A Cuckold’s Ordeal

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He didn’t want to look.

But he had to look.

It turned his stomach to look. But Jeff had to look. Why ‘had’? For several reasons. His Domme Miss Sophia ordered him to look. His wife Rebecca ordered him to look. So he had to obey. But also, he had to look in the same sick, twisted way that people look at car wrecks and other disasters, both hoping to see something horrible, and yet praying that they won’t.

There was his wife, down on her knees, mouth firmly pressed against the Domme’s naked pussy, eating it like a greedy little whore. His wife was making muffled sounds into that pussy as she ate it – moans, grunts, shrieks. These were caused by the rough fucking she was receiving by the stranger. The stranger was leering over his shoulder, looking right into his face, saying, “Your wife is a great fuck! Her cunt feels like warm honey on my dick. I can feel her clenching down on my cock, reveling in the screwing she’s getting from me. I bet you haven’t buried your miserable excuse for a penis in this fantastic cunt for ages, have you?”

His mouth went dry. It was true. His cock hadn’t touched his wife’s cunt since the day that damnable Sophia fully took control of their lives. Sophia, with her imperious mannerisms, and her luscious figure, and that mesmerizing accent. Rebecca had met her at a yoga class, where all the curves of both of their bodies were virtually on display. After class, they went out for tea.

“You’re such a bright, charming young woman,” Sophia remarked as they sat together.

Rebecca practically wiggled in her seat with delight. “So kind of you to say that, Sophia,” she replied. “That means a lot coming from someone so sophisticated and worldly as yourself. You’re so impressive. I wish I could be more like you.”

That was the start. Sophia – Mistress Sophia – got her mental hooks into Rebecca’s mind with such talks, and she was lost to Jeff from that moment.

Rebecca thought constantly about Sophia, dreaming about her, fascinated by her, wanting to please her. Jeff heard so much about this woman, such glowing descriptions, that he felt he had to meet her, also. Rebecca arranged for the three of them to meet at a cafe. When Sophia came through the door, Jeff immediately knew this had to be the woman his wife was raving about. Her body language spoke of tremendous self-confidence as she approached their table. Jeff almost stumbled, getting to his feet to grip her pro-offered hand.

Some perfume – or was it a pheromone – wafted into his nostrils as she stepped into his personal space in the manner of many Europeans, with her breasts almost touching his chest. Her eyes were large and luminous. Her accent made his knees go weak. He did his best to be suave and charming, hoping to impress this magnificent woman. “Rebecca has told me so much about you, but I see now that her glowing praises fell far short of the reality,” Jeff gushed.

“Why, how charming of you to say so,” Sophia responded. Looking at Rebecca, she said with a smile, “You neglected to tell me what a hunky stud your husband was.” Jeff almost preened as he heard this.

The meeting went well, ending with Sophia holding Jeff’s hand in what felt like an intimate manner, stating, “We must get together often.” Jeff didn’t know that Miss Sophia had already converted Rebecca into her submissive. Just as gradually, with further encounters, Miss Sophia wove her web of fascination around him as well, molding him also into that same state of submission.

He was taken by her beauty, her mystique. She seemed to be vaguely offering some future pleasures, if he was a ‘good boy’ and did what he was told. He eagerly obeyed, hoping that one day she’d invite him into her bed, and let him get to know her body intimately. She went so far as to let him worship her feet. Oh those feet! So soft, scented with her delicate scent. He loved getting his lips and mouth on them, kissing them, licking and sucking her toes. He imagined that one day his mouth would be on her cunt, as well. She let him imagine it, knowing it would solidify his servitude.

Unbeknownst to him, Miss Sophia was already laying down rules for Rebecca to follow. Such as telling Rebecca, “I no longer want your husband fucking your cunt, my girl. After all,” she continued, “this pussy belongs to me now, and I get to decide who uses it.”

Since Miss Sophia actually had her fist inside Rebecca’s cunt at that moment, causing a series of explosive orgasms to erupt from her core, Rebecca heartily agreed, gasping, “Yes. Yes!”

But when her breathing returned to near normal, Rebecca asked, “How can I stop him, Miss Sophia? He wants sex a lot more often since he met you.”

Miss Sophia grinned, understanding and pleased that Jeff was extra aroused since he’d met her, and gave Rebecca detailed instructions.

Following Miss Sophia’s plan, Rebecca weaned Jeff gradually, using blow jobs and hand jobs to make him cum, rather than letting him penetrate her. She did the blow bahis firmaları jobs with what seemed to be such passion that he came hard in her mouth, and then went limp, so they didn’t have vaginal sex, and he thought little more about it, drifting off to sleep.

