The Waxing Ch. 02

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Big Tits

As I drove home from Caroline’s house, I was seized by guilt. I had never cheated on my wife, and even though what I did might not be “technically” cheating, I was fairly certain that getting naked in front of another woman and jerking myself off while she squeezed my balls as not something Susan (my wife) would approve of.

I felt sick to my stomach – all the pleasure of the last few hours was replaced by nagging guilt and shame. Why did I need to do this? Why couldn’t I just have sex with my wife and skip the exhibitionism?

I got back to an empty house, and took the opportunity to jump into the shower, washing off the oils, loose hairs and come from my body. I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror and admire my newly shorn torso. Caroline had done exactly what I wanted, trimming all of my hair carefully, and leaving me with closely cropped stubble. She was right – my cock did look bigger, even though it was completely deflated with shame.

I felt guilty about the afternoon, and I resolved to tell her that I had gotten waxed, and got excited in the room, coming when the woman touched me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the entire story.

I decided to whip up a quick dinner of pasta, veggies and homemade garlic bread, and sett the table and even put out some tapered candles. Susan got home about an hour later, and we sat down to dinner with normal pleasantries.

“…How was your day,” “…Can you believe that the neighbor did this”… “…Don’t forget about the meeting tomorrow,” etc.

Before I go further I should tell you more about Susan. We had been married about 10 years, no kids, and two busy careers. She is blond, with short hair and about 5’6, slim, and her breasts had the look of a woman 10 years younger. My favorite feature about her has always been her legs – long, curved and firm from working out. Our sex life was still active, but had certainly dwindled a bit since we first met. Susan was always game to try things in the bedroom, but was always little reserved… no ass play, I had to make the first move, and certainly no one else involved.

Still, I was happy with her and how much we fucked… at least I had been until 2:00 today. Now I wasn’t why I felt the need to see someone else for the first time, or should I say, let someone see me.

Finally I looked at her, and said “Susan… guess what happened to me today?”

As soon she said “What?” with such a sweet expression in her eyes, I knew I could never tell her what really happened. So I just plunged forward.

“Well you know how I’ve been working out? I decided that I wanted to take care of the extra hair that was growing on my back, so I would look better this summer. SoIwenttoseeawaxerandgotshaved,” I blurted out.


I took a deep breath and started again, “I got my back waxed, and at the same time they shaved my chest to look a little neater.”

My wife started giggling, “Really? Like some guido weightlifter?”

I blushed, “No, I still have hair. It’s just neater and trimmed.”

“Show me,” Susan said.

“Right here?”


So I stood up, took off my shirt and preened a little, turning around and flexing. “You illegal bahis like? I was thinking of you when I decided to have it done,” I fibbed.

“Very nice. Just enough off the top to make your body look good.” Susan continued, “How about your legs? Still hairy?”

“Yeah, I left them alone.”

“Good, that’s too much. What about, you know, your underwear region,” she laughed.

I blushed, “Well, yes, I had that done as well. I thought that I might as well at the same time.”

“Well don’t hold out on me… lets see it all! It’s not like I won’t get a look later,” Susan said, almost gleefully.

She started making drum noises like I was a stripper, while clapping

I unbuckled my pants and let them fall, followed quickly by my boxers. I then stepped out of both, so I was standing there in my socks. I noticed the curtains were open, but the new me didn’t care if someone saw.

I saw her eyes light up as she licked her lips, “MMMMMM. Very nice my dear. I like the way that looks. Did a man or woman do that?”

“Um, it was a woman, but this old Russian lady with a white coat on. It was like being at the doctor – except she smelled like cigarettes and wax,” I lied.

“You really like it?”

Susan smiled, “I love your cock, you know that. I like it even better now without that forest around it. It’s like I’m looking at a stranger’s dick.”

“Really” I said, grabbing it as I started to swell, “Maybe you should see what this stranger tastes like. Come on over and take a lick.”

Susan knelt in front of me while rubbing her hands over my cock and balls, before sucking my shaft into her mouth. I was surprised she was being so forward, but more than happy to play along.

I felt myself getting stiffer in her mouth and reached to the back of her head, pushing her into my crotch, making her swallow my rapidly hardening cock completely.

I started thrusting into her, fucking her mouth slowly. I was being more aggressive than normal, but not hearing any complaints (to be fair she did have a gag of sorts in her mouth), I kept going, moving faster. Luckily since I had drained myself earlier today, I wasn’t close to coming, and I kept fucking her mouth until I was totally hard.

I pushed Susan back, and said, “Stand up,” sharply.

She got up and stood in front of me licking her lips, until I said, “I shouldn’t be the only naked one here, slut.”

I winced a little when that slipped out, wondering how she would respond. I didn’t need to worry, since she dropped her dress without hesitating, and stepped out of her panties quickly. I stepped forward, and ripped open her blouse, sending buttons bouncing to the floor.

At this point, she had only her her black bra and heels on. I loved the way she looked – her hair disheveled, lipstick smeared and ready to fuck. Her heels pushed her forward, shaping her legs and keeping her a little off balance. I grabbed her arm hard and pushed her around, making her face the table as I pushed her head down, forcing her ass in the air.

I slapped it hard a few times, leaving red marks on her pale skin, and rubbed my stiff cock against her, pushing her further into the table. She knocked illegal bahis siteleri over the glass in my place, and her chest and face ended up in a pool of red wine and pasta. I could see it smearing over her torso like blood.

