Drust on the Prowl

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of sex, domination, mind control, cuckold, breeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. The sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.

My name is actually Drust but I let the women I seduce to call me Drew when it serves my purpose. Drust is an ancient Celtic and Pictish name probably derived from the Celtic word ‘drest’ meaning “riot” or “tumult”.

I am over five hundred years old. I had turned eighteen as rumor spread that Henry and Charles would jointly invade France. I went to the village to experience a woman for the first time before having to go to war. I have learned since then that I can always find a mature or lonely woman to let me seek my pleasure between her legs and that is what happened.

I went to a tavern for ale and food. I had a few coins in my pocket. The wife of the tavern owner took a liking to me as she served me ale. I was young, quite handsome with flaming red hair and deep blue eyes. I was strong from farm work and had a quick smile. I also have penetrating eyes that bore through a woman’s false defenses unnerving them with a look. We flirted back and forth and I first ran my hand over her skirt covered arse. I then tried to touch the side of her large breast as she leaned over to wipe the old wood table. She smiled and rubbed my hair laughing.

All the women servers put up with the men taking liberty with their arse or breasts if they wanted a good tip from the ale sotted men. Complaining only made the old men laugh and grip harder. Being unfamiliar with woman I was a bit unnerved but tried to be bold with this older tavern woman. She allowed me to touch her over her skirt as she plated my food and brought tankards of ale. The back of her thighs were firm as my hand slowly crept up and felt her warm flesh. I felt hot as my blood pumped through my body and my manness firmed in my pants.

She came to the side of me that was hidden from the crowd and I ran my hand under her skirt feeling her warm thighs. She put a tankard down and turned towards me with a challenge in her eyes. My shaking hand went slowly up her inner thigh until I felt hair and a warm wetness. My fingers brushed the hair and found their way into a cleft that was hot and wet. I moved my fingers around and she took in a deep breath when I went over a bump. She pulled my arm away looking at me strongly and turned towards the bar.

The last time she walked past me I gripped her arse hard. She growled and grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me out back while her husband was busy behind the bar. “You have made me wet between my legs young man looking at me and touching me as you did. I have not felt this way in many years. My husband has lost interest in what’s between my legs but I still have a hunger. I do not bother with these drunk old men. Your eyes bore into the very center of me and I desire to have you between my legs. Now quickly before the old sot of a husband notices I am missing.”

She bent over a barrel and pulled up her skirts. Her dark nether hair disguised her entrance but I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my hardening cock. I knew about what had to be done having watched farm animals do their mating. All bulls and rams took their females from behind just like the tavern wife was pointed. My cock grew long and hard quickly and I brought my cockhead to her curly hairs. I ran it up and down looking for her heated entrance.

She reached back and grabbed my cock. “Do you not know what you are doing boy?” she said then, “Oh my you have a big fat wanker there boy. Now push it in!” she cried as my cockhead was placed against her hot wet opening.

I pushed forward and almost lost my strength as I felt a warm wet pussy encase all my cock for the first time. I was full on deep inside her and she gripped my long fat cock squeezing it tight. By some power I was able to hold off releasing my seed all at once. The old bar wench started moving her arse back and forth sending her wet warmth up and down my cockshaft as she took it all. I shook from the pleasure I felt. My legs were trembling.

When she pushed back my cockhead was caressed by the very depths of her. I quickly figured out how this rutting was to be and I grabbed her naked hips under her skirts and pulled her back against my groin. I quickly rutted into her sleeve pushing her warm wet oven open to its final depths.

“Oh boy you are breaking my poor pussy. You are too fat and too long and too deep inside me. Oh boy rut this old woman’s pussy. I’m feeling where I never have before. Use that cock that the gods gave you and give me my pleasure,” she moaned thrusting back at my cock taking it all and taking it deep. I only went no further when the tip of my cock hit her depth. She would groan when I tapped her depth.

The barrel was rolling back and forth helping my cock ride her wet hot sheath. She began moaning and trembling and suddenly her pussy clamped down on my cock as hot liquid bathed my balls and wet my pants. pendik escort The old wench screamed into her sleeve and thrust back wildly seeking all my cock to go up deep.