Somehow, it seemed natural to invite Sophia to move in with them. Rebecca broached the subject one day, saying, “The lease on her apartment will be up soon, and we both want to be with her as much as possible, don’t we?”

Jeff was wonder struck. That gorgeous, vibrant woman actually living with them? Surely this would lead to a heightened possibility, maybe a likelihood, that he’d actually have sex with Sophia. Maybe even a threesome with her and Rebecca. But he had to play it cool and not appear too eager. “Well, if you think that will help out our friend,” he told Rebecca. “I suppose we could try it. At least for a while.” He sounded nonchalant, but inwardly he was jumping up and down with joy.

Sophia started out living in the guest room, but subtly gave hints and indications of that room’s inadequacies. After a while, Miss Sophia was ensconced in the master bedroom. The guest room’s bed was too small for both Jeff and Rebecca, so it only made sense for the two women to share the master bedroom together. Such was the mesmerizing effect this dominant female had on husband and wife.

And so Rebecca ended up in Sophia’s bed, and Jeff slept alone. But he was still curiously pleased with the arrangement. After all, both women usually emerged from their bedroom wearing only dressing gowns at breakfast time. Gowns that clung to their forms at times, and fell open at other times, giving him glimpses of Miss Sophia’s breasts, and sometimes even her pussy. Whenever she noticed him staring, she didn’t immediately cover up – she usually subtly enhanced the view, letting him gaze longingly. She was like a drug, and he was an addict.

Before long, Miss Sophia started taking a more active part in the couple’s sex life. One day, out of the blue, she told Rebecca, “Jeff looks very stressed. Give him a blow job. That usually calms men down and relaxes them, I’ve found.” She didn’t offer to leave the room, and Jeff made no protest about her watching. After all, he wanted her to see his cock, thinking it might give her ideas of wanting it for herself.

With further encouragements, Miss Sophia observed Rebecca giving Jeff more blow jobs and hand jobs. Jeff especially liked getting a hand job while Miss Sophia watched, since he was pleased to display the amount of ejaculate that Rebecca pumped from his dick.

Now Miss Sophia began training Jeff to consume his semen, an act that he found to be very disagreeable. She had Rebecca give him a hand job, and catch his ejaculate in her hand and then feed it to him. Aware that Miss Sophia was observing carefully, and wanting to please her, he choked it down, making a face of disgust. But so powerful was Miss Sophia’s hold on him that gradually he got used to the taste. And because he was being obedient, ultimately Miss Sophia herself handled his cock, milking him into a glass. He almost had a heart attack from the excitement of having Miss Sophia finally touch his manhood. He and Rebecca shared the contents of the glass, draining it and licking it clean of semen.

Jeff got to see much more of Miss Sophia’s body, when Miss Sophia and Rebecca had sex in front of his eyes. He got to see them kissing, fully naked. He watched as they caressed each other, using hands and mouths. He masturbated to the sight of the two gorgeous women scissoring together – rubbing their cunts against one another – giving each other glorious orgasms. At first, only Rebecca cleaned Miss Sophia’s pussy after their orgasms, while Jeff cleaned Rebecca’s cunt, getting a secondhand taste of Miss Sophia’s juices. But because he remained good and obedient, Miss Sophia finally let him use his tongue to clean her sexual region. He was in ecstasy!

When Miss Sophia began bringing men home to have sex with, Jeff and Rebecca watched with rapt attention. They had to be naked as they watched, kneeling, with their hands on their thighs, not having permission to stimulate themselves as they silently observed. But even without such stimulation, Jeff’s cock was dripping precum by the time the stranger ejaculated into Miss Sophia, and Rebecca was kneeling on a wet spot caused by her leaking. Jeff burned with jealousy, seeing other men pleasure Miss Sophia, but was too submissive to act upon these feelings. Also, the fact that the other men’s cocks always seemed much larger than his fed his feelings of inadequacy. Those feelings eroded his feelings of self-worth, and strengthened his submission to Miss Sophia, which was all part of her plan.

After the stranger left, Rebecca was called upon to suck his cum out of Miss Sophia’s cunt, which she did eagerly. Jeff was appalled to see his wife perform that service, to be honest. He could even taste that foreign semen when Rebecca was ordered kaçak iddaa to kiss him after she finished making Miss Sophia clean. He didn’t mind his own semen by this point, but this other guy’s cum tasted and smelled different enough to put him off. Those kisses were bittersweet, both physically and emotionally. His feeling of lowliness was becoming second nature to him.

