled standing nose to nose, or as close to it as his five feet ten inch height would allow.

“Or what, you’ll kiss me? Why else are you standing so damn close to me,” Celeste taunted. “Do you want me to kiss your little hurt feelings and make it all better? Do I need to pat that little cock of yours to make you feel better?”

“Please,” rolling his eyes, “why the fuck would I want anything like that from you?” Blocking her slap, then another before he lightly pushed his mother backwards. “You only get one.”

“You’re grounded! You hear me!”

“Oh, woe is me! Whatever am I to do?!” Cory said, playing up his role. “Oh, right, don’t listen to the three bitches of Eastwick.” Darting his head back to avoid her swing. “You missed,” he stated cockily seeing the shocked expressions on his sisters faces. Smirking wickedly at how red in fury his mother’s face was getting.

“You are not to leave this room if it isn’t for school, work, or dinner. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear!” Celeste growled restraining her anger.

“Yeah, yeah,” shooing his mother away, “why don’t you go slut around with your daughters maybe that will dislodge the stick you have up your ass,” Cory taunted, loving how that cheek of hers twitched.

“Just wait till your father gets home, he’ll have his own words for you,” Celeste spat, spinning on her heel. “You’ll always have a little dick! No woman is going to fuck you, so you better just start to learn how to suck a cock. Because that little thing is nothing more than a pussy,” she sneered before slamming his bedroom door closed.

“Whatever,” Cory rolled his eyes as he retook his seat in his chair and turned back to his computer. Opening his browser, typing in how to make your dick bigger. Blowing out a breath as he scanned through pages and pages of sites that offered some miracle pill, some fruit, or some weird ass techniques to grow the size of one’s cock. He was about to give up and resign himself to the fate that was handed to him when he reached the bottom of page twenty of his search. However, that all changed when a curious popup, something that shouldn’t have been able to happen given the blocker, appeared on his screen. He was about to close it out when something within him whispered that he should check it out. Clicking on the link, reading carefully so he wouldn’t be duped into wasting his money. Turning down the volume of the speakers, playing all the testimonials the site had on their page. While he didn’t wish to see other dudes cocks, yet if it was true from the before and after photos he knew this would work for him. He was about to head to the cart to checkout, until he saw the testimonials of the wives or girlfriends of the men on the site. Cory wondered if they knew how they debased their men on there until they got to the point of after their men had used the product. Arching an eyebrow at how gushing most of the women were about the increase in their size. He wondered if their husbands ever watched their tapes. If they did, he knew most of them would be divorced by now. The pointer moved back and forth along the screen as he debated on paying the seventy-five dollars the cream cost.

“This better be worth it,” Cory said, blowing out a breath after he hit the purchase button.


Cory blew along the paper watching the eraser crumbs tumbling along its surface after he had erased the mistake he had made on his homework. Looking to the clock when he heard a car pulling up. Knowing his father had just gotten home from his construction job. Sighing when he knew what would be coming. Turning towards the door, leaning on the armrest with his chin resting in the palm of his hand as he waited. That fear all children have knowing they were about to get punished grew and grew as it crawled up his spine at the heavy footfalls of his father’s boots. Watching his door being thrust open, and the pair of boxing gloves his father always used to solve their disputes came flying towards him.

“Backyard, five minutes, or I’ll whip your hide worse than I would fighting a man,” Jairo said, angrily.

Sighing as Cory leaned down and plucked the gloves from the floor. He knew he had lost all the other times they had done this; Cory was determined to win this time. He was just going to have to keep his anger in check and not let it lead him astray, like it had in the past.

“No more, Li’l Stanley, no more depression, no more self-esteem issues. After tonight it’s a new start for me,” Cory said, pumping himself up.

Cory noted how his mother and sisters were all outside sitting in the same old spots they always took when his father made him do this. Ignoring his mother’s hateful glare and the snickers from his sisters as he strapped the gloves on. Seeing his father waiting for him. Then the uncertainty began to grow as his eyes ran down his father’s muscular body, one he had gotten from his years in construction.

“So, want to tell me why you’re calling your sisters those names?” Noting how his son was bobbing and weaving as he threw some soft kaçak iddaa jabs. He would beat him sure, but not to the point of incapacitating his son.

