Secret Vacation Rendezvous

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D: My lady fair, with golden hair
Doth lay beneath the covers, bare
One hand on the lock
’tis ten of the clock
Quietly I enter her lair

Her open arms take me within
Upon her face, a naughty grin
She spreads her legs wide
I slide deep inside
Ahhhhhh, feels good to be home again

S: Hello, Sir. Love it! I’d love it even more if you were buried deep inside me right now… my brother has just gone to bed 5 mins ago so now I’m naked in mine.

D: Just how I like you. I climb on the bed next to your naked body, I’m fully clothed. My clothing makes you feel even more naked, more exposed, more intimate and sexual. I hold myself up with my arms and lean down to kiss you.

S: Mmmmm…I release a contented sigh and reach to pull you closer, my fingers running through your hair and caressing the nape of your neck as your lips claim mine, my body arching towards yours.

D: Moving down, my lips find your neck and the flesh just beneath your chin… I hear you moan… from there, I trail down your shoulders and across your chest to find your breasts. I love your breasts, perfect fullness. Both nipples are very engorged and I happily take each into my mouth in turn. I free a hand to cup and squeeze your breast as I suck and nip your aroused flesh. Your body shifting and writhing beneath my attentions is a wonderful reward. I press firmer and bite a little harder.

S: Fuck… you’re making it even harder to type with your delicious words… I was writhing as I read them… and rubbing and pulling on my nips imagining your lips upon me… a pinch for each bite… tuzla escort my thighs part of their own accord and you inhale the heady scent of my arousal.

D: Keeping my lips and teeth against your nipple, I move my hand down and cup your pussy, my palm becomes instantly slick with your juices. Your hips rock upward, pressing and grinding yourself against my hand and I keep it firmly in place for your pleasure.

Shifting to the other nipple I’m more aggressive, pulling harder and nibbling deeper. My palm moves in a circular motion against the hard nub of your clit. You fist my hair so hard it hurts but I don’t flinch. Your legs lock around my hand and I feel your honey as it flows through my fingers. I keep up my motions against your pussy, indirectly rubbing your clit through your lips.

S: Dear god yes… I can just feel you here beside me… on top of me… teasing me, making me moan… I claw at your clothes, wanting to feel your naked skin pressing against mine… rubbing and pinching here… and very, very, wet.

D: My cock is now thrusting proudly from the fly of my slacks. You draw me up into a kiss.

“I want you,” I whisper in your ear.

Your hands find my belt and I quickly assist until my boxers and jeans are wadded up around my knees.

Your legs lock around mine and draw me forward. I take a moment to align myself and then sink into your body. My bare cock inside you feels amazing, sliding smoothly from all your arousal. Your legs draw me in and you smile as you bite your bottom lip. I thrust evenly in and out of you, sometimes all the way out to tease your tuzla escort bayan labia and clit with my cockhead before sliding back in.

S: Holy shit Sir… now I’m really struggling to type… playing and reading your words over and feeling it all… I’m breathing heavily here and biting my lip to stop moaning… you feel so damn good inside me, Sir.

D: We get into a good rhythm together and I watch your breasts bounce each time my body meets yours. You take your hands from my shoulders and reach above you to brace yourself against the headboard. I thrust harder… withdraw, then thrust and hold still inside of you, feeling your talented muscles stroke and caress my firm shaft.

S: Mmmmmmmmm… soooo close, Sir.

D: Not yet baby… not yet. You will ask my permission to cum.

“Deeper,” you whisper and I know exactly what you want.

You lift your legs and roll to your right. I lay behind you, all without actually slipping out from you. Now we’re getting serious. I grasp your breast from behind in one hand and both of your wrists above your head with my other. I begin to thrust, enjoying the soft pillow of your ass against my waist.

S: Of course I wouldn’t cum without your consent… edging like crazy here waiting for the next image you plant in my mind… but I can’t do much longer… even a thigh squeeze would do it… on my side now… pushing back to meet those thrusts and arching my back… fuck… please, please may I cum all over your big cock, Sir???

D: My cock gets just deep enough that with a powerful thrust I touch you inside, making you gasp. Pulling escort tuzla on your nipples as we fuck pleases us both, as I get to hold and squeeze your beautiful breasts to my heart’s content.

Princess, I’ve been touching and squeezing and rubbing in between mssgs… I’m getting close and I’m not going to last long like this. I let go of your breast and grab your hip. My thrusts become faster and deeper. Soon you’re gasping each time I feel my tip bump you inside.

I get faster and faster, again with a rush of sensations driving me wild: the tightness of your pussy, your eagerness in thrusting back to meet my cock, the roundness of your gorgeous ass, your hair wild around your head. Even the tiny struggles you make against my hand grasping your wrists inject an electric submissive nuance to our passions.

Finally, I release your wrists and reach around to stroke your pussy. I want to feel you cumming around my cock. Cum for me now, baby.

S: Fuck… have to now… cum with me… inside me.

D: Oh god yes. Close… so close… I feel you spasm around my cock… love to hear you cum. Balls are tightening… kissing you… moaning… cummmmmmmmming.

S: Fingers are a bit shaky to type… that was soooo good… and so needed… I hope my bro couldn’t hear as I came really hard… biting the pillow!

I love to picture you stroking and cumming and filling me with your warm seed.

D: So needed, baby? It’s been too long. I know it’s difficult for you to go a whole day without cumming.

It would be so good to be with you… holding each other, riding our waves of pleasure together… then relaxing as our bodies wind down. I would keep kissing you until my cock finally softened and slipped out of you… holding your body against mine… spooning and feeling our breathing calm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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