A Debate with Man Pig

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A conversation inside Chateaux de Ally

The situation

I am lying on an ottoman, naked but for my jewellery, the cum from a man other than my husband dripping from my recently fucked pussy. It slides down my naked thighs leaving a glistening trail in the candlelight.

Man pig shuffles into view from the shadowy recesses of the corner. He grunts and I wave my hand in acceptance that he may speak.

This is ‘Chateaux de Ally’, and my sexual urges satisfied for the moment, I indulge Man pig in conversation.

The opening debate

Man pig: Cuckoldry is wrong. A woman should be faithful to a man and adhere to her marriage vows.

Ally: And what is your basis for this profound little statement, Man pig?

Man pig: The sacred nature of marriage vows and basic respect for fellow human beings.

Ally: You are then, defining fidelity only within the oaths of marriage, and even then, only within the Christian notion of marriage. Do not other cultures embrace multiple spouses openly? Are you denying these cultures their right to their own cultural identity?

(My free hand, the one not holding the goblet of ambrosia, plays with my wet pussy.)

Man pig: Then I mean when the actions of the woman go against the cultural norms of their society and especially when they break the associated vows within their own custom.

Ally: Then a woman should be defined by the societal norms placed upon her and be accepting of these?

Man pig: Yes, that is what I am saying.

Ally: And who was it that placed these impositions on society, men or women?

Man pig: Men, I suppose.

Ally: Indeed, Men. Not women, men. Men who in the past have trapped women in abusive relationships because of the fear of the sanctimony of the wedding vow. Is this something you agree with?

Man pig: No, that is not what I am proposing. Abusive relationships are wrong, clearly. I am talking only about the marriages where there is equality and mutual respect.

Ally: I think I see, let me just check. Infidelity of a woman is now only wrong in an equal and mutual relationship, especially if backed with marriage vows where this is the societal norm. This is now the defined area around which your opening statement refers?

Man pig: Yes, that is now my proposition.

Ally: Very well, let us explore your proposition a little further, man pig. Where a man and woman have made holy matrimony and where this is the accepted norm, the woman should be faithful?

Man pig: Yes, that is correct.

Ally: Despite these societal norms being dictated by men?

Man pig: Yes, not because of their origin, but because we all live within these rules.

Ally: Ah, an interesting change to your argument, man pig! Your justification is now that the majority have the right to impose on the minority. In ancient times there was a matriarchal society in which the king was married to the Queen and after being beheaded was replaced. This was accepted as the norm by the majority. Was this then right, and why then does it not continue?

Man pig: Cultures rise and decline. It may have been right in barbaric times, but cultures overthrow one another and develop. (Man güvenilir bahis pig scratches his arse)

Ally: We finally agree upon something, man pig. I agree cultures change and develop. I believe, broadly speaking there are two main categories for such a development: Evolution and revolution.

Man pig: Fine.

Ally: I will come back to that point on which we agree.

Man pig: Fine.

Would you define yourself as living within a society?

Man pig: Yes.

Ally: Then logically, your views are to an extent shaped by the society that you extol.

Man pig: Of course, and that is why I uphold them.

Ally: Then you accept a level of subjectivity or influence on your stated views. Your attitudes and customs may have been different if you were brought up in a different culture?

Man pig: Maybe, but I wasn’t, so your argument is irrelevant. We are talking about our culture.

Ally: Very well. My pussy requires attention from someone other than my husband. Retire and I will call you once satiated.

Man pig: Slut!

A pleasurable interlude

(Man pig withdraws from the chamber and I have a man kneel before my cum ridden thigh. “Lick!” I tell him and gently stroke his hair as he laps the cum from my flesh. His tongue is attentive and devoted as his nose nuzzles nearer to my pubis. I gently part my legs to allow his attention to be devoted to my pussy. As I become more aroused I grab his hair and face fuck him, grinding my pussy into his face until I climax on his gasping, gagging face. I release my hold. “Withdraw and bring man pig back!”)

The second debate

Ally: Slut, you say!

Man pig: Yes, because you are unfaithful to your husband.

Ally: Ah, you are a spokesperson for your societal norms then?

Man pig: If you like, Yes. I believe in them.

Ally: And that is your right, as it is mine not too!

Man pig: That is untrue. If you accept citizenship, you must accept the rules that go with this. You cannot pick and choose.

Ally: Well, it seems I can, but will be considered a ‘slut’ if I do!

Man pig: Yes, that is correct and deserved.

Ally: Then my choice is to kowtow to laws made by men, be subjugated in a patriarchal society, or be denigrated as a slut!

Man pig: If you like, but your choice of expression seems a feminist bias.

Ally: Consider: Sarah Palin: Where she has had influence society has improved!

Man pig: What the fuck!! Are you fucking joking! She’s a fucking fruitcake!!

Ally: Yes man pig; I am joking, but back to what we were discussing: Do my views seem a feminist bias? Consider: Laws made by men will be written to suit men. Otherwise why would they write them?

Man pig: Laws are written for the benefit of all society, not just men, but women too.

Ally: But you agree, on the whole, laws throughout human kinds’ history have been written by men?

Man pig: Yes, for the benefit of all!

Ally: And as a man, you presumably feel you have some understanding of fellow men, being caste of the same gender, I mean?

Man pig: Yes and of women too!

Ally: Hahahahahahaha… hahahahhahahahahaa… hahahahahaha! Do not türkçe bahis speak of what you nothing about, man pig!

