Seducing Muslim Beauty Rubina Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of my true story about how I seduced a burqa wearing Muslim woman Rubina. I would recommend reading chapter 1 before reading this chapter.

Everything I’ve mentioned actually happened, however for privacy reasons, I have changed the names of those involved.

***Sometime later***

I woke up a couple of hours later, famished and my stomach rumbling. Rubina was fast asleep, with her head on my left shoulder, her beautiful face haloed in her soft brown hair, looking like an angel. I softly kissed her head, inhaling her fragrance and reached down to take her hand off my cock so I could get up and go to the kitchen.

Rubina mumbled something in her sleep and tightened her grasp.

“Yes Ruby, it’s all yours. I’ll just be back in a bit,” I said, gently opened her fingers, eased her head onto a pillow and got up.

Putting on a pair of boxers, I went to the kitchen. I piled up some rice onto a plate, topped it up with her delicious lamb curry and pushed it into the microwave. Then I brought the warmed up food to the bedroom and gently shook Rubina awake.

“Baby, get up and have something to eat. You must be very hungry.”

Rubina woke up and looked at me sleepily, to see me holding a plate of food for her. She smiled, took a spoonful of the rice and curry, and offered it to me.

“No sweetheart, I want you to eat first. You’ve had a long day,” I said and slowly pushed the spoon to her mouth.

“Long day,” she said and smiled naughtily, remembering our lovemaking earlier in the evening.

We finished dinner, feeding each other.

“Go back to sleep, Ruby. I’ll just be back,” I told her after we’d finished eating. I went to the kitchen with the plate to clear up.

While I was doing the dishes, something made me look over my shoulder and I saw Rubina standing in the bedroom doorway with a bedsheet wrapped around her, looking at me. She was the very definition of beauty.

“Hey baby, you got up?”

Without saying anything, she came into the kitchen, hugged me from behind and kissed me on the back.

I turned around, wrapped my arms around her and whispered into her silky soft hair, “Oh my baby.”

We held each other like that for a long time, after which I got back to the dishes while she sat up on the counter, watching me.

After the dishes were done and the leftover food pushed into the refrigerator, I took her hand and led her back into the bedroom. Holding both her hands, I eased her into the bed and I lay down next to her.

She covered us both with the bedsheet and rolled her warm body onto me, resting her head on my left shoulder.

Taking her hand, I kissed it and placed it on my chest.

“What are you thinking about so hard, Ruby?” I asked, noticing she was staring at the wall for a long time.

“I wish I’d met you earlier, Vishal. I’ve wasted three years of my life for nothing.”

“I also wish we’d met earlier, baby. But better late than never.”

“Why didn’t you come to my bank three years earlier? What on earth were you waiting for?” she said and punched me lightly on the chest.

No answer to give, I just pulled her closer into me and sighed.

“I’m all yours now, Ruby. Let’s forget the past and build our future together,” I said kissed her again.

She kissed me on the chest, closed her eyes and we both fell asleep soon after.

***The next morning***

I woke up in the morning to find Rubina not in bed. In a sudden dazed panic, I stood up quickly, and wore the boxers. Then I heard the sound of the television in the living room. I went out and saw Rubina sitting on the sofa with her shapely creamy legs stretched out in front of her, sipping a cup of tea. She was wearing a white t-shirt and white panties, watching some Bollywood song and dance.

When she saw me, she kept the cup on the table, got up hurriedly and asked, “You were fast asleep so I didn’t wake you up. Do you want some tea?”

I walked up to her, gently held her face in my hands and kissed her, “Good morning Ruby. You do not ever have to get up for me, okay? Yes, I would love some tea, thank you.”

She looked at me with intense love and emotion, nodded and kissed me back. Then with a naughty smile, she grasped my cock through the boxers and said, “But you do have to get up for me!”

“Yes, I do,” I grinned.

She then went into the kitchen and came back with a cup of tea.

Rubina’s full shapely breasts swayed and bounced with each step and her nipples poked out enticingly through the t-shirt. Owing to her large breasts, the t-shirt barely covered the crotch of her panties, which played peekaboo every step she took.

Salivating at the vision of beauty and sensuousness in front of me, I nuzzled her neck, licking and nibbling her ear lobe.

With mock irritation in her voice she said, “Vishal, drink your tea first. Hold your cup properly or it’ll spill.”

