The Cruise

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This is part 3, but the stories are supposed to stand on their own.


Christy and I had dated in high school and college, but had drifted apart and both married different people. I had gotten divorced after only a few years, but had not remarried for 15 years. After she got divorced and moved back home, I had bumped into Christy and we had started dating again.

Although Christy and I had hit it off immediately, we had not told our children that we were both dating again, and in fact, had not even met each other’s children, except in innocent situations where we could deny the relationship that we had started to revive.

Christy and her daughter had agreed to go on a Summer cruise with John and I, and even though both kids had guessed that we were dating, we were planning to keep it cool during the cruise. John and I had booked a nice room with a balcony, and at the last minute, Christy had booked an “inner ship” room with Lisa, her daughter.

I had been working out every day after work to try to get in shape for “bathing suit season”, and had been on a pretty strict diet to get ready for the cruise. Christy was still as thin and tiny as she had been in college, and I wanted her to be as attracted to me as she had been 20 years earlier.

When the day finally came, we took separate cars down to the port in Cape Canaveral, and ended up not meeting again until we were on board. I had been hoping to see Christy at the motel in Orlando, but instead, she and Lisa got up early in the morning, and drove all the way down from Georgia.

When we got on board, the ship was massive, and John and I went for a quick tour and a bite to eat before we changed clothes and headed to the pool. Christy had texted us that they were “almost there”, but in fact, Christy and her daughter were already at the pool by the time we changed clothes.

When I first saw Christy in a bikini, my heart practically left to my throat. We had been sneaking around town (and having sex in cars) for the last few weeks, and I had not seen her body in a bikini since college. Her hair was pulled back, and hung loosely on her shoulders, which were just as tanned and smooth as I remember from our early years.

Her stomach was thin and muscular, showing apparently that she had been exercising for a lot longer than I had. Her ass was round and firm, and when she stood up to hug me, I felt all the other guys at the pool looking on jealously.

Christy’s daughter Lisa was taller than Christy, and not as thin, but very athletic looking. She also stood to hug me and John, and clearly knew John from high school, since she called him by name and gave him a very comfortable and easy-going kiss, almost on the lips.

Lisa and Christy had only moved back to town a month or two ago, but apparently the high school was small enough that Lisa had met nearly everyone there in the few weeks prior to graduation. I ordered us a round of (relatively expensive) cruise ship drinks, and Christy and I were happy to pair off while the kids discussed whatever it is that recent high school graduates talk about.

As we watched at a distance, I realized that Lisa really was a very cute girl. She was almost as tall as John, and had a very girl-next-door look that was very sexy in a bikini. Her animated smile and easy laugh was clearly having an impact on John, who clearly couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“That is the same way you used to look at me.” Christy said.

“I still do,” I replied. “You are the hottest girl on the ship by a country mile.”

After just a few minutes, John and Lisa came over to us together and asked if they could go back to our room and play “League of Legends” until the ship left port. Apparently, they illegal bahis were both casual players, and had some kind of ability to log in over the available internet connections.

I had signed up for on-board internet, because I needed to stay in touch with the office, but I warned them about charging anything extra to our room, and they both assured me that I was too old to understand the game or the connections required. It seemed all they could do not to roll their eyes. Christy and I told them to go ahead, and we would check on them before the lifeboat drill.

As soon as the kids were out of sight, Christy and I retreated to her room. As soon as we got inside the door, she gave me a warm hug and started pulling down my bathing suit. As soon as my dick came free, she dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth. I made no attempt to stop her, and I didn’t even try to make it to the bed.

“Oh my God,” I said. “I can’t take much of that.” She looked up at me and made eye contact, but made no attempt to take my dick out of her mouth. I looked down at her perfect body, and the view of her lips around my shaft was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

After a few seconds, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out, and decided it was only fair that she got to be first for once. “OK,” I said, in my best take-charge voice: “there is something else I want to do before I cum in your mouth.”

