My Flirty, Dirty Roommie Pt. 01

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“Tonight I’m having a very special guest over, so I need you to be good,” Marcela said, grinning at me.

I looked up at her from my laptop begrudgingly. “Did you want me to leave?”

“Not if you don’t want too…” she answered, pouting. But her real message was clear.

You could say a lot of bad things about Marcela, but one thing was for sure: She was hard to say ‘no’ too. All I wanted to do tonight was to work on my script. For once I had my agent actually interested, but only if I made some major revisions and by tonight. But when I looked up into those big blue eyes, I could already feel my resolve weakening.

“You know I have work to do. This is important.”

“I said you don’t have to leave,” she snapped. “Just stay out of the way and don’t tell anyone who is coming over.”

This piqued my interest. “Why? Who is it this time?”

Marcela grinned from ear to ear. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“You’d better tell me in case I accidentally say something incriminating…” I teased.

“Oh stop,” she giggled, giving me a light smack on the shoulder. “He’s only a minor politician… you’ve probably never heard of him. Thing is he’s… a ‘family man’, you know…”

“Where in the world would you meet somebody like that?”

“Oh… at a party,” she yawned. “A fundraiser I was catering. Apparently he’s some kind of rising star on the city council or assembly or something like that. All I knew was he was cute and I wanted him.”

With that last word she flounced off leaving me in a daze.

Marcela and I had lived together now almost a year. Aside from her being an incredibly distracting presence, we were fairly compatible roommates. We were both hungry to get somewhere in the industry, and shared similar… let’s say, liberal philosophies when it came to romance, which meant it was helpful that we were both good at keeping a secret. We both wanted as much sex as possible without the burden of getting tangled up in a relationship. You could say taking people home had become a sort of friendly competition between us.

We had only hooked up once, early in our cohabitation, when we were both new to the city and didn’t know anybody, when I was horny out of my mind and found her absolutely irresistible.

She was gorgeous – soft skin, and those big blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, petite and a killer body. I knew before long what a naughty girl she was, but still there was something about her sweet face that seemed positively innocent.

The night we shared together was one of the best fucks of my life which I won’t soon forget. But after the fun was over, we both agreed to keep our distance since we were living together and wouldn’t want to risk our relationship becoming any more… complicated. That didn’t mean I wasn’t in a nearly constant state of arousal having her around all time, and hearing her in the next room with the men she took home.

It made it all the better whenever I had company. I loved fucking beautiful women knowing she was close by. She was the favorite subject of my fantasies.

I tried to concentrate on my work as she got ready for her big date. Pink lipstick and shiny gloss, one skimpy dress after another which she delighted in putting on and taking off right within my sightline.

The little tease. I often thought that if she put as much effort into her acting as she did in her flirting, she’d have an Oscar by now.

I admit I was lost in a reverie when the doorbell rang and gave me a start. So, he had arrived. And this was my cue to be shooed to the next room.

I gathered up my things, and with a sigh removed myself as she answered the door. I heard her purr with delight greeting the stranger, and for a moment I felt a pang of jealousy.

Planting güvenilir bahis myself at my desk in my room I began to close the door, but then decided suddenly against it. When she saw I had left the door ajar and was watching her with her new man, she glared daggers at me and I grinned wickedly back at her.

I loved to watch her work.

“I’m glad you could make it, I hope it wasn’t too far out of your way,” she hummed, brushing his arms with her fingers as she removed his suit jacket.

I could see why she was interested in him. Looked good in a suit, had one of those edgy haircuts where his brown hair was obnoxiously always in his eyes. I could definitely imagine dozens of young campaign interns fantasizing about their chance with the young up-and-comer who was finally going to change things for the better. Right.

I could tell he seemed nervous, and suddenly, we made eye contact.

“Who’s…?” he began, but Marcy shushed him quickly. “Just my roommate, don’t worry. He’d never tell on me…”

“You said we would be alone,” he insisted.

“I promise. Nobody is going to find out. He’s busy anyway.”

She made a rude gesture at me to shut the damn door, and I pretended to comply… shutting the door most of the way, but leaving it just a crack so I wouldn’t miss out.

And like that she was in full seductress mode. I knew I should be working on my script, but I couldn’t help but watch as she whispered in his ear and loosened his tie.

