What Michael Knows Ch. 04

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As it turned out, Stephanie Ball was interrupted by a storm. That brought her husband in from mowing before she could get to the next part in her story. Michael didn’t hide his frustration, eventually retiring to his room in a huff. Her youngest son wanted to know how her affair started. To this point, he knew Stephanie was sent a sex story that starred her and was written by Jacob. Michael was also aware that Stephanie had played with herself after reading the story, accidentally waking her husband who helped her orgasm while she was picturing her oldest son.

But he wanted more and a few texts from his room made that clear.

“you should finish your story”


“give me more info now”

Stephanie rolled her eyes and went about her usual everyday activities. She fed Bella, made dinner, and fed everyone else in the family with her “award-winning” meatloaf. That award came from her husband, but she wasn’t complaining.

Later, while cleaning the dishes and listening to one of her favorite true crime podcasts, Michael was suddenly beside her, startling his mother. Taking out the earbuds, she exclaimed, “Good gracious, you scared the bejessus outta me!”

“I want more,” he said in a low tone. Something told the mother that he hadn’t changed his mind on wanting a second helping of meatloaf.

With her ears free of the podcast, she could hear her husband watching baseball in the living room. Her daughter, Lyssa, was likely in her room.

“More what, darling?” She asked. She wondered why she was playing with Michael, but a part of her quite liked it. While she would love for it not to be the truth, Stephanie found herself moving away from the anger and disgust she originally had for Michael after he told her he wanted to be a “motherfucker” like his brother and now was enthralled with the flirtation. She also had to admit that her attraction toward her younger son was growing daily.

His frustration boiled over. “You know exactly what I want, dammit.” His arm moved around her waist, pulling her closer. While she enjoyed playing with his need for more, the handsy stuff made her feel a little uneasy about being caught. She tried not to think that her primary worry wasn’t that her son was doing this stuff to her and her concern was solely related to being caught. “Maybe if I got a bit louder when I ask, it would hurry this process up.”

Stephanie turned to look at her youngest son. She gave him her patented “Mom eye” to let him know she was not playing. “Michael, I will tell you the perverted details you wish to know. But only when we have time, not when you decide you need to get your rocks off.”

Yep, she thought. That gone that little grin going for her him.

Michael looked at the living room where Nathan was engrossed in the Braves’ game. Turning back, he leaned forward and with his hot breath sliding over her skin, said, “It better happen soon.” Then, as if he was on a dare, he pushed forward quickly, capturing his Mother’s lips with his own. She was used to giving her son little pecks on the cheek, though with much less frequency as he aged and didn’t want his mother kissing him. But this…this was not a peck.

She tried to not make any noises beyond the surprised squeal she made when he first moved forward – afraid of attracting any attention. He had pushed her against a corner on the kitchen counter and with his hands on both sides, she felt trapped. His mouth parted and his tongue pushed against her lips, but she kept them closed. But it wasn’t because she didn’t want to partake. In fact, she felt it was odd that she wasn’t worried or scared. She was more annoyed by his brazen attitude than anything.

Pulling away, Michael smiled at her and said good night. The mother narrowed her brow at him as he moved away. When he turned, she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants.


For a few more days, Michael continued to sneak kisses when he had the chance. The two were nearly caught the day Lyssa came down the steps quickly on her way out to work, but were able to move away just in time. The mother was relieved that Lyssa didn’t linger and start to wonder why both Stephanie and her son’s faces were flushed or Michael was obviously hard.

She had to admit – even if she tried so hard not to – that she enjoyed the attention of another young man wanting to do naughty things to her. Michael was so different from Jacob. Even after their first time as lovers, Jacob was very hesitant to make moves on her or cop a feel when no one was looking. Much later, he opened up a little, but even when Jacob got a bit handsy or bold, he remained cautiously cognitive of the chances they would get caught. Michael just went for it, which was reckless but also exciting.

And his confidence that his mother was into him just as much was driving him to be even bolder. Stephanie cursed the way her body was reacting. She also cursed the fact bahis firmaları that as uneasy as he made her feel when he moved on her for a kiss or to grope her, it also made her so horny. Her sex life with Nathan was picking up as a result. And she couldn’t deny that her fantasies were becoming more Michael-centric every day.

