The Wonderful Afternoon

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Female Ejaculation

The lunch had never been so satisfying and so filling. In retrospect, I appreciated my own selection of the fare on the table. Clear chicken soup with shredded chicken pieces, loaves of whole-wheat brown bread, low-fat spread, bacon, chicken sausages and garnished lamb, topped up by plenty of ice cream – exotic flavours for Neeru, my Pari (angel), and sugar-free variety for me. It had been nourishing and yet light. The lunch over, I walked my Pari down the ample hall towards the entrance. We came into the huge porch and after a couple of up and down movements in the porch to ‘digest’ the food, sat on two specially designed tête-à-tête adjustable reclining chairs.

We began by moving the backs of the chairs upright so that our faces came close to each other. Inevitably, a deep lingering kiss followed. I wondered how when one loves the company of a partner, even the millionth kiss is so sweet. I found a millionth time that Neeru is such a wonderful kisser. Her tongue sensuously teased my oral cavity and aroused me yet again. The kiss quickly became more intense and more passionate. Electric currents ran across my body when Neeru gave a quick twitch to my flaccid penis and made it catapult almost instantaneously to an enormous size. Yes, her hand had magic, unparalleled magic. As if to cool matters somewhat, I pulled the lever of the chair and pushed back. We were virtually in horizontal position, with my Pari’s feet by the side of my head and mine beside hers. That left our genitals, so satisfied after the forenoon’s communion, titillatingly close to each other. Neeru was again the first to pounce on the opportunity and she simply disrobed my manhood, without any ado. The tiny droplets of rainfall wafting stealthily into the porch along with the strong wind made my now exposed erect organ quiver and become even bigger. I had never experienced the kind of majestic feeling that overtook me, seeing my stiff manhood in the soft tender hands of Neeru. If ever I were to exchange the whole worldly wealth with something, it was this moment.

When and how during the grandiose moments of togetherness in the casino siteleri porch our already scanty dresses left our bodies and got kicked in the rain outside we never realized. We lay there for an eternity, talking sweet nothings, loosing all sense of time, feeling each other with nimble but tender touches. The rain had now become heavy. While the ambience was dark because of the cloud cover, the occasional lightening made our naked bodies glisten in a manner that lent a character of the supernatural to our being.

While we talked endlessly about various matters, including the subject dearest to our hearts – our kids, the child in both of us woke from a slumber, as it were. I sprang from the chair, took Neer’ by her hand and dragged her in the rain. The cool raindrops falling on our warm bodies made us quiver and we came close to each other. I engulfed Neeru in my arms and cuddled her tight. Although it was not intended that way, the hug resulted in my erect penis entering effortlessly where it now seemed to belong. We wondered how God had created us for each other. Other mortals have to usually engage in quite a bit of acrobatics to ensure semblance of an entry in standing position, and here we were, getting the gift of a perfect insertion just in the course of a hug. For a long moment we stood still, basking in the glory of a magnificent total merger and bathing in the now even heavier rainfall. Then, the urge to take the union forward took the better of us and we both started to indulge in gentle pelvic movements. Here I was, standing under the open sky, in the midst of gusty winds and heavy rain, actually rocking the woman I had admired and worshipped for so long.

Neeru was yet again the first to spot the little bench to our left. With our bodies still coupled, she pushed me towards the bench. With a deft movement, she disengaged my gorged manhood and leaned on the seat of the bench, resting her body weight on her forearms. As quickly as she had let my penis slip out, she grabbed her prized possession again and pushed it into her burrow. With the body of Neeru now stabilized against canlı casino the bench, stage was set for some more vigorous action. I responded immediately with a couple of sensuous and mighty lunges into her lair. As if not to be left behind, she responded immediately by letting out a shrill shriek, calling my name and urging me to hit deeper! Here I was, actually living an old cherished fantasy of merging with my woman under the sky. I knew that this fuck was not going unnoticed and unseen. I knew that hordes of birds resting in their perch on the trees under the rain were witnessing this fantastic scene of a man getting his most treasured woman in the most animalistic and yet sensuous way.

I was now rocking Neeru like a man possessed. The deeper I stroked, more deep I wanted to go the next time. My urge to penetrate more deeply made me hold Neeru’s legs from below the knees and lift her body, her torso hanging in the air, with her hands still on the bench seat. My ingenious woman soon wrapped her legs around my waist and the penetration got further deeper and more stimulating. This went on for a long long time. And then, yet again, this remarkable woman had a marvellous idea. She commanded me to hold her tight while she made a landing from the bench seat on to the grassy lawn on her palms. The angle of penetration became more steep and somehow, I was titillated into pre-orgasmic convulsions. But I was in no mood to spill my cream so soon. I asked Neeru to just relax for a minute, and most obediently, this lovely woman froze in her tracks. The scene was wonderful. Me standing in pouring rain, my cock upright and huge and fully swallowed by her most beautiful pussy, and she doing a virtual hand stand, with her palms on the grass and legs wrapped around my waist.

And then she did the unthinkable. She started moving on her hands, taking me along. Here I was, my manhood fully gobbled up in her cavern, walking my woman on her hands, while rocking her all this while. This was simply out of this world. I never knew sex could be that beautiful. The new ways in which my cock was impinging on kaçak casino the walls of Neeru’s vagina because of the unique ‘walking’ that we were engaged in made us both feel closer to the edge by the second. The higher decibel levels emanating from this otherwise quiet woman told me that she would soon be over the cliff. I accelerated the pumping action, making each charge stronger and more determined than its predecessor. Neeru moved in unison. Here was a most melodious symphony being created by two artists who never had realised the worth of the art they so well excel in. And then the inevitable happened. As if synchronized electronically, we both exploded on each other simultaneously. My spurts must have lasted several minutes and for the first time in my life, I experienced the thrill of seeing the muscles around the labia majora of Neeru actually vibrating, as it were, with each throbbing pulsation of my spasmodically ejaculating penis. And Neeru, very patiently, like a good wife, a good lover, stood still, receiving all the load of hot gooey and viscous fluid that my ample shaft had to gift to her. Each time Neeru’s vaginal muscles had a paroxysm and squeezed my subsiding hardness in so titillating a manner, a sudden spasm was let loose, spewing some more semen into her most exotic bushy hole.

Slowly, I lowered Neeru’s legs, taking care all the time that our coupling stayed intact. She was now lying on her tummy with her legs and arms outstretched, and my somewhat loosened rod still inside, with me crouching over her lovely form. As if to be in sync with our lovemaking, the rain had almost stopped. The light had become brighter. I could now see the cocktail of our juices beginning to trickle from her luscious portals. It was a thrilling sight. The abundance of the juice oozing out of Neeru stood testimony to our love and affection for each other and to a lovely afternoon that we had given to each other.

We lay on the lawn for a long long time, engrossed in each other, playing with each other’s body ever so softly. It was such a satisfying sexual union that we had just consummated. It could never have been better. And yet, looking at the now clearing skies, I had some remorse on one account. I wished this had happened twenty five years back. We would surely have left the place tomorrow, with Neeru, my Pari confirmed pregnant.

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