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We were just about getting fed up with the remodeling project. It seemed like the kitchen had been torn up for about a year, while we stepped over and around various bits of construction debris. We were so sick of not having home cooked meals, and the money spent on dinners out probably accounted for about a quarter of our overall expense for wanting a nicer, homier kitchen. Our neighbors, the Pattersons, had taken pity on us, inviting us over for dinner, but after awhile, that was noticeably wearing on them. Unfortunately, the damned contractor had somehow managed to unplug our refrigerator in the morning, and when we got home around eight that night, the contents were lukewarm. So, we had to go begging again, hoping that our neighbors were even home.

We felt braver with both of us going hat in hand, so there went Melissa & I to their back door. Finding lights on in the kitchen, and the door slightly open, we poked our heads inside to say hello, trying to get someone to answer. We called a couple times, but heard no response. It seemed kind of strange to us that the door had been open, yet no one was responding to us, so we quietly slipped inside to make sure that nothing was wrong.

Hearing music playing, we silently padded towards the den just off of the kitchen where the sound seemed to be coming from. As we neared the doorway, we began to hear other familiar sounds. The obvious noises of people making love. Heavy breathing, panting, and the awesome sound that is made when the woman is extremely wet while being fucked.

We aren’t normally voyeurs, bahis firmaları but something seemed to be invisibly urging us to take a look. We kept in the shadows, looking around the corner where we viewed a surprising sight. There on the floor was their nineteen year old son, Brent, with his slightly older girlfriend, Amie, both completely naked, with her legs wrapped around his back as he rhythmically fucked her. Melissa & I looked at each other in disbelief. Having lived next door to the Pattersons for about seven years, we had seen him grow up, and I guess we never thought of him having any sexual side. There was no doubt about it though that this was not their first time together as he fucked Amie, and she urged him on, softly moaning & whispering her desires.

We wanted to make a hasty exit, but we were both fixed on what we saw. I turned to pull Melissa by the arm, and head back out through the kitchen when I hit my elbow on a table vase sending it crashing to the floor. We were busted. We heard Brent and Amie scramble, likely to grab some clothing, and then Brent appeared before us wearing only his shorts.

Melissa’s jaw dropped when she noticed the bulge in his crotch. She tried not to stare, but just couldn’t make herself look away. Brent knew that he really had no room to confront us for being there, because he knew what we had seen, and had no desire to have his parents filled in on his activities. I think that Melissa was creaming herself at this point, still locked on his obvious erection. I had to think quick, and I said, “Listen, Brent, we came kaçak iddaa over to beg for some food because our refrigerator was unplugged all day. We came in because the back door was open, and no one answered when we called. Now I know that you don’t want anyone to find out about your private party here with Amie, so maybe we can strike a deal.”

Brent said, “You had no business coming in here, and especially no business watching us.” I replied, “We were concerned for someone’s safety, and to be honest, we enjoyed what we saw.” I continued, “So, if you keep calm, and deal with us, then no one will need to know that anything happened here. Okay?”

Brent reluctantly nodded, and Melissa looked at me puzzled. I said, “Brent, it’s apparent to me that Melissa here sees something she likes in your, um, package, and I saw something I liked in the other den. What we’re going to do so all this will go away is to exchange favors. You will take care of Melissa, and I will take care of Amie. We’re going to do this in the same room so everyone will be safe, and we can all enjoy the experience together.” Having once been a teenager myself, I knew that any protests by Brent over being with a beautiful older woman like Melissa would have been lies. I considered that persuading Amie may be a bit more difficult, but I was confident that she would rather not have Brent’s parents or her parents know that she was having sex.

I suppose I was kind of an opportunist, but I knew that Melissa wanted that dick. I also knew that I would likely not have the chance again to fuck some young, kaçak bahis very wet pussy, so I figured that we would both take advantage of the situation.

Brent went back in the den, and we could hear him talking to Amie. We didn’t hear any protests though, and he came back out to invite us in. Brent stepped out of his shorts, and his cock sprung forward. Melissa’s hand grabbed it, while she kissed him hard on the mouth. Amie was wearing only a t-shirt, so I kissed her too while feeling for her muff. Her pussy hair was silky, as well as wet, and my fingers easily slipped between her lips.

Melissa quickly slipped off her clothes, laid back on the sofa, and guided Brent’s big dick inside her. She was in ecstasy as he slowly pumped her. Meanwhile, I gently took off Amie’s shirt exposing small firm tits. Firm like Melissa’s, but not the nice adult size I was used to sucking. I dropped my pants on the floor, took of my boxers, then laid Amie down spreading her legs. I thrust my very hard cock in her feeling the warmth and wetness surround me.

The love noises coming from Melissa only intensified my own furious fucking. I heard Melissa tell Brent to fuck her harder, and I knew that his big dick was providing the desired result. Like she had done with Brent, Amie wrapped her legs around my back, and with that leverage, I felt like I was plunging my cock halfway into her body. With all the sounds, and the visuals, I came shortly. Pulling out, I turned to see Melissa raise her hips, taking a hard shove from Brent, and her body trembled as she climaxed.

It was wonderful to experience, but we quickly got up and gathered our things to leave. We had lived out another fantasy, and Brent & Amie had had their “secret” kept. We keep this locked in our “secret” memory box too….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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