There were other men after that, of course. Each time, Jeff trembled as he saw how self-assured these men acted, fucking his wonderful Mistress with such abandon. He knew he could never act with such bravado, now. And several ‘sessions’ later, Miss Sophia spread her thighs open, displaying her cum splattered pussy and commanded, “Jeff. Your turn. Clean up all this cum.”

He shuddered, aghast and squeamish. But it was Miss Sophia’s cunt, and she was giving him permission to bring his mouth to that almost sacred flesh. Feeling a mixture of queasiness and elation, he scuttled between her knees, and with only the slightest hesitation, bent to his task. Through the miasma of the male semen right under his nose, he caught the briefest whiff of Miss Sophia’s magical scent. Gathering his courage, heart pounding so hard it was like thunder in his ears, his lips descended into the slime and he began sucking and swallowing.

In the beginning he could only taste what he thought of as ‘vile’ semen. But gradually, he began to taste more and more of what had to be Miss Sophia’s cum and pussy juices. His mind blurred, heady and intoxicated by her taste. He cleaned and drank, cleaned and drank. When she was satisfied with the results, Miss Sophia actually petted him on his head, praising him with, “Good boy!” He almost wagged his nonexistent tail when he heard that.

Soon thereafter, Miss Sophia decided it was time to start caging Jeff’s cock. He wasn’t sure he liked this idea, but Miss Sophia took it out regularly to massage and milk his prostate, and sometimes milk him to orgasm with a hand job. Not Rebecca, mind you, Miss Sophia did this, so Jeff came to love the idea. Miss Sophia owned his cock now and completely controlled his sexuality. Jeff spent his time in the house naked, doing chores, his limp cock drooping on display in its stainless steel cage.

There came a time when Miss Sophia decided that Rebecca would service a stranger that Miss Sophia had brought home. Jeff really wanted to protest this strongly. After all, no cock had ever been in his wife’s cunt but his. But Miss Sophia informed Jeff, “While your wife is being fucked, it’ll be your job to lick, suck and finger my pussy, doing everything you can to make me cum, and drinking my juices.” Jeff licked his lips and swallowed his protests. He wanted to perform cunnilingus on this seductive woman, and have the thrilling new pleasure of fingering her, more than anything. Even more than his wife’s ‘virginity’ with other men’s cocks.

He never even saw his wife servicing the man. His only view was pussy – Miss Sophia’s magnificent pussy. True, he could hear his wife’s cries of arousal and eventually encouragement. He could hear the slapping of flesh as his wife coupled vigorously with the stranger. He ignored most of this, greedily feeding at Miss Sophia’s fragrant cunt, and fingering her intimate recesses as if nothing else in the world existed. However, when the coupling was done, and the man had left, he had to suck the semen from Rebecca’s cunt! Jeff was now officially a cuckold.

The next time this occurred, to his dismay, Jeff had to suck semen from Rebecca’s ass. That hole had been used. It was a good thing Miss Sophia insisted on daily enemas for both of her submissives. The visitor must have been very well endowed, because Rebecca screamed loudly as the man used her. At first, in pain as her ass hole was stretched so prodigiously. And later in joy as orgasm after orgasm shook her body. She actually came from anal sex, something Jeff would never have believed, since she’d always denied him that opening back in the days when they’d had sex.

These were the mental reflections that ran through Jeff’s mind, summarizing how this day and situation came to be. Now he knelt, naked and a little cold, and watched, not taking any part in the fun and games. Seeing his wife’s face shoved over and over against Miss Sophia’s cunt by the heavy thrusts of the stranger that had jeered and taunted him. He was so miserable that his caged little cock stayed shriveled, not engorging in the least, Especially when he looked at the two other men stroking their overly endowed cocks, waiting their turns with his wife. As the first man finished shooting his spunk into Rebecca’s cunt, he pulled out his dick, covered with slime and goo, and wiped it off in Jeff’s hair, to the amusement of all. When Miss Sophia laughed at this point, Jeff felt liked she’d slapped his face, hard. The feeling of angst that this generated was almost delicious, feeding his now submissive needs.

