Show , Tell Ch. 05

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The meeting went well, the banker wondering if he might privately invest also. Promising to get the paperwork to both of them, his client not bothered by a possible conflict of interest, I headed home.

Everyone, including my wife, was happy to see me, so any fear of discovery I’d held… dissipated quickly.

Lexi wanted to go to bed early so I could tell her two stories, to make up for those she’d missed while I was gone.

Friday, I finished my meeting with my attorney early, a promise to get the contracts to Connecticut before day’s end, and with time to spare, I drove to a store I’d seen advertised in the local, “Scandal Sheet.”

“The Phoenix,” was a weekly that delved in national and local politics, entertainment, sports and, “the adult scene.” To that purpose, they printed a pull out section devoted to just that…, the adult scene.

“2Hot4U” advertised clothing, lingerie, accessories, adult videos, sex toys, fetish wear, literature and periodicals. The store was on the border between the retail and manufacturing sides of town, on a main thoroughfare. It looked like an old firehouse, but one that had been well maintained.

The inside was well kept also, a youngish woman behind the counter, attractive if you liked your women tattooed, festooned with assorted rings, pink hair and otherwise looking like a pin cushion.

“Hey,” my greeting as she looked up from her work. “Hey yourself,” she responded, “give me a minute to finish receiving this order and then I’ll be all yours.”

“Sounds like a proposition too good to refuse,” giving her a big smile.

“Cute,” she deadpanned, going back to her work.

By the time she was finished, I’d wandered through half the store. Kathy was the store manager and preferred, “Kat,” to Kathy. There didn’t seem to be a thing that she didn’t know about the inventory and was more than willing to explain anything and everything about the merchandise.

I explained what I was looking for…, and after a few, “not so innocent,” questions about, “why,” I was interested, she’d made the determination of, “why,” and asked if it wouldn’t be better for both of us to have, “…, what’s her name?” come in and pick out some things for herself.

I agreed and asked when she’d be available to help. “Don’t come in on a Tuesday. Other than that…, I’ll be all hers.”

I couldn’t resist asking, “You seem awfully generous with yourself. Anyone ever take your offer literally?”

“Not often enough,” she answered with a smile, “but thanks for asking.”

I bought something anyway.

It was after 4:00 when I got to the school, Elle’s car once again the only one in the parking lot.

I found it interesting that, during the day, in order to gain entry into the school, you had to announce your presence by ringing a bell and then telling the person on the other end of the intercom your name and who you were there to see. Then, after getting, “buzzed” in, you had to report to the office, sign in and get a name tag, before you were allowed to go to where you wanted to go. After 4:00… you just walked in through the unlocked door!

I guess the maintenance staff wasn’t worth the extra security.

Carrying the bag from, “2Hot,” I walked to Elle’s classroom, this time just sticking my head in the door without knocking.

She was sitting at her desk correcting papers again, but this time back in “Pilgrim mode,” the turtleneck visible from where I stood.

She also looked miserable.

Just like Tuesday night, I immediately thought…, “Someone saw us!” Or, “Her husband smelled something,” or…, any one of a million things!

The basic human instinct of, “Fight or Flight,” reared its ugly head and I was ready to take a step back away from the door…, when she looked up.

Surprise? Relief? Indifference? While it could have been any or all of those emotions, there was no happiness in her eyes or on her face.

Stepping into the room, I asked, “You okay?”

No reaction for a long moment until, “I would be…, if you would have stopped in to see me over the last two days.”


“Elle…, I told you I had to go to Connecticut…, and that I’d stop in on Friday if I had the chance.”

Now her face brightened, a sudden sign of recognition and remembrance.

Bouncing out of her chair and rushing at me, she jumped from five feet away almost knocking me over. She was kissing me everywhere, her legs wrapped around my waist, “Godgodgodgod, I thought you’d had second thoughts and weren’t ever going to come back!” as she continued to rain kisses on me!

It took me a couple of minutes to get her to calm herself.

We sat down on our familiar two adult chairs, her apologizing over and over for her negative thinking. “I was in such a state of euphoria when you left…, I didn’t remember you saying anything about today…, until you said, “Connecticut.”

