Take Me Home

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I am out at a dance club with some girlfriends. My friends and I get together once a month. I’ve danced with several men tonight but nothing serious. Unlike my friends, I’m not trolling for men tonight. I’m involved with the most wonderful man whom I love and who loves me in return. Not to mention the sex is unbelievable!

On one of my trips to the ladies’ room, I pull my cell phone from my purse and dial your number.

“Hello?” you say, sounding as though I’ve just woken you.

“Guess who?” I say seductively. “Did I wake you?”

“I fell asleep watching the game,” you answer. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” I answer. “Actually, I want to go home and none of the girls are ready to leave yet.”

“Why didn’t you drive?” you ask.

“My car’s in the shop, remember?” I answer. “You dropped me at work this morning.”

“I did?” I know that you remember taking me to work but I decide to play along with you.

Lowering my voice, I say, “Remember, you had your hand in my pants for most of the drive, fucking me hard with your fingers?” Warmth floods my belly as I recall cumming hard several times on the way to work. My panties are becoming damp as I remember wearing my panties at work, knowing they had my juices on them and how they’d gotten that way in the first place.

“Oh, that’s right,” you tell me. “Seems to me that after you came for about the third or fourth time, you reached across the seat and freed my hard cock from my pants before using that very talented mouth of yours.”

“Yes,” I say, as the memory floods my brain. I leaned over and took the head of your cock into my mouth, running my tongue up and down the length of you before consuming your entire length. I sucked and licked you as you pushed your cock deeper into my mouth, fucking my mouth until you came.

My pussy is aching. Spreading my legs, I lift my skirt and slide my hand into my panties. I start to stroke my wet pussy. I moan into the phone as I rub my swollen clit.

“Sounds like you’re all worked up,” you chuckle. “Please come and get me,” I say. “I need to be with you.” I continue to stroke myself.

“I want you to do me a favour,” bahis firmaları you say, lowering your voice.

“What?” I ask. I am so horny right now.

“Put two fingers inside your hole and fuck yourself like I do,” you say. I insert two fingers into my wet puss and begin to move them in and out. I moan softly as my fingers slide in and out, making a quiet slurping sound as they do. “Are you fucking yourself?”

“Yes,” I answer. “I wish it were you that was fucking me right now though.”

“Close your eyes,” you instruct. I do. “Now, listen to me. Imagine me right there beside you. My fingers are plunging in and out of your pussy. Pulling out completely and thrusting back in hard.” I pull my fingers out completely and plunging them back in, gasping at the sensation.

“Mmmmm,” I moan as I begin to finger myself harder and faster.

“I’ve removed my fingers and now I’m pounding your mound from behind with my rock hard cock,” you tell me. “I’ve pulled the lid of the toilet seat down and bent you forward over it. You’re holding onto the bar behind the toilet as I fuck you hard. Faster, harder while you grind your hips against me. Listen to our gasps and the sound of my tight balls against your fine ass. Stroking your clit. Rubbing it. Circling it. Pulling you against me to thrust deeper into your love box. I am merciless as I fuck you. We both know you’re going to be sore and probably a little bruised tomorrow from my vigorous assault. You beg me not to stop.”

I begin to circle my clit with my thumb as I get closer to cumming. My breath is coming in gasps now. You’re breathing heavy on your end of the phone and I know you’re stroking yourself, pretending it is my hand sliding up and down your hard length.

“Don’t stop,” I say hoarsely. “Please, don’t stop. Make me cum.”

“You beg me not to stop as I drill your mound. You stroke your clit as you get closer. I grab your breasts and squeeze them, pinching your nipples.”

“Oh God!” I cry as my orgasm begins to wash over me.

“Cum for me,” you say. I can tell you’re close to cumming too. “I want your juices all over my cock, running down your delicious kaçak iddaa thighs after I pull out.” I explode around my fingers.

“I thrust one more time, burying myself as deep as I can as I shoot my load deep into you,” you say. I hear you groan and I know that you’re cumming too. I slip my fingers out of my panties and wipe my hand on some toilet paper. “God, you make me so hot. Give me 20 minutes and I’ll come get you.” I straighten my clothes before leaving the stall.

“Thanks,” I say. I click off the phone, wash my hands and rejoin my friends. Twenty minutes later, you appear at the table. I bid my friends good night and we head out to the parking lot.

Your pick-up truck is sitting in the parking lot under a broken light. You back me against the passenger door and kiss me hard. Your hand slips beneath my skirt and find my panties are damp. I cup your through your pants and it doesn’t take long before you’re fully hard again. You break the kiss and lead me to the back of your truck. We climb onto the bed of the truck. I remove my panties as I get onto my hands and knees, raising my ass in the air.

I look over my shoulder and see you pushing your pants and briefs down. “Take me,” I tell you, wiggling my ass. You roughly grab my hips, digging your fingers into my flesh as you plunge your hard cock into me almost violently. I squeal as you begin to fuck me. You fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.

“How do you like that, you little whore?” you ask as withdraw completely.

“Fuck me harder,” I say as you rub my slit with your cock. You plunge inside again and I scream. You thrust a couple of times before withdrawing again.

“I can’t hear you, bitch,” you say, teasing my pussy with the head of your cock.

“FUCK ME HARDER,” I all but shout. You plunge into me again, removing your cock after a few short thrusts.

“I still can’t hear you, you slut,” you taunt, removing yourself again.

“GIVE ME YOUR HARD COCK!” I shout. You thrust into me and stay perfectly still. “FUCK ME!”

You begin to thrust, long teasing strokes. “FUCK ME HARDER, YOU SON OF A BITCH! POUND MY PUSSY WITH THAT HARD PRICK kaçak bahis OF YOURS!”

“Like this?” you ask as you start to thrust harder and faster.


You pull out and ram your cock deep inside me. I cry out in ecstasy as you pound my pussy. You grab my hips and pull me against you. Your balls slap against my ass. I slide a hand between my legs and stroke my clit. You grab a fistful of my hair and pull it hard. My body begins to tense and I know I’m seconds away from the most explosive orgasm I’ve ever had. I scream as I cum hard. You thrust harder and deeper one more time before tensing and filling my body with your hot cum. The silence of the night air is pierced by the sounds of our release. My body clenches around your cock, milking every last drop from you.

I collapse onto my tummy, exhausted. You collapse on top of me and kiss the back of my neck before rolling off of me. You quickly pull up your briefs and pants as we hear voices coming from the club. You put my panties in your pocket as you gently pull my skirt down. You jump out of the back of the truck. I try to stand but I’m too weak from our fucking and I’m a wee bit sore from the pounding my pussy took.

“Oh man, I hurt you,” you say, gently lifting me from the back of the truck. “I’m sorry. Why didn’t you tell me to stop?”

“Don’t apologize,” I say, touching your cheek before kissing you softly. “I’m not complaining. I didn’t want you to stop.”

You carry me to the passenger side and place me on the seat. “What can I do to make you feel better?” you ask. I can see that you’re feeling a bit guilty over what happened.

“Take me home,” I say. You close my door and walk around the truck. After climbing into the driver’s seat, you start the truck and we head home. “When we get home, you can draw me a warm bath and help me get washed.”

Once at home you do just that. After gently and lovingly washing my tender pussy, you lift me out of the tub and gently dry me off. You carry me to the bed, where you place me with such tenderness. You strip out of your clothes and join me beneath the sheets. You wrap your arms around me and pull me close. We fall asleep holding each other tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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