The Staff Conference Ch. 02

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John put the bar of soap at the top of Tracy’s back and began swiping it up and down the smooth, tanned skin. Water poured over her breasts, down her body and between her legs.

But John could only concentrate on his lover’s bare back and cute, round ass. His hands were spreading soap over her cheeks, cupping them as he went. He kneaded her skin before sliding the soap down her thighs and up again until touching her pussy.

Finally, he put the soap aside and pressed his hard cock against her ass. He reached around and wrapped his fingers around Tracy’s large breasts. Her nipples stuck out like erasers, eager for his touch.

“So, tell me about Lisa,” Tracy said.

John kissed her on the neck. “Are you sure?”

“Every detail.”

He rubbed his now soapy cock against her ass some more, running it up and down along her crack. “Well, she started it.”

Tracy issued a mock laugh.

“We got naked and she sat on my lap on the bed, facing me,” John said. All the while, one hand was on Tracy’s breast and one hand was on her clit. “She let me suck on her tit before forcing me onto my back.”

Tracy closed her eyes and pushed her ass harder against his cock.

“Then she moved on top of me and we began to fuck.” John’s hand increased its pressure against her clit before moving down so he could insert a couple fingers inside Tracy’s pussy.

“Should I go on?” John asked.

“Oh God, yes.”

“Well, pretty soon we started rolling around and I ended up on top. She’s very athletic for her age,” John said of the 35 year old teacher. Tracy wasn’t impressed. She was too busy concentrating on the growing urge inside her body to explode in an orgasm.

“Go on,” she encouraged him.

“I spread her legs…,” John said, doing the same to Tracy. “Then I drove my cock hard and deep into her tight pussy.”

Tracy cried out as John entered her from behind, pulling her back at the waist.

“She begged me to fuck her harder.” John thrust his cock into Tracy until she was thrown against the shower wall, his cock acting like a piston.

“She pleaded for more, Tracy. The more I fucked her the harder she wanted it.”

The sound of their sex filled the hotel bathroom. Tracy moaned louder with each of John’s thrusts.

“Yes. Yes,” Tracy shrieked.

John grabbed one of Tracy’s nipples and squeezed it tightly.

“Then I started to cum. Long, hot streams of cum, Tracy.”

She touched her clit and began to cum. John held her tightly and plunged his cock into her and held it in place, feeling her muscles clutch at his shaft.

A few seconds later, John joined her. Their bodies spasmed together with water pouring over them. Moans combined into one long, steady torrent of noise.

“I fucked her, Tracy. Her pussy was so tight. And she came like she hadn’t had sex in years.”

He knew the words would prolong Tracy’s orgasm, and he was right. One orgasm followed the other each time he gave more details. His cock strained to keep up with her, but eventually it softened and fell out of Tracy’s contented pussy.

Chapter 2: Amy

As they dried off, Tracy asked, “So who’s next?”

“I think we both agreed Amy would be easy,” John said.

Tracy walked past him, making sure to brush his body with hers. “Yes, I’m sure of that. Do you have a plan, yet?”

They were standing next to the bed, laying out clothes to wear.

“She was already starting to flirt at some of the sessions yesterday. I’ll take her up on it today and see what happens.”

John, 29, and Tracy, 27, were both unmarried middle school teachers. They were attending a conference in central Florida with the rest of the staff members. The previous day the pair had made a bet on which teachers John would have sex with during the week-long conference.

Amy was on both of their lists. She was a 30 year old brunette with a great body and a tendency to flirt with every male she met. John, being the newest teacher at the school, was a prime target for her. And John was never one to turn down sex with good-looking brunettes. Or blondes, for that matter, such as Tracy.

So he had his objective for the day. He had bet Tracy that he could fuck four of the teachers. She had said two. John struck one from the list the previous night.

The stakes were high.They agreed that the winner would be in total control of the “pay-off” sex. Anything goes.

They finished dressing and headed down for the day’s illegal bahis first meeting.

The conference was being held in a large convention center with hallways off of hallways and rooms, big and small, everywhere. It would have been easy to get lost, so the pair was happy they had each other to hang with. Not to mention the sex they enjoyed together.

John and Tracy found the right room, grabbed some breakfast snacks and took seats at a round table near the back.

“There she is,” Tracy said, using her donut to point to Amy.

John nodded. Amy was three tables away, dressed in a much-too-tight blouse and black pants. Even from this distance he could see her cleavage. Amy believed the first three buttons on a blouse were put there for decoration.

“Very nice. This is going to be a breeze.”

“I’m afraid so. At least we both picked her,” Tracy conceded.

“I suppose you want details,” John said between sips of coffee.

“Every one.”

At that point, another couple of teachers joined John and Tracy and the conversation turned to school matters. John managed to lock eyes with Amy a couple of times and they exchanged smiles.

During the first morning break, John was at the snack table refilling his coffee when a familiar voice beside him drew his attention.

“Do you have plans for lunch?”

John turned to face Amy. “No. Not really.”

Amy’s perpetual smile looked more inviting than normal. “Can I steal you from Tracy for a while?”

