The Doctor’s Bone Ch. 01

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This is one of my experiences. I have left out names to protect the people and their careers I write about. I’m new to writing so please bare with me. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed living it.

It began a few years ago when I became pregnant with my second child. We had just relocated so I was pressed to find a new doctor. I didn’t look into it too much, all doctors are the same right? I went to the first appointment nervous, not wanting to lay there with some stranger poking around down there.

He softly knocked on the door, walked in and introduced himself. He had a warm and trusting smile. He was tall with dark hair, and quite slim. Not anything you would find on the cover of a magazine, but not to bad for an average Joe. He started with the normal questions and I answered. Then came the uncomfortable exam. Everything went as normal as it could. The appointments came and went without flaw. Then a year and a half later I got pregnant with my third child. Everything started off the same boring way. About half way through my pregnancy everything changed.

I went in for a normal check-up. There he was, I couldn’t believe it I was actually getting butterflies. I tried to calm myself, but something about him that day just set my juices flowing. I just kept thinking about how taboo this was. Fighting with myself to think of other things, anything as long as it wasn’t my unbelievably hot doc. I waited in the waiting room for about thirty minutes. Then I was called back, the nurse did her normal stuff and left the room. Waiting another twenty minutes, I was starting to get pissed. I had been here for almost an hour and still had not been seen. A few minutes later I herd that familiar soft knock on the door. He walked in and sat down on his little stool. He must bahis firmaları have just returned from the hospital. He was dressed in those awful blue scrubs, awfully tight I might add. He apologized for the wait and asked if I had anyone waiting for me. There goes those butterflies again, I replied with a shy no. He said good lets get started. He rolled his stool over to me and asked me to lay back. My feet we still hanging over the chair as he pushed the button to recline it. I hadn’t noticed but he had positioned his legs on either side of mine. As the chair reclined, my legs went up and rubbed his cock. Embarrassed, I apologized and turn a nice shade of red. He just smiled and went about the exam without of word.

He started with my breasts, nice gentle squeezing. Then moving down between my legs taking extra precautions to make sure his now enlarging cock rubbed against my foot. He started the internal exam, and when I thought he was down he asked if I was having problems with stress incontinence. I said no, but he said he better check just to make sure. Whatever you’re the doc, not me. He started to rub my clit and asked if I felt like I needed to urinate. I said no. He continued a few minutes longer and asked again, and he received the same response.

About a year after that happened I started to think about that day. Realizing the subtle hints he had been giving me within that time. Not wanting to miss a good opportunity, I gave his office a call. I was trying to think of an excuse to get in there as soon as possible. The lady at the desk said he didn’t have anything open for three weeks. I expressed that I needed to get into see him sooner then that. She said she would talk to the doctor and that she would call me back in a few minutes. The phone rang a few minutes later kaçak iddaa and on the other end was his soft seductive voice. He asked what the problem was and of-course I was thrown off and was stumbling for words. He just said relax, how about I see you tomorrow night at 7, it’s the only time I will be able to see you, I’m going on vacation and wont be back for a couple of weeks. I agreed to take the appointment. I told my husband I would be shopping afterwards so he didn’t expect me back right away. Telling myself that if he made any advances toward me I would respond. I couldn’t get him out of mind. I was definitely sexually attracted to him there was no doubting that fact.

I arrived ten minutes early, expecting to have to wait to be seen. It was the complete opposite he was waiting for me. Standing outside, he was wearing those tight scrubs again. He asked me to pull my car around to the parking lot in the rear of the building. It was at that point I knew I wouldn’t be shopping that night. I parked and got out of my car and he walked over to me. There wasn’t a word spoken. He took me in his arms and started fondling me, rubbing his fully erect cock against me. I hadn’t felt that way in years. He suddenly stopped everything, took my hand and led me to his car. We then drove to a hotel.

He asked me to wait in the car while he got a room. He returned a few minutes later with the room key and led me to the room. As soon as the door shut we were like rabid animals. Tearing each other’s cloths off and throwing them sporadically around the room. He threw me on the bed and ravished my clit with his tongue. Bringing me to the first of the many exploding orgasms. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to have his cock. I pushed him off me and threw him against the wall. I bent down to a surprisingly kaçak bahis large cock. If I had to guess, I’d say it was about 8 to 9 inches and thick as hell. I didn’t even know how I was going to get that monster in my mouth. Oh how I love a good challenge. I started teasing, licking the length of his shaft completely ignoring the head. It drove him insane. He took my head with one hand and guided his cock into my mouth with the other. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load hot load down my throat. We laid down on the bed for a while to recover for the next round.

I was about to drift off into a relaxed slumber when I felt his fingers probing my wet pussy. It felt so good I couldn’t contain myself, another explosion between my legs. He probed my pussy with his tongue, taking every bit of my honey, and begging for more. He came up and kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth allowing me to taste my sweet cum. I couldn’t take it any more I had to have him inside me. I bucked my hips cueing him to fuck me. But he teased and tormented me, by circling my pussy with his cock refusing to enter my dripping wet, tight fuck hole. He continued to tease me until I begged him to fuck me.

He started out slowly and gently realizing the size of his monster compared to my small hole. After a while the rhythm picked up until he was completely buried inside me. This went on all night. We fucked in every position we could think of. I don’t know how many times we came together I lost count after 5. We awoke around 9am realizing I never went home I raced around the room trying to find my cloths. He grabbed me again and threw me on the bed. Again he fucked me until I came all over his cock. He brought his cock up to my mouth and thrust it into my mouth, grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. He shoved his cock deep within my throat and blew his load.

We race to get our cloths on, checked out and he drove me to my car. Asking if I would seem him again in three weeks.

To be continued…

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