A Friend in Need Ch. 02

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Synopsis: My best friend Carolyn lives next door in our apartment building. We are both unemployed and unsuccessfully looking for a job. In the meantime we spend days together. Our husbands are employed, thankfully. One day while surfing the web we looked at a porn site, and Carilyn ordered a DVD with a lot of anal sex. She became obsessed with it, and asked me if my husband Dave would satisfy her curiosity. Her husband Rick was too unimaginative, and she would not even ask him. I watched while they did it, and my previous disgust turned to desire.

Carolyn and I remain the best of friends, in spite of the fact that she used my husband Dave as a human dildo. She needed to satisfy her intense desire to be anally fucked, and I agreed to let her “use” Dave. Of course, he was more than willing.

I became intrigued by the idea of taking it up my ass when I watched their encounter. Prior to that I would have said “No way!”

I asked Dave to do me the same way he had Carolyn, and he was ready to go that night. Problem was, I couldn’t do it. When he started to push his big hard cock up in me, I had to beg him to stop. I guess my little butt-hole was just not up to it.

It amazed me that Carolyn had taken it all, and loved it. She got us to agree to set up another sick day for Dave, and repeat the event. Dave thought he should wait for a few weeks before calling in again.

We didn’t see each other on Tuesday after the session with Dave on Monday. But on Wednesday Carolyn knocked on my door in a state of excitement.

“Guess what! Rick has to attend an all-day meeting on this coming Saturday! We don’t have to wait for Dave to call in sick again!”

It was beginning to annoy me that she was so hot for my husband. I asked her “Why don’t you just ask Rick to give it to you in the ass? I think the vast majority of men would be very happy to oblige!”

She repeated her explanation that he was not receptive to anything but straight, missionary position sex, followed by snoring. I still had my doubts, and I began to formulate a plan. I would have a talk with Rick to see if I could explain what he was missing.

That night I told Dave that we had an opportunity this Saturday, and he almost did back-flips. I asked him if he wanted to try it with me again, and his enthusiasm for Carolyn’s ass transferred to mine.

This time he got it about halfway up my ass before I had to ask him to stop. He was very disappointed, and I told him I was sorry, but it was too uncomfortable. He went to the bathroom and washed his cock, and I gave him an extra-good blowjob to make up for it.

He was really turned on by getting it part of the way up my ass, and when he came I had to swallow fast. Every time I swallowed, he filled my mouth up again. I couldn’t get it down fast enough, and some of it ran out of the corners of my mouth and dribbled off of my chin, onto the floor.

Saturday morning, right on time at 9:00, Carolyn knocked on our door. She was wearing the same warmup outfit, with nothing underneath. I don’t know who was more anxious to get started, her or Dave.

Their clothes flew off, and she was on the bed on her knees. Dave was about to shove his cock in her, when I said “Wait a minute!” I put some of the KY lube on my middle finger, and pushed it up her asshole.

She looked back at me with a surprised expression, because we have never done anything sexual with each other. I surprised myself, because bahis firmaları I was aroused by the experience of finger-fucking her asshole. I was becoming more than just an observer.

I said, “OK, she is ready.” Dave moved up behind her, and this time his cock slid right up her ass.

I sat in a chair a few feet from the foot of the bed, and watched Dave’s cock slide in and out of her. He kept up a steady rhythm, and the only sounds were the squeaking of the bed and their breathing. He shoved it in all the way up to his balls, which still amazed me, and shot his load.

Carolyn repeated “Yes!” over and over as he emptied himself into her stomach. They cuddled up to rest and were soon taking a nap together. I went out on our balcony to think.

Two things became clear; I wanted to have the experience myself, and I want Carolyn to have it with her husband, not mine. I had to have my talk with Rick.

The next day, I came up with a plan. I knew that on Sunday afternoon Carolyn went to the gym for an extended workout. On this particular Sunday Dave went to a baseball game with his buddies. They would have a beer drinking session after the game. At about 1:00PM I went next door and knocked.