“Oh gods you are making me wet like I never did before. My wetness is pouring out of me like a busted barrel of ale. Rut me boy, rut me deep!”

This heat and wetness was all too new to me and I pulled her naked hips and arse against me and released my seed deep down into her pussy. The heat and tightness inside her rubbed across my cockhead as my shaft pulsed glob after glob of my seed into her. My legs trembled as I shook against her old flabby arse pushing my cockhead against her depths. A light went off behind my eyes and I got a painful throb in my head.

The pain was too much and I fell across her back pushing her into the barrel. My cock went deep again and she moaned. “Get off me boy I have to get back to my tables,” she groaned. She grabbed a rag from her apron and stuck it between her legs. She pushed me back and stood. She turned and saw my long fat cock.

“You have a wonderful tool there boy. You are going to please many women,” she said as she put her hand around my cock and pulled the mess towards the tip of my covered cock. She painted her palm then licked off my white globs then told me laughing to, “Put that monster away.” She pulled me in for a long kiss and went inside. I tasted her wetness and my seed on her lips. It was both new and strange and very pleasant.

I tucked my cock away and I shivered as it rubbed on the cloth of my pants. The pain in my head and behind my eyes eased. I went inside the tavern and that is when this special ability appeared. As I looked at the various females in the tavern I could read their feeling. It was if their deep thoughts were mine to hear. The mature tavern wench felt very pleasured and content but there was now an undertone of sexual hunger. A wife was angry at her drinking husband but showed smiles and laughed. She had a hunger for respect and an old love she let slip away. She had many pleasures from his cock as their love burned red hot and unknown to her current husband he was raising her lover’s child.

Several serving girls were angry at men touching them as they passed by and they had thoughts of slipping a knife between their ribs but knew they needed the coins. There arse was grabbed or their tits touched as the men consumed the ale they brought to the tables. All the women wanted was a good man to marry them and make a good woman of them. Then there were wives and single woman that wanted intimacy to dampen the hunger they felt between their legs. I thought it was like pulling fish from a barrel.

I discovered I could choose the ones that would willingly give me their body for my pleasure to sooth their loneliness. I avoided the war by moving about and so I spent the next years enjoying many women. I would stop at farms to find the wife alone with children running about or one at her breast since her husband had been pulled into the war. I would do some chores about the farm and was rewarded with food and a rut between their legs. I tasted mother’s milk for the first time as an adult.

Some wives were frightened of getting pregnant while their husband was away and that was when I learned of the pleasures of shooting my seed in a warm mouth, on full tits or deep in a tight dark arse. That first arse I experienced was strange but I soon developed a preference for that dark tight tunnel. I also learned that knot at the top of their hair covered slit gave women uncontrolled pleasure. I made that my primary focus with each new conquest. Once spent the women would let me take my pleasure anywhere in their warm body. Their kisses became more deep and full.

I moved from village to village and in the larger towns found the lonely and hungry wives of merchants and bankers. It was when I approached thirty summers that I realized I actually fed on these women and no longer had to eat all that much. I felt invigorated as they lay there spent, my seed dripping from their pussy or wide opened arse. Many of these supposed prim and proper wives gave me their arse for their first time. It was very strange that the vicar’s wife in many villages loved it in her arse the most. It was soon after that that I knew I was not aging or was aging very slowly.

So that bring me to my statement that I am over five hundred years old. I am independently wealthy now from gifts from the right women. Wives of merchants and bankers gave me gifts of gold and jewels as my seed dripped from between their legs. They begged me to pleasure them so I held out my hand. They wrote me partnerships and investments that I held for many years. Estates of land and cash were left to me as the old fucked well women died away. Being in the modern age now my fortune resides in off-shore accounts; my needs covered by using cash cards and the ATM.

Now I just go about seducing women for my own pleasure. I can not count the number of willing mouths, cunts and arses into which I have dumped untold escort pendik gallons of my hot thick cum. My senses are long range and as I walk among women I could read them and chose who was most hungry and willing to open their luscious body to me. I left many offspring to grow in bellies throughout my many years of conquest. I’ve wondered now with DNA tracing how many searchers found many distant cousins spread across various countries.