That was when I tried to rein her in.

Taking her hands in mine, “Elle, I have to tell güvenilir bahis you…, this is something very dangerous that we’re doing. We’re both married, with children and, in my case a grandchild, who would all be devastated if anyone found out what we’ve done. Are you willing to end your marriage, ruin your children’s lives and probably your own life…, just for a…, something with me?”

“I’d be willing to do anything if it meant I could spend the rest of my life with you,” she answered immediately, “but I know it wouldn’t ruin my children’s lives.”

“How can you say that?”

“Once they see how much in love with you I am…, and what a wonderful man you are, they’ll fall in love with you, just like I did.”

“Elle, did you just hear what you said?” my exasperation with her statement expressed in every syllable…, “what they’ll see is a woman who they thought they knew, thinking she’s in love with a man who’s old enough to be their grandfather…, and who just ruined their lives and their father’s life as well!”

“You’re not old enough…”

“Please listen to me. My age is insignificant. What is important is your family and my family. My boys are old enough to be on their own and my life, except for Alexis, is pretty much my own. But you have to know that I love my wife. This infidelity has nothing to do with her and it is completely inexcusable. I don’t know anything about you, your family or your life experiences, but I do know that you are very naïve if you think that you can just waltz out of your life with…, Todd…, and into a life with me…, expecting to have your family feel good about it.”

Talk about the air coming out of the balloon.

I don’t know what I expected her to say? While I hadn’t intended to go off on her this way, her, “Pollyanna,” approach to this was baffling!

And at this point, if I stood up, thanked her for the opportunity to make me feel closer to Lexi because of the, “Show & Tell,” story and walked out…, that would be the end of it. However, if I was ever questioned about my recent tryst with her, and there was someway that she could prove it…, I could always fall back on the famous “Bubba” Clinton mantra, “Hey y’all, eatin ain’t cheatin!”

Sitting there looking at each other, I expected her to break down, cry and then tell me how heartless and cruel I was.

Instead, she sat up, smiled and said, “See, that’s why I’m so in love with you. I act like a fourteen year old and you act like an adult! You’re right of course…, we hardly know one another. All we have in common is Alexis and maybe…, I know I do, an attraction that seems beyond what anyone would consider normal. I need to slow down and look at the realities we face and not just think of this as if it’s a romance novel or a Lifetime movie. You are absolutely right, this is very serious.”

Why did I think she was just blowing smoke up my ass?

This recognition had come far too easily to be believed. But…, looking at that face and thinking I knew what was going on inside her head, I believed that she was beyond guile at this moment, her acceptance of my logic her only avenue of keeping me where I sat and still accessible.

For her that was more than enough.

“So,” her hands now taking mine, “what do you want to know about me?”

It had been seventy two hours, (yes I’d been counting) since she’d appeared in front of me wearing next to nothing. Everything that had happened after that moment had been replaying in my brain, maybe not EVERY single second since then…, but for a vast amount of that time. And now she wanted to have a conversation with me!


“Elle, why do you dress the way you do? I know you told me it was because of your husband, but you obviously have “other” clothes, so…?”

“Short or long answer?”

“Tell me why…, whichever way makes you more comfortable.”

It took ten minutes.

“I’m an only child, my mother thirty six when she got pregnant. Not that they hadn’t been trying, but I was a change of life baby. My father doted over me, kind of like you and Lexi, and my mother, she never gave me everything I wanted, but let’s just say I never lacked for anything either. I went to catholic schools right through high school, always had good…, no, very good grades, and I was popular enough to be a cheerleader and a class officer. I went to college and that was where I met Todd. It was my sophomore year and I was at a frat party, one of the few I ever attended, because my grades were always more important to me than my nightlife. He was cute, shy but interested enough in me that I went out with him off and on for the rest of that year. Because my grades were so good and my family could afford it, I spent the first semester of my junior year in England, an exchange program at University College of London…”

“Not that this isn’t interesting, but what does it…,” I tried to interrupt.

Cutting me off, “You wanted to know, so you’ll have türkçe bahis to listen.”

