The Robinsons Ch. 04

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Authors Note

My thanks to AquaFire for editing.

Sorry for the delay in publishing this. It’s funny, the more I write the more I care about what I’m writing, and so it has taken me longer than I thought to get this to where I was happy with it.

This is the fourth chapter in, what I hope, will be a longish series. Ch. 5 isn’t far behind but whilst I thought it was nearly there, the reality is it needs more work.

The full story will explore themes such as incest, water sports, male on male, mild submission, if any of these turn you off then don’t read at all or skip the bits you don’t like. To be honest though this chapter has very few of these kinks.

Everyone in this story is over 18.


Chapter 4

The next morning I woke with a raging hard on. It wasn’t surprising given last night’s activities but there was something else. As my brain and senses stirred, I realized Kath was spooned against me. Her heat was pleasant against my back and her tits were crushed to my skin. She was humping against my ass, she obviously didn’t have a cock but if she did then I think she would be fucking me with it right now.

She was rubbing her finger across my top lip; I could smell where it had been.

“Hi baby, have you been fingering yourself this morning?” I asked sleepily.

“Yes,” she whispered hoarsely, “taste me.” She pushed her finger into my mouth and I sucked on her wetness.

She groaned in to the back of my head.

“Fuck me!” she demanded. Her voice was lustful and sultry.

“Kath, we’re meant to save it for the game.”

“Fuck the game,” she hissed, “I need you now.”

“I need you too but…”

“But what?” She sounded almost hurt.

“You know what? I’m enjoying what we’re doing. I’m enjoying playing the game. I’d love to fuck you now, to empty myself into you, but the edging we did last night and the tension that will build up through today will make whatever happens tonight even…well…you know.”

Truth be told, it wasn’t just about building tension. There was something incredibly erotic about someone else being in control and I didn’t want to stop that for now. We’d already stretched the boundaries and I didn’t want to break them despite my wife’s temptations.

Kath thrashed her arms and legs against the bed in frustration and mock anger, “Arghhh…”

I chuckled as I got out of bed. “Hopefully, tonight, we will all get what we want.”

“Arghhh,” and more thrashing was her only answer.

I jumped in the shower in the vain hope that it would help my erection subside, but scenes and snippets of last night’s action kept replaying in my mind. Watching Mary masturbate, the power of my release, the feel of Pete’s cum-soaked pants against my skin, seeing Mary fully naked, watching my two girls lick each other’s pussies, sucking Pete’s cock, fucking Pete’s mouth. Fuck! We had moved quickly in just two nights!

But the thing I kept coming back to was when we were cleaning Kath. She’d admitted to feeling slutty and she had certainly opened herself to us but perhaps not totally. There appeared to be no inhibitions, it seemed to me that she enjoyed being “slutty”, revelled in it even but there was still the suggestion that it was in response to the game rather than her real nature. Every time I thought about what we’d done with her ass, my cock twitched. It wasn’t so much the anal play itself but the way me and Mary had controlled her, and Kath had been turned on by it.

I couldn’t help but wonder whether that relationship would continue to develop and whether Kath could ever be the sub for the family. My wife had a powerful sex drive and we had a very active sex life but the idea that she could be a live in sex toy, a slut, for the family to use as we wanted excited me almost beyond words. I was convinced that without the game we wouldn’t be this far and we wouldn’t explore the boundaries of our desires. That’s why I was willing to surrender to it; or at least that’s what I rationalized.

I’d finished my normal shower routine but suddenly I remembered how good Pete looked with his pubes removed and wanted the same. So I shaved. I’d never done it before and shaving my ball sack proved particularly difficult, but the idea that I was preparing myself for tonight’s session turned me on. Like a boxer pulling on his gloves, the act of preparing stirred me and filled me with anticipation. When I was done I was perfectly smooth and hard. I ran my hands over my abdomen and balls admiring my handiwork. I couldn’t wait for Mary to see what I’d done for her.

I was gutted that I had to go to work, I wished that I could have stayed at home and prepared further for the night ahead, but I had a big client meeting that I simply couldn’t get out of. I set off for work with a heavy heart imagining the fun we could have if we had the day to ourselves.

I’d been in the meeting for about an hour listening to the client drone on like some monotone zombie who was trying to sound like he knew everything about coding. Under normal circumstances, I would have bahis firmaları happily put up with this for hours, other people’s stupidity and inane mumblings never really bothered me, but I was so preoccupied with thoughts of tonight that I couldn’t concentrate and this client was really starting to grind my gears.

