A Blizzard Thaws a Heart Ch. 03

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This is the last installment of my little tale. Please read Chapters 1 and 2 first.


I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon, the sound of the wind, and curiosity about what the day would bring. I found a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and made my way from the bedroom, across the hall to the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of Donna busy cooking. After taking care of the immediate necessities I was greeted by three “good mornings” when I walked into the kitchen/living room area. Donna was pouring me a cup of coffee. Maria was being spooned by Ryan under a blanket on the sofa bed. I stirred the coals and added several logs to the fire and looked out the window at a very snowy scene. It was impossible to tell how much snow had fallen because the wind had drifted it badly. It was still very gray outside but it didn’t seem to be snowing as hard as it had the day before. “Ladies, I think you’re stuck with us a while longer. There’s no way you’re getting out of here anytime soon,” I told them.

They both mockingly replied, “awwwwwww” and we all chuckled happy to be able to share more time together. “We have the other half of our bet to collect,” Donna added with a big grin. “Definitely don’t want to miss out of that do we, Maria?”

“We sure don’t!”

“By the way, Mark, I confessed to Ryan about my cheating in the card game,” Donna hung her head in mock shame. “Thankfully, he’s forgiven me.”

“I thought something fishy was going on,” Ryan said.

“Okay, you two, get dressed. Breakfast is ready,” Donna urged Ryan and Maria as she walked around gathering up a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a couple pairs of sweatpants from where they’d been discarded a few hours earlier during the big poker game.

We decided that after breakfast Ryan and Donna would do dishes while Maria got the first shower. While they were thus occupied, I would refill the woodbox with cut logs from outside. Maria said she would make the beds and straighten up the rooms after her shower. We all got busy with our tasks and made quick progress. Donna showered after Maria. Ryan went next and when he was done he informed me that the hot water was about gone. “Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll see to it that you’re warmed up after your shower,” Maria volunteered.

Ryan was right. My shower was very cold and found myself shivering as I shaved and brushed my teeth following the shower.

When I rejoined them in the living room Donna and Ryan were sitting on the sofa. Maria was sitting across from them in the overstuffed chair. “Was it cold?” Donna asked.

“VERY cold,” I answered as I rubbed my arms.

Maria pointed to a blanket that she’d folded and placed on the small desk in the corner. “Grab that and come on. I’ll warm you up,” she said with a smile. She stood as I approached her chair, took the blanket, and said, “sit down and I’ll cover us up.” I did as she said. She sat across my legs on my lap. She spread the blanket, leaned into me, and pulled the blanket over us. “How’s that?”

Her hair smelled clean and fresh. I didn’t realize how petite she was until I had her on my lap with my arms around her. She was small but warm. “Mmmmm, it’s wonderful. This was a good idea,” I answered.

“So,” Donna said with a mischievous smile, “are you guys ready to pay up on the other half of our bet?”

“What do you mean, ‘pay up’? I thought we paid up last night!” I pretended to complain.

“You only HALF paid up and you know it!” Donna retorted. “The bet was that Maria AND I EACH got a free wish from EACH of you men. Now, I got my wish from YOU, Mr. Tickletongue, and Maria got HER wish from Captain Commando but YOU still owe Maria a wish and HE still owes ME a wish! Don’t you two think that you can get out of this! Right, Maria?”

“Damn straight, girl! We want what we’ve got coming to us!” Maria played along.

“I don’t remember it quite that way, do you, Ryan?” I inquired.

“No, me either. What I remember is some card shark taking advantage of us,” Ryan replied.

“True! Very true. But, still, I suppose that since they ARE our guests, we should indulge them, Nephew. What do you think?”

Ryan pretended to think deeply and rubbed his chin. “I suppose that since they are ladies and since they helped with the chores this morning we should overlook their dishonesty this one time.”

Donna socked him in the shoulder, “what do you mean ‘dishonesty?'”

