The Orange Rose

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It was late morning when she was called into her director’s office.

“Clear your afternoon, Mr Rhett has scheduled a review of our portfolio. All the accounts. 3:00 O’Clock, 51st floor conference room. We got lucky, we’re last group.”

Mr Rhett was the new executive Vice President. She had met him long ago. But this was the first time she would see him since then.

She had worked for him right out of college, as an analyst on one of the firms largest accounts. He was the account manager and her job was to provide all the details the firms performance. They had spent many long days together and often travelled to various client sites. She gained a lot of experience from seeing a senior executive managing such a complex contract.

Somewhere along the way they became attracted to each other. One night he simply asked if she would like to have a drink in his room. That lead to many more nights together. Sometimes on business trips, sometimes he visited her apartment, and sometimes that met in a distant city and spent a weekend enjoying each other. He had never lead her on about it becoming anything more than a good time. His first wife had gotten a lot in the divorce. He was healing from that and she had no interest in marriage until she moved farther up the ladder.

One morning they were laying in bed discussing their situation. He described it as an orange rose. We have the kind friendship that the yellow rose represents. But we have this wild passionate sex, like the red rose. So we are an orange rose. Somewhere in between.

It had been the perfect analogy.

Soon after that trip, he got a promotion and left the account. His glowing recommendation had gotten her promoted much earlier than her peers. His early mentoring also paid off in the jobs that she moved into over the years. Occasionally she saw an email announcing his promotion or move into more senior roles.

Two months ago there was a typical corporate announcement about restructuring. While everyone else read through it for corporate intrigue, she had not gotten past his name, He would be a her boss’s boss’s boss. Which meant she would never expect to see him, except maybe in the elevator.

Until today.

She had been through a lot over almost a decade. Since their affair, she had fallen deeply in love, had her heart broken and moved on. She still dated, some guys longer than others. But the firm had been her focus above anything else.

She left her director’s office and headed towards her own. Categorizing which accounts would be easy and which were going to be problems to explain. She knew the one she needed the most preparation for was the South Dakota oil…

She stopped dead in her tracks at her office door. A dozen long stem orange roses were in a vase on her desk.

Her admin assistant jumped to her side. “Aren’t they gorgeous? They got here ten minutes ago. I didn’t open the card. Who do you think they are from? That lawyer downtown? Come on! The rest of the girls are dying to know.”

She opened the small card. “I would love to pickup where we left off so long ago. It’s dangerous, I know. If you are interested, just wear your hair up.” Oh he always loved it up. In a bun, a pony tail, whatever as long as it was off her neck. Oh things he had done with her hair and her neck.

So many thoughts went through her head. This was not something she’d even thought about in years.

“Um, no not the lawyer. An old friend. Just reaching out.” She mumbled.

“I wish I had old friends like that. My husband hasn’t bought me roses in years.”

She remembered her time crunch and moved the roses to the small table in her office. Then she started making phone calls pulling reports. Lunch was dropped at her desk by her admin. 2:45 arrived in no time. Her boss called and told her to meet at the elevator in five minutes. She grabbed her laptop, took a quick look in the mirror. Her hair was wavy, ruby red and just past her shoulders. She hadn’t thought much about the answer to his question, so she left it down.

When they got to the conference room, they were met by a friend in the group ahead them who wears coming out. “Have your story straight. He is looking for honest answers. I don’t think he trust what he’s seen from the sales bahis firmaları team.

Her boss and five of her peers walked in. Some other executives were still there. He was sitting in the chair in the middle of the table. She’d learned that was one of his disarming techniques. Make you feel like one of the people and they more honest with you. When they went around the table for introductions, she never took her eyes off of him.

Is it possible that he was better looking than before?

He was thinner now, leaner. His skin was tanned enough to show color without looking like he was on the beach all day. His black hair was now salt and pepper. More salt than pepper really. His eyes were as brown as she remembered. They were his secret weapon. They smiled or dismissed you without a word.

When he got to her tun to be introduced, he made a point of acknowledging that he knew her very well. They had worked together long ago and he was glad to have her on the team. She noticed that he glanced at her hair, but never reacted. His eyes still had their twinkle.

The next few hours were painful. Thousands of questions, hundreds of PowerPoint slides and reports. She sat through everyone else’s presentations trying to focus on what he seemed most concerned about, what upset him, what did he like.

But her mind kept drifting. The first distraction was his neck. There was something about standing behind him and chewing on his neck that just turned her on. He would shudder and moan and tense up. She loved the feel of his back on her bare chest. Even more, she liked the feel of his chest on hers.