Suddenly my phone pinged with a text from Bill.

“Wow,” is all it said. I replied with a smiley face and a thumbs up emoji.

“Where are you going with this?” I asked.

“You’ll see, but I’m having to adjust my plans. You’re already three steps ahead of where you’re meant to be,” he texted back.

“Fair enough. I know this is your game but we’re all keen to move it on,” I replied.

“I can see!! It’s awesome that you’re all in to it so much. I knew my plan would work and I told you to trust me, didn’t I?”

“So it seems,” I sent back.

“Any kinks you’d like me to know about and to weave in to the game?”

I thought carefully about how much I should reveal.

“Let me think about it.” I wanted to buy some time before I was forced to admit too much to him again.

“Don’t hide anything. The more I know, the better the game will be for you all,” he pushed.

I thought for a while then wrote, “Well, I want to fuck Mary and Pete is desperate to fuck his mom.”

“OMG, I did not know that!! Come on, tell me something that isn’t obvious.”

The events of last night played in my head again. I thought about the scene with the three of them on the sofa and the pleasure it gave me. I thought about the honest conversation in the restaurant which started all of this. I thought about the sub-dom thing developing between Kath and Mary and I thought about where this might lead.

I typed, “Kath has a secret water sport fantasy, nothing too kinky though. Last night, she was definitely turned on and her inner sub was on display. Pete enjoyed me sucking his cock but I think that’s more to do with the hedonistic situation rather than any gay tendencies; the women certainly enjoyed it though. I think Kath has a bit of an exhibitionist bent judging from how quickly she stripped for us. Is that enough for now?”

“Ok thanks, if you think of anything else, let me know.”

The meeting dragged on for ages. How was it possible to talk about debugging for four, long, boring hours. That, I didn’t know. But somehow we managed it and I actually got home half an hour later than normal despite driving like a maniac.

I walked into the kitchen to what was becoming a familiar scene, a box on the counter and everyone stood around waiting for me.

“Dad, why are you so late?” Mary whined.

“Sorry baby, I had a shit meeting which overran but I’m here now.”

“Well…well…fucking hell! That’s not good enough. You should have walked out!” Mary’s voice sounded genuinely irate and I was surprised to realize she was only half joking and that at least some of that frustration had turned to anger.

“Ok, well, we’re all here now so let’s calm down and get it opened,” Kath tried to mediate.

I laughed still thinking about Mary’s annoyance, “Just give me a minute to get my coat and shoes off, will you? Another couple of minutes won’t make any difference.”

Mary’s face looked like thunder.

Mary was already wound tight but just to crank her tension up a further notch so I took longer than I needed to. Chuckling to myself, as I lazily undid my shoes and then slowly unfastened my coat before very deliberately hanging it up.

When I returned, Mary huffed. She was well aware of my intentions and she wasn’t amused.

“Huh,” she snorted banging the top of the box, “It had better not be sex in there because if you think you’re fucking me after that, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Ha, well let’s hope it isn’t then,” I smiled, “I’d hate to miss out on your juicy pussy just because I took too long to take my shoes off.” I was shocked that Mary seemed to have accepted that that’s what would happen tonight.

Everyone froze, looking at each other slightly shocked at the outburst but then burst out laughing. I suspect it was as much about releasing the tension as anything else, even Mary joined in.

I grabbed the box. “Come on, I’ll take this into the room. Why don’t you lot grab some wine and we’ll open it in there.”

Once we were all sat down. I opened up the first envelope and read aloud, “As before, please open the challenge box when you are all together.”

I opened the box but inside there was only one envelope. I lifted it out and showed it to the others and turned the box upside down to demonstrate it was empty. We all looked a bit confused so I pressed on and ripped it open.

“Well done on last night’s tasks, you are certainly entering into the spirit of the challenges. I have transferred the money you earned directly to your individual accounts rather than burden you with the cash.”

“What? How have they done that?” Mary sounded shocked. She pulled out her phone and tapped a few keys, and after a few moments she had confirmed it.

“Well, kaçak iddaa whoever it is, they’re good to their word. The money is there alright,” she said, showing us her internet banking screen.

I continued, “Tonight’s task is also in two parts and each is worth $40,000.”