Within minutes he had forgotten his reservations, and was kissing her soft pink lips with enthusiasm, his arms wrapped around her perfect little body. His hands moved up and down, finally cupping that pert little ass, pulling her closer to him, and I heard her sigh with enjoyment.

I suddenly became aware of how hard my cock was, and how uncomfortably it was straining against my pants. At that moment all I wanted to do was to shut the door and rub my cock to a satisfying climax. But that would mean shutting the door, and missing out on Marcela’s little show…

She was rubbing his dick through his pants now. He had his eyes closed in ecstasy, but too my astonishment he kept batting her little hands away.

“We shouldn’t,” he moaned.

“Why’d you come over here then?” she countered.

He had no answer for that, but I could see the guilt on his face as she undid his belt.”

“Come on Wendell,” she sighed. “Don’t tell me you’ve never done this before…”

His name was Wendell? Really? This poor guy probably had no idea what he was in for.

“I have never done this before,” he insisted. “I have always been true to my… my…” he stammered as he felt his pants get unzipped.

“Your what?” Marcela teased, pulling his hard cock out of his boxer-briefs. “Come on baby, it’s only a bit of fun…”

And with that, her pink little tongue was all over his dick, licking and teasing him from the head to the base, leaving poor Wendell completely breathless and helpless.

She was an expert little cocksucker and I knew from my own experience… When I came in her mouth, it was like nothing I had experienced before…

Suddenly, just as her perfect lips were around his shaft, she locked eyes on me, and moaned with enthusiasm.

So, she knew I was watching her little performance.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, and undid my pants. I began running my hand up and down my shaft in time with her as she gave this guy the blowjob of his life.

Impulsively, I kicked the door slightly open. Wendell didn’t notice me, but she got a good view of me and my hard cock. I watched her eyes narrow in ecstasy, and as she beat Wendell off with her right hand, she fumbled with her own panties with her left until they were around her knees and she was türkçe bahis rubbing her own sopping wet clit.

Suddenly Wendell was cumming in her mouth and on her face, groaning loudly. What a perfect sight she was as she licked her lips, and wiped her face with her palm.

Wendell seemed like he could barely stand and stumbled to collapse heavily on the couch.

She followed him hungrily, tugging at his pants and his shirt, and putting her mouth again around his limp dick.

“Baby,” he moaned. “I can’t…”

“Yes you can,” she insisted.

“I can’t,” he panted. “I’m spent. That was incredible.”

Marcela glared at him. “Good for you. But I’m not finished yet.”

Oh, how badly I wanted to march right into that room and finish what this guy wasn’t man enough to. I’d have her writhing on the floor with her legs up in the air… I could see the frustration on her angelic face and how badly she needed to get off…

But if I did that, I knew I would be violating her trust and the special promise that she and I had made to keep our distance. After all, it was for the better…

But I could swear she kept stealing glances in my direction. My heart was pounding in my chest, as I slowed the rhythm of my fist on my cock.

“I better go,” Wendell sputtered. What an idiot!

“No, not yet!” Marcella whined, holding on to him by his belt.

“This isn’t a good idea,” he insisted, brushing her away and zipping up his fly. “I have to go.”

With that he grabbed his suit jacket, and was out the door in a hurry, Marcela cursing after him.

Hardly aware of what I was doing I began to unbutton my shirt and tug my underwear off. An injustice had been committed to the girl that I… well, the point was somebody had to do something about it!

I kicked the door all the way open and declared triumphantly, “That’s what you get for fooling around with married men!”

She whirled around, glaring at me. “Go fuck yourself!” she snapped, but I noticed she couldn’t keep her big blue eyes off my hard cock.

“Enjoy the show?” she said flippantly.

“I don’t think the show’s over.”

“That’s what you think,” she scoffed.

Marcela grabbed her abandoned panties off the floor, and tried to storm off into the other room, but I was after her. I put my arms around her from behind and greedily began kissing her neck. She moaned.

“James, what are you doing you idiot…”

“Shh,” I said as I reached around and cupped her breasts. “That coward has no idea what he’s missing… but I do.”

She hummed with satisfaction, and I felt her rub her round ass into my crotch.

I must have been crazy not to do this sooner! How could I go almost a year with the girl of my dreams in the next room, and do nothing?