Michael was the process of groping her as he kissed her neck while she tended to laundry on a Thursday morning. To this point, he focused his attention on her ass and never moved underneath whatever she was wearing while groping her. She had shivered on a few occasions as his hands on her sides seemed to move up and she waited for them to find their way to her swollen breasts, but he didn’t make the move. Not for lack of confidence, she felt. Because he was testing her. It worried her how fast he was moving. She also knew – as he did – that she was no longer telling him no.

“I was thinking,” she said quietly. Lyssa was asleep upstairs and Nathan had already gone to work. “Perhaps I’d come to your game later in Beckersvile.”

It wasn’t that unusual for her to catch one of Michael’s baseball games, though this season, because of Bella, she hadn’t been to one of his road games yet. Before the baby, at least two or three times a year, she’d head out around noon to wherever Michael was playing and get some shopping in at places she couldn’t visit at home before Michael’s game. It was a nice “me-time” exercise for her.

But with Bella, that was too much. However, she had already cleared it with Nathan and pumped extra milk for her little bundle of joy. Nathan would get off work early and take care of the tyke and give his wife a much-needed break from life.

“Why do you want to drive all the way to Peckersville?”

She elbowed him slightly before adding, “So maybe I could drive you back. Perhaps we could talk.”

Stephanie swore she could almost feel him smile. “That sounds like a great idea.”

He gave her neck one final kiss before making her whole body involuntarily shake as he moved up to lick her ear and tell her he’d see her later. And then he was off.

Stephanie considered the fire she was so dangerously playing with and wondered where her resolve had retreated to. Michael’s moves on her since informing her of what he knew about her affair with Jacob had started with little-to-no receptiveness on her end. When he tried to grab at her before, she proactively pulled away. When his eyes lingered on her body, she admonished him firmly. But now, she was enjoying the attention too much.

She tried to reason that the guilt she felt was misplaced. In a weird way, she felt more guilty about “cheating” on Jacob than she did her own husband. In another way, she had to admit that this was fun. Another young, handsome boy was attracted to her. Wanted her. Desired her. Would do anything to fuck her.

So what if it was also her son? That clearly didn’t stop her before.


Stephanie took stock in the image that she saw. The clock in the corner of her eye said 12:41. Nathan would be getting off work shortly. He couldn’t find her like this. He’d wonder what prompted her to give her pussy a fresh shave. He’d question why that pair of bra and panties were on the bed. They were from the “super-sexy” collection as he called it. She wore them only for date night, something they hadn’t had since the baby. Well, at least those were the only times he saw them. Jacob, too, got to see them many times either in person or in pictures. Jacob had never lived with a woman that was openly his lover so he thought the sexy stuff was pretty commonplace. But for Nathan, a veteran, it was ultra-special in his eyes.

“When you’re married as long as we have been,” he said to her one time while watching her put a pair of similar bra and panties on. “When you see your wife dig into the Super-Sexy Collection, you know if you just don’t screw up, it’s going to be a good evening.”

But she wasn’t going to slide them on for a date with her husband. She was going to go shopping, maybe walk through the nice park they had in Beckersville, and see her youngest son play high school baseball. If Nathan saw her putting that on, he’d wonder. And what could she say? That she wanted to feel sexy while watching her son play baseball before coming home to fuck her husband? What kind of backwards logic would that be?

No, she needed to get a move on and get dressed. She did snap a few pics for Jacob, sending them to her son.

Checking the clock again, she didn’t give into the temptation to touch herself. Much like the first time she realized just how much Jacob wanted her – via a story he had wrote – images kept popping into her brain and turning her on. Not of Jacob so much, though it still happened. But of Michael.

Michael again trapping her in that same corner where two sides of the kitchen counter met like he did a few nights ago. But this time, he wouldn’t only be kissing her. His pants would kaçak iddaa be at his ankles, her legs wrapped around him, while his cock was slamming into her. And just to add to the nastiness, there was Nathan watching baseball in the other room. He didn’t see them. But he had to hear it. Right?

