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The trip to the coast was magic, along one of the worlds greatest roads, wide sweeping turns, sitting just above the waves breaking across the black, worn rocks. The sunshine sparkles across the crest of the swell as we sped towards our destination. We were heading for a tiny little town where I had spent the summers of my adolescence. It truly is beautiful down here, the fresh coastal air, the lush foliage of the forests and the steep mountains that extend over the sharp cliffs bordering the ocean.

My girl is in the seat beside me, her hand on my thigh. Her hand plays across my pants causing me to become a little distracted. We are both smoking, windows down with the radio on. I turn and smile as we breach a corner and see the general store that marks our destination. I pull into the caravan park where we are staying, jump out and quickly organize our site. Being an early winter weekend the place is empty, just a few tents and caravans spread over the wide area. It is as I had planned, we can setup my little tent with no one within 500 metres in any direction. We find a spot by the willows on the edge of the creek, and after a passionate kiss we set about creating our campsite. We don’t need much, no food, no lighting, having planned on spending a little time at the pub which overlooks the little bay.

We walk along the beach, playing in the sand amongst the rocks, talking and laughing. At some stage she splashes me with water, I chase her up the beach and pull her into the water. We giggle hysterically as it turns into a water fight. We are both drenched and sandy by the end. Although it is nearly winter we are lucky and the sun beats down warming us. She pouts as she tries to flick the sand off her top. I don’t think she knows how sexy she looks like that, damp, sandy and pouty. In a perfect world I would kiss her, hug her and take her on the beach, rolling in the warm sand. Unfortunately there are people around, and I am temporarily thwarted.

When we arrive at the pub we order wine and food and find a table on the balcony. The sun is setting and the ocean is spectacular, a truly romantic view for a romantic dinner. We eat, drink and talk, gazing into each other’s eyes. Our conversation turns a little raunchy as we sip at the wine. I move my legs under the table so that they brush against hers, feeling her skin against mine. She nudges me back with a glint in her eye. We sit without talking just enjoying the moment. As we run out of wine I go to the bar and return with another bottle. I sit on the seat beside her and fill her glass, putting my arm across her shoulders. She leans into me and rests her head on my shoulder, her brown hair nestling on my neck. Her hand drops under the table and onto my leg and gently strokes up and down my thigh. We don’t speak, but I begin to feel the tension building as her soft hand runs further up my leg. I am surprised as it crosses my crotch, but my body reacts, my penis stiffening slightly at the touch. I hear her giggle at little at my reaction. She turns her head and kisses me lightly on the lips, her tongue just flicking against my half opened mouth. I can sense her urgency, her breath is slightly ragged as she kisses me again. I kiss her back, sliding my tongue into her mouth and in reward she gives my cock a squeeze as it stiffens in her hand. I pull her around so that she is facing me and our kiss takes my breath away. With my eyes closed I can still see her beautiful face in my mind and placing my hand behind her neck I hold her tightly. She moves her hands up to my face and strokes the sides of my cheeks. At this point I am hard, and pretty much hers to enjoy.

‘Let’s go’ she whispers pulling from my face.

We stand and I adjust myself, hoping that my erection isn’t too obvious. Looking out across the water with my arm around her I realise that the sun has set and the ocean is bursa escort only just visible through the clear air. We leave the pub and wander hand in hand down the hill towards our tent. As we walk through the empty grounds, I plan a little ahead. I have a couple of pre-rolled joints, a gram of unrolled pot, some tally-ho and the night ahead of me as a canvas. Reaching our tent I grab my weed, lock my car and find her sitting in the tent, shoes off and smiling broadly. She moves back into the tent as I bend, remove my shoes and climb into the tent. We have a bed setup, a lilo with a warm doona covering the soft material. I zip the door but open a second door at the back which has the fly as a shield from the outside world. As we lie on the bed facing each other I am nearly overcome with desire. A light, 50 metres up the road from us, just illuminates her eyes, sparkling off them. I pull her close to me arms around her back so that her body is pressed against mine. Still gazing at her face I kiss her on the lips, the nose, her forehead, her cheeks and feel her breath against mine. We hold each other close, enjoying the body heat for a moment. Sitting up I pull out a spliff and wink at her as she lies there head on her arm. I spark up and draw back feeling that musty smoke enter my lungs. I exhale and pass the joint across. The drug hits my brain and everything becomes a little softer, a little more relaxed. I lie back down beside her face close to hers as she exhales, I open my mouth and she breathes deep into my mouth. With our breath mingling I place my hand against her left breast feeling her heart beat under her singlet top. She places the joint against my lips and I draw again. The next few minutes are consumed by our smoking, lying close to each other and enjoying the feeling of relaxation. We can take our time, the night is young and we have nothing planned for the following day.