I was walking past a market when I sensed her. There was steeping deep emptiness within her from lack of appreciation. Her skills and desires were now wasted on a man that has given up on her. Her emptiness was vast; I could taste her loneliness it was so palpable. I wondered how and why she kept going home to him; perhaps security, perhaps to trim some of the loneliness from her life. Her job gave her the only happiness in her life.

She was standing at the quality meats section. I walked up behind her and put my hand on her elbow leaning against her back and looking over her shoulder. She tried to turn and look at me in wonder. The fullness of her one breast that I knew I would taste pushed against my arm. I could feel her nipples hardening as her breathing increased. She was unnerved and trembled. I have wondered if I give off some essence like those vampire movies hypnotizing the women I choose.

I felt her arse move slightly against me as if she was using her cheeks to search for something. My other hand moved to her belly then upwards to cup a full breast. She took in a deep breath but did not chase me away. That hand slowly moved down her skirt to stop atop her groin. She moaned as she leaned into me and her body trembled.

“That cut of meat would make a great Ossobuco. The cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth served with risotto alla Milanese would be a great dinner for us tonight. I know you would love to cook that for me tonight. Let me help you get what you need,” I whispered against her ear.

She didn’t speak as I requested the meat from the butcher. She let me lead her around the store as we put the items in her basket. I ran my hand down her back and across her arse and she took in a deep breath. When we stood by an item in the aisle she let me squeeze her arse cheeks and actually pushed back against me moaning softly. I could sense that she was getting wet and feeling excitement not experienced for a very long time. She would look at me as each item was placed in the basked then close her eyes and moan.

When we came to the register I asked for her license and memorized her address. I paid and carried the bags to her car. We stood by her car and I ran my hand up under her blouse and ended cupping and squeezing a firm breast hiding in her bra. I could feel her nipple harden and push against my palm. I leaned in and kissed her lips softly. I stood back and opened my wallet and handed her five hundred dollars.

“Madison go buy a pretty dress for tonight and make sure you buy very pretty and sexy things to go under that dress. You must be sure they will please me when I see them after I place you on your dining room table and begin to take my pleasure with you. Are you wet even now?” “Yes” she said very faintly speaking for the first time. “Show me.”

She looked around then put her hand under her skirt. She eyes closed as she moaned then brought her hand out. She raised it and showed me her wetness on her fingers. I gripped her hand and brought her own fingers to her lips. Her wet tongue slipped out and she licked her fingers clean.

“That’s a good girl. I can’t wait to feel those lips on my fat cock,” I said and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. I ran my hands across her full breasts then cupped her pussy over her skirt. She moaned into my mouth and kissed me back giving me the sign she would give me everything I desired. I told I would be there at seven. I turned her towards her car door and slapped her arse. She put her hands on the roof of her car and breathed deeply.

I reached under her skirt and she spread her legs. My fingers went across her gusset that was soaking wet. I slipped under the panty hem and my fingers found the cleft of her pussy hiding in her curls. I pushed two fingers into her vagina easily because she was so wet. I circled her clit and she moaned loudly and pushed down to increase the contact. I pulled my fingers out then circled her anus with her own wetness pushing one finger tip against her tight ring. She actually growled and pushed back taking more finger inside her hot tight oven.

“Tell your husband whatever he will believe for my being there. When he comes home start him on his beer that he loves and cook his damn burger. Give him another beer then go upstairs and bathe and make yourself beautiful. Shave this wet pussy of all your curls and rinse yourself until your dark cavern is spotless. Dress in what you buy and set me a fine table. I want your pussy wet when I get there.”

I pulled my finger out and ran my hand across her arse and gripped it pendik escort bayan hard. She moaned and pushed her rump hard against my hand. I moved her long blonde hair aside and kissed the back of her neck then bit her hard. “I own what’s under this skirt and I’m gonna claim all of you,” I growled then walked away not looking back. I knew she would do what I demanded.

