The Visit

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I have often wondered what it would be like to come and visit you. I would love to see your town and more importantly, you. I think I would come in May or early June… I would maybe wear white slacks with a silky red or pink blouse, low healed shoes, my pearl studs and a very big smile. I could picture my flight and feel the excitement. Then the cab ride over to your house and the slow walk up to your house. I can even see you opening the door for me and taking my suitcase as you invite me in.

Of course I would be coming to visit you just as a friend so you would take my suitcase and show me to the guestroom. I bet it would be lovely. You would offer me a drink and I would slip off my shoes and we would sit outside sipping a beer and chatting in your garden. You would tell me how glad you were that I came and I would smile back and tell you how nice it was to be there.

We would put some steaks on the BBQ, toss a salad and throw some potatoes in the oven to bake. As you grilled we would sip another beer and chat some more. You would convince me that I must try the wine because it is really good. After dinner we would tidy up (since neither of us could stand to leave the mess) and go into the living room and relax with the rest of the wine.

We would cover all the things we had discussed before and we would keep telling each other how we couldn’t believe this visit was really happening. I would pretend I did not see your eyes as they wandered over my body. We would, of course skirt many sexual topics – never really giving in – just teasing each other. I would feel so relaxed from the wine but tired from the trip and I would ask you if I could take a bath before heading to bed. ‘Of course’ you would say, ‘go ahead.’

Generously pouring bubble bath into the tub, the water pressure would cause the bubbles to almost overflow. The soft pretty scent would slip under the door and I can almost hear you inhaling deeply trying to capture the fragrance on the other side of the door. Sinking deep into the warm water and soft bubbles, I would call out to you and of course you being the gentleman that you are would just yell through the door and not come in. But I would insist. You would open it and peek in to see only my brunette head above a huge mound of white bubbles and the fragrance would hit you between the eyes and make you harden right where you stood. I would smile and ask you to bring us some more wine and suggest that you come in and visit with me.

Finally I would convince you to join me. You would then lower the lid on the commode and sit sipping your own wine after you handed me my glass. I would be so tired and relaxed from the bath, wine and great company I would close my eyes while yours would strain to peek through the bubbles. We would talk about our plans and the things bahis firmaları we could do while I was visiting. When you become silent I would open my eyes to see you kneeling next to the tub. Your hand would slide beneath the water to slide up the inside of my leg. I would smile and my eyes would encourage you to continue. Your hands would push away the bubbles so you could peek at my breasts for the very first time. Just the look from your eyes would harden my nipples. Your hand would slide up and down my legs, teasingly close to my centre but not touching me. I would even move a little to allow you access but you would avoid me, teasing me as we both know I would want you to touch me there.

I would have had enough of your teasing so I would try to tease you right back. I would put down my wineglass and stand up. Water would run down with clumps of bubbles getting caught on the hilly terrain of my body before loosening and falling with the water back into the tub. Smiling down at you still kneeling, I would lift one leg to step out of the tub knowing full well that you could see my shaven lips as I did so. I would reach for the fluffy towel but you would stand up and grab it from my hand to pat my skin dry yourself.

You would start at my neck and pat down my chest and tummy, turning me gently to dry my back, bum and legs. Then you would dry my feet and up the inside of my legs. I would open them slightly so you could pat the towel there, but you would only pat me once before you knelt down again to kiss me. I would feel the breath whoosh out of my lungs from the contact of your lips on my nether lips. Ironically, we have not even kissed each other on the mouth yet. I would feel the heat of your breath as your tongue flicked over my clit and then as it slid across my smooth shaven lips. I would lift my leg and place it on the wet tub ledge to open myself for you. I would close my eyes but I would feel your eyes on me; looking closely at that special part of me. Just you looking at me like that would cause the natural moisture of my body to flow. You would see it glisten on the thin lips and you would reach in to taste me. Your mouth no longer teasing but pushing in deep to taste me… really taste me.

When you felt my legs weaken, you would know that I was about to collapse so you would move away taking me by my hand to lead me to your room. You would be fully clothed with me naked standing at the foot of your bed. Finally, you would pull me into your arms for our first kiss. Your hands would slide up and down my bare back before cupping my ass to pull me onto your erection. My hand would sneak down between us because I would want to desperately touch you. My fingers would cup and squeeze you gently making you moan.