Rick answered, a little surprised to see me, but he invited me in. After some small talk, I said, “I have something to discuss with you. It is very personal, but important.”

“Carolyn has become obsessed with anal sex. I don’t mean to shock you, but it’s true. She bought a DVD a month ago, and she watched it again and again. I thought she was over the edge.”

“She told me in confidence that she didn’t want to discuss it with you, because she was sure you would not be interested, and in fact you would be aghast.”

Rick was deep in thought. He said, “Anal sex? I had no idea she wanted that. I have seen anal sex in porn videos, and it looks pretty hot, so I understand her feeling that way when she sees it in a DVD. But wouldn’t it be uncomfortable, at best?”

I replied too quickly, I should have chosen my words more carefully. I said, “It would only be uncomfortable if your penis was the size of those porn stars. Carolyn said that yours -” I told myself to shut up!

Now I have really embarrassed him. It is not his fault if he is not hung like a horse. I am so stupid sometimes.

Rick’s face turned red. He said, “I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of. Sue, I don’t know why she would think that I would not be willing. I am up for almost anything.”

I began to get annoyed with Carolyn. Why did she say that Rick was a boring prude who would not be receptive to anything except missionary position sex followed by snoring? It was clear that she concocted the story because she wanted me to allow her to do it with Dave.

I decided not to get mad, but to get even. I said “Rick, I think we need some training sessions for you. We need to be sure that your technique is correct when you give it to Carolyn.”

It was pretty outrageous for me to just come out and say that, but I was full of righteous indignation about Carolyn’s devious scheme.

I said, “I have some experience in this. I can help you understand how it is done so it is erotic and satisfying for both people.” What a liar I can be. I have failed with my own husband twice now.

He replied “You and me? Right now? I mean, we are friends, we know each other pretty well, but to just have sex? Just like that?””

I said, “This kaçak iddaa is not a romantic tryst. There is no need for that. We can just enjoy each other, no strings attached.” Rick replied “OK. We will just consider it a practice session. You can teach me how to give it to Carolyn.”

He didn’t need much convincing. Typical man. Ready and willing to fuck his neighbor, who had never given him more than a friendly hug. But what about me? I was the one who was suggesting it! Watching someone else get fucked in the ass had changed my attitude a lot!

We went to their bedroom, and Rick went into the bathroom and returned with a jar of Vaseline. Kind of old fashioned, but it would have to do. We stripped off our clothes, and I immediately noticed Rick’s very nice cock.

I have never actually measured a man’s penis. I think that is a very crude thing to do. But if I had to guess, Rick was sporting at least eight inches of very erect cock.

Another manipulation from Carolyn! She implied that he was under equipped to help sell me on the idea of her getting fucked by my husband! Now I was really ready to get even!

I got into a face down position, and Rick pushed his Vaseline coated middle finger up my ass. He finger fucked me for a while, to get the lube up in me. It was not uncomfortable, it felt nice. But suddenly I felt a flood of embarrassment and modesty come over me.

It wasn’t being naked that bothered me, I am slender and in good shape, and I am not ashamed of my body. I was lying there with my legs spread wide open, and I was spreading my butt with both hands. My asshole must have looked like a sightless eye staring at him.

Your asshole is even more private than your vagina, and here I was spread open in plain view. I wished that it was a dark room, but it wasn’t. I was fully exposed to a man that I knew as a friend and neighbor, but who hadn’t even seen me in a swimsuit.

Slowly, my shame became fuel for the fire, as I got more and more aroused. As he moved into position over me, I visualized his stiff cock swaying back and forth, approaching my eager asshole.

I knew what I looked like to Rick, because I had watched Carolyn in this same position, spreading her ass. I was sure his eyes were fixed on my asshole, as he lined up on it. I was trembling with anticipation, waiting for his cock to go in me. I didn’t wait long.