I waved my hand for her to continue.

“Part of the exchange was having the students live with local families, but not the families of the exchange students. A girl I knew from my college came with me to London, but she ended up living outside the city with a family who’s daughter had graduated from UCL and now lived in France. They had a modest house and never did anything with her, other than feed her and put a roof over her head. She had an hour commute to school every day…

… I hit the jackpot!”

She was into the story, the dialog rolling along. Watching her I couldn’t help thinking about another, “Jackpot,” the one between her legs and the way she reacted to my pleasuring of it!

“My host family was very well off, their home in the West of London. Jean was French, a wine importer, his office close to the college. He drove me to school almost every day, mostly in his Jaguar. His wife Sophie had graduated from UCL also, a teacher who’d met him at a reception. She’d come from an old family, her father a war hero and Knighted, her mother’s family some kind of royalty. Their home was like a mini castle. They had two great kids, a bunch of dogs and housekeeper and maintenance man to take care of things when they were off…, and they went off a lot, sometimes taking me with them. I fell in love with him almost immediately.”

That got my attention…, a thought that she might be a serial, “Home Wrecker?”

Reading my mind, Elle continued, “And don’t think I did to him what I’ve done to you! I never came on to him or in any way let him know how I felt. And he never flirted with me either, just like you. He told me stuff when we were together, whether Sophie was with us or not. Stuff about the history of England and France, the wine industry, importing and exporting and the monetary exchange. My problem was…, I listened to his voice, his accent, but never to what he was saying. I did well in school, loved every minute of it and hated to come home. When I went back to school here after the Christmas break, Todd was waiting for me. He’d written me a couple of letters when I was away, telling me how much he was missing me and…, I was flattered. We dated steadily from then on, but he never seemed interested in sex…”

That raised an eyebrow…!

“He was, is, VERY catholic! From the moment he was able to comprehend the spoken words, his parents began driving the catechism into his brain, until he could only think about, “damnation,” and never about any of the beautiful gifts, including sex, that God had given us. Not that I was an expert on the subject. I’d only had sex with one man, or boy, up until that time… my high school boyfriend…, who was, believe it or not, the quarterback on the football team. He took my virginity in the back seat of his father’s Cadillac, under the bleachers at the football field. We had intercourse four times before the end of the school year and I’ve never seen him since.”

She paused, “Am I boring you?”

“No…, actually I’m finding this very interesting.”

She gave me a look.

“Seriously, I am. There’s a lot more to your life than I could ever have imagined…, and that’s the truth.” And it was!

“Where was I?” she asked.

“Todd’s a catholic.”

“Oh…, so I wasn’t bugging him about sex, but he was in a frat and we’d go to the house and his brothers would be there and, I guess they found me attractive because they’d always make remarks and at some point Todd must have felt enough pressure to…, it was after a baseball game…, did I tell you he played on the baseball team?”

My silence answered her question.

“He was a pitcher and a good one…, so after a game, and he’d pitched really well, they were all drinking beer and Todd suddenly took me up to his room and we kissed a lot and then he took off my clothes and he made me…, no, he let me suck on his cock…, and then all of a sudden he just climbed on top of me, stuck himself inside and then came in about ten seconds. It was over so fast I didn’t think he’d cum inside of me until I got up and it was running down my leg.”

“Was he a virgin?” I asked.

“That was his first time,” she answered.

“So he must have been thrilled.”

She paused, a swallow before she said, “He cried and asked me to forgive him.”

“What…! Why?”

“Fire and Brimstone Catholic!” He’d just committed a mortal sin and was going straight to Hell if he’d died at that moment. He was devastated!”


“No buts about it. He was twenty one years old and he believed every word he’d ever been told or read about the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

“But…, this was… what… the 80’s? By then the Pope had told everybody…, “Never mind! What we’ve been telling you for the past nineteen centuries was all bullshit. You’re all good.”

She smiled, “Yeah, the Pope had said that…, but Todd never güvenilir bahis siteleri listened because his mom and dad were…, and still are, real old fashion. He’d had sex out of wedlock and was doomed.”

