Sexual Courage

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He had watched her for a couple of days before he made his first move. She had spied him watching her and had responded with little signs that she too, was interested. The farm was unusually busy, workers coming and going as is normal for being in the midst of harvest. He had sidled up alongside of her as she was busy with some menial task or other. He lightly brushed her body with his and she did not immediately move away, and then as he was about to do it again she moved on to another duty as if to say she was not that interested. The remainder of the day was spent with him trying to find a way to get next to her again, but the opportunity did not present itself.

The next day as he was getting ready for his morning rituals and the light to begin, she hurried past him, brushing him more than softly, as if to say, “Hello…here I am.”

He followed her to the front of the barn, where she stopped to take a sip of water from the bucket by the door and then she disappeared to some unknown destination. The thought of those long legs and glistening dark eyes drove him crazy with lust. He had to have her and he had to have her soon, as he had no idea how much longer he would be around as the season was almost over with. He had to find a way to get close enough to her and have the time to woo her into submission, and instill the same want in her that he held for her.

But how?

They güvenilir bahis carried on with their romantic antics for the next couple of days, him making advances and her at first seeming to welcome him, then scampering away from him, and out of his reach. Oh how he lusted to grab her around that voluptuous body and squeeze her tight against him, and to feel her squirm…her body against his! He knew that he could not take this waiting much longer, he had to find a way.

A few times workers had come into the barn for something or other, and they had moved away from each other, not wanting to be noticed, or caught in their flirting ways. That probably would not be good and could end their trysts badly. It was driving him up the wall to watch her coyly flirt with him one minute and the next act as if he didn’t even exist, and pay him no mind.

Luckily none of the other males on the farm had paid much interest in her so he was her only suitor, but still she played hard to get. It was as if they were in a dance, a mating dance if you will, coming close to one another briefly then dancing away, never coming in direct contact, body to body. And he knew that if he was not a good enough dancer then he would not win her over to ravage that beautiful body with his love lust.

Then one day, late in the afternoon, the workers had quit early and put their tools away in the barn, as türkçe bahis harvest was pretty much done with and they had the barn to themselves with no one around to interrupt them. He had been watching her closely and she had seemed relatively calmer and sedate today, and it finally dawned on him that to have her he would have to take her by force. That even though she wanted it as much as he, she could not freely give herself to him unless forced to do so. He felt this instinctively and knew he was right. He had to be strong and quick to subdue her and take from her what he wanted, and give to her what nature intended, his seed.

As she sat by the front door preening herself and catching the late day’s rays of sunshine, he crept along the barn wall quietly and secretly, to prevent her from detecting his presence. When he was close enough to catch her he suddenly leaped for her, wrapping his arms around her firm body, as she struggled to free herself. He held on tightly as she squirmed to get away, not loosing his grip and holding on for dear life. Her struggles began to cease and he knew now was the time to push himself deep inside of her, before she began to fight him and to escape his arms once again.

He began to push himself inside of her and, “Oh what glory!”

He had never in his life felt such ecstasy, such feeling, such amazing, sensual prickling. As he began to explore güvenilir bahis siteleri her velvety darkness with each thrust, she began to move her body against him, matching his rhythm and movement, heightening their feelings of gratification. Suddenly he felt the pressure begin to build and he tried to hold it off to prolong their lovemaking, but to no avail. He felt as if he would explode inside of her and lose himself in the process, that it was too quick to end this way after all the days of working for this very moment. But he could not delay the inevitable as he emptied himself inside of her, as she quivered with each throbbing pulse.

His legs became so weak that they would not hold him and he slipped to the floor quivering and panting with exhaustion. As he lay there trying to regain his senses he noticed her standing over him, looking down upon him with those dark eyes as if in pity. Suddenly he felt a sharp, fiery stabbing pain in his back, just behind his head, and he felt himself go numb and paralyzed. Then he sensed himself being dragged across the rough floor of the barn to the darkest corner in the back. She propped him up there and he was held by something with such a grip that even if he had not been paralyzed he would not have been able to escape its hold.

Before his eyes glazed over with death, and as she worked over him, he looked at her belly in front of his face, and the last thing that he registered was that that belly would be soon swollen with his brood. That magnificent belly with its odd red and hour-glass shaped marking on it.

And then the merciful darkness came, the darkness…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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