I pulled her to her feet, and carefully removed her beach wrap to look at her body. She responded to my touch, and moved close so I could remove her bikini. First I took off the top and cradled her breasts in my hands, stroking the nipples until they were hard from excitement. Then I removed her bikini bottoms and started massaging her mostly-shaven pussy with my fingertips.

She moaned and relaxed as I maneuvered her to sit back onto the bed. As she sat on the bed, she spread her legs apart a bit, and since I was standing, she started to take my dick into her mouth again. Instead, I kneeled down, and lifted her legs with my arms so that I could put my tongue against her pussy.

Her legs were tense against my arms at first, but as soon as my tongue penetrated the outside of her vagina, she spread her legs wide to give me better access, and held her legs in the air with the strength of her legs and stomach muscles. I propped her legs apart with my arms, but occasionally stopped so that I could reach up and massage her breasts.

When I finally started on her clitoris, she gasped and straightened her legs completely apart. I knew then that she was on the edge of a fantastic orgasm. I kept up my pace, which turned out to be a good thing, because she didn’t immediately orgasm. Instead she seemed to drift from one almost-orgasm to another, with only the slightest pause in between. Eventually, though, I could feel her muscles start to contract, and her whole body tense up. I slowed my pace, and supported her legs with my arms until she told me to stop.

She was never loud during orgasms, but after a while, I had gotten to know the kind she enjoyed best, because she stopped talking, stopped moaning, and shuddered from the power of the rapid contractions.

After she relaxed, we curled up on the bed, and she cuddled in my arms. It was one of the most amazing feelings of my life, and I wondered how I had been so stupid as to let her go 20 years ago.

We she turned her back to me, I thought she might fall asleep in my arms, but instead she reached back and guided my dick into her pussy. At first, I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of my dick extending deep inside her, but in just a few seconds I was fucking her for all I was worth.

I would like to say that I held out long enough for her to have another orgasm, illegal bahis siteleri but it didn’t work that way. When she arched her back to push my dick deeper, I felt the orgasm coming almost immediately. I grabbed her small shoulders and pushed her down on my dick and I felt the first spasms of my cum pumping deep inside her.

It seemed like my orgasm lasted forever, and it felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into her. When I relaxed, she turned around so she could kiss me, and pressed her body against me. I felt like taking a nap, but she got up to take a shower, and left me in the bed. By the time she was out, I had put my bathing suit back on, and was ready to head back to my room to check on the kids.

“I thought you were going to nap,” she said.

“I almost did. This is a way more comfortable than your minivan.”

“I don’t know. I am kind of getting fond of the minivan…”

We took the long walk up to my room, and by the room numbers, Christy realized that I had rented one of the fancy balcony suites on the upper level. “Sweet,” She said. “Maybe we can park the kids in the casino and fuck on your balcony.”

“That is a great idea,” I said. I actually started getting hard again just thinking about it. I hugged her close in the hallway, and admired the way her body molded into mine. Even though she was a half foot shorter than me, her body had always felt perfect when she was in my arms.

“We still have plenty of time before the life boat drill, I will just get some clothes and we can go back to your room.”

We opened the door, and I kind of sneaked in, because I was hoping to hide my erection until it went down a bit. Other than that, I didn’t think too much about not making noise, and just walked into the room. without knocking. Only a couple of steps inside the door, and we realized they weren’t playing video games. Instead, Lisa was kneeled on the balcony, in front of John who was sitting on a deck chair. John was half concealed by the curtains, but we got a good view of Lisa bobbing her head up and down on his cock. I had not seen his cock since he was young, and I had certainly not made it my business to wonder how big it was.

Without even thinking, though, my eyes were drawn to his dick, as if I were watching a porn video. John was only an inch shorter than me, but his dick appeared to be thicker than mine. I couldn’t tell how long it was, because the tip was buried deep in Lisa’s mouth.

Christy immediately grabbed me and dragged me out into the hall before I could say anything. She was laughing and smiling when she hugged me close and said: “They seem to be getting along.”

I had to admit that it was pretty funny when you thought about it. I finally got over the shock, and started laughing too. “We may have to try that ‘League of Legends’ game.”