I shook my head as she continued, “He didn’t seem interested in me after that, his decision not mine, and I barely saw him my whole senior year. I had a brief affair with a grad student that year, really only a couple of dates and we got drunk one night drinking wine and we had sex in his apartment. It was basically like with Todd, he played with my tits and then I played with his cock and he climbed on top of me and…, well he lasted longer than Todd but he was done before I’d even started to get excited. We both lost interest after that.”

I was looking at her, thinking, “This is a very attractive woman! What is wrong with this picture? I would have thought that some of Todd’s fraternity brothers would have jumped at the chance to charm her. What’s missing?”

Her story continued.

“I graduated and got this job immediately, a few of the faculty having taught me in high school and then moved here when my old high school closed. I’d gotten great grades all through college and the year abroad helped. Since I’d already been accepted into grad school…, here I am.”

“But how did you…?”

“Oh,” looking at me, “Duh! I was out one night with a girlfriend, a teacher here, and I bumped into Todd in the bar we were at. He looked different and he acted different, more confident and secure with himself. He told me he’d been, “…, a complete ass,” about everything and how he’d been wishing he’d somehow track me down and ask for a second chance. We talked for the rest of the night and he invited me on a date. Six months later he asked me to marry him and…, since I hadn’t met you, I accepted.”

Shaking my head again, “Back to my original question…, your clothes?”

“Oh, alright, my clothes. One of the things that happened when we were dating again, something I noticed but paid no attention too, was his insistence, well not insistence, but his suggestions, that I dress in more…, as you call it, pilgrim or hippie clothing. He said he just liked the way I looked in that style and I had no reason to dismiss his opinion since I didn’t really have a style I preferred…,”

“Why is that?” I interrupted, “and while I’m at it…, why haven’t you been involved with more men? Unless you’ve just blossomed overnight, like in the last year “overnight,” there should have been hundreds of men chasing you. Why did you settle for him?”

“Remember, my parents were in their fifties when I was in school. Not that they tried, but I was more into making them proud of me than into looking for a man. I wanted to be the best student and the best teacher I could be. Style…? My mom still thinks a house dress is stylish.”

“So men weren’t attracted to you because you were a, “studious student,” and that made you less attractive? Come’on…”

“The truth? I’ve never encouraged a man in my life…, except you! I’m never flirted with a man, initiated a conversation or shown any interest in a man. I’ve been painfully shy around men, at least men my age…, and don’t go, “Oh, now I know why you’re interested in me…, I remind you of your father!” It’s not like that. I’ve just never been that interested.”

“So why Todd?”

“Because he was there! He was familiar and he was…, non-threatening I guess would be the best way to describe him. The only thing I think ever bothered him, and I know now it contributed to his wanting me to dress in clothing that hid my figure, were comments his friends would make when they’d meet me. It had something to do with football, like he’d done something like, “…, out kicking his coverage,” when he married me?”

Knowing him from only this description of him, I had the feeling that this was just what he’d been thinking.

I plunged on. “So what happened? Why hasn’t he gotten over it?”

She, again, sat quietly for a moment, looking down at nothing.

Then…, “About a month before we got married, it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend and we went up to Portland, Maine for the big St. Patty’s Day celebration. Nights were a continuous party, the days spent in the hotel. It was a great weekend and I actually thought we were going to have a really good marriage. Less than two months after the wedding…, I found out I was pregnant. I was ecstatic, a baby with all of his or her grandparents still healthy and alive. The large extended family that I’d never had…, to love and help raise the baby…, it was a dream come true.”

Head down again…, quiet.


“Todd the, “Fire and Brimstone Catholic,” resurfaced, sure his family and friends could count and they would know that this baby had been conceived out of wedlock! We and the baby were, “doomed,” we’d be ostracized forever, and “HE” was going straight to hell!”

I couldn’t help myself, “Sounds like a plan to me!”

She smiled, for the first time in a while. “Me too. But then I made the mistake of saying, “Todd, it’s just as much my fault. But no one is going to care how long we’ve been married once the baby is here. Everyone will be overjoyed!”

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