My Maid Kumari

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Hi, this is Abhi from India with a hot encounter with my maid kumari. First I will introduce myself, then about her. I am 32 years married guy with good looking personality. Hence I was always horny and search for new faces in sex, I got kumari in the search.

Kumari was above 30 and below 35 with good color and nice sexy face. She was married and had a child too. She had nice curvy whitish body and xxl sized boobs. No one will feel her as maid because she is not a regular maid. Her husband was a driver and she was a house wife. She worked only for us. She always wore sari and exposes her belly and boob portion. Her measures must be 38dd 34 40.

Actually she lived in a small house just in front of our house with her family. I can watch her every time from the door and window. I used sit outside to observe her while was in household works as pretending to read news paper. She too interested in me and wanted show her sexy assets more often. Whenever I was alone in the house she began show her boobs and thighs.

I used to read paper by 7 o clock in the morning. If she knew I was alone in the house she began wash her clothes by the same time. While washing the clothes she adjusts her sari in between her nice boobs and tucks sari up to upper thigh level. One day both of us were alone in the houses. I woke up by 7 am and sat in the warandah by sipping my coffee after some time she opened her door and sat on the floor by cutting some vegetables.

As our houses were straight opposite to each other there was no chance to others to watch us. I began to stare at her as she wontedly began to show her body. She wore nighty at that time. She tucked her nighty up to thigh level. Her milky white thighs were shining in the day light. As her dress was so loose and her boobs also visible to me. She was busy in her work I too in my work. I began to drink her beauty with my eyes after some time she just looked at me and smiled. I too smiled naughtily after a while she bent down to collect the vegetables, and bahis firmaları then I got full view of her full moons. They were pink in color and nips were erected to half an inch size. I got immediate erection by seeing them as I wore loose shorts it was formed a tent after a while she brought her clothes to wash.

Now she was so close to my place and she was almost 5 meters from me. While she was coming out she opened upper buttons of her nighty. As she did not have bra I can see her sexy boobs again she smiled at me and pulled her nighty to upper thighs. She sat before me and began to wash her clothes. Slowly I kept my hand in my short and began to stroke my cock, which was rock hard. We both were begun to show our feelings towards each other every half minute our eyes began to meet after some time she adjusted her sari a little upper, now I could see her little trimmed hair near her pussy. Her nighty was drenched with water and stacked to her body curves. I was trying to see her deep place below the hair by slowly rubbing my cock.

She too began rub her boobs as they were itching. In the process she pulled her nighty a little down. Now I can see her almost full boobs. They were just like small water melons. While she wash clothes her big melons were swinging out and in from her nighty. I feel like in heaven after a week or so I was on the terrace by 9 pm.

She came out to the bathroom and half closed the door. Slowly she began to open her dress. First she removed her sari and blouse. My god her beautiful melons were shining in the light. Then she pulled her petticoat down. Her thighs were as big as banana trunks. Her sexy novel was like a pearl on her sexy belly. First she applied soap all over her body and began to rub all over her. I forgot the entire world for some time.

She finished her bath and left on a fine day our regular maid was left her work in our house. Then my wife asked kumari for a good maid. Kumari told my wife that she was interested to do our work as our house was just kaçak iddaa opposite to their house and also she will get some money for their family. My wife instantly agreed for that. Regularly she used to come by 6 o clock for work as she lived in front of our house.

By the time I would be on bed only. My wife was busy in house hold works. First kumari used come to broom my house. She came every day by wearing a sari to work while she broom my room I used to see her melons hang through her blouse. Some days passed like this. After a month or so again I got a chance to be alone in my house as my family went to their native place.

Next day morning I woke by 5 o clock began to wait for kumari. She too knew that I was alone in my house. I freshen up myself and began to watch TV. By 6 am my door bell rang. I went out and opened the door. To my surprise she too took bath and wore a nice sari. I let her in and closed the door. I went to my bed and began to watch TV after 5 minutes she came in with a broom to clean my room.

I asked her to make coffee for me. She went to kitchen for coffee slowly I followed her to the kitchen. She was busy in making me coffee. I stood at the door by watching her back beauty. She had nice sexy ass and white curvy belly. I began to rub my cock. It got full strength like a rock. Suddenly she looked back and I was caught by her. She turned aside and I found her smiling in her slowly I gathered some courage.

I moved to her and placed my hands on her belly. She got jerk in her body and turned around. Then I suddenly closed her lips with my lips. I began to pull her body towards my body. My cock began to drill her soft belly. I kept my lips on her whitish neck and began to lick her. She also hugs me tight as she was horny. Her big bulged boobs were trying to come out of her blouse after some tight embrace we separated.

She told me to wait in the bedroom after 5 minutes she bring me coffee. While I sipping the coffee she completed the house hold work. When I went to the kaçak bahis kitchen to keep the cup, she almost completed her work. I took her to the bed room slowly I unbuttoned her blouse. She didn’t wear under garments for my ease. I took her pink nipple in my mouth and began to suck it.

She kept her hands around my neck and began to pull me on her. I let her sat on the bed. She just pulled my short down and began to stroke my cock. It was like a roaring lion. She wanted to suck it. I kept it in her pink lips. First she licked it like an ice cream and then took it fully in her mouth then I got full mood and began to fuck her mouth after that I pushed her on the bed.

I pulled her sari up and began to smell her sweet pussy covered with little hair. She had nice pink petals with bulged belly. I asked her to sit on my face. I drilled her pussy with my tongue. She began press her pussy on my mouth. I licked all her juices. I bit her pussy lips with my teeth. She moaned aloud with pain and pleasure. Slowly I bent her on bed and took doggy position. She lifted her ass up for my access.

I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and to get lubrication then slowly I kept my cock in to her tight pussy. I began to stroke her pussy. She was moaning lightly. After some time she began to move her ass to and fro. I gripped her belly tight and fucked strongly then after I lay on the bed and asked her to ride on me. She lifted her sari up and guided my cock in her pussy. She began move up and down.

Her tits were swinging due to her moment. I gripped them tight and pressed hard. She moaned aloud and began to fuck hard. Her juices started to flow on my cock. She stopped her play and took 69 position. She licked all her juices on my cock and pressed her pussy on my face. My face was filled with her juice after that she rested on the bed by lifting her legs up. I slowly kept my cock in her hot wet pussy and began to move fast.

She kept her legs around me gripped tight. So I can fuck with more force after 5 minutes fuck I poured all my juices in her pussy and collapsed on her. We both cleaned ourselves and she left to home.

There were some more encounters with my maids, deliver here in a very short perid. enjoy folks

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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