“Wow, that’s 80k if we do them both,” said Pete.

“That’s a lot of money,” added Kath. She often stated the obvious and was more cautious than the rest of us. I scanned her face, she looked worried about what we might have to do to earn $80k.

I went on reading the instruction, “Tonight’s tasks are all about oral sex. Before you start, you should decide what you want your partners to wear. Task one is simple. Pete will perform cunilingus on Kath until she comes and Steve will do the same to Mary. Task two is a reversal with Mary performing fellatio on Steve and Kath doing the same for Pete. The video and server details are as the previous tasks.”

I was slightly disappointed; this wasn’t anything more than what we did yesterday. Truth be told, I was hoping that tonight might be the night I fucked Mary. I looked around but I didn’t see any hint of disappointment from anyone else though.

My frustration soon melted away when Mary spoke.

“So Daddy, what do you want me to wear?” Her voice was childish but sultry and dripping with innuendo; my cock instantly responded.

I thought about what we were about to do. I realized I was going to be with Mary, not a family game with sexual content, but Mary and I were going to be together, intimate with each other. I looked at the beautiful creature sat beside me and imagined her warm nakedness pressed to mine, I imagined her naked pussy open for my pleasure, my cock strained against my pants as I pictured what was to come.

And wow, what a question as my mind snapped back to the task; what should she wear? There were so many options. I thought about asking her to go naked, then thought about the underwear she’d worn for the first night, then I remembered the blue bikini she’d worn to the beach last year, fuck she looked hot that day! The options were endless.

But suddenly, I knew what I wanted. “Do you remember what you wore when you were drunk a couple of weeks ago?”

“When I went clubbing, you mean?”

“Yep, that grey pleated skirt and the blouse.”

“I remember. It made an impression, did it?” she said, her eyebrows raised and a knowing smile playing at the corner of her lips.

“It did baby, I liked you in that and I thought you looked sexy.”

“Ok Daddy. Well that’s me sorted then.” She turned to Pete. “So Pete, what do you want Mom to wear?”

Pete’s eyes narrowed as he thought about his options. “Let me think about it for a minute,” he said. He turned to Kath and she was smiling and nodding as she mentally went through the options that he might choose.

“Mom what do you want me to wear?” he asked. It was clear that, as turned on as Pete was, he still had difficulty in asking for what he really wanted. We would need to work on that.

“Mmmm…,” she pondered. “I love how you look when you’re in your running gear, I love you in your football kit but all of that padding might get in the way, I loved how you looked in those shorts you had on yesterday…” she hesitated, thinking carefully about her next words, “but what I liked most was when you were naked. You have such a strong young body and you remind me of when I first met your dad. Will you be naked for me?”

“Naked it is then Mom,” Pete responded with a smile.

Pete seemed emboldened at the idea that he was turning his mom on. “Ok Mom, I know what I want you to wear.”

“Go on baby, whatever you want.”

“I want you to wear your tennis gear.”

Kath snorted in surprise, “WHAT…I…I haven’t played tennis…I haven’t worn that top and that skirt for…well…about four years.”

We all did the math. Pete would have been about 14.

“I know Mom but it had quite an effect during my formative years. I used to watch you play and…well… you know…,” his voice trailed off.

We all laughed at the idea of a young Pete getting himself off whilst thinking about his mom in her short tennis skirt and tight top.

Pete hadn’t finished, “But I don’t want you to wear a bra or any panties.”

Wow, that was bold, I thought; where did that come from?

Kath didn’t bat an eyelid. “Ok baby, like I said, whatever you want.” I could see her passions start to rise as Pete give her instructions. She liked it and was responding to it; I hoped Pete could see that too.

Mary turned to me. “It’s my turn Daddy”

“Ok Mary, what can I wear for you?”

“I want you naked as well Daddy. I want to see every twitch of your cock. I want to be able to see the effect I’m having on you, I want to be able to see what turns you on.”

“I want that too baby and I have a surprise for you.”

Mary smiled and her eyes narrowed as she tried to work out what it might be. “Oooh, I can’t wait,” she said as she and her mom went upstairs to get ready.