All I had was my bathing suit and a T-shirt, as well as my “running sandals”, but it didn’t seem like a good time to go rummaging through the suitcase for clean clothes. We went back to Christy’s room, and once inside the door, she started teasing me and playing with my dick.

“So did it turn you on to watch my daughter giving your son a blowjob?”

It actually had, but I wasn’t going to admit it. “Nah,” I said. “I was just jealous because they got the good room.”

“As I recall, when you were that age, you could come four or five times a day.”

“Yeah, well that was 75 years ago,” I laughed. “Now, I am lucky to come four or five times per month.”

That was not entirely true either. Since Christy and I had been dating, I had managed to cum twice in a single night more than once. Just then, the announcement came over the loudspeaker that the lifeboat drill was in 20 minutes.

“Well, canlı bahis siteleri let’s take it out for a test drive under pressure.” Christy said. With that, she dropped to her knees, and pulled my bathing suit down and took it off. My dick was already at full attention, and when she took it into her mouth, I knew I would be able to beat the 20 minute timer.

She only took a few inches of my dick in her mouth, but wrapped her hands around the rest and started a slow jerking motion that she gradually built up into a jackhammer-like pace. I leaned back slightly so I could push my dick further into her mouth, but I hardly needed to. She kept taking more and more of my dick, and nearly deep-throated me twice. Before the 5-minute announcement came on, I was already filling her mouth with my second load of the day.

To Christy’s credit, she swallowed every drop, and continued sucking my dick until the last of the cum was gone.

“Well,” she said, “If the kid’s aren’t done by now, then they aren’t doing it right.”

Just as she said that, Christy’s daughter walked into the room, and giggled while I tried to pull my bathing suit up and hide my (rapidly shrinking) erection.

“Sorry,” she said, with a smirk that indicated she was not sorry at all. “I needed to come back to the room to get some clothes.”

In fact, it was pretty obvious that all she was wearing was the bathrobe from our room. She was carrying her bathing suit, and had already stuffed her beach wrap into the bag they had reserved for dirty clothes.

Christy stood up, and leaned back against me. She then reached up her hands and stretched while she wrapped her arms behind my head. I took my cue from this, and wrapped my arms around her waist, an gave her a long hug, before letting go.

“I guess I should be getting back to my room as well.” I said.

Lisa stood in front of her suitcase, and casually pulled on some thin panties underneath the bathrobe.

“John didn’t see you guys come into the room, but I did.” Christy and Lisa looked at each other and both started giggling, as if they knew something that I did’t.

It was Christy that finally admitted to it. “Lisa and John Jr. have been dating for a couple of weeks. I think they were on to us from day one.”

Lisa continued talking while she dug through her suitcase. “I am sorry we didn’t say anything to you, but we weren’t sure if you guys were dating, and we didn’t want to make you feel weird.” While she spoke, Lisa stood at an angle to let me see almost all of her legs, but nothing above the legs. Then, almost casually, she removed the bathrobe so she could put on a bra.

“Hey, no peek-show!” Said Christy.

I turned away and started to leave, but I had gotten a nice view of Lisa’s breasts, and I had to admit that she was a hot teenager. But knowing that she was fucking my son made her off-limits. More to the point, her mom was quickly working her way back into my heart.

Lisa had pulled on a t-shirt, but was still wearing panties instead of shorts. She turned and looked and her mom and I, and said “Hey, can I ask you guys a question?”


She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me, making me super-uncomfortable. “Can we switch rooms?”

I smiled, and unwrapped her arms from my shoulders. “Let’s talk about it tonight at dinner.” I finally said.

“But one thing is for sure,” I continued, “You and John aren’t getting the room with the balcony.”

She laughed as if it was still subject to negotiation. By the time I got up to my room though, John had already packed his clothes back into his suitcase, ready for the transfer. Long before dinner, Christy and I had lectured our kids about moving too quickly, and they had rolled their eyes so hard they both needed to take some aspirin.

After dinner, Christy moved up to my room, and we actually slept together for the first time since college. The rest of the cruise got even better, but that is another chapter.

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