“And then have your breakfast, so you can build up your strength again,” she added with a naughty smile.

Grinning, izmir escort I said, “yes my love,” and sat next to her on the sofa to watch television, with the cup of tea in my left hand and my right arm around her, playing with her silky soft brown hair.

She leaned into me, resting her head on my shoulder and I kissed her head, taking in her sweet feminine scent. I could have stayed like that forever.

“Do you know, for the first time in three years, I had a happy dream last night? Otherwise I’ve been getting scary nightmares every night.”

“Yes me too. I dreamt that I was holding you tightly and you were kissing me. Your kisses were so soft and delicious.”

“That’s not a dream. That’s real,” she giggled and kissed me.

“I know, but you being here still seems like a dream. Are you really here, Rubina?”

“Yes I am,” she grinned and pinched me.

“Ow! You pinch so hard. Okay, tell me about your dream last night…”

After we had both finished the tea, Rubina got up and set the table for breakfast. I noticed she’d kept only one plate.

“Only one plate?” I asked.

“Yes, I will eat after you finish.”

I went to the kitchen, got her a plate and said, “Ruby, we are eating together.”

She nodded and sat down with a smile on her face.

As I served us both the egg bhurji (spiced scrambled eggs) she’d made, she looked at me but didn’t say anything.

I realised this was probably new for her as she would have been used to a custom of women eating only after the men have finished, and having to settle for the leftovers.

“I’ve never eaten such tasty egg bhurji before, Ruby. I think I’ll have to increase my Kalaripayattu training or I’m going to put on weight with your delicious cooking.”

“I’m glad you like it, baby.”

We finished the superb breakfast she’s prepared, and cleared up.

Once done, I held her hands between mine and said, “Ruby, I think there are some legal formalities you will have to go through. I know it will be difficult for you, but I will be with you at all times. I will never let any harm come to you again.”

“I know, Vishal. I know I have to go through this so that I can be with you always. I also know you will keep me safe,” she replied, looking into my eyes.

“And you should also talk to your manager and ask for a transfer to a different branch. If that is not possible, then you will have to change your job. I don’t think it’s safe for you to continue in the current branch.”

“Yes,” she said, nodding her head.

“What about all your certificates? You might need those to apply for a new job. I suppose we’ll have to apply to the university for copies.”

“I have brought those with me, Vishal. They are all in the folder. I had decided that whatever happens, I am not going back. So I’ve got all my certificates and documents with me.”

“I am so happy I met you. You take such good care of me, like a princess. I will make you very happy, Vishal,” she added.

“I know you will make me very happy Ruby, and I hope I can also make you very happy.”

“I’m going to call my lawyer friend Neha, who I told you about. She will help us,” I added.

Rubina just nodded her head quietly.

I needed to initiate the process of freeing Rubina from her abusive husband and do it quickly. The longer it dragged, the more painful it would be for everyone. I also needed to take every precaution possible, to make sure she would be safe.

I kissed her hands and squeezed them gently.

She came over to my chair and sat across on my lap. Taking my head and pulling it into her ample bosom, she took a deep happy sigh.

“I can’t breathe,” I mumbled after some time with her pressing my face into her gorgeous soft breasts so tightly.

Rubina released my face from her large breasts, and we both burst out laughing.

“Thank you, baby,” I said.

“Thank you for what? For letting you breathe?” she laughed.

“Thank you for completing my home.”

She grabbed my head and smothered my face into her beautiful breasts again.

“This time I really won’t let you breathe,” she said, laughing.

I snaked my right hand down and caressed and lightly massaged her creamy soft legs, starting at her calves, moving up to her knees and gradually moving higher, towards where I wanted to go. The more progress my fingers made, the harder and thicker my cock got and was now pressing into her ass through my loose boxers.

Feeling my hard cock pressing into her, she giggled and said, “See? After eating your breakfast you’ve got your strength back.”

Stroking, caressing and massaging, my fingers finally reached their destination, making fleeting contact with her panties, while my left went up the t-shirt, caressing and massaging her back, tracing her spine.

As I caressed her through the panties, she sighed, her breath became deeper and closing her eyes, she whispered, “You’re turning me on.”

With my hand now stroking her through the panties, Rubina’s right hand went around my shoulder, alsancak escort entwining her fingers in my hair.

