Back End Love

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Female Ejaculation

Welcome to Slutty Saturday – Anal Edition! It is time to conquer the final frontier, the butt. Zuri and Mack have played with each other butts – like a pair of dogs – for many months now. Today they have decided to take their play to the next level and have anal intercourse.

Zuri has been doing her research. Which lube-base, which brand, how to do the enema before and, how long to wait after her last meal. The last things she wants is a dirty bum. She has picked out the right scented candle to cover any embarrassing odors, just in case – Black Licorice. It is a candy that both Zuri and Mack like but not one that eat very often. This way the rooms smells good but they won’t be eating candy later and think “this tastes like ass!”

Zuri has the room prepared with the candle lit and a tupperware box filled with lotions, lubes, and toys. The box is packed pretty tight! Zuri is, after all, a professional Cock Masseuse. The bed has a soft fitted sheet over a stain-resistant mattress cover. The top sheet and a nice quilted comforter are folded on the floor at the foot of the bed so that they can cover up as they cuddle up after sex.

The room is ready and Zuri walks to the kitchen to get Mack. He is drinking water – got to be hydrated! – and watching a basketball game on tv.

“Does basketball get you in the mood?” Zuri asks.

Mack smiles. “No, I hate basketball. I have it on as a distraction but I can also turn it off anytime I want.”

The couple giggles.

“Are you ready for me to turn you on?” Zuri asks and Mack smiles. No answer is necesary.

Zuri leads Mack by the hand to the bedroom. Zuri is wearing one of Mack’s white dress shirts buttoned only once under the breasts. Mack is wearing a t-shirt and cotton pajama bottoms. Already, Zuri can see Mack’s erection tenting up his pants. Zuri steps close to Mack, holds his cock through the pants with one hand and pulls his head down by the neck with the other. They kiss deeply.

Zuri pulls down Mack’s pants as she crouches to her knees. She takes Mack’s dick in her wet mouth. Hand are for work, she thinks, the mouth is for love. Mack responds immediately with moans and with a growing erection. Zuri loves to feel his size increase when she has it in her mouth.

After a luscious two minutes, Mack bursa escort is ready for a new position. He touches Zuri’s hair -a signal to her – and she slurps off the excess saliva and stands. Mack give her a nudge to the bed. Zuri sits in the edge and Mack gets down on one knee. He unbuttons her shirt, open it to expose Zuri’s hard nipples, and Mack licks them. He gets each one nice and wet before putting his whole mouth over them. He alternated between squeezing the nip between his lips and sucking on the whole tit. While the tit is in Mack’s mouth, his tongue tickles the nip and Zuri lets out a deep moan. Mack knows just how to make Zuri wet.

Next Mack lays on his back with Zuri laying across the bed on her knees. Zuri sucks Mack’s cock again and she gives attention to the balls this time. Mack reaches behind Zuri and plays with her lips. Zuri is so wet that it practically drips onto the bed. Mack massages the clit over the hood, then traces a path to her pussy hole and inserts a finger. Zuri’s grip on Mack’s cock tightens and her cock-filled mouth hums in reaction. Now two fingers are in the pussy and they plunge knuckle deep. Mack rubs against Zuri’s pussy wall, pointing to her belly button. Zuri has the take the cock out of her mouth – a sign of triumph for Mack that he is doing his job right! – and Zuri heaves out moans of pleasure.

“It sounds like your ready,” Mack says with a wide smile.

“Yes,” Zuri answers. “I want your cock in me. Now!”

They change positions so that Zuri is standing on the floor and balances on her elbows on the bed. Mack is flat-footed on the floor and his stiff erection is pointing to Zuri’s open pussy. Mack slowly slides in his dick. Zuri is so wet that Mack doesn’t need to go slow to lube is cock. But Mack teases her anyway, thrusting just an inch, then two inches, then three… Zuri is practically screaming at this point and she pushes back into Mack to make the cock go deeper. At last the teasing stops because Mack can’t take it anymore. Zuri’s pussy tickles his dickhead. He is forced to start pumping away on Zuri.

Once Mack and Zuri get into a rhythm, Zuri reaches into her box of goodies and hands Mack a beaded butt plug and a bottle of silicone lube. Mack prepares the plug and slowly aims the end into Zuri’s waiting butthole. bursa escort bayan Mack always had a thing for Zuri’s ass. Not only the cheeks and how good they feel to squeeze, Mack also liked how the butthole seems to wink at him when they would fuck doggie. The buttplug slips in very easily and Mack has his thumb inside the pull-out ring, holding it in place. He can feel the butt beads through the taint massaging his dick as he pulls in and out.