I arrived at Madison’s house at exactly seven. She answered the door in a stunning skirt of black and red silk. The separate bodice was skin tight across her full breasts and flared out over her hips. “Show me the panties,” I ordered her still standing at the threshold. She lifted her hem and put it in her mouth. The panties were also black and red silk.

“Show me your pussy is wet, Madison” I ordered again. She moved her legs wide and the panties opened showing me a shaved naked vulva. Her panties opened when she ran her fingers through her labia. She showed me thick fragrant pussy honey on her fingers. She brought them to my lips and I sucked her fingers clean. “Well done Madison, you’re a good girl,” I said kissing her deeply. She had no concern if neighbors could see her.

She brought me into the dining room and sat me at the king’s spot. She walked into the kitchen and brought me the plated Ossobuco dinner. Her husband Bud sat at the other end at the queen’s position eating his burger and finishing his beer. Madison brought him another bottle and he mumbled, “That’s right bitch bring me my beer like I been telling you.”

“So Maddy tells me you are an executive in her company and she was ordered to prepare and serve you this dinner. She knows how to follow orders, the bitch,” he said and laughed then emptied another bottle of beer. Madison gave him another cold one. “I never went for that fancy food shit she tried when we first got married. Just meat and potatoes for me,” he then let out a long beer burp and laughed.

Madison served us the expensive wine I chose and we ate the Ossobuco. She sat right by me and would dab my chin that dribbled the gravy. She then took over feeding me. Madison had such an intense smile. “If that top is separate from the skirt take it off. I want to see the pretty bra you purchased and your breasts,” I ordered. She turned her back on her husband and slowly unbuttoned the bodice. Little by little her freckled cleavage began to show.

When all the buttons were undone she pulled the bodice off her shoulders showing me the half-cup push up bra in black and red silk. Her aureoles and hard nipples showed above the silk cups. Madison had used the same color lip-stick and had painted her large aureoles cherry red. They were as big around as the rim of a brandy glass. Her dark finger tip nipples rose proudly in the middle. I reached forward and pinched them softly. “Is there dessert Madison?” I asked.

She smiled deeply and cleared the dinner away then walked into the kitchen. When she returned her breasts were on display. Her neck and cleavage were blushing bright red. Her long blonde hair tried to hide her breasts so I told her to tie it back. From the pocket in her dress she pulled a black and red ribbon and tied her hair in a pony tail. “Yes Madison you will be my pony tonight and I shall ride you for my pleasure,” I growled.

“Fuck woman your tits are handing out. Are you his slut? Are you fucking him at work? Do you bend over his desk and take it in your arse?” Bud yelled obviously starting his way to a drunk.

Madison walked to the end of the table and slapped her husband. It was the first brave action she had ever done in her marriage. “Yes I am his slut tonight! I will let him do to me all the things you never would and those things I would never let you do,” she yelled back. She returned and pushed the china off the table it crashing to the floor.

“You bitch that was my mother’s china,” the words slurring even more.

Facing her husband Madison unzipped her exquisite skirt and let it drop. I watched her arse appear with nothing but a black silk ribbon riding between her full ass cheeks. She turned her back on her husband who now saw her naked arse and she climbed up on the dining room oak table and spread her knees wide before me.

“Eat my pussy Master and will you please make me cum on this table. I am so wet waiting for you to take me,” Madison begged.

I pushed her crotchless panties open and saw she had also used her red lipstick on her nether lips. I dove my face onto her wet pussy lips. I ran my tongue through her naked lips and captured her clit. I sucked on it as I brought up my two long fingers and pushed them into her pussy. She moaned as I filled her cunt and curled my fingers forward rubbing her g-pad. Her pussy juice was pouring out of her open lips and wetting her anus. My thumb massaged her dark star and it gave way. I pushed my thumb all up her ass only stopping when it reached my palm.

Madison moaned one, “Fuck” and shook on my hand. “Oh Master I’m almost cumming. Give me permission to cum Master, please let me cum!” she begged. I bit her clit and her body trembled shaking through her orgasm. She moaned and groaned and screamed as her hot juices rolled out from her pussy lips wetting the embroidered table cloth. I stood with my fingers still in her pussy.

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