The Parking Lot

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When I call to check in on my son, he’s already asleep. I won’t need to get him until the morning. After I hang up, I can’t think of anything to say except, “Do you have cash & a condom?”

For a minute you look across the street, then back at me. “Meet me in the lobby in 5 minutes & I’ll have more than that.”

OH HELL! The look you give as you say this starts my pussy throbbing like it’s alive with a heartbeat. I nod yes and get into my car. Turning the radio up and my mind off I go across the street. Five minutes later you meet me at the elevators in the lobby. When our elevator arrives, an employee gets on with us. We don’t talk but stand to the back. I have this thing with backs, so as we’re moving I start rubbing the bottom of your spine up to your neck. Very nice. I bet I could really sink my teeth in.

Still not talking we get to the room and go in. A typical room, the only light was coming from the bathroom. When I get to the end of the bed, I’m hit with last minute nerves.

“If at any point you want to stop, I’ll understand.” For some reason I felt like I had to reassure you, me or maybe both of us.

You had started taking your shirt off, but stopped mid-way. “If you’re changing your mind, tell me now.”

Intense is the only word I can think of to describe your expression. Taking a quick minute to give you a once-over, I can see how tight your jeans have gotten over your hard dick. Just the thought of a hard dick makes my mouth water. Again, I feel my pussy swelling up and throbbing. “No, I definitely don’t want to stop.”

Saying that was like ringing the bell at a wrestling match. I wanted you naked, hard and in me. Reaching under your shirt I push up and get you halfway naked. My mouth is feeling empty, so I have to taste you. No kissing. I go straight for your throat. Mouth open I use my tongue and teeth to get my first taste of you. Warm, tangy and all male, YUMMY! Now I’m hungry for more so I start licking, sucking and biting on your arms, neck and chest. When I lick your nipple it gets hard so I use my teeth to pull it while still licking the tip. Starting to breathe heavier, you put your hands on the back of my head. Grabbing my hair in your hands, you start pushing down. It doesn’t take much effort before I’m on my knees. After I undo your pants, but before I can do more than take out your semi-hard dick, you bend over and pull my shirt up and off. I’m glad I wore my black underwire bra. It makes my tits look really full. Leaning my head back, I reach behind me to undo the snaps. illegal bahis When I pull it off, my tits start to drop. You reach out and grab a handful of each. First you squeeze and push them together like you’re plumping up a pillow. Then you start rolling my nipples between your fingers. Pulling and pinching. Hard and firm, but not too painful. Every time you pull on my nipple, I feel it in my pussy. I’m already wet enough that I can feel my pussy lips sliding against each other.

Done playing, I reach out and yank down your jeans and underwear to your ankles. Putting one hand on my shoulder, you start stepping out of your shoes. With one hand I grab around the middle of your now rock hard dick and pull down so that your head swells up even more. Opening my mouth so that you can feel my breath, I stick my tongue out and start licking circles around the head of your dick. Teasing from your slit to around rim of the head with my tongue. You stop with one pant leg still on, grab my head and push your dick into my mouth until it reaches my hand at your base.

I give you one last lick on the underside, from base to tip. Rocking back on my feet I stand up. While I’m taking the rest of my clothes off, you put a box of condoms on the table and pull the covers to the end of the bed.

Both of us naked, I tell you to lay with your head on the pillows. Crawling in beside you I start touching you everywhere and licking your neck again. You pull my head back by my hair until my neck is over your mouth. Now you become the aggressor.

One hand is holding my head in place while you circle my neck with licks and bites. Your other hand reaches under me to start pulling on my nipples again. My nipples hard now, you push me down onto the pillows and take my right nipple in your mouth. With just the tip between your teeth, you pull up, stretching my nipple and making my back arch. I feel your hand cover my pussy. You slide your finger over my slit. I’m so wet that your finger glides over my clit. Now I feel your fingers inside me. I’m already ready, so you start finger-fucking me hard and fast while your thumb works my clit. All the tension, nerves and excitement were too much. All I can do is grab the back of your head, pushing you harder onto my tits, try to arch up and get more of your hand into my hot pussy and bite my lip, moaning. You know that I’m on the edge, so you back off just a little. Just enough to keep me on edge, but I can’t cum. Licking on my neck, you whisper, “Tell me what you want.”

