The Science Teacher Ch. 1

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Bud Walker was getting frustrated. He gripped his cigar between his fingers, waving it like a baton. His wife really wasn’t in to this tonight he figured. If she wouldn’t help him out then fuck her, he decided, he would get some real help.

“Damn it Mattie, you suck cock like a fucking whore! Suck the head, cunt!”

She tried, but failed to meet his strict standards. Mattie secretly was pleased with herself. It had worked! Tonight she would get some relief from being savagely taken by her husband’s giant 14 inch cock! She worshipped his cock, but sometimes getting your cunt and ass fucked every night was just too much. Her body ached from the pounding she had taken just last night and she needed a break desperately. She needed time to heal!

“If that’s the best you can do you can forget about getting any of my cock tonight! Now get your ass up on the bed, lay down, and spread your fucking legs! All you’re gonna get is the measly 10 inch dildo bitch! And don‘t think I’m gonna let your stud son come in here to stick his big, hairy cock in you either!”

Mattie whimpered at his words. Maybe her plan hadn’t worked so well after all. She loved it when her son fucked the shit of her. She hoped he would remain a good lover and not learn everything from his dad

“Jim! Damn it to hell son! Stop fucking your sister with that huge cock of yours and get in here and show you’re mamma how to suck a real man’s cock!”

Bud listened for his son’s reply. He knew without being told that his son was giving his sister a long, hard fuck! She was after him all the time to stick his boy cock in her well used cunt. He wondered if they had graduated to ass fucking yet? He’d need to have a talk with his boy about that real soon!

“Be right there dad!”

Jim Walker couldn’t believe his ears. How lucky could you get?! Here he was throwing the meat of his 10 inch prick into his sister Kelley and now he got to finish off his dad too! Jim smiled proudly as he pulled out of his sister’s steamy, cum filled pussy with a loud plop. Thankfully he had had just enough time to shoot his hot cum! He loved the way his sister could clamp down and make her shaved cunt feel fairly tight even though his dad had just about stretched her out too much already.

Stll naked, he now stood in the open doorway of his parent’s bedroom. They always left the door open when they were having sex, that’s how he and his sister knew that their parents were fucking again…as usual…some more! He had watched forever it seemed. There had never been a big fuss about sex in this house, his mom and dad having sex right in front of him and his sister whenever the mood struck them! They made no attempt to hide their sexuality from their kids. His dad said that sex and fucking were the most natural things on earth, and that everybody did it, so why pretend that they weren’t when they were!

Bud watched with pride as he studied the fine specimen of manhood that his son had become. The boy stood there, grinning ear to ear, his cock sticking straight out from his waist. Bud could see the globs of boy cum dripping down onto their bedroom carpet. He motioned for the boy to enter, blowing a thick plume of cigar smoke right at his wife’s face. She inhaled the second hand smoke deeply, she knew after nearly 25 years of marriage that it was expected. Damn it!, he thought to himself, he hated to deprive her of his mighty fucking machine, but she had to learn who was the boss.

“Damn it boy! You’re dripping cum all over the fucking carpet! I’m glad to see that somebody knew how to help you get your rocks off!” he smirked, looking at his wife.

Mattie never really heard the insult. The flesh colored vibrating dildo was making too much noise as it hummed, plunging in and out of her hairy pussy. It was just the right size to fill her without that over stretched sensation. With her free hand she pinched her clit as her fingers dug through her hairy nest. She had wondered for a long time why Bud had made her let her cunt grow as hairy as it could, afterall, he made Kelley keep her pussy freshly shaved every day. Finally, she figured her macho husband liked the idea of fucking little hairless pussies! A wave of ecstacy swept over at the thought as she hit her hot spot over and over. She moaned with pleasure as the entire fake cock completely disappeared into her soggy snatch.

“Suck daddy’s big, hard cock son! Make your daddy cum! I wanna feel that tongue pulling the juice right out of my balls when I fuck your mouth!”

Junior smiled as he saw his dad’s face. Damn, he looked manly with that cigar stuck in his mouth. He rushed forward, taking his dad’s cigar and drew in several times. Letting the smoke out slowly through his nose, he lowered himself to his knees below his standing father. Taking one last big puff, he held in the magical smoke and handed the fine Dominincan Robusto back to his dad. He quickly sucked the lust bloated purple cockhead past his outrageously stretched lips, forming a perfect seal. He bahis firmaları loosened his mouth to let the smoke swirl out around his dad’s swollen shaft, and watched the smoke mingle in his dad’s hairy pubes.