He put the tip against my asshole, and I said, “Wait, let me do it. This is a training session, remember?” I took his cock in my hand, and slowly began to push it up my ass. I don’t know if it was the Vaseline, or my determination to do it, but it slid in easily.

When I had several inches in me, I said, “Rick, you cock is so long, its -” and I stopped myself. I almost said it was longer than my husbands. I didn’t want to start that kind of competition. Instead, I said, “I don’t know if I can take it all.”

He told me to just relax and let it slide in. Now I wondered if this was really his first anal experience. He moved my hand aside, and took over. Each time he pushed, it went in a fraction of an inch deeper. He waited for me to accept it, and then pushed again.

When his balls touched me, I knew it was all the way in. He started to rock me gently, and slide it in and out. I held still with my eyes closed, and the only sound was the squeaking of the bed and our breathing.

He fucked me with a steady, rhythmic motion, almost like there was a metronome keeping kaçak bahis time for him. He had both of his hands on my shoulders, holding me in place, while he pushed his cock all the way up in me.

He held my shoulders tightly, as he pushed it into me. He was holding me, controlling me, dominating me. I couldn’t escape, even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I just surrendered to him, and each time he pushed in, he slapped up against my hands holding my butt apart.

His pubic bone pressed hard against my tailbone with each thrust in. I was pinned down like a wrestler, and he held me in place by my shoulders. Each time he bumped up against me, it forced me to exhale with a little grunt. So added to the squeaking of the bed we heard me going “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”

I was limp and completely submissive, and my vagina was wide open and wet. So much of my love juice flowed out of me that my pubic hair was soaking wet, and a wet spot was growing on the bed beneath me.

With my legs spread apart, and my butt held open, his cock went in all the way with each push. I was pleased that I took it all with no complaint. I wanted it to last all day, but it didn’t. I felt him tense up, and his breathing changed.

He practically slammed it into me and pumped a huge load of cum into me. I was in a state I can only describe as reverie. We both held still for a while, and then he pulled his cock out of me.

I said, “Rick, when did you and Carolyn have sex last?” He just shook his head. “You shot some much cum into me, I thought I would be able to taste it!” He got a chuckle out of my perverted sense of humor.

In spite of the fact that we agreed that this was only sex, we held each other tenderly, and we did exchange some kisses and affectionate touches.

When we finally got up and got dressed, I told Rick “Make sure you fuck Carolyn just like that. The next time you are going to have sex, roll her over and surprise her. She will love it!”

“You certainly didn’t need any instructions from me. You fucked me like an expert.”

I went back to my apartment and went to bed, emotionally drained. I fell asleep, and Dave startled me when he came in. No surprise, he wanted to have sex. He had a beer-fueled hard on. I said “Let’s try it in my ass again.” No argument from him.

I hope he didn’t wonder why his cock went all the way in me so easily. He didn’t say anything, he just fucked me nicely. To prove he is a nice guy, then he went down on me and made me come like an express train.

So now Dave and Carolyn have had sex, but Rick doesn’t know it. Rick and I have had sex, but Dave and Carolyn don’t know it. I am the only one who knows everything. It is difficult to keep all of my stories straight.

I forced Carolyn to maintain her lies. She came over the next week with a big smile. She said Rick had finally had anal sex with her. I said “That’s nice. But I suppose it was not as satisfying as your times with Dave, because of Rick’s small penis.” She stumbled and stammered with a red face and said, “Yes, that’s true”. Liar!

My plan was one and done, but I keep thinking about Rick. Having sex with a different guy, with different technique, was very exciting. I have never been held down and made to feel submissive like that. He wasn’t rough about it, just dominant. It was the most intense, intimate, and erotic sex I have ever had.

My sex life with husband Dave is fine. Now with anal we have a third option in our relationship. But I think I will try to set up another Sunday afternoon with Rick. Carolyn will be at the gym, and I can always get Dave out doing something. I think Carolyn owes me one more to make us even.

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