The Seduction of My Step-Daddy

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My cousin Jaime was getting married in October and I was going to be one of the bridesmaids. I turned 18 on Sept. 3rd and I was developing nicely. The boys in school were trying to get me to go out with them. I knew they just wanted to get inside my panties. My girlfriends and I would have sleepovers and they told me. Some of them thought I was crazy for turning down the boys but, there was only one I wanted, my daddy.

My bridesmaid dress was so beautiful. I felt like Cinderella going to the ball. It was a silky chiffon and it made me feel wonderful in it. It’s what I decided to wear underneath it that made me feel naughty. I went to Victoria Secrets and bought new lingerie. I told the lady who helped me that I needed something that would excite a boy I was after. I didn’t tell her it was my daddy.

I needed a pair of taupe colored nylons because all the bridesmaids needed to wear the same shade. Then she picked out a lavender garter belt with matching bra and thong. I had never worn a garter belt before. With the dress, I also needed a slip. That was cream colored to compliment my dress. The saleslady said one look at me and the boy would melt. I hoped she was right.

The morning of the wedding I shaved off the short hairs covering my pussy. I always stay smooth because I love the feeling as I rub against the silky fabric of my panties. It also makes me feel sexier. I dressed in the bathroom of our motel room. I didn’t want the other girls to see bahis firmaları the type of lingerie I was wearing. As I slid the nylons up my smooth legs I fantasized how it would feel to someday have my daddy slide them off for me. My new thong was getting moist!

I continued to snap the stockings to my garter and then put on my bra. Last came the slip before I slipped into my dress. I felt beautiful. As I walked down the isle I caught my daddy’s expression as he saw me. If I could read minds his would tell me, “Ohhh wow, she’s beautiful! What a gorgeous young lady she’s becoming.”

We’ll skip the wedding, the dinner and go to the reception dancing. A couple hours later my mom was pretty loaded. She always drank to much. Daddy was more of a social drinker. Never over doing it but, tonight he had more then usual. I, myself was feeling good too. A slow number came up and the lead singer said it was ladies choice. I chose my daddy.

As we danced daddy tried to keep his distance. I wouldn’t have it and told him this is no way to dance. I wrapped my arms around daddy’s neck and moved in against him. As we swayed to the music I could feel how tense daddy was. I told him to relax and just go with the music. By the time I could feel daddy getting hard the dance was over. Daddy started pulling away but, before he could I told him I’d come looking for him next slow dance. It was going on 11:30 now and lots of folks had left. My Uncle John had driven Mom home as kaçak iddaa she was loaded to the gills.

The last dance of the night was a slow dance and true to my word I found daddy. This was the most I had seen daddy drink. He was a bit unsteady on his feet. I wrapped my arms around daddy’s neck and this time before I could slide in closer, daddy’s arms pulled me to him. We danced in a dimly lit area and there was no mistaking what was poking me. Daddy made no move to cover up the fact that his 18 year old stepdaughter was exciting him and was making him hard. He tried to apologize but, I whispered in his ear, “no need to daddy, I’m flattered.”

Daddy even started kissing my neck as I rubbed myself against daddy’s hard-on. I was so hot. My juices were soaking my thong. To soon the dance was over and we separated. As I backed away from daddy I could see the bulge in his pants. I had to chance trying something.

I put my hands on daddy’s shoulders and whispered, “I know I excite you daddy. I could feel you pressing your hard cock against me as we danced.” Of course daddy said we had to stop because it wasn’t right. I’m your father and I should know better. We can’t do this. Even though daddy was saying all the right things the bulge in his pants didn’t go down. As we walked towards the door I knew what I needed to do.

I was staying in the motel with the other girls from the wedding party. Daddy had to much to drink to drive home so he had someone call kaçak bahis us a cab. Daddy would drop me off first. As I was getting into the cab I made sure daddy saw the tops of my stockings and my lavender garter straps. Once inside I snuggled up to daddy. It was going to be about a 20 minute ride.

Daddy told me how beautiful I looked in my dress. I told him he looked handsome in his new suit. Then I put my hand on his still hard cock and whispered that I would take care of his problem. Daddy kept saying no but did nothing to stop me. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped him and open his pants. Daddy was wearing a pair of silk boxers which made it so easy to take his throbbing cock out. As I started stroking daddy, I pulled my dress up revealing myself to my daddy. I took his hand and laid it on my thigh. Daddy started caressing by legs. Running his hand up and down my nylons and then up to my secret spot. Oh! It felt so good.

In to short a time daddy started cumming allover my hand. He tried to stifle his moans but, I knew the driver heard us. As daddy started to go soft he was still fingering my pussy through my silky thong. I was close to orgasm too and as I brought my hand, still covered in daddy’s cum to my mouth, I exploded, as I tasted my daddy’s creamy cum. My first experience tasting cum was so positive I love the taste of it and drink daddy’s cum every chance I get.

Soon the ride was over but, before I got out I took my panties off and gave them to daddy. I didn’t say anything as I got out, just gave him a quick peck on the cheek and a smile. We both still talk about that night as being the night we crossed the line and how neither of us have ever regretted it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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