The Darkness

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“I have something special planned.” I tell you.

You look at me inquisitively and smile. We enter the room, locking the door, and hanging the do not disturb sign. Opening the curtains, the full moon lights up the room with a Romantic glow. Then taking both your hands in mine, I lead you to a chair next to the window and tell you to sit. Sitting you watch me, wondering what I am up to, excited and curious. I walk over and turn on some soft music, then back to you. You reach out to me but I shake my head not yet. Standing before you, I begin to slowly move the back of my hand down my neck and over my breast. The dress I am wearing is fastened up around my neck and is cut low enough to show only a glimpse of my breast. I never take my eyes off yours. Running my fingers just into the edge of my neckline, one finger brushing over my nipple. Moving the other hand down my stomach and pressing the dress tight between my legs, then back up as I undo the strap and let it fall forward, revealing my breast. As the air hits them, my nipples harden. I reach down and pinch them, making them even harder. You lick your lips as you watch me. Moving closer, I lean in and offer a nipple to your wanting mouth. Sucking it in and swirling your tongue over the tip you lightly bite and suck it harder. I moan with the pleasure of it but back away again. I tell you to unzip me as I turn for you to do so.

Running your hands over my back you slowly unzip my dress. I hold it up and walk towards the bed. You start to get up to follow but I tell you to stay there. As I reach the side of the bed, I let the dress fall to the floor, only my pink ;ace panties remain. Slowly I bend forward and lower them to the floor as well. I bahis firmaları look back at you and see your smile as you watch my bottom pushed out towards you. I stand then and turn to face you, running my hand down between my legs. My womanhood already wet with wanting. I walk close to you now, I lift my leg and put my foot on the side of the chair you are sitting in. One hand playing with my nipples and the other rubbing my clit. Watching you watch me has me so hot and turned on. I press one finger inside my wetness and then bring it to your lips. I trace your lips with my wetness and you can smell my sex as you suck my finger in your mouth. You let out a small moan of enjoyment. Leaning down, I press my lips to yours, wanting to taste me on you. After a deep kiss, I pull you to your feet. I begin to unbutton your shirt, kissing my way down your neck and over your chest as I do. Running my tongue over your nipples, your hands moving slowly over my body as I do. Reaching down, I undo your belt and zipper, letting your pants fall to the floor and pressing my hand against your already hard cock. It is pressing tight against your underwear, begging for release. I slowly kiss down your tummy and around the top edge of them.

Lowering them to the floor as I go to my knees before you, your cock is so hard and as it is released I slowly run my tongue over the tip, sucking in just the head then back out to run my tongue over the tip again and in the opening. I suck it in just a little once more, before I stand and lead you to the bed…sigh. I turn as we reach the bed and you pull me tight against you again. I can feel the heat of our bodies and my flesh tingles with your touch. You reach down and cup my bottom kaçak iddaa in your hands pressing me hard against your erection. You start kissing my neck again and down to my breast as I lean back to let you nibble and suck on my nipple, your finger finding the other and lightly pinching it. I moan with pleasure but again I push you away slightly. You get me soooooo hot, but for now, I want to go slow.

“Get up on the bed sweetie.” I tell you.

You lay in the middle of the bed, your head up on the pillows. There is a Big Mirror on the dresser at the end of the bed. You can see yourself there. Your hand goes instinctively to your cock as you watch me to see what comes next. I get something out of the night stand and climb on the bed and move to the end. On my knees, legs spread, watching you.

“Stroke your cock for me Honey” I tell you.

You smile and gladly oblige. Watching you stroke your hard cock has me steaming with passion. I rub my breast with one hand and then show you what is in the other. Its a small vibrator. I turn it on and move it over my nipples. All the while watching you watch me and rub your cock. Slowly, I move it down my stomach and across my clit. My breathing heavier now, pinching one nipple, rubbing the vibrator over my clit and watching you. Spreading my legs more, I move the vibrator and enter it into my pussy.

I moan with the feel of it. In and out and you stroke and watch me…then back to my clit…I feel my orgasm building and you are so fascinated watching me that your hand freezes as your watch my body spasm and my juices flow from me. I quiver and lay the vibrator aside. Moving up between your legs now, I run my tongue over your balls and up your throbbing kaçak bahis cock. Licking and sucking it slowly, I move over to the side now and I lean in for a passionate kiss.

“I want you to taste me love.”

You smile and remove the pillow under you. Knowing what I want, I move on top of you and straddle your face. Pressing my pussy down to your mouth. My head is towards your feet so that I can suck you as you eat my pussy…PURRRRRRRRRR.

Sucking you in all the way sends a jolt thru you. You suck in hard on my clit as I deep throat you. Then pulling you almost out of my mouth and sucking you back in, I wrap my fingers tight around the base with one hand and fondle your balls with the other. Your tongue is driving me wild now as you lick and suck my pussy. As you suckle my clit, you bring one hand up and ram 2 fingers inside of me deep. I almost squeal with surprise and pleasure. Ohhhhhhhhhh .. You are sucking my clit and finger fucking me as I suck you harder and faster. Looking up, I can watch me sucking you in the mirror, it makes me even hotter! I want to taste your juices. I want to cum on your mouth and face…ohhhhhhhh yesssssss.

Our rhythm increases as we do our moans and need to climax. Hitting us both at the same time, I feel my body quiver as your hips push up, pushing your cock deep in my throat and you explode…MMMMMMMMmm! I suck and swallow all of your juices. Then slowly pulling out all but head which I gently, very gently, lick and suckle to get the last remaining drops…mmmmmmm sooooooo good! I lift off of you then and move around now and come up for a deep kiss. Tasting our juices mixed together is so wonderful. Our tongues play with the enjoyment of it. Then moving my head to your chest, you wrap your arms around me and hug me tight. We lay there sated, relaxed and fulfilled. Sweet talking and giggling together until we are rested. We both know, the night has just beginning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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