Man pig: Are you suggesting women are that different from men, then? (exacerbated expression)

Ally: Now we are getting somewhere! You have just grasped the concept the law makers of our society have withheld or forgotten. Just perhaps, man pig, women are divine, goddesses, each of us embracing and holding within us the eternal triple Goddess. Do you feel the White Goddess within you, man pig?

Man pig: No.

Ally: I do. Does that make us different?

Man pig: It makes you delusional in my opinion.

Ally: Let me understand, man pig. Your extolling of social boundaries you did not even create but have been influenced by is fine, partly because you are expressing a majority view and partly because you believe them?

Man pig: Yes

Ally: But my having directly experienced the White Goddess within me is wrong, presumably because it doesn’t agree with your outlook on life.

Man pig: Provide me with proof and I will consider it.

Ally: Provide me with proof that your societal beliefs are right above all others. You cannot!

Man pig: Then we have reached a stalemate.

Ally: For now. We will continue shortly. I need fucking by a well-endowed hunk, again not my husband. Withdraw

Man pig: Slut (Belches and leaves)

Another pleasurable interlude

(Man pig withdraws and I summon a young man in his physical prime, well hung, muscular and powerful. This may come as a surprise to the overweight, unfit male population, but women do prefer men who are in shape with a cock above 5 ½ inches. I lie back and allow him the honour of pleasuring me. He takes me with his giant cock. I feel fucked, I feel stretched, I feel filled to the hilt, impaled, and it is wonderful. He cums inside me and thanks me for the privilege. Man pig is called back.)

The third debate

Ally: A slut, you say?

Man pig: Yes!

Ally: A Goddess, I say!

Man pig: Pphhh!!

Ally: Consider man pig, original societies were matriarchal in design. You may quit your internal dialogue, this is fact! With the patriarchal overthrow man was frightened of being overthrown and has spent centuries subjugating women with oppressive laws and societal norms…

Man pig: I disagree…”

Ally: Quiet, man pig! Let me finish! Your subjugation of woman kind has been to such an extent that many women now are no longer even aware of the true Goddess inside them. Look at where your society has taken us: Obesity, laziness, lapse morality. The average person is a disgrace compared to such ancient cultures as Hellenistic Greece. Perhaps, little man pig, men have not overseen our culture quite so well as they might have. Absent gardener syndrome perhaps? The blind leading the blind? The pig leading the pig!

Consider the myths of a golden age, an age not decrepit with your puny laws and defunct societal norms. It is only a proposition, but it seems to me that in the golden age when women were worshipped it was because we were all aware of the Goddess within; Women of their eternal beauty, and men of their need to serve such a beauty. I güvenilir bahis siteleri KNOW I have such eternity within me, I have touched it and it demands worship! How can a Goddess exist within the narrow confines of a dysfunctional patriarchal society? She cannot.

Man pig: This talk is nonsense! (Confused expression)

Ally: Your proof?

Man pig: I…I have none…but neither do you!

Ally: A Goddess is eternal, man pig. Concepts such as fidelity, time and space mean nothing when we touch the Goddess within. All is a plaything and a moment lost in eternity. Do you wonder then, if a woman is part Goddess that she finds fidelity laughable and irrelevant?

Yes; male fidelity is right. The honour of worshiping a Goddess should involve your whole being! The sensuality and sexuality of all women is eternal! It demands the worship of men. How then, can a woman, a Goddess be faithful? Her very sexuality is a mountain as a man’s is a grain of sand!

To be clear man pig, I am not talking about tawdry affairs, feeble fumblings at a little temptation. In these I agree, they are pathetic and part of the corrupt state of living in a patriarchal society. Even so, women should not be denigrated for simply trying to find their way, for making mistakes. But I digress, I am talking about the woman aware of her being, of her inner Goddess. These women know the power they hold, their supreme sexuality and as such have every right to behave as they see fit and certainly not at the behest of men and their puny impositions.

Man pig: Bollocks, cunt! You’re talking shit! (Farts)

Ally: Consider: If a man wants a Goddess for a wife, he should treat her like one!

Man pig: That’s just a distortion of my original premise of respect and equality. You’re full of shit, Ally!

Ally: Consider: Evolution or revolution. Women will not always tolerate these inept social standards dictated by piggy men. Women deserve worship by their very being, this has been forgotten for too long. I simply express what you are blind to because of your societal brain washing.

Man pig: Bullshit! That’s not equality! That’s bollocks!

Ally: Who is speaking of equality, man pig? I am talking about the true nature of things; women’s supremacy over men.

Man pig: Yeah, right! Then show me this fucking Goddess then, twat!

Ally: It is always right before you, in every choice you make. You are blinded by your own culture and your own piggy nature. I cannot make you see what you are blind too. By bowing down to female supremacy you place yourself in the true order of things. By obstinately clinging to your moralistic and societal dictates you simply deny the true nature of things.

Man pig: Fuck off! Bollocks. This is just pretentious bullshit, whore!

Ally: Very well, man pig. I have nothing further to say. A predictable ending I’m afraid. Leave me to fuck!

(Man pig withdraws and I call in the three men who will worship their Goddess as is the true nature of things.)

As man pig scuttles away I repeat after him:

“The eternal Goddess is always right before you, in every choice you make. You are blinded by your own culture and your own piggy nature.

By bowing down to female supremacy you place yourself in the true order of things.

I tell you again man pig: If you want a Goddess for a wife, worship her!”

Man pig: Mad fucking cow! (tries to lick his own genitals)

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