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* This is my first story I have submitted so I hope you like. It is quite tame compared to other stories on this site however as I said, first submission so really I’m just putting my feelers out there. Oh and all spelling mistakes are mine alone. Please be gentle Jacinta_Gray. 😀 *

Jacinta opened the bedroom door and saw him sitting up in bed asleep, as though he had been too tired to lie down properly. She studied him for a moment, feeling better now that she could see him. Daemon had promised to keep her safe and had in fact saved her life earlier that day from the people that were trying to kill her. Jacinta hadn’t known him very long; days really, nonetheless she trusted him completely. Daemon made her feel safe. She made to back out of the doorway and close it, when he opened his eyes. They stared at each other for a few minutes, his eyes full of confusion and hers full of longing. She made a decision and came into the room shutting the door behind her.

“You should be sleeping.” Daemon said wondering what Jacinta was doing in his room.

“Couldn’t see you, I got scared,” she replied, “Ok if I sleep with you?”

“Oh, ah, I… I don’t think…” He stammered,

“Please,” Jacinta interrupted, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep otherwise.”

Daemon held his arms open as she got under the covers of the bed and cuddled up to him. Jacinta could feel herself getting excited now that she was in his arms, the heat that she had been feeling earlier when she was near him was washing over her and she hoped that she wasn’t making it up, she couldn’t have faced him if he rejected her; the look he was giving her said she wasn’t. After a few minutes Jacinta slowly reached her hand out and traced her fingers lightly over the scars on his chest and abdomen.

“So many scars,” she stated, “so much pain you’ve been through.”

“Yes” Daemon answered shortly “I have. But I will try my best to keep you safe and protect you from these assholes.”

As he spoke, he looked into her eyes and she could see the honesty in them. He loved her body and the fact that she was in his arms and could feel her plump curves for himself was affecting him as his cock started becoming hard, he tried willing it down before she noticed and thought he was a pervert. Jacinta decided to risk it and trailed her fingers lower down his stomach, moving down to the waistband of his boxer shorts.

“Hey… careful,” he said reaching for her hand “it’s late and it’s not a good idea to be starting something.”

“I know it’s probably not,” she replied “but I don’t care right now, I want… you.” She kissed his shoulder and then his neck.

“Ok look,” Daemon said “you’re tired, scared and on the run from some very bad people. If you want to sleep here tonight that’s fine illegal bahis just behave. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

She kissed his cheek and looked him in the eyes; He was a very sweet man. “I am fully aware of what I am doing and what I want and I don’t want to be alone tonight.” Jacinta stated with conviction, “Do not worry, you are not taking advantage of me.”

She got on her knees and straddled him. Leaning forward she kissed him softly. With a groan, he kissed her back and she responded just as fervently. Lips locked, teeth clashed, tongues probed and swept around each other’s mouths as his hands ran up and down her body to settle around her fleshy hips, he flipped her underneath him, and as Daemon settled in between her ample thighs, Jacinta moaned against his mouth.

“Uh yes…” she hissed, “I’ve wanted to feel you on top of me for days now.” Daemon kissed his way down her neck towards her chest; she twined her legs around him digging her heels into his thighs, trying to get him as close to her as possible.

“I’ve wanted you since we first met.” Daemon said baring her breasts and groaning appreciatively; her nipples were like hard pebbles upon her D cups breasts and he bent his head to capture one. As his tongue encircled her puffy right nipple, Jacinta arched her back as if to invite him to take her entire breast into his mouth; pleasure spiked through her body as he ground his crotch into her pussy driving her wild. She cradled his head to her chest and tightened her legs around him moaning as her hips started to move with him. Jacinta ran her hands up and down his back, scratching slightly and feeling his muscles working; she reached his hips and struggled to get his boxer shorts off. Daemon shimmied his hips helping her; she managed to bare his ass and cupping it with her hands gave it a slight squeeze before digging her nails in and pulling him closer, at the same time his hands tugged at her top pulling it up over her head and reached down to remove her underwear tearing them in the process.

“Shit,” he panted “Sorry did I hurt you?”

“No keep going” Jacinta assured him helping get them off her “Please – fuck me!” in answer he kissed her hard.

Daemon reached down and placing his hand on her pussy he slid a finger up and down her slit, circling her clitoris teasing her, before sliding two fingers deep inside her, she was so wet her pussy made a squelching sound as he pumped them in and out moving his hand faster and faster. Her breathing quickened as she started feeling her climax approach

“God… yes!” Jacinta panted “don’t… don’t stop Daemon, keep going…yes… right there like that” grinding her hips faster as it built higher “Daemon ah ahh.” Jacinta exclaimed.