“If the shoe fits,” Cory said, shrugging his shoulders. “You got to wonder if they’re sluts does that make Mom one?” he asked, noting the anger in his father’s eyes. “Touch a nerve, did I?” Chuckling as he backpedaled. Cory knew he couldn’t win outright. His father just had too much strength for him to simply overpower. So, he took a tactic from his old man and got him off-kilter like he always did with him. Cory’s uppercut slipped through his father’s guard, landing squarely on his chin. He didn’t give his father any time to recover as he pressed in on him. He heard the exhalation of his father’s breath as he knocked the wind out of him. Then something happened, something marvelous as he felt bone crunching under his fist as it landed squarely on his father’s nose. Yet the elation didn’t last long as Cory felt the searing pain in his chest feeling a few ribs cracking due to the force of his father’s punch.

“Jairo!” Celeste shouted seeing the blood pouring down his face. Ignoring her son as he laid on the grass holding his chest. “Honey, we need to get you to the hospital.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” Cory spat bitterly. Fighting to tamp down the pain that was flooding his body.

“Fine you big…”

“I think I cracked his ribs,” Jairo said, cutting his wife off.

“Oh, for fucks sake,” Celeste uttered in disappointment that her husband didn’t win like he always had. “Come on, li’l…” Her voice stilled as her son batted her offered hand away.

“Fuck off, you cunt.” An audible gasp filled the air as those words left Cory’s lips.

“Cory?!” Jairo growled through the pain.

“What?! You all have been degrading me for the past five fucking years, every single fucking day. You don’t like how I degrade you fucks, too fucking bad!” Cory grunted through the pain as he pushed himself up off the ground. “I’ve dealt with your verbal abuse all this time, and not a peep out of me. The one time I speak my mind you people get your panties in a fucking twist. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out…” Cory felt himself falling backwards. All he knew was dizziness and lightheadedness as he blacked out from the pain.



“Shh… you have two fractured ribs, best to talk slow and with light breaths.” Cory’s eyes began to focus revealing the late fifties woman as she hovered over him.

“How did I get here?” Wincing as he tried to sit up.

“Your father carried you into the ER, I’ll get the doctor,” she said sweetly, lightly patting his shoulder.

Ten minutes later Cory saw the doctor walking in with his mother behind him. “Make her leave,” Cory demanded.

“Cory, listen I…”

“Too fucking little, too fucking late. Get out,” Cory stared hatefully at his mother while holding his ribs.

“Alright, I’ll be outside,” Celeste said, hiding the pain in her eyes at what she had caused.

“So can I go home now?” Cory asked, once the doctor had done all her tests to see if he didn’t have a concussion.

“In a minute, I need to ask. How did you hurt your rids? It wasn’t physical abuse was it?” Cory could see how her eyes were running down his wiry body compared to his fathers.

“You’re going to laugh when you hear how it happened. So here comes Dad walking into the kitchen Mom’s not paying any attention as she’s getting out the mop to clean up the spill she caused. Then bam!” Smacking his hands together. “Mom opens the closet door right in Dad’s face hitting him squarely in the nose. I hear him holler something fierce. So, I’m rushing down the stairs to see what’s going on. Then wouldn’t you know it, I slipped on the very spill Mom was trying to clean up! So my arms were all over the place as I try to regain my balance. Then I saw the table as I felt my feet slipping out from under me. I tried to correct myself, seems I overcorrected, given how I ended up here.” Watching how she was fighting back her laughter as he told the biggest lie of his life.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with you other than your ribs. I’ll have you discharged soon,” she said, lightly patting his leg.

“You have a gorgeous smile,” Cory said, truthfully. He wasn’t trying to hit on her, he just thought the compliment was warranted.

“Awe, that’s so sweet, thank you…”

“I wasn’t hitting on you, I genuinely think you have a gorgeous smile,” Cory said, hearing the strain in her voice. Knowing she must get hit on constantly.

“Sorry, its…”

“No, it’s cool. I understand. Guys can be asshats seventy-five percent of the time,” Cory said, a smile stretched from ear to ear at how cute her chuckle was.

“True, they can be, I thank you for the compliment and for the laughs. You take care of yourself, alright?”

“Sure thing, doc,” Cory nodded.

“I’ll have the nurse bring you some pain medication while I get your discharge forms ready.”

“Thanks, so don’t want to do this again,” Cory chuckled lightly.

“I can imagine.”

Cory watched her leave wondering what her ass looked kaçak bahis like beneath that white coat. So wishing she would come back as he noted how his mother slipped into the room. That once warm smile quickly faded as he rolled over. Swinging his legs off the bed, wondering where they put his shirt as he looked around for it. Looking to his left when his mother tapped him on his arm seeing his shirt in her hand.