The second one pulled Rebecca away from Miss Sophia’s cunt, flipping kaçak bahis her over, and tit fucked her before using her pussy. Jeff watched his wife smiling as she wrapped her tits around the man’s dick, spitting on it to lubricate it. He watched her spread herself open obscenely, begging the man to fuck her. He watched and listened as they rutted together like animals. After cumming in Rebecca’s cunt, this guy came over to Jeff and pinched his nose, forcing him to open his mouth to breathe. The moment Jeff’s mouth was open, it was filled with the cum-smeared cock. “Clean that cock off,” Miss Sophia commanded. Jeff sucked and licked his first penis, and feared it wouldn’t be the last he’d ever suck. This semen actually tasted pretty good, surprising Jeff. Without thinking, he brought his hands to the man’s waist and began bobbing his head forward and back, sucking the delectable fluid. He heard Miss Sophia remark, “Looks like I’ll have to arrange for my little sissy there to get mouth fucked sometime.” Jeff, flushed red down to his neck, hearing the people in the room chuckling, but felt his heart flutter in pleasurable anticipation.

The third man shoved Rebecca’s face back into Miss Sophia’s cunt, raised her hips, and used her ass, but he didn’t cum in her back door opening. After several minutes of fucking Rebecca’s ass, he grabbed her by her waist and lifted her bodily up off the bed and away from Miss Sophia. Miss Sophia beckoned Jeff with an imperious finger to take Rebecca’s place mouthing her cunt. He scrambled over eagerly, glad to finally be included. He didn’t realize that by taking Rebecca’s place at Miss Sophia’s cunt, he was also taking her place for the anal sex, too. Miss Sophia was holding Jeff’s head against her cunt, and Rebecca, obeying a whispered command, grabbed and spread Jeff’s ass cheeks wide apart. So Jeff’s scream was muffled as he reacted to what felt like a red hot poker skewering into his bowels. The third man had pulled out of Rebecca, and was fucking Jeff’s ass instead!

Jeff bucked and blubbered, but Miss Sophia, his wife, and the man held him firmly as he received his first bout of anal sex. Luckily, the cock wasn’t as enormous as those of the other two men, and it was well lubed with spittle. But Jeff was mortified, hearing the other two men making comments like, “Look at that wimp. He’s acting like it’s the first time he’s ever been buggered. Fuck him good!” Jeff had started all these adventures, hoping one day to fuck Miss Sophia. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he’d end up being the recipient of fucking!

Miss Sophia handed the key to Jeff’s cock cage to Rebecca, and she freed his cock and started pumping it. The stranger’s cock was prodding Jeff’s prostate gland, and his body reacted as if Miss Sophia was milking him. The clear, syrupy fluid began oozing from the head of his cock, and to his dismay, his cock began stiffening. Dismay, because he heard a male voice saying, “Oh look! The little wimp is getting excited now. His pee-pee is growing. I guess he loves getting his ass fucked, after all.”

The horror of it was – he was enjoying it! Miss Sophia pulled his head up from out of her cunt and said, “Tell the nice man how much you love being ass fucked. Beg him to do it harder!”

With a face smeared with Miss Sophia’s cunt juice, and ears flamed red with humiliation, Jeff stammered, “I… I… I love having your cock in my ass! Please fuck me harder! Please!”

Miss Sophia smiled, stroking his chin, and said, “You forgot to beg him to cum in your ass, slut boy.”

Jeff heard the words ‘cum’, ‘ass’, and ‘slut’ and something triggered deep in his core. Rebecca was still pumping his cock and she cried out, “Wow!” Her exclamation occurred because Jeff’s cock was suddenly spewing his cum in a series of long squirts. She caught those jets of fluid in a glass she was holding.

At the same time, Jeff’s bowels were contracting more firmly on the man’s cock as it slid in and out of Jeff’s rectum. During his orgasm, Jeff screamed, “Please cum in my ass! Please, please please!” Moments later, that cock jerked and unloaded what felt like a massive quantity of semen, flooding his rectum. He stopped breathing, his whole being concentrating on that strange, but exquisite sensation.

To finalize Jeff’s abject humiliation, he had to drink two glasses of cum while everyone watched. The first glass was his own spunk. As he drank that, he was squatting over another glass which was catching the semen oozing and plopping out of Jeff’s anus. Everyone jeered and laughed as he downed the ‘ass cum’ from that second glass, and his limp cock was caged once again. He wallowed in all this humiliation – it was becoming another drug that he desired with the core of his being.

He never got to fuck Miss Sophia. He no longer was permitted to fuck his wife. He was a source of derision. He had to watch the women he loved being used by other men. He himself had to service other men both anally and orally. He was completely, fully, and absolutely a submissive little sissy of a cuckold now. He hated that he was, and he hated that in his heart of hearts he needed, craved, and absolutely had to be one. Miss Sophia had trained him well.

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