The Christmas Present

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She shifted uncomfortably in the chair, struggling not to meet the others gazes. Strange to be so uncomfortable anticipating such a pleasurable purchase. But a glance up revealed the same embarrassed discomfort on the faces of the other two waiting customers. “Ms Young? If you’ll follow me please.”

Walking down the brightly lit hall, the professionally dressed young woman tapped on the tablet. “We’ve preselected several different specimens for you based on your initial queries, but if they don’t match what you were thinking, we can always review the catalogs or even talk about a special order.”

“Oh I hope that’s not necessary. I really expected to walk out with something today. My husband and I always exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, ever since the children were small. I really wanted to surprise him tonight and I was assured you had the largest selection in town.”

“We do have a very large selection. I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”

They stopped at a small window and were buzzed into the display room. The room felt more like a living room than a retail store. The saleswoman motioned Mary toward the small couch, taking a seat to her left. A door directly opposite the one they had entered opened and five women entered single-file. She rose as each one offered a perfectly manicured hand, a warm smile, and a simple name.

Retaking her seat, she leaned toward the saleswoman. “They’re so beautiful, so realistic.”

She simply smiled, continuing to tap away on her computer. “Thank you. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the best merchandise for our customers. These are five of our best rentals and all have a rent-to-own option if that becomes of interest.” She nodded to the women and their long sleek robes dropped to the floor. “Which of them are most attractive to you initially?”

Mary felt the flush start at her ears and spread out, reddening her entire face. “Oh, they’re all incredibly attractive. I couldn’t possibly…”

“I assure you. They are most accustomed to being judged.” She patted Mary’s knee. “I realize how embarrassing this can be but you needn’t be shy. It’s important that you find the best match. While they look human, they don’t share our need to be accepted. If it’s easier, which ones don’t look like someone your husband might be attracted to?”

“Well, he’s never really been attracted to redheads?”

“Perfect. Any others we can eliminate?”

“I don’t think he’d choose the young Asian lady either. And the very tall woman. Although you are both absolutely lovely!” It didn’t matter to Mary whether they were human or not. That was no excuse to be rude.

“Excellent. Thank you ladies.” She turned back to Mary as the three rejected women left. “Now that we’ve narrowed your options, we want to make absolutely sure that whichever you select can fully satisfy your wishes. We’ve found the best way to do that is a brief trial run. If it makes you more comfortable, I can step out. You can use the intercom over there to call me when you’ve made your selection.”

Mary struggled to understand. She looked questioningly at the saleswoman, stared dumbly at the two naked women across the room, and finally understood what was expected. Jumping to her feet she protested “Oh my. Oh no, no. I could never!”

“I’m afraid I must insist. We’ve had issues where customers have left and discovered problems. We have a strict no-refund policy, so we’ve had to institute an on-site customer inspection process.”

“Well, can’t they just, I mean, can’t they show me with, well, with each other?”

“Unfortunately, no. There are safeguards to prevent ESTs from pleasuring each other. There are concerns by many that allowing them too many freedoms could create, well problems with our ability to control them. So there are now kill-switches for certain activities, and it’s very expensive to reset them once they’ve become intimate with one another.”

“So you expect me to, to do what exactly?”

The saleswoman smiled as she moved towards the door. “Oh, don’t worry. They’ll do all the work for you.” She tapped the intercom as she opened the door. “The standard time is 15 minutes, but you can use this any time after 10 minutes and I’ll come back to finalize the paperwork.”

“Well this is just completely unacceptable! It’s Un-American! I have the money; I should be able to buy whatever I please! In all my fifty years, I’ve never heard of such a thing. And you two, just put your clothes on would you please?” She’d unsuccessfully darted after the saleswoman and arrived at the door just in time for it to close in her face, the lights dimming as music started playing softly. “Oh sure. Lower the lights and turn on the music, I’m obviously in the mood now!” She wheeled back and resumed her seat on the couch as the two women tied their robes back around themselves. “No offense” she snorted at them.

The taller brunette woman sat next to Mary as the more slender blonde moved behind them.

“None taken. My name’s Miriam bahis firmaları and this is Asha.”

“Mary. I suppose we’ll just wait ten minutes then. They can’t force me to actually do anything.”

“No, but they won’t let you leave with one of us unless you do.”

“Oh yeah? And how exactly will they know?”