The banter continued for several more minutes. I was warming up. Actually, with Maria sitting on my lap, I was warming up in more bahis firmaları ways than one. Her shapely little butt was perched atop my groin area and I could feel my cock responding to her presence. “Am I getting too heavy?” she asked.

“Not at all. I like where you are,” I smiled at her. “My hands are still kinda cold, though.”

“Well, silly, see if you can find a warm place for them,” she responded as she reached up and gave me a quick peck on the lips. My hands made their way under her shirt, one hand began to stroke her back while the other rubbed across her small firm tummy. I began making circles around her belly button with my finger while Donna chided Ryan for trying to “Welch out on a bet.”

I could tell that Ryan felt like he had teased long enough. I was relieved because my hand had moved up from Maria’s tummy to her small firm breasts and their hard little nipples. She encouraged me with several soft moans while Ryan said to Donna, “well, do you even have any idea what sort of wish you are going to make? I think Uncle Mark probably wore you out last night.”

“Hah! He did a good job of warming me up but I’m FAR from worn out, Me Bucko,” she shot back. “How about you, Maria, are you worn out?”

“Not even close!” she said squirming on my hard cock. I kissed her deeply and intensified my ministrations to her breasts.

“So here is my wish: I wish for YOU,” Donna said poking a finger into Ryan’s chest, “to be my slave for the next two hours. Are you up to it?”

“Seems like an awfully big wish considering the cheating that went on but, like Uncle Mark said, we should indulge you two since you’re our guests,” Ryan replied.

“Oh, you’re gonna ‘INDULGE’ me alright but I don’t think you’ll complain too much once we get started,” Donna playfully responded. Ryan grinned back in agreement.

“What is your wish, Maria?” Donna asked.

Maria kissed me before answering with a soft smile. “I like your idea, Donna. I think I can put our host to good use for a few hours.” She kissed me again, this time her tongue searched for mine and the kiss lingered.

“When do we start?” Mark inquired.

“It looks like those two have already started and I’m ready when you are,” Donna answered. “I think we should start with taking an inventory.”

I looked over at her wondering what she had up her sleeve. “An inventory? Are you wanting to be sure you get all your clothes back?”

“Noooooo! I wasn’t thinking about clothes. I was thinking about a…,” she paused as if looking for the right word, “an EQUIPMENT inventory.”

Now I was starting to get her drift and I think Ryan had an inkling too. He played along by asking, “so you don’t think I’ve got all the equipment you might need, is that your concern?”

Donna feigned a bit of modesty, “no, Cutie, I’ve had a look at your equipment and I think you have all the right parts and they’re in all the right places. I just thought it might be interesting to check out the equipment more thoroughly, that’s all.”

“Ahhhhh! Let’s see if I understand. You know I have the NECESSARY equipment. You know the equipment is WHERE it should be. You just want to see how I… er… how I MEASURE UP, is that what you’re saying?” Ryan asked.

“I just thought it might be interesting,” Donna batted her lashes and looked away pretending to be coy and teasing Ryan.

Maria giggled. “I think you just want to be able to brag about the cock we found to the girls when we get back to work. They will be SO jealous of these two!”

Donna chuckled first and we all joined her for a moment. “Well, to be honest, the thought had crossed my mind,” she said to Maria. She turned back toward Ryan, “I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

I could tell that Ryan was pleased by the response his generous endowment had received from the ladies last night so he was more than willing to accommodate Donna’s wishes. “A slave can’t refuse, right?”

“Right!” Donna emphatically agreed. “What do we have that we can ‘take inventory’ with?” she asked me.

I considered a moment, trying to think of the measuring devices I had that might work. I knew there was a plastic ruler in the desk drawer and a small tape measure in a kitchen drawer that held some nails, screws, batteries, and miscellaneous items. I asked Maria to keep my place warm and fetched the items. “Will these do?” I asked as I showed them to Donna.

“Perfect. Now, what is the best way…”

Donna didn’t finish her question before Maria said, “I’ll sit beside you on kaçak iddaa the sofa and the guys can stand in front of us while we take inventory.” Maria hopped up and moved over to the sofa as Ryan stood to his feet.