“Fuckin’ A son! Look at that Mattie!’ he boasted proudly, “Look at the son of a bitch suck!”

Even with all the practice that he had, there was no way Jim could take all his old man’s prick, so he had learned some special tricks just to please him. His tongue swirled over, under, and around the throbbing crown, fluttering his dad to near instant orgasm. He let his teeth scrape gently down the pulsing shaft, creating a tension on the skin that drove Bud mad

“Oh yeh, honey! That’s real hot! You taught him real good!” Mattie said.

“Just proves what I’ve always said, if you want a good blowjob, a man’s gotta do it!!”

Jim agreed. His dad gave better head that any of his girl friends or their moms! He continued his slurping motion, riding his dad’s shaft nearly to the hairy nest at the base. His dad’s balls were so big and hairy that he could handle only one in his hand at a time, but that didn’t keep him from alternately massaging and squeezing, knowing that his dad wouldn’t last too much longer after this action. He wanted more of his dad’s cigar, but knew that was out of the question until he felt the thick man cum splashing against his throat and down to his stomach. He also knew that he wouldn’t have to wait long now!

Kelley now stood in the doorway watching the erotic secene unfolding before her. She knew that to some of her friends this scene of family bonding might seem a little unusal at first. Her mom lay on the bed, her knees drawn up with the 10 inch dildo buried deep in her dripping pussy. Dad stood at the foot of the bed, all 6′-3″ of him, puffing his cigar to a bright red glow as her brother’s slurping sounds reverberated throughout the bedroom drowning out the vibrator. She had to give credit where it was due. Her brother sucked cock like a pro, but she was much better at swallowing the creamy jism from her father’s cock than he was. She never spilled a drop. She lewdly licked her lips as her dad thrust violently in and out of her brother’s red face. She knew he was having trouble getting air to his lungs with the mammoth prick blocking the way. She had something special she wanted to ask her dad, but was having trouble getting up the nerve. It was no use to talk to mom about this, dad would be the only one that could give her permission. She had been trying for nearly a week to find the right time to ask. She almost blurted out her request two nights ago as her father thrust his mighty cock sword into her her sweet ass, but she waited too long, and the opportunity was lost. Maybe now, now that he was distracted, this would be the best time. Maybe he would say yes before he even thought about what she had just asked! She decided to chance it, it was now or never.

“Daddy, can I go to Science Camp during Spring Break? Please! I’ve been good all school year and I’m already eighteen, and jeez, it’s almost too late to sign up now already.”

“Damn it to hell Kelley! Can’t ya’ see I’m getting my cock sucked?! Jim here has got me right on the fucking edge! That’s it son, work that shit eating, nasty tongue!”

“But dadddddyyyyy!”

“Kelley, god damn it! Look at you baby! Your brothers thick cum is running down your legs! Get your fresh fucked cunt over to your mamma and eat her hairy pussy right this minute! Do you hear me girl?! he barked, his breath coming in short gasps as his balls swelled with lust and exploded through his tube.

“Oh! with pleasure daddy! Can we talk about…….

MMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!! Eat your daddy’s hot sperm! Gobble me down! Feel that hot juice boy?”

Kelley gave up for the moment. She knew how her daddy liked to spurt in her big brothers’s throat. She watched, glassy eyed, as her stud father’s cock pulsed more and more cigar scented jism into her brothers already full cheeks. Jim couldn’t swallow fast enough as the off-white cream leaked from the corners of his mouth and ran down his chin.

Turning her attention to her mom, Kelley let her long tongue replace her mom’s dildo as she violated her mother’s most private place. Moving the vibrator to her nipples, Mattie was swept with waves of pleasure as her daughter brought her to the brink of ecstacy. This wasn’t Kelley’s favorite sexual activity, but she knew how much her mother needed her, and that was enough for her.

“Oh, uhmm, Kelley that’s so good baby! Swipe that pretty tongue through my puffy red gash! That’s it baby! Make mommy feel good! Uhm, oh shit! Lick my clitty you nasty cunt! Slurp my clit like your brother slurps his stud dad’s giant cock!”

Both parents orgasmed violently. Bud pulled out after three tremendous blasts and sprayed the remainder across his handsome boy’s face and chest. Finally drained, he rubbed the lust generated cum into kaçak iddaa the boy’s chest hairs and smiled. Taking the cigar from his mouth, he dragged the cut end through a glob of jism and handed it to his son.