Miriam looked back to Asha who just shrugged her shoulders.

“What? What is it?” Mary still couldn’t believe she was even having this conversation.

“They read our chips. If they don’t see appropriate readings that indicate certain, activities, they won’t allow you to leave with one of us.”

“I can’t believe this! I guess I’ll just be leaving alone then.”

“You’re here for a Christmas gift, right? A gift for your husband?”

Mary had almost forgotten why she was even there. It was the perfect gift. Her husband would be shocked, completely surprised, something she’d not often been able to do. “Yes. After 30 years together, I thought maybe a new face would, well, spice things up a bit.”

“Which of us do you think he’d want?”

Mary looked at each woman. The brunette next to her was exactly her husband’s type. Large full breasts, long muscular legs. The blonde behind her was lovely but her average-sized breasts would disappoint Jake. Looking back to Miriam, she realized that Miriam actually looked much like Mary herself, in younger days of course.

“Oh definitely you. He would definitely find you attractive.”

“Then let us help you. All they need to see is that there’s been contact of certain types. Asha and I can make it look like there was much more than there actually needs to be, if you’ll trust us?”

Mary looked back at Asha who nodded reassuringly. “We’ve done this before. Everyone’s always really nervous about it but it always turns out ok.”

“Ok. I guess we can try. But I’ve never even touched a woman and I really don’t even think I want to.”

Miriam nodded to Asha who pulled Mary back comfortably against the couch. “Let’s just start with a backrub then, huh?” Asha’s hands were firm on Miriam’s shoulders, relaxing her instantly. Miriam took Mary’s hand into hers, pulling it to her mouth and her softly on the palm while caressing the inside of her arm and elbow. “Just close your eyes. Imagine your husband touching you, kissing you.”

Miriam reluctantly settled back into the couch, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to relax. Asha continued to rub Mary’s shoulders, tentatively pushing the loose top off her shoulders. Miriam pulled her forward slowly, allowing her top to fall to her waist as Asha’s head dropped to nuzzle Mary’s neck. Mary tightened as she felt Asha’s hands move to cup her breasts.

“Were you planning to join us? Your husband and I?”

Distracted, she relaxed again. She realized she hadn’t even considered that. What was she planning to do? Would she be there with Miriam? Or just standing around the house somewhere waiting.

“I don’t know. I guess I would be there somewhere.”

“That’s really good. I’d like that.” Asha slowly lowered Mary’s bra revealing her breasts to Miriam. Miriam took full advantage, moving her mouth to one breast while rolling the nipple on the other. As Miriam fondled Mary’s breasts, Asha walked around to the front of the couch, dropping her robe as she settled between Mary’s feet. Miriam looked up from Mary’s breast and smiled warmly as Asha reached up to undo Mary’s jeans. Mary lifted slightly to allow her clothing to be pulled off, amazed by her own actions. Miriam reached for Mary’s hand, pulling it to her own chest. Mary had never touched another woman’s breast but she marveled at how realistic and warm, how firm and yet soft.

Asha’s thumbs rubbed the insides of Mary’s thighs, alternating with licks and gentle kisses, moving slowly up. Mary heard the moaning but it took a moment to realize it was actually her that was moaning. She squeezed Miriam’s breast and twisted as she pushed her back into the couch, lowering her own mouth to suck on Miriam’s breast, rolling the nipple gently between her teeth. She gasped as Asha pushed a finger into her and removed it just as quickly, replacing it with two fingers, and then three.

“Does your husband go down on you?”

“Yes, sometimes.”

“Do you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes.” Asha pumped her fingers into Mary and sucked her, pausing a moment to tease her with a quick tongue. As Asha’s tempo increased, Mary pushed back against the couch pulling Miriam’s mouth back to her breasts. Miriam kissed her breast briefly instead, replacing her mouth with a hand as she stretched her head down to join Asha. Their mouths hungrily pushed Mary further than she’d imagined she could go. She grasped the back of Asha’s head with one hand and reached the other down to squeeze Miriam’s ass through the slick robe, pulling it up to feel her warm skin. As the women sucked her, she began to buck against their mouths, desperate to come, horrified that she might. Miriam squeezed Mary’s breast hard as Asha’s mouth kaçak iddaa stilled sucking hard on the perfect spot. Mary held her breath and froze every muscle as she came against Asha’s mouth.