Her climax hit her hard and left her limp. Daemon illegal bahis siteleri grinned fiendishly slowly running his thumb around her clit. Smiling back at him her eyes were hazy as Jacinta reached down grabbing his cock she wrapped her hand around it, pumping her fist up and down she felt it throb in her hand, “hmm.” he moaned. He quickly got on his knees between her thighs parting them and guided his throbbing cock into her, she moaned as she felt the head of his cock slide into her. He waited a second that seemed a lifetime as he felt the walls of her pussy pulsing as he let her get used to his size, it felt to him as if she was trying to suck him into her; Jacinta couldn’t wait any longer and wriggled her hips trying to get him to move. Daemon gave in and pushed hard into her to the hilt and stopped, locking eyes with her.

“You’re so tight.” he whispered,

“You’re so deep inside me, so big.” She replied staring wonderingly into his eyes. They kissed deeply, he rocked his hips to mirror the action of his tongue, and as he found his rhythm, she moved with him.

“Aw… god Daemonnnnn!” Jacinta groaned as she broke off the kiss, moaning with pleasure as he rocked in and out of her. She could feel another orgasm ripping through her, her whole body was sizzling.

“Ah, ah yes, yes, Daemon don’t stop,” Jacinta panted.

He felt his stomach muscles tightening and knew that he had to take it easy and slow down if he wanted to make it good. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something other than what he was doing. It was difficult because she felt so good and every time he thrust into her, a wet slapping noise sounded as his sack hit her ass cheeks.

Daemon grabbed hold of her wrists and pulled her hands over her head holding them with his left hand while his right ran across her breasts, pinching her nipples “Yes!” she hissed. He grabbed hold of her right breast and squeezed; she writhed underneath him. He slapped it and she squealed.

“You like that?” Daemon asked her, “you like it rough don’t you?”

She nodded her assent too ashamed to reply, “Answer me!” he shouted grabbing a fistful of her hair and yanking it,

“Yes!” Jacinta howled her eyes glowing with arousal.

He let go of her hair and wrists, lifted her legs up and turned her over onto her hands and knees keeping his cock buried inside her. He teased her pulling his cock almost all the way out of her, running the tip up and down in her juices;

“What do you want?” he asked smacking her plump ass, she bounced backwards trying to get him to fill her once more.

“Naha not yet,” he growled “tell me what you want first!”

“Pull my hair and smack my ass harder!” Jacinta said pleasure flushing through her as her body tingled in response to his hands; canlı bahis siteleri no one had made her feel like this for a very long time.

Grabbing hold of her hair, he thrust into her the same time as he wrapped it around his fist. “Daemonnnnn….” She moaned louder feeling another orgasm building up through her body higher and harder than before.

Daemon could see her pussy juices pouring out of her when he pushed into her and run down his balls and her thighs “You like that don’t you?” he declared thrusting harder,

“Yes!” Jacinta assured him panting hard, “Fuck me… uggghh… pound me… harder!”

Daemon did just that, and grabbing hold of her hip with his free hand he pounded in and out of her soaking pussy as fast as he could while watching her butt cheeks ripple under the force of his pumping hips.

His body started twitching as his climax approached, “Ah, ah, Daemon…” closing her eyes, Jacinta moaned louder feeling his cock become thicker inside her

“Ah, ah, fuck me Daemon…Yesssssss!” squealed Jacinta saw stars as her climax hit,

“Fuck… shit… take it bitch!” Daemon roared as he came spurting deep inside her, he froze for a moment feeling her pussy walls clenching around him as she milked his cock, he shuddered as the last few spurts came out and slumped on top of her resting his head on her shoulder.

Breathing harshly, they could not move to look each other in the face to exhausted; Jacinta didn’t mind she liked the feeling of him on top burying her knowing that she had satisfied her man well, she grinned and turning her head kissed his forehead.

Pulling his cock out of her, he kissed her neck and pushed himself on his side, “That was…” he whispered trying to catch his breath,

“Amazing…” she whispered back “no one has ever made me come so hard like that.” Daemon chuckled, pleased with himself, and settled more comfortably against her.

Jacinta leaned on her elbows and looking him in the face for moment in confusion she asked, “I’m serious how…”

“Know you’d like it rough?” Daemon interrupted, she nodded blushing, “how you responded I suppose.”

“I’ve never told that to anyone.” Jacinta said reaching for his hand,

“Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Daemon queried,

“Absolutely fine. You didn’t hurt me anymore than I wanted.” Jacinta assured him, squeezing his hand a little.

Daemon placed his hand on her face and pulled her head down for a kiss “I’m glad” he said.

She tucked her head into his shoulder settling firmly against him. Her breathing deepened and became regular as she fell asleep. Daemon kissed the top of her head smiling proud of himself, then he frowned, “What have I done?” he whispered. He knew that having sex with her should never have happened; it would only complicate keeping her safe. He wasn’t sorry about sleeping with her, Daemon had told her the truth when he said he had wanted her the moment he saw her.Now how am I going to tell her I used to work for Fletcher?He thought to himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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