“I’m pregnant!”

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“Phil, You bastard” she screamed.

“I’m pregnant!”


Winter stood red-faced and in tears in my kitchen barely able to contain her anger. She’d put on a lot of weight recently and, to be honest, she looked good. I’d always been in to bigger girls and her weight gain was hitting the spot. She had me hot all the time she was with me and I couldn’t help but touch her.

To be honest, she was just the same. Every time she’d come over she’d barely got through the door before we were ripping each other’s’ clothes off and running our fingers over each other’s bodies. She’d loved the changed up until now, feeling a new vigour and excitement, a new vibrancy, and a desperate need for more raunchy sex.

I’d lapped it up (well who wouldn’t?). A striking, sultry redhead growing from a size 10 with shapely 34dd breasts to a big beautiful size 18 with gargantuan 40gg melons. The change was so rapid we’d never even stopped to think about it but just enjoyed it but in hindsight it makes sense that something else was afoot.

Winter had only become suspicious that something was up when she’d felt a weird sensation in her mammoth tits. Coming home from work she’d felt like they were leaking, and on getting home she raced to the bathroom to find her bra wet. She’d sniffed the huge bucket of her newly purchased bra and discovered a sweet milky smell. She inhaled again, finding the smell alluring. How could she be lactating she wasn’t…

She’d scrambled in the back of the cupboard under the sink to find a pregnancy test. They were hidden because she knew she wouldn’t need them, and yet here she was panicked, but at the same time excited and would up like bahis firmaları a coil to find her body naturally producing such an evocative substance. She pee’d on the stick and put it on the sink to wait for the truth to be told.

And then she grasped her breast. Her hands were barely able to cup the huge bags of flesh that she now boasted. Her pale, freckled skin ballooned through her fingers as she brought forefinger and thumb together around her pink, puffy nipple. Her big pink areola mostly covered by the palm of her hand she admired her shape and size in the mirror. And squeezed.

Milk burst from her left breast spraying a hard jet at the mirror. It shocked her, and turned her on. She instantly felt herself become hot and, as she grasped at her other bosom, the need to squeeze and feel the release of further white creamy fluid she experienced a rush of electricity that ran from the large nipples she now pinched between her fingers and rapidly dampening pussy.

Milked squirted at the mirror again and the sight of this sent her into overdrive. The electricity flowed through her as she managed to pull one hand away from her undulating breast to slide it between her legs. Now slumping against the sink she slid a hand deep between her thick thighs and eased two fingers deep into her slick wet snatch. Working her aching pussy she thoughtlessly moved between strumming her pulsating clit and thrusting her slick fingers deep inside her waiting snatch. She drove her fingers deeper inside her wanton body using her thumb to stimulate the small nub of her clitoris, trembling more and more as the orgasm grew inside her.

Within moments she’d brought herself to a monumental kaçak iddaa climax, trembling as wave after wave of intense orgasm washed over her. She wailed as she grasped at her belly, then her massive tit, pinching and pumping milk from the pink nub between her soaking fingers. She lifted the huge tit to her mouth and suckled drawing the rich, life-giving milk into her waiting gullet, tasting it’s creamy goodness and drinking it down whilst her body pulsed in climax after climax.

She slumped to the floor, exhausted at the revelation of her sensual lactation and by the way she’d worked her body so violently and quickly into a frenzy. Her pussy ached and her belly was covered in warm milk. Now, with eyes closed, slumped against the cupboard she let her hands fall away from her body. Fluid trickled from her breasts and her hot, wet snatch, pooling together on the floor. She didn’t care; she’d just had the most intense orgasm she’d ever brought on herself.

She heard the door downstairs. Her husband was used to her masturbating, although he’d never found her quite like this. She listened to the heavy thuds up the stairs, the creak of the floorboard and the bathroom door as he pushed it open. He gazed on his wife, her limp body instantly turning him on. He reached down to her curvy mass grasping at sensual handfuls of flesh, kissing her mouth and experiencing a faint taste of milk. He kissed and licked his way to her engorged breasts and drew her inviting nipple into his mouth whilst sliding a hand between her legs.

She rocked as she ground down on his hand, his fingers finding just the right place to send her over the edge once more. She convulsed as he worked her aching kaçak bahis honey pot and it was all she could to find his fly and release his now rock hard cock. 8 inches of rock hard flesh sprung from his pants and as her intense orgasm subsided he stood and offered the thick, solid rod to her. She sucked it in, her teeth pushing back the skin to provide him with an intense feeling of warm wetness around his throbbing head. He pushed deeper feeling her gullet close in around his meaty penis. He felt her gag hard around his cock and allowed the sudden release of his juicy protein. The white creamy fluid flowed down her throat and as he pumped in and out of her hungry mouth she strove to drink him dry.

She slavered over the slippery purple end to his meaty rod as she grasped at her huge tits. Her tongue followed the lines of his cock-head and down again engulfing his full length as he shot a second burst deep into her throat. He shook, trembling violently as he pushed his cock deeper into her waiting mouth before withdrawing a firing a third stringy shot across her cheek and black-rimmed glasses.

Working the last of the juices from his body she gazed up at him through cum-stained spectacles. She watched as his muscular body became limp and she allowed his now semi-flaccid cock to slide from her lips. She observed the stain of her bright red lipstick around his shaft as her saliva dripped from the end of his penis onto her big tits and pregnant belly.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his wife, her hands, wet with the combination of juices, rubbing her belly and gently pummelling her melon-like breasts. He spied the pregnancy test on the sink. She watched him, embarrassed as he took up the little device and studied it. Two lines.

“Winter, You’re pregnant?”

“I can explain…” she began.

“But we use contraception” he weakly offered.

“We do, John, but Phil doesn’t …”

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