“God damn good job son! Here,” he said proudly, handing the boy the cum soaked cigar, “You sure as hell earned it!”

Bud twisted his stud boy’s nipples as he watched Jim take in several deep lungs full of the fine Dominincan smoke. Bud was proud that his son wanted to smoke cigars with him just like he and his dad had done so many years ago. This was the natural order of things he decided. Fathers and their sons should smoke cigars together forever.

The next morning at breakfast, Kelley renewed her relentless attack on her dad. He hadn’t given her an answer last night, and this week was the deadline for signing up for camp. She shyly asked again as she helped her mother remove plates from the table.

“So, you really wanna go to this Science Camp huh?” Bud said, taking out a fresh cigar and making a perfect cut with his stainless steel cutter.

“Yeh, daddy, it will be so cool! Lot’s of us kids running around the woods learning about insects and stuff.” she purred seductively.

“Insects my ass! All they’ll learn about is the birds and the bees, and you already know about that shit!”

“But daddy, there’s this real hot guy that will be there!”

“Oh, so now the truth comes out!” he chuckled, lighting his fresh cigar. “You fucked him already?!” he asked, shaking out the match. He took two quick puffs and handed it to his son to finish. He repeated the process until two fragrant cigars began to permeate the room with manly smoke.

“No, daddy, I haven’t. That’s the problem! My pussy just gushes when I’m in class with him. I spend most of the time in class with my legs spread fingering my puffy cunt lips just thinking about him!”

“Really sis? Who is it, maybe I know him”

“Mr. Taylor, my Science teacher!”

“Holy shit dad! He’s the varsity linebacker coach at the Junior College! You’ve seen him dad, all the guys want to play for him. Built like a pro player himself!” Jim remarked, the admiration obvious in his tone.

Bud did know the one Jim was talking about. He was some hot dude! About 6′-2″ tall, 40, maybe 42 years old. Great build. Hard muscles and perfect proportions.

“But darling, her mother said, “You can’t have sex with your science teacher baby, he’s married and has kids your age!”

“But momma, he’s so hot! He likes me, I just know it, he always gets a hard on when I’m around him! All the kids want him bad!”

“I know baby, he is hot looking. I checked out his big, bulging crotch at the PTA meeting myself! Looks like he’s really hung!!” Mattie admitted, blushing slightly.

“Some of the kids say they’ve heard rumors that he likes to mess around too!”

“So you want him to fuck you, is that right honey?” Bud said, rolling a dense blanket of smoke toward her. Like her mother, Kelley had learned too, and leaned forward, drawing in her daddy’s smoke.

“Yes daddy! Please!” Kelley begged.

Bud didn’t like the idea of sharing his daughter with another man. He knew he couldn’t be with her 24 hours a day though, and just assumed that several hard cocked boys were sticking it to his daughter on a regular basis, in her cunt and ass both, he figured. That didn’t bother him, but the thought of another full grown man with a full grown prick spewing his rich, creamy seed deep into his daughter didn’t sit right with him. He twirled his cigar around in his mouth studying Kelley and then his wife. He knew whatever he decided would be law. He had to ask her a question before he could give a final ruling, and asked her point blank, “You gettting tired of your old man’s cock baby?!”

“Gosh no, daddy! You’re the best I’ve ever had! I can’t believe that I’d ever find someone bigger than you or better at making me cum like you do!” she said, appealing to his male ego.

Kelley, he thought, was right. She never would find someone with a bigger cock than him. Maybe she needed to find out just how good she had it at home, go out and fuck some of those 5 – 6 inch cocks that cum after 4 or 5 strokes!

“Well, honey, I ain’t gonna say yes or no right now. Today at school you tell him that if he wants you to go on the trip, he’d better get his ass over her Saturday night so we can talk about this! I gotta check him out first baby, daddy doesn’t want his girl to be hurt by some married man that just wants some quick pussy! Oh, and one more thing, tell him to leave the little lady and the kids at home!”

“Oh, daddy, thank you! I’m sure he’ll come! I just know he’s hot for me too!”

“Baby, he’d be a real ass hole to not want your sweet pussy!” Bud smiled lewdly as he spoke. His cock twitched violently in his pants, but he knew he din’t have time to throw a hard fuck in to her this late in the morning.

“Daddy, if you think he’s OK can I go on the trip?”

“Yes, sweetheart!”

“And kaçak bahis daddy, one more thing?”