“Great idea,” Donna agreed as she scooted over to give Maria more room. “Okay, next thing: Guys! Get naked and get right over here in front of us!” Ryan and I looked at each other, grinned, pulled the shirts over our heads, and stood in front of the ladies.

“That’s not NAKED,” they said loudly in unison and giggled.

“Slaves have to do EVERYTHING,” I complained.

“Not ‘EVERYTHING’, just the things your master tells you to do,” Maria smiled up at me. Maria was catching Donna’s enthusiasm and light heartedness. “Okay, guys, face away from us and give us a good look at those buns while you take off your sweatpants.”

“Good touch,” Donna said encouragingly.

“I think I just did this last night,” Ryan whined.

“Quit crying, Slave Boy. Last night you did it for Maria, this time you’re doing it for me. Let’s see those sweet cheeks.” Donna winked at Maria. Ryan and I didn’t prolong the process like he had done stripping the night before but we gave them the best show we could while they encouraged us with wolf whistles and enticing words.

When we had both stepped out of our pants I looked over my shoulder with hands on my hips, “are you ready to have us turn around, Oh Master?”

“Yes, my sexy slave,” Maria grinned at me.

Ryan and I turned at the same time. I was happy to notice that Maria’s eyes went directly to MY member rather that to Ryan’s. Mine had been very hard with Maria sitting on my lap but was now semi-erect, not quite horizontal as Maria took it in her hands. “Oh yeah, I like this!” Maria said, no doubt to encourage me knowing that my nephew’s cock, once hard, would be much larger than mine. For now, however, they were nearly the same size because his was soft.

“Look how the head is hidden,” Donna said as she delicately examined the generous foreskin.” It makes me think of putting an orange in a sock.” It began to swell in her hand. She rolled the foreskin back and forth exposing and concealing the head. “How does that feel?” she asked looking up into Ryan’s face.

“It feels awesome,” he praised.

“If I’m going to do a proper inventory, though, I’ve got some work to do,” she said as she rolled the foreskin back and took the sensitive head into her mouth. Ryan put his hands on his hips, closed his eyes, and focused fully on the attention he was receiving from Donna.

Maria was using a slightly different tactic; she was making me wait to feel the warm wetness of her mouth. Instead, she was holding my cock in her left hand while she caressed my balls with her right. I moaned my approval. She dragged a fingertip along the underside of the shaft and began lightly tracing around the rim of my purple helmet-shaped cock-head. I could feel the hardness of my erection increase. When she finally engulfed me in her mouth she accompanied her oral ministrations with digital enticements to my testicles and perineum. This woman was pushing all the right buttons!

She released me with a noticeable “plop”, a grin, and wiped the moisture from her lips. “Okay, how do we measure these things?”

I chimed in, “I’ve always heard that you measure them just like you measure a cat’s tail: from the asshole out.”

Both ladies giggled in response as the mental image of that statement went through their minds. “Sounds reasonable to me,” Donna said as she reached for the small tape measure. Maria picked up the ruler. I moved my feet wider apart to allow more access. Maria probed between my cheeks to mark the location of my hole, positioned the ruler on edge, and pulled the end of my cock down. “I’ve got about 2 inches sticking past the ruler here,” she said with a smile. Donna responded with a laugh and said, “I’ve got something like 17 inches here. Somehow I don’t think this is the right way to measure them.”

“Let’s try from the scrotum to the tip,” Maria suggested as she pointed my cock at the ceiling and aligned the edge of the ruler with the tip. Donna and Maria looked at each other with questioning expressions on their faces.

“It’s easy on one end. We measure from the tip but where do we measure TO?” Donna asked.

“I don’t know,” Maria said. “I can make it read anything from about 5 ½ to 9 inches depending on how I do it.”

“Let’s measure across the top – from the pubic bone to the tip,” suggested Donna.

Maria pulled kaçak bahis my member to the horizontal, pressed the ruler into my pubic hair, and reported her findings, “I’ve got 6 ¼ inches.”