“Please make me cum! illegal bahis siteleri Yes, yes. Ahhh. PLEASE!!!” I feel my hips lifting off the bed as my pussy starts tightening up. As I’m lying on the pillows with my back arched up, my pussy is trying to grind on anything. I can feel my juice dripping all the way down to my ass.

Opening my eyes, I see you on your knees. Between mine. You grab the base of your hard dick and tease up and down my pussy with the head. Pushing your dick flat against my pussy you start fucking my pussy lips. The tip of your dick is hitting my clit with every thrust. Pulling your hips back you put one hand on each of my knees and spread my legs wide open. I can feel cool air as my pussy spreads open.

Putting your thick head against my hole you look at me. “Ready?”

“Now!” I don’t want to talk. I want to finally feel that dick tearing my pussy up. With an evil smile you ram straight into me.


Showing no mercy, you start pounding into me. Your balls are slapping my ass and your grinding against my pussy and clit every time you ram into me. Stinging, my pussy is soon making loud wet sounds. Now you brace yourself on one elbow and grab a tit. You start licking and sucking. Even with a condom on, I can feel your head ramming into me and the shaft filling me up. “Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop.”

I can feel my orgasm coming and I just keep repeating those words. Hitting bottom, you stop and brace yourself on both hands. You pull out until just the head is in me, then you start giving me hard, fast and long thrusts.

As I feel my pussy pulsing, I pull my knees up and back to get more of your hard dick in me. You reach down with one hand and just touch my pussy and I start cuming. Hard. I can feel my whole body shaking and I reach out to grab your ass to hold onto. Using my hands I pull you more into my pussy, I start rocking and grinding my hips against you. You reach under me and grab my ass. Pulling my ass apart while still fucking me hard, I start cuming again.

Feeling my pussy squeezing you, you start giving me long, deep thrusts. On your third push you start cuming. I can feel you swelling up even more in my pussy as the cum is shooting out of your dick. For a minute, time stands still and we both pulse and throb as we cum.

Finally, we’re lying on our sides catching our breath. Thank you for such a hard dick.

Part 2: 10 minutes later

I’ve already cleaned up and you’re coming out of the bathroom now. As I’m sitting on the edge canlı bahis siteleri of the bed, I’m running my hand up and down my pussy. Even though I’ve cleaned up, I still have some juice coming out of my tingling pussy. As I see you I ask if I can finish cleaning you up with my mouth. You don’t say anything, just walk over and stand in front of me. Sitting up I start licking all over your dick. Around all sides and from top to bottom. I get the head wet and then use my hand to work that lube up and down your shaft. Now I lift up your hardening dick and start to lick down to your balls. Sticking my tongue out and making it wide, I lick both of your balls. Then I open my mouth and put it around your left nut. Closing my mouth over it, I start sucking and licking it into my mouth. After several pulls I let that one pop out of my mouth and start on your other one. After sucking on both of your heavy nuts, I make my tongue pointed and touch the bottom of your hard dick where it meets your balls. Moving my tongue back and forth across the underside of your dick, I work my way up to your head. Closing my mouth over your head I use the edge of my teeth to tease around the rim. Then I open my mouth and slide halfway down your hard dick. Pulling my lips over my teeth, I create a suction and start working up and down your dick. One hand is twisting up and down and around your shaft while I use the other one to tease your balls. Even while I’m sucking, I’m using my tongue to lick back and forth and round and round. After about 10 minutes, my lips start getting numb and sloppy in my sucking. Pushing me down you grab one of my ankles and I roll over. After getting on my hands and knees, you pull my hips back until I’m on the edge of the bed.

Smack! Even before it registers that you’re spanking my ass, you’re grabbing handfuls and turning my ass red. I can feel my pussy swelling up and my tits bouncing back and forth. Then you put hands at the bottom of my ass and use your thumbs to spread my pussy open. Pushing with your hips you slide your whole dick straight in until you hit bottom.

“Ahhh!” feeling you slide in gives me chills up my back. I can’t get over how good your dick feels in me. Your so hard it feels like I’m on a stick. I put my head down on the bed, tilt my hips down and push my ass back on you. Closing my eyes I squeeze my pussy around you. Now you start a hard long rhythm. Not as fast as the fist time, but your still pushing my head further into the bed with each thrust of your hard dick into my hot pussy. For 15 minutes you keep up this pace. I push up onto my hands and start rocking back against you. Every time you ram into me I feel you hitting my insides. Reaching under me I start rubbing my clit and the underside of your dick as you continue fucking me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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