“You won’t be stealing me. I’d love to eat with you,” he said honestly.

John was a good five inches taller than Amy. He struggled with the temptation to peer down her blouse. But the simple act of looking her in the face allowed him to sneak a quick look at the tops of her full breasts. Below that was the hint of a tiny, skin colored bra.

“Great. I’ll look for you when we break.”

“OK,” he answered. “Try to stay awake.”

Amy laughed and headed back to her table. John watched her tight ass sway back and forth and felt his cock react in anticipation of their lunch date.

The rest of the morning seemed to drag on forever as the session leader tried to make student assessments sound exciting. John didn’t know what his prospects were of having sex with Amy at lunch, but he knew the lunch was a major step in ultimately achieving that goal. If it would ever arrive.

The clock inched its way to the noon hour. John felt his heartbeat quicken as the instructor of the class began to wind down his lesson. Finally, it was over and people were starting to file out.

John stacked his belongings, told Tracy and the crowd she was with he had other plans, and sought out the lovely Amy. Before he could even turn around, her hand was on his arm.

“Ready?” she inquired.

“Let’s go,” he said, smiling down at his companion.

They joined the mob in the hallway, a little taken aback by the bustle and noise.

“What did you have in mind?” John asked. They were forced to walk or be trampled.

Amy looked up at him. “Actually, my room.”

John stared at her, realizing from her wicked smile that she might have been only half joking. In the corner of his eye John caught an empty, darkened passageway. He looked more closely and saw it was either an emergency exit way or a service door.

“C’mon,” he said, taking Amy by the arm and leading her towards the vacant hallway. There were at least three closed doors in the hall before it dead-ended at the exit door.

Amy’s heart raced with excitement. Where was he taking her?

John let go of her arm and attempted to open the first door. It was locked. He moved quickly to the second door, on the other side of the hall. He turned the knob and pushed the door open. Amy watched as his head disappeared inside the dark room.

“In here,” John said, poking his head out just long enough to have Amy follow him.

They walked into a very dimly lit space filled with folded and unfolded chairs and tables. As their eyes adjusted they began to see unused white boards pushed against a far wall.

Once they were inside, John closed the door, locked it and slid a long table across so that it blocked the door.

Then he turned to Amy.

“Time to eat.”

The look of lust on Amy’s face told John everything he needed to know. This was a beautiful woman who loved men, and having sex with men. He was about to find out how much she enjoyed it.

They came together illegal bahis siteleri and began a passionate kiss. John was used to Tracy’s rather reserved form of kissing. But Amy immediately shot her tongue onto John’s and explored all corners of his mouth.

John started to unbutton Amy’s blouse. He could feel the softness of her breasts under his hands at first, before he had to pull the blouse out of her pants to complete the task of opening it. They were still kissing when he let it fall open on its own.

He looked down for a moment at her exposed breasts and bra. Then they kissed again, with his hands on top of her tits. A second glance let him determine that the bra had a front hook. Within seconds it was open and John was pulling back on the bra cups.

Amy’s magnificent breasts were fully exposed. The nipples were bright pink and starting to protrude. John took one in his mouth and stabbed at his with his tongue. Amy’s moans only made him work on the nipples with more energy.

Her hand found the bulge in John’s pants. Amy rubbed her hand up and down the outline of John’s cock, eager to get her lips around it. Meanwhile, her pussy was getting more and more soaked from John’s attention to her breasts.

“Get on the table,” John demanded, lifting Amy by the waist and plopping her squarely on the table blocking the door.

He had her pants opened in a matter of seconds, tugging on them at the same time. Amy lifted herself off her ass and allowed him to pull the pants down to her ankles. He pulled off her shoes, followed by the pants. Then he repeated the process with her panties.

John stared at her near nakedness for a moment. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her and, clearly, she exercised to keep the firm, flat stomach that he was looking at. Then his eyes moved down to the neatly shaven area between her legs. John caught just a glimpse of her pinkness before Amy slid off the table and attacked the front of his pants.

Soon, his erect cock was out from under his boxers and in her hands. Amy’s tongue gave a quick lick, then the cock disappeared inside her warm, wet mouth. She had done this before, John surmised. She sucked and licked until he thought he was going to cum.

“Get up,” John said. Amy stood to face him, saliva oozing out the side of her mouth. “Turn around.”

John got his first look at Amy’s sweet ass without anything hiding it. He ran his fingers over the curves of her cheeks, then pushed her forward so that she leaned against the table with her hands on top of it.

John unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor, followed by his boxers. Amy instinctively spread her legs and John positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Penetration was hard and fast. Amy cried out as John thrust forward, smacking his balls against Amy’s ass when he couldn’t go any farther.

“Oh, God. Yes,” Amy moaned as John began to fuck her.

He reached for her tits, grabbing the nipples and squeezing them tightly. Amy reached down and began to rub her clit.

This was not a lovemaking session. This was an old-fashioned fuck, which both of them had desperately wanted. John and Amy were both incredibly excited by the lustful suddenness of the act, as well as the possibility that they could be interrupted at any moment.