They’d barely straightened back up before the lights came back up. As the door opened, Mary desperately grabbed for her clothes, struggling to recover some kind of composure before it opened fully. She was embarrassed, exhausted, and so excited. If that was a trial run, what might the real one feel like.


“Jake won’t be home for another few hours. Would you like something to eat or drink? Oh that’s just silly isn’t it. Of course not. Why would you need something to eat.” She’d been babbling like this ever since the saleswoman had opened that door, finding her half-naked and disheveled with the two women back in their robes. She couldn’t believe what she’d done but she also couldn’t wait to see what she might do next. Jake was definitely going to have his hands full tonight.

“You are right, I don’t actually need anything but I’d very much enjoy dining with you. Don’t you want to eat something before he’s home?”

Mary was starting to panic. She had no idea what she’d expected but this woman was so nice, so friendly. And she hadn’t even considered dinner. Jake would be starving after work, expecting to go out and grab dinner. Was she just going to have her jump out and yell “Surprise” and ravage him while he fainted away from lack of food?

“Actually, Jake will be hungry when he gets home. I don’t suppose you know how to cook? I could use some help pulling together dinner.”

The next few hours were incredible for Mary. She’d always fancied herself a good cook and dreamed of taking gourmet classes. Turned out, ESTs were experts in anything they could access through their wireless Internet connections. For two hours Miriam taught her how to make all kinds of classic dishes. The two women created a three-course gourmet feast and set the table with holiday china and a fabulous centerpiece that Miriam pulled together from pine-cones and spices, another Internet project. They opened a special bottle of Cab from one of the vineyards they’d visited this fall, pouring it into the decanter to open for dinner.

“It’s absolutely amazing Miriam. He’ll be so surprised. Now I just have to figure out what to do with you. He’ll be home any minute.”

“We should start with the answer to that question I asked you earlier. Will you be joining us, your husband and I?”

“Maybe? Oh no, of course not. This is crazy enough already. I can’t imagine expecting him to be with both of us at the same time too.”

Miriam smiled, shaking her head slowly. “Oh Mary. Don’t worry. I’m sure he can handle that idea without too much trouble.”

“No, I’d rather surprise him, make him think he’s coming to me and have you there instead. We’ll have dinner, maybe a drink, then I’ll ask for a minute to change before he joins me. Which reminds me, there’s a red velvet Santa thing I bought. Cheesy I know but it seemed appropriate. The bathroom off our bedroom also opens into the hallway, so I’ll just wait in the bathroom and slip out that way when he goes into the bedroom. You just have to let him know that you’re my present to him and then you… Well, you know.” Of course she knew. She’d known what to do to Mary; surely she’d know what to do to Jake. She was surprised how excited she was at the idea of Jake with another woman, even if she was artificial. “If you’ll just wait in the bedroom. Do you need a book or something?”

“No. Thanks Mary. I’ve got it from here. Enjoy your dinner.” She reached out and pulled Mary toward her, exchanging a long exploratory kiss. “If you change your mind, remember, I could be your present too.”

Mary felt the heat through her entire body and stood frozen as Miriam turned away and walked down the hall to the bedroom. The sound of the garage door opening startled her back to action. Too late to turn back, she tried to shake off the flush of excitement.

“Jake! Welcome home honey.”

“Wow! Whatever that is, it smells amazing. Is that the Cab we bought this summer?”

“Of course! It’s Christmas Eve. I thought we deserved something special.”

Jake walked toward her and took her in his arms, smelling her hair as he pulled her close. “Oh, I plan for it to be special.” So many years and he still made her swoon when he spoke to her like that. Standing her back upright, he reached to pour them both a glass. They toasted thanks for a great year, a great family, and a great marriage, and sat down to devour the meal. The wine lasted through two courses and Jake offered to make coffee to accompany dessert. “We wouldn’t want you falling asleep before you get your present.” She loved the twinkle in his eye but she was confident, she had the better surprise this year.

“No we wouldn’t. Plus you’ll need your strength for your present anyway.” She couldn’t meet his eye but knew he saw the reddish blush on her cheeks. She fought not to kaçak bahis overplay her hand all through dessert and thankfully, it was soon time. “So Jake, if you’re ready for your present?” She stood and walked behind him, rubbing his shoulders and nuzzling his neck, remembering how Asha had touched her the same way just hours earlier. “I just need a minute first but then come join me?”