“Is it in deep?” Zuri asks.

“As deep as it will go,” Mack returns.

“Ahh, I want more! I’m ready for your cock!”

Zuri braces herself with her stomach flat on the bed. Mack puts on a condom. As Mack slowly pulls out the buttplug wth one hand, he stokes silicone lube on his latex erection.

Once the plug is out, Mach says, “All good,” meaning the plug is clean of anything uncouthe.

Now Mack positions the head of his dick in line with Zuri’s anus. He touches the opening and, as agreed, Zuri pushes back to let the cock in. The head vanishes almost immediately and Mack feels Zuri’s warm ass around it. The sensation and the view turn Mack on incredible. Soon Zuri is pushing back more and her cheeks push against Mack’s pelvis. That went better then expected, they both think to themselves.

Soon Mack is making slow motion inside of Zuri’s sexy ass. Zuri brings a hand done to her clit so she can come with Mack’s dick in her ass. Mack feels the familiar gyrations inside of Zuri. Now, as it electrocuted, Zuri’s legs and back spasm under Mack. Her moans become full screams. “I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT,” Zuri yells over and over. Mack watches closely for a signal of what Zuri wants next. Zuri turns her head to Mack and says, “Take the condom off.”

“What?” Mack says. They had agreed that a condom would be the most sanitary.

“I want to feel your bare cock in my ass. Just once, okay?” Zuri says.

Mack obliges by slowly pulling out and rolling up the condom. “Still good,” he says. He grabs the lube bottle and prepares his dick. He isn’t sure how much he’ll need but they agreed beforehand that more is better. In the meantime, Zuri is laying her head on bed and saying sexy things.

“Get that cock ready, I want it back in my ass, I want you to fuck my ass big boy, I want to feel you skin-to-skin, escort bursa I want you to cum in my ass…”

Zuri’s enthusiasm makes Mack’s dick throb. SHe is so turned on that it is bring Mack to the edge. Mack decides to say something back and he’ll reference his favorite sport, hockey.

“Mack is going for the Zuri hat-trick,” he says. “All three holes, bareback, in one day.”


Mack had his cock in his hand when Zuri screamed. Automatically his hand clenched down on his throbbing dick and he almost ejacuated.

I better get this in, Mack thinks. Now or never.

Mack positions his head on Zuri’s asshole again. Zuri backs onto it again. This time she takes Mack in one big plunge. The sudden motion and heat makes Mack’s dick tingle. He know that this is it, the point of no return. Mack moves it around and Zuri moans.

“I’m gonna cum,” Mack announces.

“Yes, yes, yes, do it, cum in my ass, yes…” Zuri encourages.

Mack has his hands on Zuri’s hips and his fingers dig in. Mack’s toes curl. Zuri knows Mack’s habits and she knows it is a matter of seconds now.

“AAARRRHHH, ” Mack yells as he pulls on Zuri’s hips and inches his dick back and forth inside of her.

“Aaw, it feels so good, I love it, baby, you did it, you fucked me in the ass, you scored the hat-trick…” Zuri says.

Barely able to think, Mack is frozen behind Zuri. His erection softens and regresses. The tickling sensation makes Mack pull out all the way and, following his dick, is a wad of semen dripping out of Zuri’s butthole.

“Oh my God, that is beautiful!” Mack says. “Your asshole is so beautiful.”

The wad runs down the lip of Zuri’s pussy.

“I feel it running out of me,” she says. Zuri lifts her knee onto the bed. She is still stomach down on the bed. Mack takes a linen from the toy box and wipes away the mess. Zuri rolls onto the bed. Mack grabs the end of the sheet and comforter, takes the toy box off the bed, and rolls in next so Suri. They snuggle up together.

“You were incredible,” Mack says. “You almost made me cum when you were talking Dirty.” They both laugh.

“You inspired me, big boy. Your slap shot drove me wild.” Zuri says and they laugh again.

Mack lays on his back and Zuri rests her head on his chest. In moments Mack is asleep. Zuri closes her eyes and listens to his breathing, feels his heartbeat.

I am the luckiest woman on Earth, she thinks before she falls asleep too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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