When the spliff is finished I reach out and stub it out on the grass outside the tent. As I lay back down, we giggle, silly high and loving it! I interrupt her giggling by kissing her hard on the mouth, feeling her stifled laughter. She is soon too distracted to laugh as we kiss and kiss, our hands roaming across each others back. With her body against mine I begin to stiffen again, and push my hips against hers so that she can feel me hard against her groin. She moves her hips as if dancing to a beat, rubbing herself against my hard penis. I slide a hand under her top and stroke across her stomach, upwards until I find her bathers that cover her breasts. As we grind against each other my fingers locate her nipple, over her bra, and play with it gently. She gasps slightly through our kiss and runs her hand through my hair. I pull my hand back and tug gently at her top, indicating that I would like it removed. She raises herself on her elbow and with a practiced sweep she pulls the top over her head. I aid her by pulling it off fully and throw it to the side. I can just make out her breasts. They are full and smooth, a gentle curve that swells my dick further. I push her onto her back and kiss her neck and throat, moving down slowly, licking the skin. Her chest is heaving by the time I reach her breasts. Taking great care I pull the strap across her shoulder and reveal her right breast, her nipple erect in the coolish air. I flick my tongue over it before sucking it shallowly into my mouth. My hand roams across to the other and I pinch it, starting softly but with more and more pressure.

‘Fuck that feels good’ she moans.

She reaches over my shoulder and pulls my shirt up, revealing my back. Then it’s off and she can stroke the hairs on my chest, her fingers roaming across me and playing with my nipples. It is my turn to gasp. I run my hand down her stomach, past her navel and under her skirt, which is loose enough for my hand to travel downwards easily. bursa escort bayan I place my hand against her pussy, through her knickers. My mouth is still sucking her tit harder this time. My hand cups her vagina, fingers on the material that covers her lips. I can feel the warmth oozing out of her. She pulls my head back up and kisses me, with greater abandon than before. Our tongues melt against each other, softly probing the moist regions of our mouths.

I allow my fingers to slide under her knickers and I can feel her bare cunt for the first time. I slide down across her pubic hair, avoiding her clit and down to her labia. She is fully wet, and my finger slides easily into her. She bucks slightly as I enter her, stroking her silky insides. After probing her gently for a moment I am stalled as she sits up, moving from my kiss. Raising herself off the bed she slides out of her skirt and knickers. Her aroma fills the small tent and my head. Suddenly I can think only of sliding into her, filling her up. Taking her cue I unzip my pants and slide out of them, my boxers following quickly. My hard cock pulses in the open air. Her hand, guided by instinct and the little light there is, finds it and grips it tightly. Her thumb plays against the wet tip, moistened by pre-come. We are shaking with anticipation as I roll over onto her body. We are face to face, chest to chest and groin to groin. Resisting, temporarily the temptation to slide into her I grind my hips against her, feeling the head of my cock slide against her hard clit. I slide up and down a fraction, each downward phase a little closer to her open vagina. When the head finally brushes her hole we are both ready.

We kiss open mouthed as I press into her, my 6 and a half inch dick filling her. The first stroke lasts only a second or two, but in my love intoxicated and slightly stoned mind it feels like an eternity. Time seems to slow as we join, my dick pulsing and her internal muscles squeezing and releasing as we begin to fuck. Her heat and her moisture flows around my penis. Suddenly time flows again and we nearly tear each other apart. The sexual tension, building all evening is released in a violent, passionate frenzy. I thrust and thrust and feel her spread her legs wide, willing me to penetrate her as deeply as possible. Our tongues do not part, lips against lips as we moan and writhe. She moves her legs upwards, with me still inside so that her cunt is in perfect position for my dick to fill her. Her fingernails rake my back which urges me on. I can feel every muscle in her tight pussy, each gripping and releasing with each thrust of our hips. We are both gasping, passion fully overcoming our consciousness so that we are aware only of each other and the growing excitement in our bodies. Her tongue fully enters my mouth and as it flicks against mine I feel myself explode, animal grunts escape our mouths. The tension in my body hits desperation point, and suddenly I peak, thrusting without thought as her cunt milks my dick. My mind is devoid of any human thought as ecstasy flows through my body, from my toes, up my legs, and down from my face, across my chest and focuses in my groin. My juices jet into her, filling her with warmth and love.