Another time, Michael confidently strolled into their bedroom as his parents slept and she woke up with him on top of her, pushing his hard dick deep inside her waiting cunt. Again, her husband was there. Again, he seemed to not hear their tryst. Or feel the bed shake. But how?

But the fantasy she let herself dive into most recently was the one she had to avoid at all costs because if she again allowed herself the pleasure of thinking about it too much, she couldn’t stop the fantasy. Like a snowball, it would just keep rolling down that hill and get bigger and bigger. There she was sitting on the couch. Lyssa was curled up on the floor. Her husband was in the recliner. Both of her sons were seated next to her and vying for her attention. Michael would rub her thigh while Jacob kissed her hand. Things continued to progress from there with Michael’s hand curving between her legs, rubbing at her pussy while Jacob grabbed at her breast under her shirt and made out with her.

All the while, her daughter and husband remained thoroughly focused on whatever movie was on the television. Even as she pushed her sons off of her, took each of their cocks out, and stroked them. No response from the other people in the room. Still no response as she fell to the floor and they stood above her. As she took turns sucking one delicious dick and the next, nothing from the other half of the room. Nor when Jacob laid back on the couch, his mother sucking on his balls, while his younger brother fucked her.

Back in real life, Stephanie shivered and tweaked her nipple, forgetting for a moment that milk could – and did – expel as a result. She wanted to masturbate, but needed to get ready, so she pulled on her lingerie. Making sure she placed some breast pads just right in her bra, Stephanie made it back down to the living room just before her husband arrived. She was dressed appropriately, though she knew just how well the jeans shaped her ass. She wore a short-sleeve top with a generous v-neck, but also had a button-up cardigan for the cooler early spring weather. The cleavage was for the ride home, she thought nastily to herself.

After a few minutes with her husband, she was off. Beckersville was one of the longest trips of the season for her son’s team – a good 90-minute or more drive. Predictably, she chose this road game to have the discussion she had been preparing for because it gave her more time.

She was nervous, though she tried quite hard not to be. She was releasing her biggest secret – the one she was petrified of anyone knowing. Not only that, but to her son of all people. She reasoned with herself that he already had the basic facts of the story. He only wanted the details. The big reveal wasn’t much to fear. Yet, she couldn’t shake the feeling of trepidation.

After spending a few hours shopping at local boutiques and exploring Beckersville, she parked her car near the high school ball-field. On a lark, as she exited the car, she removed the cardigan. It was a cool spring day, one of the warmest of the year so far. Still, the cardigan was the more sensible choice considering the weather and the atmosphere. Yet, for reasons she neither wanted to explore or could explain, she not only took off the garment, but left it in the car. Surely, the weather would cool further as the sun set.

Of course, she knew the main reason. She looked hotter in the white blouse with the neckline that dipped low to flash some of the top of her breasts. The cardigan was Mom Wear. The blouse was more of Date Wear. The kind of thing you wear when you want someone’s undivided attention.

She caught herself smirking as she took her seat. Michael noticed her almost immediately. He was taking some grounders at shortstop with a couple of other teammates. The sight of his mother made him bobble an easy ground ball before recovering and throwing to first.

Is she fucking with me or is she into me? he thought to himself as he got back into position.

After warm-ups, Michael was hitting leadoff and playing shortstop. As he strolled to the plate to open the game, his mom wildly cheered. Part of him felt embarrassed – the kind of awkwardness one feels when their parent is making a bit too much noise. Another part of him had to admit that it felt good to have the hottest MILF in the world passing on encouragements.

Michael tried to focus on the matter at hand, but the right-hand hitter could see the white of his mom’s blouse out of the corner of his eye as she sat in the stands. He cursed giving up switch-hitting in middle school at that moment. He knew the pitcher on the mound – Casey Wilson. Like Michael, Casey was a senior and the two had played kaçak bahis against one another for years. Casey had a partial scholarship awaiting him to continue pitching in college and there was some talk that he might get drafted in June.