I would step back to help you undress and when you were naked kaçak iddaa too, we would hug to enjoy the fantastic feel of skin on bare skin. My breasts would crush into your chest; tummy to tummy, your hands would grip my ass and pull me tight.. After kissing me once again, we would pull apart just to look at each other. Realizing that we could no longer take this slow and easy, we would hastily crawl onto the bed. I would go first making sure my ass was up as I crawled to the top of the bed to the pillows, knowing that I was teasing and tantalizing you with the view between my legs. You would scramble up close behind me as if you didn’t want to be parted for even a moment. Turning over as I reached the top, I would feel the warmth of your skin as your body would fall over me and your hands would hold mine up beside my head as you kiss me hard.

The kisses would no longer be slow and lingering but passionate and eager. Your head would lower to suck on a hardened nipple, almost biting it before your hot mouth clasped over the other one. Your hands would be holding mine still. Your face would lower to kiss my tummy and your lips would graze the soft bit of hair that covers my pubis. You would inhale deeply; to capture the scent of the bubbles or me, I am not sure which. But I do know your cock would be pressing against my leg telling me that you liked whichever scent it was. I would even feel the first moisture of precum on my thigh as you would slide further down to place your hands on my ass and open my legs for more. The thumbs on both your hands would open my lips wide so your eyes could feast on the pink moist skin hidden away and shown only in these most intimate of moments. Your tongue would slip out to flick at my clit and my ass would tighten in your palms as it would lift from the bed. Liking my reaction, your face would come in closer for more. Your tongue would delve deep inside and retract as if your tongue was a little cock and it was fucking me. I would moan and whisper yes… so quietly, you would not even be sure you heard it. Your tongue would fuck me continuously and my cunt would just get wetter and wetter. You could tell when I was about to cum so you would lift your mouth to close your lips over my clit and you would suck it – hard. I would lift and buck and you would feel my ass cheeks tremble in your hands as I erupted. I would come. You would open my lips again so you could see the shiny liquid as it painted the pink skin and your tongue would slide over the smooth surface to taste it all. The scent of my arousal would mingle with all the other scents in the room. As the tension would ease out of my body, you would try to touch my clit but I would move from you. It would be too sensitive for you to touch it again so soon.

My hand would slide down to grip your cock and kaçak bahis I would pull you up to me. I would place the pillows behind my head and ask you to fuck my face. You would slide up and straddle my chest and as you sat down slightly I would feel your balls as they rested between my breasts. We would both feel it; the warmth and the tension. My hand would grip you and pull you to me and I would open my mouth as I looked into your eyes. I would see so much passion there I would have to look away. My mouth would close over your cock. I would hear you moan.

My tongue would slide across the head tasting the precum that was seeping from you. The bulbous tip would be soft and smooth. I would slide my tongue across the slit and would try to poke it inside, just a little. My hand would grip your shaft tighter, sliding up and down very slowly. I would hold you in my mouth and I would refuse to move. I would take your hands and place them in my hair on either side of my head and tell you with my eyes, that if you want to come you would have to fuck my face. Slowly you would slide in and out of my lips as you gripped my hair gently. My hand would slip under to cup your balls and I would feel your grip tighten in my hair as I touched you. Your hips would push forward and I would moan in pleasure as I know you could not move slowly anymore. Almost frantic now, you would grip my hair and fuck my face as my hand cupped your balls tighter and it would slide along the smooth path to your anus. I would feel your cock swell even more in my mouth and I would feel your pace increase as would our passion. I would feel the tightness of your balls and I would know that you are going to come soon. I would suck you in, making my mouth grip you tightly as I could. My fingers would tease your ass and push on that special spot. I would hear you moan and I would know you are about to come. I would feel you grip my hair and tense up, thrusting, moaning and groaning as the air escaped from your mouth. You would scream my name. My fingers would press tight; on that special spot; preventing you from coming.

You would cum though; although you would not release your seed. You couldn’t. You would feel the entire orgasm without ejecting anything. I would let you slip from my mouth and when I would let go of that ‘spot’, you would come again. This time you would spew hot white come all over my face, neck and breasts. I would watch your face screw up as if you were in pain. Ohhhh, but what pain! I would feel your body go limp as you collapsed gently on my body before rolling to the side to rest next to me.

When you could finally speak, you would whisper as if that was all you had the strength to do. You would remind me that you are not 19 anymore and that it would take awhile for you to recover, but when you do you will fuck me like I have never been fucked before. I would just smile and tell you not to worry, because I had planned on staying awhile. That’s of course, if I really came to visit you.

© Misty’s Erotic Stories, 2005

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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