I rubbed my hard cock into her behind, as I eagerly unzipped her dress. I ran my hands along her soft shoulders and arms, as I watched the pink garment fall into a puddle on the floor. “I want you. Bad,” I whispered in her ear.

“I noticed that,” she sneered, her eyes closing in pleasure. “But I thought you and I had made an agreement…”

“Fuck that agreement. We’re just wasting our time,” I breathed, as I hungrily kissed down her spine to the clasp of her bra. I gave her back a little nibble before quickly undoing the clasp and letting her bra fall and her breasts spring free.

I turned her around to look into those big blue eyes, looking at me with hunger and some astonishment. Her creamy breasts were perfect round handfuls and I couldn’t resist kissing each of them before sucking on her left hard pink nipple. She moaned in satisfaction, grabbing my hand and placing it on her hot wet pussy.

Eagerly, I pushed my finger between her pussy lips and felt how enticingly güvenilir bahis siteleri slick she was. I began to rub her clit in tight circles, and she spread her legs further to accommodate me.

“Yes, that’s it,” she moaned. “Make me cum, James, I need it bad.”

Hungrily I kissed down her torso, all the way down to her hot cunt. Grabbing her by the hips, I suddenly pushed her back into the couch and spread her legs. I wanted to lick her cunt like my life depended on it, but she had been such a naughty tease today, I thought it better she get some of her own medicine.

One by one, I kissed each of her creamy thighs, until she was squirming underneath me.

“Poor baby didn’t get what she wanted today, did she…” I breathed. She grabbed me by the hair and tried to direct me to her pussy, but when I licked her, I did it long and slow…

“Oh, James stop being such a jerk!!” she screamed. “I need to cum, please, I need to cum now!”

“You didn’t like that?” I asked innocently. “I thought you wanted me to lick your pussy.”

“Yeah but… don’t stop!”

I grinned at her. She was so aroused and so furious. I guess it was only right that I give her some relief…

I licked her pussy again, and then again and again until she was moaning with pleasure. Gently I sucked on her little clit and felt her squirm as I took one finger and shoved it up her cunt. I began to finger fuck her as I licked her clit, until I could feel her orgasm was near… her body tensed and her toes curled… and I backed off.

Marcela completely lost it. “What the fuck is your problem?”

I began stroking my own cock as I looked at her, all flushed and out of breath on the couch. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman look more horny.

“What, you think this is all about you?” I teased. “I haven’t cum either tonight…”

Marcela looked up at me, biting her lip. “So?”

“So. Stand up. Turn around.”

After a moment hesitation, she grinned, and showed me her shapely back.

“Now hands on the couch.”

As she bent over and gave me the view of a lifetime I thought I would cum right there. But I took a deep breath, and kept myself calm.

I dipped two of my fingers into her sopping cunt, grunting with pleasure at how wet she had become. I rubbed some of that wetness onto my cock, before slipping my cock between her legs and rubbing it back and forth against her clit.

“That’s it, that’s it, that’s it!” she moaned.

And I knew I couldn’t resist her any longer.

I plunged my cock into her cunt up to the hilt. She moaned half in pleasure half in pain, but as I rested my hands on her hips and began to fuck her, I knew this was exactly what she needed.

Her tight pussy was like heaven. Every time I thrust into her I could feel her squeeze my cock like the expert slut she was.

Suddenly I could feel her suddenly reaching her release. She screamed out in pleasure as I continued to plow into her. She shivered all the way down to her toes as I mercilessly fucked her. “Oh, God, James, oh God, it’s too much!”

I reached around to pinch her nipples, picking up speed because now it was all about me. From this point on, she was my perfect fuck Goddess and I’d have her as much as I wanted. Whenever I wanted.

With a grunt, I exploded, pulling out at the last minute and cumming all over her wonderful ass. She screamed out in pleasure, and I breathlessly collapsed into the couch.

“Feel… better?” I gasped between breaths.

“A little better,” she teased, as she reached for a small towel to wipe off my cum. “Except I’m terribly concerned about all the work you have to do tonight!”

I glared at her, but it was tough being angry at her, especially when she was naked.

“James?” she purred collapsing next to me on the couch.

“What?” I answered, kissing her on the forehead.

“This doesn’t mean that it’s gotten complicated, does it?”

“No,” I said, my heart sinking. “Of course not.”

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