The Seduction of Simon Ch. 06

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Miss Prim’s intense erotic session with David was enough to keep her fulfilled…for a few days!! Fortunately, her last coaching session with Simon, Ray, and Isaac was about to take place and Miss Prim could hardly wait! She wore no bra and her skimpiest thong for the occasion, humming and bouncing along as she climbed the steps to her 2nd floor studio.

Inside Miss Prim’s room, the three young men had gathered early to practice. Even more than the previous week, they had been in a perpetual state of arousal, trying to imagine what it would feel like as their rigid pricks explored Miss Prim’s tight buttcheeks. Ray bought a huge bottle of lube which he generously shared with his buddies. Using lube, they had all had jacked off several times per day, recreating the whole seduction scene in their minds as their hands danced on their rock hard boners. Even though Miss Prim hadn’t even entered the room yet, each man was already partially erect under his trousers…

The door opened suddenly and Miss Prim waltzed into the room. “well, hello guys, ready for our last session?”

“Yes, mam,” they all replied in unison…were they ever!!

“Then let’s practice first and see if we can make beautiful music together” she winked at the men seductively.

The first 15 minutes of the coaching proceeded without incident. Miss Prim gave the men a view of her ample titties whenever possible, delighted in seeing the front of their slacks spontaneously tent out to the maximum. After she felt they were ready for the performance next week, she stopped conducting and walked over to Isaac, who was sweating profusely.

“Ready for the contest, men?” Miss Prim smiled as she started to unbutton Isaac’s shirt.

“S-s-su-u-r-e,” they uttered in unison, too excited to speak properly.

Miss Prim continued undoing Isaac’s shirt until it dropped to the floor. Then, she quickly took off his sneakers as Ray and Simon shed their own shirts, t-shirts, casino siteleri and footwear.

“Time to get more comfortable” Miss Prim opened her blouse and slid out of her short skirt.

There was a loud gasp from all three men as her enormous breasts flopped out and her brilliant blue thong was revealed.

“That’s better” Miss Prim walked over to Isaac and knelt in front of him. He moaned and muttered under his breath as Miss Prim slowly and sensuously lowered his trousers to his ankles. Isaac sported blue silk boxers that were cut shorter than usual. Miss Prim tickled his prick through the right leg of his boxers and blew hot breath through the opening.

“Oh my FRIGGIN LORD” Isaac thought he had died and went to heaven.

Miss Prim played with Isaac’s prick through his boxer shorts for one wonderful minute, then moved over to Ray. She quickly opened his brown chinos and pushed them down eagerly. Ray wore teal silk boxers that were short, tight, and mouth watering. The head and part of the shaft of his prick already poked out of the fly opening. Miss Prim tenderly jacked him off until he was fully hard, enjoying his facial grimacing and loud grunts and groans. Then she opened her mouth and took Ray’s mushroom head inside. He let out a loud moan and started to buck his hips back and forth. Miss Prim took more and more of Ray’s love muscle inside her warm mouth until she reached his balls. Then she deep throated him vigorously as he howled with lust. After a minute of intense cocksucking, Miss Prim let Ray’s wang slip out of her mouth and turned her attention to Simon whose whole body was shaking. She smiled as she unbuckled his belt and let his loose chinos fall to the floor. Simon was wearing white satin boxer shorts what were trim cut. His 8 incher was trapped in the right leg, as usual. Miss Prim pushed it toward the fly opening until she was greeted with the beautiful sight of Simon’s quivering cement hard dick. Without canlı casino missing a beat, Miss Prim ran her tongue over his hefty balls, enjoying his screams of pleasure as she stuck her long tongue back into places Simon had never been explored. He started hyperventilating as she spontaneously deep throated him like there was no tomorrow. When Miss Prim felt Simon’s copious precum on her tongue, she knew it was time to stop. Getting up off her knees, she faced the young men and offered her best wicked smile.

“Well, looks like we have a three way tie…silk and satin really turn me on!!”

“A t-t-t-ie,” Simon couldn’t believe it.

“Yes Simon…a tie….and that means you all get to take my bum”

General pandemonium erupted as the men jumped up and down, giving each other high-fives and shouting with excitement. The men settled down as Miss Prim faced them to lower her thong. Then, she walked over to Isaac, turned so that her butt faced him, and slowly lowered her cheeks on his torpedo shaped shaft. Isaac uttered a deep groan and shut his eyes tightly. Miss Prim let out a long moan of contentment as she continued to force more of Isaac’s prick into her butt. Finally, she reached rock bottom, enjoying the feel of Isaac’s silk boxers against her asscheeks. Then, she bounced on his cock, screaming with lust in a mixture of pain and intense pleasure. Isaac let forth with a torrent of swear words as the incredible feeling of Miss Prim’s tight buttcheeks around his prick caused him to nearly faint with lust. After two minutes of intense bliss, in which Miss Prim and Isaac came close to orgasm several times, it was time to move on. Miss Prim reluctantly got off of Isaac and turned her attention to Ray. He had been masturbating furiously watching Isaac’s first ass-fuck and was more then ready to have his own turn. Miss Prim spat on Ray’s dick, then slowly impaled herself on the fat seven incher.

“G-G-G-O-D-D-D!!” Ray shrieked. kaçak casino The sensations were incredible, even better than when he had screwed Miss Prim the week before. Miss Prim screamed with delight as she rode Ray like a bucking bronco, slamming down on his balls so hard with each downstroke she could feel his silk boxers against her asscheeks. After 3 minutes of blissful screwing, Miss Prim got off Ray’s cock and faced Simon. He had been jacking himself so quickly, he almost came twice in his excitement. Miss Prim lowered herself on Simon’s penis exquisitely slowly, enjoying his long guttural moan as she impaled more and more of his fuckstick until finally she had reached his balls. Then, she bounced up and down slowly as Simon howled with lust. Miss Prim gradually quickened her tempo, giving Simon the ride of his life as his balls slapped against her bum. Simon was too excited to hold back. After about a minute of frantic screwing he knew he needed a release.



Simon’s prick exploded in Miss Prim’s butt just as Isaac and Ray started to squirt their seed all over the screwing couple. The three mens’ orgasms were enough to bring Miss Prim over the edge.


Miss Prim let out a high pitched wail as she had the best orgasm of her entire life. Simon continued to cum in her butt a solid nine spurts before withdrawing his prick from her ass with a loud popping sound. The exhausted quartet collapsed on the floor, still not believing what had just taken place. After what seemed an eternity. Miss Prim put her thong back on and turned to the catatonic men.

“This will be our last rehearsal…but I want you all to come to an underwear party I’m having at my house next week. My sister, Miss Proper is visiting and I want her to share in all the fun I’m having”

The men were incredulous….Miss Proper? Would she be Proper? How about her tits? Would they be as full as Miss Prims’? Two buxom women were going to be beyond their wildest fantasies!

Isaac and Simon turned to Ray and grinned. “Can we borrow more of your lube?”

Ray just laughed…they were all going to need it!!

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