I kept up the soft stroking through the panties and soon she was moving her hips to increase contact with my fingers. I sensed her panties moistening with her juices, and the juices leaking from her aroused vagina effused a delicious musky smell that I inhaled deeply, causing my cock to harden further.

“You smell so sexy,” I whispered.

She replied with a soft whimper.

I slipped my hand under the elastic of her panties, slowly sliding my fingers down, to explore her pussy. Lightly tracing two fingers along the vaginal lips and my middle finger between, lightly touching her clitoris and sliding over her leaking vaginal hole, entering just slightly, just enough to wet them with her juices but no further, teasing her.

“Please baby,” she whispered.

I leaned forward to kiss her, and my lips met hers. Her lips were warm, soft and moist. Her tongue was soon entangled with mine. My left hand on her back moved down and I cupped her ass.

I continued to teasing her, sliding my fingers softly and slowly over her clitoris, vaginal lips and the entrance to paradise.

She began to move her hips and press her pussy into my hands, every time my fingertip glided over her entrance, trying to get my fingers to enter her, her eyes closed tightly. She was panting now, leaning on me, nuzzling my neck while whimpering for me to enter her.

“Please baby,” she whispered again.

“Tell me what you want, my love.”

“I want you inside me, Vishal,” Rubina whimpered.

“Whatever you want, baby,” and said and I entered her with one finger, slowly easing it deeper into her moist velvet soft vagina. She let out a long relieved sigh.

Holding onto my shoulders with her right hand, Rubina raising herself slightly and with her left hand pushed her panties down mid-thigh, to give my fingers freedom to move.

Slowly I withdrew my finger, holding it at the entrance and circling around it until she whimpered and bit hard into my shoulder in frustration, making me gasp at the ferocity of her bite. I pushing in again, starting a slow in-out motion while my thumb massaged her clitoris.

Rubina was thrusting her hips now, panting and moaning softly with every breath, getting closer to an orgasm by the second. I suddenly felt her stiffen, digging the nails of her right hand into my back and as she let out a beautiful soft moan.

Her body shivered as I pushed my finger deep inside her. Suddenly she cried out, “Vishal, my love, I’m cumming.”

“Yes baby, cum for me. Cum for me, my love,” I urged her on as she soaked my fingers in her sweet juices.

She buried her face in the crook of my neck, whimpering and heaving like she’d run a marathon. After her breathing had eased a bit, I curled my fingers, finding her g-spot while my thumb rested on her clit.

Rubina now let out a sudden gasp, followed by another a whimper, with the combined sensation of my fingers rubbing her g-spot and the thumb making small circles over her clit.

“Vishal, I love you,” she moaned into my shoulder as I kept up the combined stimulation.

“I love you too, baby,” I replied.

Her left hand reached down and lifted up her t-shirt, offering me her breasts to suck.

Bending down to accept her offer, I took her right nipple in my mouth, sucking, nibbling and biting, taking as much into my mouth as I could, while simultaneously pleasuring her with my fingers.

Soon after I took her nipple in my mouth, I felt her start to orgasm again, her vagina spasming and tightening around my fingers as she let out a throaty guttural moan.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming again,” she whimpered, her right hand grabbed my hair tightly while her left made a fist.

My fingers were soaked with her juices again, which streamed down, wetting me through the boxers.

“I want you inside me Vishal,” she rasped, her breath heaving, kissing me with a new ferocity.

Bringing my honey soaked fingers to my lips, I licked and sucked them greedily, drinking her heavenly juices and then brought by fingers to her lips. She licked and sucked lustily, looking into my eyes.

After her breath had normalised, she saw the bite mark on my shoulder, and said, “Sorry baby, did I hurt you?”

“No sweetheart, I loved it. Bite me, scratch me, do whatever you want, I’m all yours.”

“Mmmm, okay.”

I picked her up in my arms and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Carrying her into the bedroom, I sat down on the dressing stool in front of the full length mirror with her on my lap, both of us looking into each other’s eyes in the mirror.

Her t-shirt was still bunched up above her large breasts, and I brought my hands forward to cup and massage them.

While I was playing with her heavy full breasts with my left hand, I took my right down to her panties which were already at her mid-thigh, pushing them down. Rubina folded her legs and brought her knees balçova escort up so I could take them off completely.

Rubina slid her hands behind me, to pull off my boxers. I raised myself up, to let Rubina pull them down.