“Absolutely! I’ll meet you in 10 minutes!”

She hurried down the hall, stepping into the bedroom. Miriam had propped herself up against the wooden headboard among the overstuffed pillows Mary loved. The red velvet Santa suit cut low enough to show just a hint of the top curves of her breasts, the white fluffy trim outlining the tops of her thighs with the tiniest glimpse of the garters peeking out. She smiled brightly as Mary entered.

“Change your mind yet? This bed’s plenty big enough for three.”

“Shhh. He’s probably right behind me.”

She tiptoed into the bathroom, locking both the bedroom and hall doors to keep him from entering that way. Minutes later, she heard him carrying the wine glasses past the door and into the bedroom. She waited long enough to hear Miriam. “Your wife says you’ve been a very good boy this year and wanted to make sure you got something extra special.” She stifled a moan as her whole body went hot, her knees threatening to buckle. She crept quietly into the hallway and back towards the kitchen. She leaned against the sink trying to regain some strength, rubbing herself to calm the throbbing between her legs. Maybe she should have joined them.

Just as her resolve was faltering and her body yearning to go back to the bedroom, she thought she smelled smoke. Cigar smoke. Jake occasionally enjoyed a smoke after but surely he wasn’t done yet. It smelled like it was coming from the garage. She crept to the door, the smell strengthening as she got closer. Slowly she cracked the door but couldn’t understand what she was seeing. Jake in the open doorway, staring out into the alley, puffing away on one of his favorite Cubans, smiling contently.


He spun around quickly, a horrified look as he realized it was Mary.

“Mary! I don’t understand. You went to the bedroom and I sent your present after you. Oh no. You aren’t angry, are you? I thought you’d enjoy it. It’s just a rental; he goes back in the morning. If you don’t like him, I’ll buy you something else, something wonderful. Please tell me you aren’t angry with me?”

It took her a moment to process it all but she laughed hysterically as she realized; he’d bought her exactly what she’d bought him. Well, not exactly, but still.

“How could I possibly be angry with you? Especially when I rented you the same thing. Well, not exactly the same, but you know what I mean.”

They shared a heavy round of laughter before Jake went pale and burst down the hallway. The safeguards. ESTs weren’t allowed to pleasure each other. There were, complications.

Mary nearly ran into Jake’s back as she bolted behind him into the bedroom. She stood on tiptoe to peer over his shoulder. There in the middle of the floor stood their presents, frozen in full embrace. One in her red velvet Santa hat and one in an amazing navy blue tux, hands everywhere, lips locked, eyes staring vacantly ahead.

“Oh Jake. I love tuxes. He’s absolutely gorgeous.”

He turned his head enough to sneer sarcastically back at her. “Thanks. Glad you like him.”

She couldn’t help but giggle as she buried her head in his back but she really felt more like crying. “We’re quite a sight, huh? Two frozen robots and a couple of old people who thought it would be fun not to have sex with each other. I was so sure you’d be surprised.”

He turned to embrace her. “Oh, I’m surprised. This is absolutely not what I was expecting tonight!”

She pulled back enough to see his face. “You wouldn’t believe what I had to do to get her here. And now it’s going to cost a fortune to fix them.”

“No honey. You wouldn’t believe what I had to do!”

Her mouth dropped as she realized, he probably had been subjected to the same rules she had, the on-site inspection. She covered her mouth trying not to laugh. “Oh no, you didn’t!”

“Not exactly. I hear the women’s selection process is more hands-on than the men’s. But the men’s is more, well, directive. I had to make sure he was prepared to do exactly what I wanted even though I wasn’t going to be there.”

She felt that same feeling, the heat that had been bubbling inside all day long. She reached up and kissed him. Slowly, deeply, watching him closely. “Wanna swap stories?”

His smile grew as quickly as his cock as he pressed hard against her. “Oh yeah, I wanna hear everything.” They kissed again but Mary quickly became uncomfortable.

“Ok, everything. But we have to get out of here. They’re giving me the creeps.”

“I know just the place.” He took her hand and pulled her out of the bedroom, back through the hall, heading back to the garage.

“The garage? Seriously Jake? We’re leaving the bedroom to the freaks and having sex in the garage?”

“Oh yeah. We’ve been talking about breaking in the truck for years. Don’t you think it’s time?”

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