Donna looked over at us and requested the ruler. “Your ruler works better. Can I borrow it?” She took the ruler and laid it across Ryan’s hefty member. “Bingo! I’ve got a winner here!” Donna smiled. “8 ½ inches from the stem to the stern.” She lightly stroked him a few times. “Now let’s measure them for girth. We’ll need the tape measure for this.” She circled his cock with the tape as Maria leaned toward them for a closer look. “Hmmmm. Where is it the thickest?” She pulled the foreskin back and measured around the glans. “4 1/4 inches.” She measured near the middle and at the base. “I’m officially calling it 5 inches!” the surveyor proclaimed.

“Ok, it’s my turn to check this one,” Maria said as she took the tape measure. “I think it is thickest near his body but I’m going to start out here like you did,” she spoke. “Just under 5.” She moved the tape to the middle of my turgid shaft. “A little OVER 5.” She adjusted her equipment to measure at the root of my cock. “Winner! A solid 5 ¼ inches of love muscle,” she laughed. “Enough games. Let’s put these things to serious use!”

The next few hours were filled with the pleasures of love making. Ryan and Donna made their way to the loft bedroom. Maria and I stayed on the sofa. How much pleasure and how many orgasms were shared I’ll never know. At the end of those hours we were all completely spent. So, too, was the storm. In the Rocky Mountain high country storms can arrive and intensify quickly. They can depart the same way. I fell asleep atop Maria, buried to the hilt inside her as our breathing returned to normal and the winds swirled unnoticed outside.

I woke a short time later to total quiet. The wind had stopped. I opened my eyes and the room was almost glaringly bright. The sun was out. I looked through a window to find a dark blue afternoon sky.

Ryan and I tried to get the ladies to stay one more night but they felt they should get back to Denver in order to catch the earliest possible flight back to their homes and jobs. We took their car keys and two large shovels. Donna and Maria stayed behind to shower and get ready while we extricated the vehicles from the snow. It was a totally different world without the wind howling and with good visibility. In not much more than an hour both vehicles were free.

When we got back to the cabin the ladies were dressed in their travelling clothes and looked as fresh as when they’d first arrived. Their belongings were neatly stacked near the door.

“I still think you should wait and leave in the morning,” Ryan said.

“We’d love to but what if the wind comes up again and blows the road shut?” Donna replied.

“Then you could stay even longer!” Ryan smiled back at her.

“You guys are really sweet,” she answered. “And I wish we could stay longer but we do need to get back. I know you understand.”

“Oh, I know you’re right. I just wish you could stay longer,” Ryan said.

Donna walked up to him, gently pulled his face down to hers, lightly kissed him on the lips, and said, “thank you for a wonderful time. I’ll think of you often.”

I moved to Maria and hugged her tightly. We smiled at each other before I kissed her. “Thank you for doing your job so well. You really went above and beyond the call of duty on this one.”

“It was the perfect blend of business and pleasure,” she countered as we hugged once more. Maria moved to Ryan and they exchanged goodbyes.

Donna and I moved to each other and looked deeply into one another’s eyes. We both recognized that a connection had been formed between us that went deeper than just the good time we’d enjoyed over the last hours. “I left a phone number and an email address on the table, Mark. I hope to hear from you.”

I took her into my arms and hugged her close. “You will hear from me. That’s a promise. And make sure you use all that information that you and your company have about me to stay in touch.” I kissed her. “And Donna…”


“Thank you. You’ve helped me realize that I need to start living again.”

We kissed. Eyes closed. Savoring. Not wanting it to end.

“I will.” She gently moved from my arms and began to gather some of her things. Ryan and I helped them put everything in the Explorer.

“This time we’re following you to the paved road,” I said with a smile as they got in the vehicle and Ryan and I got into my truck. At the juncture of the roads, they turned onto the pavement, stopped their car, and each blew a kiss toward us before driving away.

“Ryan, what would it take to get internet at the cabin?”

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