She wants that College Wrestler Pt. 02

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Steven (20 yrs.) is a wrestling champion who stands at 5’10” and weighs 159 lbs. His naked body steps off the weight machine. He grabs a towel from the bench and walks toward the gym showers.

Minutes later. Steven rubs his black hair with the towel while walking toward his locker. He then, rubs over his solid chest and down to his 6-pack abs. He finally wipes down his crotch. The towel flips onto his back and it slides down over his firm buttocks. He sits down on the bench and places the towel over his right thigh.

His hands search the side pockets of his university gym bag. He’s surprised when he pulls out a track phone that he never saw before.

He whispers, “Shit, this isn’t mine or Sarah’s.”

That phone power’s on and the cover picture is of Candy (26 yrs.). She’s naked who faces the front with her voluptuous body (36-24-36). Her big round tits, have dollar-size nipples. Her left hand tries to cover her thick, black pussy.

Steven’s eyes grow big while staring at her.

He says, “Holy shit. Great fucking tits… Wonder if they’re fake.”

His finger punches on the message symbol and one text message is waiting. It says, “Hi Steven, I’m Candy. If you want to meet. Text me back. You won’t be disappointed.”

Steven turns off the phone and shakes his head. He stands up and leans toward the bahis firmaları open locker. His hand lifts up some old gym clothes and he hides the phone underneath.

Two days later. Wrestling practice is over. Steven finishes with putting on his clothes. He bends down and zips up his gym bag. When he stands back up, his hand begins closing the locker door. He stops and thinks about that track phone. His hands search for it under the old clothes. His fingers snatch it up.

Steven looks around so that no one watches him. He powers on that phone and sits on the bench. Candy’s photo comes up again.

He says, “Man, she’s fucking hot, if those tits are real.”

He clicks on the message symbol and there is another text message waiting. It says, “I’m waiting Steven and my tits are real. I’ll give you my address. It’s just off campus.”

He smiles, “Alright baby. Send me your address.”

His fingers punch in his message and he presses the “send” button. He looks at her photo again.

He smiles, “Those tits are incredible.” He throws the phone into the locker and slams the door closed.

The next day. Steven sits in the driver seat of his truck across the street. He watches the home where Candy supposedly lives. He slides down in his seat when a red sports car pulls into the driveway.

The door opens kaçak iddaa and a beautiful brunette gets out. She’s wearing tight jeans and a regular white t-shirt. Her big tits jiggle freely as she strides into her home on the right side.

Steven says, “Shit, those tits are real. Sarah can’t ever know about this. Fuck… This woman wants me.”

Monday night. Wrestling practice is over and Steven parks his truck next to Candy’s sports car. He pulls out his iPhone and turns it on. It lights up with messages from his girlfriend Sarah. He takes a deep breath and powers off the phone. His hand reaches over and opens the cubbyhole. He drops his phone inside and slams it shut. He sits back up and looks into the rear-view mirror.

He says, “Man, I’m gonna get fucked.”

The black and white security camera aims down into the narrow cement alley. It shows the right side of Candy’s home which has a tall wooden fence on the left. Steven steps into that alley wearing his college gym suit. He nervously looks behind him, but quickly strides to the back door.

His college sweat suit is laying over the arm chair. His socks and shoes are under that chair. The big screen TV plays a recorded wrestling meet.

The ceiling fan turns at medium speed. The light in the center of that fan shines down on the naked bodies of Steven and kaçak bahis Candy. She is laying on her back. Her legs are lifted up and spread open. He is on top of her with both of his hands placed by her waist. His 6.5-inch cock is buried inside her thick, hairy pussy.

His hair “bangs” fall over his eyes that stare down at Candy’s magnificent tits. They jiggle and flop as he thrusts his cock deep inside.

She responds, “Uhhh-Uh. Uhhhh… Forget her Steven. Forget her!”

His thrusts inside so deep that his own pubic hair, hits her thick bush.

He says, “I will baby. I will… Fuck her!”

He looks down at his cock as it thrusts fast and hard.

She replies, “Uhh-Uhhhh… Uhhhhh… Uh-Uhhhh!”

He screams, “I’m gonna Cum. Gonna Cum!”

Steven looks down at his cock and pushes in one last time. He holds it deep inside.

He explodes, “UH-AHHHHHH. AHHHHH. AHHH!”

He pulls out his cock and rolls over onto his back. Both of them breathe hard for a minute. He crawls off the bed and yanks off the condom. She watches his tight buttocks as he strides into the bathroom. He comes back wiping his cock down with a towel. He throws the towel back into the bathroom.

She lays there with her legs spread wide open. Steven crawls in between those legs and both his hands cup her tits. His mouth begins sucking on her, huge left nipple…

The black and white security camera aims down onto the alley. Steven staggers down that alley. He looks back and there is a big smile on his face. He disappears into the dark driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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