Lowering herself onto my lap again, Rubina gave a gasp at the sudden feel of my hard cock nestled between her wet vaginal lips. With the knob peeking out as if she had magically grown a cock, she brought her hand down to feel it and ran her nails over it tantalizingly, softly massaging, moving the foreskin back and forth, making me gasp and shiver.

With a sudden urgency, I lifted her t-shirt off with her raising her arms to help me.

Resting her hands on my thighs, she raised herself slightly, slowly and deliberately sliding her vaginal lips along the length of my cock, wetting it from the base to the tip with her delicious juices and making us both breathe short shallow breaths.

“Oh baby,” I moaned and cupped her large breasts, massaging and pinching them softly.

Every time I felt the entrance of her vagina glide closer to the tip of my cock, I leaned back and jerked my cock upward, to try and angle it into her. But she wouldn’t let me. Twice I even managed to enter her slightly, but she pulled away.

“Please baby, let me enter you” I moaned. It was my turn to plead this time.

But she ignored me and kept teasing, sliding her vaginal lips on my cock. Stopping briefly when I was at the entrance as if to allow me entry and then continuing with the slide.

“You’re torturing me, baby,” I managed to say in a rasping voice.

“How badly do you want to be inside me, my love?” she asked after some time.

“You can’t imagine,” I groaned, squeezing her breasts.

“Patience,” she said, continuing with the slide, keeping up her teasing.

I was hot and flushed, and getting desperate. I pushed her soft hair to her front so that it now draped over her right breast and fell into her deep cleavage and bit into the soft skin at the base of her neck, giving her a love bite while my hands reached forward and squeezed her breasts.

Pleased to have brought me to a stage of absolute desperation, she smiled and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes baby, please let me enter you,” I whimpered.

“Mmmm, okay then” she said and raised herself, letting my cock stand up straight. Holding the tip at the entrance to her vagina, she slowly lowered herself, taking me into her hot, sopping vagina slowly, bit by bit, till I was completely buried inside her.

“Oh baby, this feels so good. You’re so soft and tight around me,” I sighed.

“Vishal, you’re so deep inside me,” Rubina moaned, seeing herself in the mirror, impaled on my cock, my hands cupping her large breasts from behind.

We stayed like that for some time, looking into the mirror, seeing ourselves joined together with my cock buried deep into her hot vagina, with just the end of it showing.

“Stay inside me baby,” she whispered, bending and crawling forward slowly, placing her hands on the floor, and getting down on her knees.

“Stay inside me,” she repeated as she moved in slow motion, so I could move with her and not lose the connection.

“Take me like this my love,” she whispered once she was on her hands and knees, with me still inside her hot wetness.

Looking at her in the mirror on all fours, with her silky soft hair and large breasts with pink strawberry tipped nipples dangling tantalizingly, and with me penetrating her from behind, made my cock thicken further.

On my knees behind her, one hand holding her by her pelvis, the other reaching down to her clitoris, I thrust my cock further to bury myself completely into her oven hot vagina. Her dangling pendulous breasts and her silky soft brown hair swaying deliciously to the movement.

“Vishal, do you like seeing my breasts sway like this when you thrust hard into me?” she asked, looking into my eyes in the mirror.

“Yes my baby, I like it so much.”

“And I like it too. Take me hard, my love, take me as hard as you want,” she said.

I started to move, withdrawing completely, leaving just the tip of my cock inside before thrusting into her again, gently but with a bit more force, swaying her large breasts again, and again, and again. A bit faster and harder every time.

I kept up my thrusts into her delicious vagina, watching her body jerk forward with each thrust, her full breasts swaying.

Rubina closed her eyes and bit her lip as the sensations built up, and took her left hand to her breasts, squeezing, tweaking and pinching her nipples.

Increasing my pace, I heard Rubina grunting and moaning with each thrust, “Yes Vishal, you’ve made me yours now. Take me hard.”

Soon, I felt her starting to orgasm with her hot and moist vagina spasming and clenching at my cock.

The sensations overtaking her, she dropped down to her elbows, while keeping her hips up for me to continue ploughing into her vagina. Her breathing became rapid and shallow, moaning and whimpering into the carpet as her orgasm overtook her.

Even with her vagina tightening around my cock, I kept up my pace, thrusting into her soft wet clenching vagina, bringing her to the beginning of another orgasm before the previous had barely washed over.

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