Amy marveled at the way John’s cock completely filled her pussy. It was huge, by comparison to any other penis she had ever had. And she’d had a few. She felt it throb as she tightened her muscles around it.

Her clit pulsed with pleasure as she massaged it harder and harder.

“Mmm. Yes. Fuck me harder, John. Make me cum,” Amy begged.

“Tell me what you want,” John said between thrusts.

“Your cock,” she gasped. “I want your cock to keep fucking me.”

John drove it deeper…faster.

“That’s it. Yes. Yes. Oh, God…,” Amy panted.

“Cum for me, Amy. You know you want to,” he urged her. “And make me fill your pussy with my hot, thick cum.”

Amy’s legs stiffened as she felt her orgasm begin. John continued to verbally support her efforts, but she wasn’t listening. She let out a loud shriek and then felt her body explode.

John held her tightly by the waist, pumping his cock into her as fast as he could. Amy’s body quivered uncontrollably in front of him. Yet, she maintained her vice-like grip on his cock.

“Yes, Amy. Cum for me. Cum like the beautiful bitch you are.”

John’s own canlı bahis siteleri words brought on the first of many spurts of hot fluid into his partner’s pussy. His balls contracted and shot stream after stream of cum through his throbbing cock and into Amy.

The table Amy leaned against pounded against the door each time John drove forward. Neither of them cared.

Soon, Amy was collapsed on the table and John’s shriveling cock was lying on top of her ass, still dripping small amounts of cum onto her. He took one more chance to cup her breasts and give them a squeeze.


“You did her in a storage room at lunch?”

Tracy’s voice expressed her true surprise at John’s exploits.

“Yep. It was easy. I think she would have done it in the hall if the door had been locked,” John said, running his finger around the base of Tracy’s bare breast.

Tracy rolled onto her back in the bed. John’s hand never left her.

“Well, go on. You said you’d tell me everything,” she said.

“Only if you show me how much it excites you,” John replied.

Tracy pushed John’s hand off her chest and replaced it with her own. Her other hand went straight to her pussy. John saw her legs spread apart in response.

Once he was convinced she was rolling her nipple between the fingers of one hand and playing with her clit with the other, he continued.

“I didn’t think we’d find an empty room so easy, but there it was—just waiting for us. She was all over me, so I had to undress her,” he said.

Tracy rolled her head towards him and gave him her best “fuck you” look.

“What were the chances she’d have a front hook bra on?” he asked playfully.

“I’m surprised she had a bra on,” Tracy said, her eyes closed and her hands still very active. John watched her knead her breast and let it recover, the nipple growing a brighter pink by the second. Below, she rhythmically stroked her clit.

“She’s got great tits, Tracy. Not as big as yours, but nice and firm with great nipples. I sucked on them and rolled the nipples with my tongue. She began to moan and I knew I had her.”

Tracy’s mouth hung slightly open, sucking in air more quickly than before.

“I could have probably made her cum by sucking on those tits, but I wanted to fuck her, Tracy. I wanted my thick cock in that tight little pussy of hers. So I put her on the table and ripped off her pants and panties. I got so hard looking at her breasts and naked pussy that I thought I’d cum before getting a chance to fuck her.”

Tracy arched her back, lifting her ass off the bed. She inserted a finger into her sopping wet pussy, then a second one.

“Oh, God. Don’t stop,” she sighed. Tracy looked over at her lover and saw his hard cock pointing towards her.

“I made her lean against the table, bending over so her naked ass and pussy were staring right at me. What a beautiful sight, Tracy. I immediately placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and forced it in.”

Tracy’s hips moved up and down almost imperceptibly.

“We started to fuck. Oh, God, it felt good. Her pussy was so unbelievably tight. But it was wet and she wanted me, Tracy. She wanted me to fuck her hard. She kept telling me. ‘Fuck me, John.’ So I obliged.”

Tracy was almost there. She knew she might cum before he was done with his story. John, of course, was going to stretch the story out as long as he could. He sensed her pending orgasm and decided it was time to put her over the edge.

“I grabbed her by the hips and shoved my cock into her until the table slammed up against the door. She was practically screaming at me, Tracy. ‘Fuck me. Fuck me.’ My cock was about to explode when I finally felt her start to cum.”

Those words were all Tracy needed to hear. They were her clue. She pushed in on her clit, squeezed a nipple hard, and began to cum.

John watched her ass leave the bed, struggling to have more of her hand against her clit.

“Her muscles clung to my cock like a hand. She cried out and squirmed on the table like a teenager. My body slammed against her ass harder and harder.”

Tracy was totally lost in her own orgasm, hearing the words and imagining it was her being taken by John. Each time he spoke her orgasm grew stronger.

“Finally I had to cum and I could feel it flowing through my cock. God, Tracy. I came so long and hard. Each thrust put another long stream of fluid into her. And she begged me to keep going.”

Tracy’s nipples were bright red from the abuse she gave them. The fingers of her right hand were soaked with juices. She laid spread out on the bed, totally exhausted.

“So, that was Amy,” John said. “Tomorrow’s another day…another teacher.”

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