“Cory, I’m…”

“Five years is a little too late to say your fucking sorry.” Hissing as he lifted his arms, knowing he was going to have to watch his movements until his ribs healed.

“I was apologizing for what I said today,” Celeste said, watching how his shirt slid over the ace bandage they used to wrap his ribs.

“It seemed to me you meant every word of it,” Cory said, keeping his back to her.

As Celeste opened her mouth to have this out with her son her phone chose the worst time to interrupt. “Hey, Zoe, did you get your Dad home okay?”

“Yeah, gave him his meds, I put him in bed when we got home. Dad’s going to have two black eyes for a while. I can tell they’re already starting to form. I’m on my way back to the hospital. Has Li’l Stanley woken up yet?”

“Yes, and don’t call him that any more. Thought we had this discussion?” Celeste spoke in a stern motherly voice.

“Yeah, but I’m not saying it to his face. The ass called me a slut, Mom! I’m not a slut!”

Sighing in her mind, “How long will it take you to get here?” Celeste asked, knowing this wasn’t going to end any time soon.

“Twenty minutes.”

“Good. Cory should be discharged by then,” Celeste said, noting how her son hadn’t once turned to look at her.

“Cory! Cory!”

“W-what?!” Cory jolted awake after falling asleep on the ride home.

“We’re home, come on, let’s get you to bed…” Looking away in sadness when Cory once again brushed away her hand. She watched how he held his side as he ambled towards the front door.

“Look who’s home, did it feel good breaking Dad’s nose?’ Dayana asked, in a snide tone.

“Yep, did it feel good doing your first gangbang?” Cory retorted as he walked towards the stairs. Not seeing how murderous his sister glared at him.

“I still need help you know!” Dayana called after him.

“And you can refer to what I told you to do earlier,” Cory stated as he climbed the stairs. “I’m not your damn calculator!”


Five days later…

For five long agonizing days Cory has watched the USPS website to track the progress of his package. Walking hurriedly home knowing his package should be in the mailbox. He so hoped what they said would work. Even if it was just two inches he would be ecstatic. At least then they will never be able to call him that name again. The moment he opened the mailbox he was saddened to find it empty. As he closed the lid, his gaze lifted noticing his father’s truck and his mother’s car in the driveway. Which was odd for this time of day. Looking oddly at it as he walked along beside it to the front door, he noticed something strange, something that didn’t belong to his mother within it. However, that all went out the window when he walked into his home and was met with a wall of moans. He was thinking about walking back out, but then he thought, ‘Fuck it!’ Why not ruin their fun? Nevertheless, Cory was not expecting to find his parents and two strangers he’s never seen fucking each other.

“Oh, God, you got a nice, big cock!”

“You like that cock don’t you, slut?!”

“Mmmhmm, it’s all nice and hard, fill me up…”

“I’ve been waiting for this all month,” a rather big breasted Asian woman cooed as she rode his father.

“I’m so posting this!” Cory chuckled.

“Cory!” Celeste gasped in horror.

“What the hell, man! You can’t just walk…”

“This is my house numb nuts I can come and go as I please. But I’ll let you four sluts finish. Do steam clean the furniture,” Cory said, laughing madly as he walked away. Checking the kitchen to see if his package was there, he found the mail on the kitchen table but no package. Heading up to his room hoping that it was there. Closing his door, blocking out the noises from below, his eyes going wide with glee as he noticed the sealed package on his desk. Setting his bag down beside his desk like he had always done. Tearing open the package, reaching in and pulling out the item that would change his life, or so he hoped it would.

“Fountain of Eros[1]?! What the hell is an Eros?” Cory muttered running his eyes along the label. Flipping the box over reading the instructions, nodding to himself when he saw the size of the dosage for the length of growth that he wanted. Noting how it was to be applied when he was hard and masturbate using the cream as lubricant. Ignoring the warnings that it should not be use more than once a day and not to use more than a tablespoon at a time due to the unknown effects it could cause. At that point in time he didn’t care what the side effects were. He just really, really wanted to prove to his family he wasn’t small any longer. He also didn’t notice the fine print that you would need a magnifying glass to see where it stated it wasn’t responsible for the increase sexual attraction once the cream had worked its magic. Quickly shoving the box into his drawer and closing it just as quickly when he heard someone coming up the stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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