When I finally regain some control of my body, I find myself lying on her, my dick still hard and twitching inside her, our stomachs melded with intermingled sweat. Her chest is heaving as much as mine as she grips me tightly with her arms. I open my eyes and still kissing her softly gaze into her eyes, mere centimetres from mine. I can see her love beaming out and filling me. She rolls from under me, managing to keep me inside her so that we face each other again.

‘Ah fuck Al’ I gasp. “Oh my fucking god – I love you’.

‘Did you like that?’ she asks, flexing her pelvic muscles so that they grip my cock hard.

I can escort bursa only nod.

After we have gather ourselves we lie spoon like, my cock against her arse and chest against her back. My arm wraps around her, under her armpit and rests on her left breast, fingers around her nipple squeezing gently. We light another joint, and as we smoke we giggle about how amazing that just was. I struggle to articulate how amazing it was, but my cock tells the story, swelling again against her arse cheeks. I spread her cheeks a little so that my erection is gripped by them, and lubricated by our come I can easily slide up and down. I allow my fingers to roam down to her pussy. I am amazed by how wet she is, my come flowing from her cunt and mixed with her secretions provide the perfect lube for my index finger that finds her clit. We are both nearly fully aroused again as I rub her gently, around, over and against her little button. Her hand moves down and rests against mine so that she can control the speed and action. I can hear her breathing deepen as I deftly stroke her. I thrust up and down her arse crack with more intensity, feeling the head press slightly against her anus. I let it lie there for a moment to allow her imagination to take over, but push my cock further down and slide into her, still with my arm around her. I can enjoy her body heat, and the tightness of her, gloved around my cock, without the all-consuming passion I had felt earlier. Leaving her hand on her cunt I move up and play with her breasts as she masturbates. I kiss the back of her neck as I feel her tighten and tighten as she approaches that plateau of energy. I don’t thrust hard, just move slightly in and out, allowing her to concentrate on my fingers pinching her nipples and also on her fingers pressing in the right places. I moan as she moans, our bodies are in perfect sync, I can nearly feel her orgasm rising. I am able to control myself, having just come so there is no question about me spoiling the show. Suddenly she goes into overdrive, her fingers working her clitoris speed up and her hips thrust harder against mine, pushing down so that I fill her hard from behind. It is her turn to moan uncontrollably as her body shakes. Just as it appears that she is peaking I move my mouth across to hers and she turns, open mouthed with a gasp and I kiss her wildly, hands playing on her breasts. This is enough, she stops rubbing and for a moment her body stiffens but is still. Then the orgasm flies across her skin and her cunt muscles spasm on my cock, fully engulfed in her. With such energy flowing through her, my cock pulses itself, a mini-orgasm sweeps through me.

She lies there, in my arms, for a few minutes, we are nearly dozing, my cock still in her and my hand still on her breast. Then she rolls over, my cock is released from her grip and she kisses me. We relax into a loving hug, both of us content on feeling each other so close that our hearts beat in time.

The rest of the night is consumed by cigarettes, silly talk and sex. Throughout the night we make love in every conceivable position. She rides me, her legs spread wide apart, and fingering herself; I fuck her doggy style, deep thrusts into her loosened pussy, my index finger deep in her arse. I eat her out slowly, licking her clit, sucking her hole and flicking my tongue across her arse; covering my face with her juices and my come which she licks off my face after her quavering orgasm. We doze together arms around each other. There are times that I feel like I am asleep but still am conscious enough to gently thrust into her. I’m sure she sleeps as I enter her, but then she wakes to kiss me or to suck my nipples. Once, after I am nearly fully asleep I feel her mouth swallow my soft cock, sucking it into fully erection again. I am barely able to murmur that I love her, and when I finally come, a warm soft orgasm I can only just feel the come leave my body to be swallowed by her sweet mouth.

It is first light that we finally fall properly to sleep, under the doona with arms around each other, her leg across mine and our faces brushing each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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