“Now what Kelley?” he asked, starting to get annoyed at all the attention this teacher was getting from his daughter.

“If he’s alright would you make him fuck my pussy raw Saturday night?!” she pleaded.

“Shit yes, baby!, Bud laughed, Daddy will make him fuck your brains out!”

Jake Taylor was more than happy to talk to Kelley’s parents about the Science Trip. Many parents made this request before they would allow their children to go on a week’s trip. Kelley made his balls ache every time she was in his class. The big titted slut would sit in the front row with her legs spread fingering her shaved pussy! The little whore didn’t even wear underwear! She would stare right at his thickening crotch as she stroked herself. He had half a mind to just pick her up, spread her across his desk and feed her his 9 inch circumicised monster. The little bitch would probably faint when she saw his fat cock, or freak out like some of the other kids did when he unleashed his manhood. She would have only three choices basically he decided. She could take his mighty prick up her cunt, her ass, or better yet, she could suck the musky sperm right out of his nuts. The idea of spraying his wad all over her perky tits made him shudder. Just the idea that he and Kelley could spend some ‘quality teaching time’ together made his cock throb. He would definitely get her to that camp some way, even if he had to drop the $100 fee. She would be…..

“So…. Mr. Taylor, can I tell my mom and dad you’ll come Saturday night?! Mom said she’d even fix her famous homemade pizza.”

“Uhm, yeh, I guess I can get someone to take my wife and kids to her mother’s house this weekend. Her dad’s been sick and really wants to see her and the boys. I was going to pick them up on Sunday anyway. What time Kelley?” he asked, smiling brightly.

All the details had been worked out by the time Kelley left his classroom. He was coming! Ecstatic, she phoned her mom to tell her the news! Mattie felt her cunt lips beginning to swell as she talked to Kelley. Damn it! I have to stop this!” she said to herself.

Kelley whispered as she talked about the big cock she was sure he had and giggled like the school girl she was. She understood the sexual arousal her daughter felt at that age, that wasn’t what bothered her. Mattie wasn’t a high school kid, she admitted, so why was her pussy oozing like a firehose right this minute she wondered?!

The meal went by without incident. Kelley was so pleased that her family seemed to be on their best behavior for Mr. Taylor. He explained about the trip, giving more details than were really necessary, Kelley noted. After dinner the men went into her dad’s study. Kelley knew this would be the real time that her daddy checked her teacher out. How long would it take? Her pussy throbbed, hoping her dad liked him! Mattie watched her daughter and smiled. Kelley was so excited that it made her excited too! She secretly envied her daughter, knowing that she might get to fuck him tonight right here in her house!

Bud led Jake Taylor into his private study and closed the door. Motioning to a chair in front of his desk, he asked the stud football coach to take a seat.

“Jake will me having a cigar bother you?” he asked. “Not if I can have one too Mr. Taylor!” Jake laughed. Bud usually lit up right at the dinner table, but he hadn’t tonight. He knew he would get a hard stare from Kelley.

“Hell fire Jake, please, call me Bud.” Bud was already impressed, a man that liked a good cigar was OK in his book, and Jake had just scored one point in a game that had just begun! The two men fired up their cigars and leaned back silently to enjoy the first few puffs.

“Jake, do you mind answering some questions in private? Questions I couldn’t ask at dinner?”

“No, go right ahead.”

“I understand that you’re a married man and have kids of your own, is that right?”

“Yep, been married for nearly 22 years with two boys ages 19 and 18.”

“Two boys? You’re a lucky man!”

“I agree Bud. Kids can give you such a feeling of security.”

Bud drew in several puffs and expelled a dense blanket of tobacco smoke toward the ceiling before speaking. So far, so good, he thought to himself. At least he hadn’t taken an instant dislike to the man.

“Jake, when you get to know me better you’ll know that I don’t beat around the bush. I go straight to the point. Will that bother you? The next couple of questions are going to be very personal!”

Jake Taylor studied Kelley’s dad at length. He felt like he was maybe being set up somehow. He started to just get up and walk away, sensing that something was wrong here, but then remembered how Kelley had licked her lips every time she looked at him. Was she just a high school prick teaser, or did she have something in mind, he wondered. He decided he had to play this out.

“Bud, you can ask anything you want, but I don’t have to answer do I?!” he chuckled, reminding Bud.

“Well, Jake, you ever fuck any of your students?” Bud asked casually, expelling a long stream of smoke toward his guest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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