In for a penny… I thought, and since I still hadn’t heard any complaints about how rough I was being, I grabbed my cock and shoved it into her pussy with no foreplay.

My cock was still wet from her spit, and I could feel that she was not completely lubricated. My cock caught on her outer lips, and I had to push hard to get all the way in her pussy. She gasped in pain, but I plunged on, feeling how wet she was when I was inside.

Susan started groaning with pleasure, as I plunged my cock in and out of her. I rammed her into the table with my pulsing cock, pushing her harder onto the plates and dinner still on the table-top.

I fucked her as hard as I could, holding her bra strap like a horse’s reins, forcing her into the dinner mess. I knew she was close to climax, and I could feel the pressure growing in my balls as I slammed into her. I pulled out as I felt myself starting to come.

Susan looked back at me in surprise. I grabbed her arm, and flipped her around again, so her back was flat on the table. I looked down at her, and she was covered with pasta, sauce, and wine. Her eyes were wild, and I could tell she wanted me to come in her dripping wet pussy.

“You want to see my shaved cock, do you slut? Well do you? Look at it now whore, look at it up close,” I said as I started stroking my cock over her.

She tried to sit up and take me in her mouth, but I pushed her back down hard. I didn’t know who I had become, but somehow living out my fantasy and submitting to Caroline’s whims left me free to do whatever I wanted to Susan.

Holding her down, I kept stroking my cock, jerking my trembling cock over my lovely wife. I felt as hard as I did at Caroline’s, and felt a surge in my balls.

“Come for me John, cover me with it. Make me into a slutty mess,” Susan said.

Hearing this pushed me over the edge. In a flash I came all over her chest, jerking my cock so I covered her tits and face with ropes of semen. I flashed back to the afternoon when I did the same to Caroline, and imagined her under me instead of my wife. My head was swimming, as I remembered when she squeezed my balls and had me submit to her.

I was grunting with ecstasy, thinking of a stranger covered in my semen, and was transported to another place while I orgasmed. My cock finally stopped twitching, and I snapped back to reality, looking down at Susan.

She was writhing on the table, messy and sweaty. I could smell her excitement from where I stood, and I realized that she had not come yet. Susan looked at me, hoping I would finish her off with my mouth or fingers. Instead I just smiled evilly at her.

“Your turn now,” I said. ” Show off for me slut. You got a close up view of my cock, now I get to see you come.”

Without hesitating she followed my orders and scooted back on the table, spreading her legs wide, resting them on the dining room chairs. Again I flashed back to this afternoon, and my legs in the stirrups. canlı bahis siteleri I saw why Caroline had asked for that view.

I could see Susan’s wet slit, literally dripping with her own juices and my sperm. She was smeared with pasta sauce, and she ran her hand across the table, collecting more spilled sauce. Her tomato covered fingers plunged into her wet pussy, as she fingered herself while she rubbed her clitoris. Her pussy was immediately covered as she smeared tomato all over her pussy and inner thighs.

Susan was moaning, and cursing, “Fuck, it’s not deep enough. I need to get fucked hard.”

Without thinking, I picked up the candle that was still lit on the table. It had a thick base, and I pulled it out of the holder, starting to blow it out.

Susan saw me and said, “Stop, leave it like that. Turn off the lights and fuck me with that.”

I turned off the overhead light, and held the candle, now the only illumination in the room. I reversed it, and stuck the glowing candle deep into her waiting pussy.

Susan gasped and the sighed in pleasure. “MMMM,” she said, as she grabbed the candle and pushed it in and out of her vagina.

This was the lewdest sight I had ever seen. My wife was spread eagle on the dining room table, and all I could see sticking out of her pussy was the flame from the candle. I was a bit worried, hoping she didn’t light her pubic hair on fire (unlike me, she was unshaved), but she clearly didn’t care.

I also realized that the curtains were still open, and anyone walking by the house would have seen me naked, and my wife fucking herself with a lit candle.

She kept plunging the candle into her as she rubbed her clit, and she quickly started moaning with pleasure. I could see her body shaking as she came, the candle sliding in and out of her.

Susan was yelling, holding her legs up in the air to get the candle deep into her pussy. It was still lit, and I could see her body tense and release in the light emanating from it. She looked beautiful and wild as I saw the orgasm drain from her body.

What the fuck was going on? Running down the events of the day in my mind I realized I had a number of firsts:

I showed my cock to a stranger and jerked off on her with her permission while she squeezed my balls

I fucked my wife on the dining room table, and jerked off in her face

I watched my wife fuck herself with a lit candle, covered in tomato sauce and wine.

Had I known that deciding to shave my body would lead to this kind of fun, I would have done it years before.

I snapped out of it as I saw Susan laying on the table, covered in pasta and come, still trembling. I reached down to take the candle out of her pussy, but she reached out pushing away my hand.

She drew the candle out of her vagina, and brought it to her mouth, licking her own juices off of it as she sucked it in, as she had just done to my cock. Putting it down, she picked up a piece of bread and rubbed it across her pussy, sopping up her own come and the pasta sauce.

Lifting it to her mouth she took a bite, “Delicious,” she said, with a look on her face just like Caroline had at the end of our session. I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach, as I flashed back to the afternoon, and once again imagined Caroline in place of my wife.

“Should I clean off, or would you prefer to finish dinner first?” said Susan with a smile.

To Be Continued.

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