To put it mildly, Michael already had a lot to think about without considering his mother’s bouncing breasts as she clapped and told him to hit a homer.

He was late on the first pitch, a fastball that caught the edge of the plate. Taking a deep breath, Michael settled in for another pitch and again, saw the heater. Swinging furiously, he barely nipped the pitch and it was fouled to the backstop. Backing out of the box, he took a few more swings before climbing back in. His mother loudly cried, “let’s go, Michael!”

The teenager knew he had fucked up almost immediately. It was only after he committed to a swing did he even think that the 0-2 pitch would probably be off-speed after starting him with two fastballs. He was early and missed awkwardly on the breaking pitch. It was a hanger, too.

“Fuck!” he grunted to himself. The umpire told him to watch his language as Michael walked back to the dugout.

Michael’s second at-bat was a similar story, though this time Casey got ahead of him on a curve that sliced over the plate and an ugly changeup that Michael didn’t recognize. Going back to the fastball, Michael swung through one at the belt. He also bobbled a sure double-play in the fifth. Beckersville later took the lead – the run unearned because of Michael’s error that extended the inning.

Stephanie couldn’t help but believe she was causing her son some problems. He was normally as sure-handed as anyone else on the field – a big reason he was moved to shortstop to start over a returning senior when Michael was still just a sophomore. She was always struck by how graceful he looked in the field. Now, he looked like a different person and the only real difference was the fact that his mother had her tits nearly on display and was going to share some salacious details of her sex life with his brother after the game.

It was probably the worst game of the year for Michael, but his teammates held serve. Their pitcher, Frankie Sanderson, gave up no more runs and the defense made plays behind him – aside from his shortstop who was hoping the ball didn’t come his way.

With the score still 1-0, Michael’s teammates got a one-out rally going at the bottom of the order in the sixth inning. A rare walk was coaxed by one while the next hitter smacked a single. A wild pitch advanced both runners into scoring position. Michael was on deck when his light-hitting double play partner, second baseman Kelvin Persons, swung through strike three.

Michael strolled to the plate with a chance to at least tie the game and potentially put his squad ahead. Taking a deep breath, he climbed into the box and noticed something immediately. There was no visible white shirt out of the corner of his eye. He called for time and was granted. Pretending he had something in his eye, he brushed his arm against his eyes and looked at the crowd again.

He thought she left, which bothered him even more. The first pitch was a fastball away that Michael vaguely even saw. Luckily, it was a ball. He stepped back out and surveyed the crowd again. This time, he saw her. She had moved to the other side of the bleachers. Hunched over, she was quiet as she watched – hopeful that she didn’t distract her son.

She smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up when he saw her. He smiled back and stepped back again, feeling a lot more loose than he had during the entire game. Over the next several pitches, he battled Casey, who was laboring in his sixth-inning of work. After eleven pitches, the count was full at 3-2. Michael had spoiled some of Casey’s best breaking balls of the day, fouling them away to stay alive. On the last foul ball, Michael squared up a fastball and nearly homered to left field.

Casey peered in for the catcher’s sign. Michael gripped his bat loosely, waggling it back-and-forth above his shoulder. When Casey shook his head at the first offering the catcher gave him, a light bulb turned on in Michael’s head. He’s afraid to give me another fastball, he thought. He’ll go back to the curve. Be smart here. Quick bat, quick bat, quick bat, quick-

Michael’s bat sliced through the air and connected on the spinner. The ball rocketed off his bat and flew through the air toward the left-center gap. Splitting the outfielders, it landed 15 feet from the wall and rolled the rest of the way. By the time Beckersville got the ball in, Michael was standing on second base pumping his fist as his team celebrated their 2-1 lead.

It was a curve ball, by the way. A hanger. This time, Michael didn’t miss.

In the bottom of the seventh, Michael made a nifty play ranging to his left to get to a ball before doing a 360 and firing to first base to get a would-be base-runner. The 2-1 lead remained in tact and they got a big win over one of the best pitchers in the conference. Free to cheer for her boy, Stephanie moved back to her town’s side of the bleachers and loudly clapped and whooo’d after the last out was recorded.

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