When he kissed her, his hands would grab her neck or her ass or her hip. Firmly pulling him into her. Damn she did miss that. But she really missed when he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Usually so he could suck or bite her neck. Or chew her earlobe and blow gently from her ears to her neck to her shoulder. He could be such a gentle lover, sometimes.

At a restaurant or in public he was such a gentleman. Or so it appeared. He was the master of copping a feel. You’d think guys would give that up by college. Not him. His hand would rub her ass, or a breast, or more than once her mound. If they were in a booth at a restaurant. His hand could be cutting a steak one second and under her dress the next. She complained about it, but she loved his knowing touch.

A commotion brought her back to the room. He had to take an urgent call so he left for his office and told everyone else to take a bio break.

In the ladies room, her boss commented that she’d looked a little distracted. “Not a good time to day dream. Are you OK?”

“Just a little warm in there. I’ll grab some juice and be ok.”

She stood there looking in the mirror and realizing that she was actually glad to see him. The memories left her feeling pretty excited. She looked at herself and said “What the Hell?”

She tied her hair up in a knot at the back of her head. She felt a cool breeze on her neck. It was refreshing. Then she headed back to the conference room.

A refreshment table was outside the conference room. It was already after five, no way she was having coffee. She grabbed a bottle of pineapple juice and half of a brownie and went inside.

When walked into the room he noticed her immediately. His eyes locked on hers and he smiled. He sat down, said to continue. A few minutes later she noticed him gazing at her.

Her turn came and went. The questions were routine. Until they got to South Dakota and its oil company. She was embarrassed to admit it wasn’t perfect.

When she was done, he asked her to walk to his office, after the rest had finished, because of his concerns. The floor had emptied and his assistant came in the office with more issues. He told her they would have to wait. Then sent her home. He followed his assistant to the door and locked it behind her.

She stood in his office, it was huge compared to hers. His polished wood desk matched the small conference table. There was even a leather couch and a chair. Her office barely fit a desk and three chairs. He pointed to the conference table. She set her laptop down and took a seat.

He told her how impressed he was with her work today. She started to open her spreadsheet kaçak iddaa for the South Dakota account. He stood behind and bent over. His breath was on her neck, he nuzzled and whispered in her ear. “The problem in South Dakota is that the area VP is a fucking idiot. I’m gonna replace him a month.”

Not the sexiest thing a man had ever said, but she realized she wasn’t in any real trouble and she wasn’t here to talk about improving profit margins.

She relaxed and closed her eyes. His stubble agitated her neck as he ran his mouth down from her ear to her neck. When he got to her neck, he bit her more aggressively. One hand was on her shoulder the other was already rubbing her nipple through her blouse and bra. She had very sensitive nipples. And he hadn’t forgotten that. She wanted to turn around face him and give him a deep passionate kiss. It had been ages since she’d had a deep passionate kiss.

But he leaned over her in that chair she was facing away from him. Her body responded to his attention. She was squirming in her seat. He nibbled on her neck and her shoulder but the rest of her body was screaming for attention. The whole time he rubbed and teased and twisted her left nipple. Her right was ignored. It’s was tingling and begging to be touched by him.

She was wearing a flowered blouse. Nothing particularly sexy, it was gonna be a typical Tuesday when she got dressed. She had a moment of panic when realized that she didn’t even match. He pulled her blouse over her head. She saw her reflection in the window. Milky white skin and freckles. She practically glowed in the dark. The plain black bra was still struggling to hold her 40dd boobs. He always love he boobs. Most men did.

Then his hands were on them. He kissed the back of her neck, and cupped her breasts with each hand. Damn he knew how to make her skin tingle. He pulled her to her feet and turned her towards him. His mouth was on hers. He tasted like cinnamon. Cinnamon Altoids. His favorite. He slid the chair aside and pressed her against the table. She could feel that he was hard, and she moved her hand to his crotch. Through his dress pants, she stroked him.

How long had it been? Months since she’d had a man inside her. Sure she had toys, didn’t every woman? But a real man was different, warmer, sexier. With one hand he unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside. The only sound in the room was their heavy breathing. He leaned over to take her left breast in his mouth. Damn. Why not the right one? It was torture. She slowly brought her right hand up to her own breast. And toyed with it. Mmmmm. That’s better she thought.

His hand was up under her skirt now gently rubbing her wetness through her panties. The didn’t match. Again embarrassment popped through her head, but she realized he probably wouldn’t notice. And they were gonna be drenched anyway if he kept rubbing her like that.

Then his phone rang. He looked down at the number.

“Fuck, I have to take this.”