Me and Pete started kaçak bahis the camera then stripped. We were both clearly ready for the action that was about to unfold. I found myself looking at his cock. It was strong and vibrant, and imagined I could hear a faint hum as it throbbed with anticipation. I knew the game would almost certainly make us suck each other to an orgasm. I didn’t know what I thought about that, how would I feel as he shot his spunk in my mouth, could I swallow? I gulped. I don’t know whether it was fear, imagination or practice that made me do it but…

“Dad, what have you done?” Pete gasped, snapping me back to the room. His eyes roved over my shaved abdomen and scrotum and I wondered whether he was having similar thoughts.

I looked down at myself and ran my hands over my smoothness. “I saw yours yesterday and thought it looked good. I’ve never done it before but I thought I’d give it a go.”

“Looks good, I think Mary will like that,” he said with a nod.

“I hope so,” I replied wondering whether I should ask if he liked it too.

We sat with our wine waiting for the girls to arrive our cocks standing like flag poles. I could see how hard he was, he was full of vigour. I envied how powerful his cock looked, it wasn’t any bigger than mine but it looked like it was being driven by an engine powerful enough to drag the rest of his body around behind it.

“Ready,” they called from the hallway. The two girls held hands as they walked through the door and, me and Pete both wolf whistled in appreciation.

“Wow, you look amazing,” my voice was cracking with tension, my eyes roaming between the two visions before me as my cock lurched, desperate for attention.

Kath twirled Mary around. “So Steve, what do you think? Do you like your daughter dressed like a slutty school girl?”

Under normal circumstances there is only one acceptable answer to that question, but in this situation there was no need to lie.

“God, yes!” I said without hesitation. I could feel my inner fire raging, burning away any inhibitions, any doubts, I might have felt about what I was about to do to Mary.

Mary looked every bit as sensual, sexual and slutty as I remembered. Her tits were straining to get out of her bra, her bra straining to get out of the shirt, her bare stomach taut with anticipation and the short skirt and knee high socks hinting at the pleasures soon to be revealed.

It was Mary’s turn to be playful. She quickly flicked her mom’s skirt up, briefly exposing her naked pussy to prove to Pete she had obeyed his instructions.

“What do you think Bro? Do you like Mom dressed like this?” Mary asked.

“Oh yes!” Pete nearly growled. His eyes were roaming from her bare legs to the short floaty skirt to the polo shirt full of his mom’s tits. Her nipples were poking in beautiful silhouette against the fabric making it obvious how turned on she was.

Mary lifted Kath’s skirt again but this time she did it slowly and held it there exposing her pussy to Pete and me. “So Pete, is this what you used to think about when you watched our mommy playing tennis? Is this what you wanted to see?”

Pete could only nod.

Mary continued. “She does have a beautiful pussy, doesn’t she?” she was clearly enjoying her role as ringmaster come temptress.

I looked at Kath. Her face was slightly flushed as her daughter showed her off, but I could also see how turned on she was by it all.

“Mommy, turn around and bend over,” Mary directed.

Kath did without hesitation, and as she bent over her short white skirt rode up to just below her cheeks. Mary lifted it the rest of the way resting it on her lower back. Kath’s ass and pussy were fully exposed and we could all see that she was open and wet, her lips glistening with early dew.

Mary pulled her ass cheeks just to make sure that nothing was left to the imagination, “But I bet this is what you really thought about back then, isn’t it?”

“Oh god, yes!” Pete growled. His hips were humping his cock into the air as he imagined what it would be like to be inside his mom’s pussy. He was so turned on; I could see he was already starting to leak pre cum. I doubted he would last long once Kath had taken him into her mouth.

Mary whispered in to Kath’s ear but loud enough for us to hear, “I think your son wants you now.” With that, she threw herself into the cushions beside me.

Kath stood up and straightened her skirt. She walked over and took Pete’s hand then led him towards the other sofa.

Halfway there, Pete grabbed her, he couldn’t wait. They kissed, a real kiss, not a kiss of mother and son but a kiss of soon to be lovers. Kath held his head as their tongues passionately explored each other’s mouths; they panted and pressed against each other, their sexes seeking pressure from each other.

Pete grabbed her ass and pulled her tight. Kath pulled up her skirt up so her pussy was directly against his cock. They ground against each other, animal lust and instinct guiding Pete’s cock towards the waiting pleasure. Mary and I had stopped breathing as we waited for the inevitable, and with each thrust and strain we could see he was getting closer to his goal. He dipped his knees slightly and rutted against her as his cock sought her cunt.

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