He pressed the button to answer and stood up. Still pressing her against the table. She moved him slightly backward. While he looked longingly at her, she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. In one smooth motion, she slid her skirt and panties off. Standing before him nude, except for her heels. He smiled. She stepped in and hugged him. Damn she loved the feel of her nipples on his dress shirt. Then she remembered what else she liked.

She slid to her knees and looked up at him. He looked into her eyes. She looked away long enough to untie his shoes and help him step out of them. She looked back up him and he watched her unbuckled his pants. The jingle of his belt was the only noise she made. Then she unzipped his pants.

He was so hard when she took him in her mouth. She loved to give head. And took great pride in doing it right. She stroked him with her hand while her mouth and tongue were exploring his head and shaft. He took a sharp breath and said something about ‘meeting the clients expectations’. He really could multi task!

Her mouth moved to his heavy balls and she used her hands to squeeze his thighs and his furry ass. She could feel them tightening as she sucked and stroked him. When she ran her tongue along the underside of his CCs, she could feel it throbbing. He kaçak bahis precum and her saliva were getting his dick very slick. She moved back to the head and started swallowing as much of his cock as she could take.

Then she felt it. His hand on the back of her head. He slid his fingers between her scalp and pony tail. Oh fuck she loved that feeling. He had the power and controlled her mouth now. He pulled her mouth to his hard cock, fucking her deeply. She gagged, but relaxed her throat but he was being aggressive. Her eyes were watering and her throat was dry.

Then he slowed down and pulled out of her mouth.

She heard him finish his call and set his phone down. He pulled her to her feet, then leaned her back onto the table. The cool table made her skin tighten. He was between her legs with his tongue in her.

He must have been practicing on someone because he was even better than she remembered. His tongue and thumb took turns teasing her clit. Between fast and furious licks and firm pressure already having tremors through her pussy. She came once, twice, three times. Sharp little fast ones. She was moaning and gasping for air, when he slid to fingers into her wet willing pussy. Rolling the around inside her, while his thumb and mouth tortured her clit.

When she came like this, she didn’t try to fight it. Long ago she learned to just give in and find a towel later. The wave of the orgasm was deep. And those fingers, those wonderful fingers were pumping in and out of her. She started to get wetter and wetter, then her orgasm and juices squirted out at the same time. His mouth was there and he sucked and licked every drop from her numb pussy.

Her eyes were closed and she moaned like a whore through the entire orgasm. He kept rubbing her and licking her through a few more minor orgasms. But he didn’t stop. Finally she pushed his face back.

“No more, please.” She begged. Her legs were like rubber bands. Her abs hurt. She was out of breath.

“Oh, I have missed you sweetheart. I have missed that magical pussy of yours. And those tits! I could hardly focus through the afternoon because all I could think of was you milky white tits and those spectacular nipples!”

She pulled herself up to kiss him and she could taste herself on his mouth. He kissed her deeply and longingly. After a few moments in his arms he turned her around. And bent her back over the table.

Oh shit. She knew wha was coming. She had a spot on her lower back. The second most sensitive place on her body. With the right touch, she could cum. He knew the spot, the touch and he used it to his advantage.

Once, at a business dinner, he had managed to position himself so he could run his fingers over her blouse while teasing and scratching the spot, she had an orgasm while sipping her drink in a restaurant with a hundred people around hr.

When bent her over the table. Her nipples were pressed on the cold wet tabletop. He stood behind her, still wearing a dress shirt and tie. He bent his mouth to her lower back and slid two finger back into her soaking pussy.

Oh this was a very very bad combination. When she was here, he owned her, he had complete control. She tried to breath normally but failed. She tried to moan in a whisper but failed. He had her panting and moaning after a minute of attention. Five minutes later and she was crying out his name.

She had no idea how many times she’d cum. Then his weight shifted. He moved behind her and entered her with his very hard, very erect cock. She didn’t require any more preparation. He plunged into her. Pounding her as hard as he could.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” Was all she could say. The sexual animal inside her took over. She ground back against his cock and hips. Squeezing her ass and pussy against his manhood. His balls were slapping against her clit. She could not get him in deep enough or fast enough.

He pushed in deep one last time. She felt him erupt inside of her, throbbing spurting, hot juices squirted inside her. He stayed in her until he went soft. She was drenched with sweat, her juices and his cum was leaking from her pussy, her hair was destroyed her makeup was a mess. And she never felt sexier in her life.

They tried to cleanup the table as much as possible after getting dressed. By the time they left his office they were checking calendars to see when they could have a weekend to themselves.

When they stepped into the elevator, his already had his hand on her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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