The Mother Load Ch. 02

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As I lay on her bed next to my mother, I worried about what was in store for me for joining in with Lorraine in this game of pleasuring her while she was bound and blindfolded. I had taken advantage of her and had hoped to get away with it by keeping my identity a secret. But that was now a forlorn hope. Lorraine had changed the rules of the game on the fly by removing the blindfold just as my mother started to climax for the first time. I had been well outed.

However, I had just given my mother three earth-shaking orgasms with my mouth. I could only hope that she would be pleased enough by that so that she would go easy on me.

My mother was lying quietly on her back next to me. She seemed to be recovering slowly from the rather strenuous workout I had put her through. I wondered too if she was mulling over her feelings about what had occurred and thinking about how it would affect our relationship.

Lorraine came over and lay next to me on the other side from my mother. My erection had not subsided at all. Much of my face was still covered with my mother’s juices, and the strong smell continued to excite me. Lorraine pressed her mostly naked body against me and soon began cupping and gently squeezing my balls. Every so often, she would stroke up and down my hard cock for a moment before returning to the scrotum, which loved the feel of being held in her hand. Every other trip up my cock, she would use her finger nails and spend some time toying with the head.

I was loving this, but finally I decided that I had to find out what my mother was feeling. Not wanting to face her too abruptly, I moved over between her still spread legs and started to creep up over her body, pausing to probe her navel with the tip of my tongue, and on to her breasts where I took some time licking and sucking on each firm nipple in turn. When I did this she made a soft noise, almost a purr, and put her hands on the back of my head. This was promising. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, after all. And, I remembered the little hint that Lorraine had given me earlier and wondered if my mother had actually revealed an interest in me to Lorraine.

Finally I moved up so that my face was over my mother’s. Because of the difference in our heights, my erect cock just came up to about her pussy. I wanted to tease her there and more, but I was worried about pushing things too far. It seemed safer to let her take the lead if anything further were to occur. So, I just rested the end of my cock up on top of her mons.

She had opened her eyes now and was looking up at my face from below. To my relief, she was smiling. She pulled my head down and bahis firmaları kissed me softly on the lips. Soon she started to probe with her tongue, and I let her in to my mouth, allowing our tongues to stroke each other, making my head swim. After a few minutes of this, she stopped kissing and began to lick me on the lips and around the lips.

“Wow, your face is completely soaked,” she said. “I love it. It’s like a juicy pussy. And my face is getting soaked too.”

She reached down and took my cock in her hand, giving me a little shock of pleasure from this first grasp by her and started sliding the tip up and down her slick furrow. Her mouth was right next to my ear, and she began to whisper, but loud enough for Lorraine to hear. “So, you have made it to mother sucker, and with high honors I have to say. I suppose you will now want to graduate to mother fucker.”

She continued stroking between her slippery labia with my cock, but now started to pause when it reached her entrance, allowing it to penetrate an inch or two before moving on. She was so open and wet, I could slide in easily. I was throbbing now and spurting little jets of precum into her when she paused to let me in. It took all my will power to stop myself from just plunging my stiff, needy rod all the way up into her warm, inviting snatch.

“The truth is Mommy would love you to be a mother fucker,” she whispered. “It has been ages since Mommy has had a meaty cock like this one throbbing way up inside her. And I know that I would be your first. You can’t imagine how exciting that idea is for me. But that would be crossing another line.”

With this she started squeezing my cock harder, causing it to jump. My head was mostly in a daze from the sensations, though I remember thinking, “Mommy? Where did that word come from? I haven’t called her that for at least ten years.”

“If we crossed that line, I know that you would want to do it all the time. Once you had thrust that big hard thing way up into Mommy’s warm, wet pussy, there would be no stopping you. Every time you came home from college, you would have to give Mommy a good fucking as soon as you got in the door. And Mommy would need it too. We would be at it like rabbits. It might just be better not to cross that line.”

Now she was pausing longer at the entrance and letting my cock come further into her. And at the top of the stroke when I was outside, she was taking more time teasing her clit with the tip. Her whispering became a little hoarser, and more sporadic, almost a kind of panting.

“Just having you here at my entrance has me on a hair trigger again…you already gave kaçak iddaa Mommy three huge Os…feeling you pump a big sticky load up in me would definitely set me off again…knowing you were having that experience for the first time with Mommy…what a thrill that would be for both of us!”

I was losing my resolve to not force the issue. The little head and the big head had been struggling for a while, and now the little head had pulled way ahead.

Finally, one time when I was partly in, she released my shaft, put both hands on my butt, and started to pull me into her. I gave in, just a little at a time, loving the feel of slowly sliding into her snug, but well-lubricated, velvet tunnel. Shortly, I was lodged up to the root in my mother’s vagina, which seemed to be gripping my cock from all sides. And, I was very aware too of all the places on my body where her skin was touching mine, of her head next to mine, of her breasts against me, of her pelvis pressing on mine, and of her legs wrapped over mine and holding me in their grip. I felt a wave of total bliss come over me, partly from the enormous physical pleasure, but also from a sense of warmth, connectedness, security, and satisfaction. What is the word that captures all of this? Love? I don’t know.

I started to pull out most of the way and then slide gently all the way back in, pausing there to rub against her clitoral area. The feeling of her vagina caressing my cock as I moved in and out was more exciting than anything I had felt before. I didn’t want it to end, but before long, I could feel an impending climax. I was too stimulated to go very long. She seemed to be getting there with me, breathing in and out more quickly and making little clipped moans.

Soon I was past the point of no return. I speeded up, thrusting into her more quickly and firmly, pausing when fully engaged, then pulling out part way and injecting myself forcefully up to the root again. She responded to this with whimpering, “O…o…o.” Her eyes were closed and there was a look of pure pleasure on her face.

Unable to hold back any longer, I buried myself in her. I felt a kind of contraction and then a kind of electric jolt as I pumped explosively the first, voluminous jet of creamy spunk deep inside her. Just as that began, she cried out – “I love you!” – followed by a huge, guttural and unintelligible shout, louder than any produced by her prior orgasms. She continued moaning and shaking from this massive climax as I kept pumping her full with volley after volley of my warm sperm. After about four volleys, I was done though my cock was still throbbing. She continued for a while kaçak bahis longer, but then finished and became quiet.

I stayed in her longer, but finally withdrew. My cock was followed by a trail of white goo oozing from her vagina, some of which ran down her leg and onto the sheets. We lay on our backs in silence for a least a minute, totally satisfied and spent. My mother then lifted her head slightly and said softly, “Ok, so rabbits it will be.”

I looked over to Lorraine and saw that her face was flushed and her nipples were standing out long, firm, and proud. To change the mood, she started clapping and called out: “Bravo. Che bello.” She had been taking beginning Italian lessons in preparation for a trip to Italy that she and my mother had planned.

Then Lorraine came over and crawled between my mother’s legs To my amazement, she stuck out her tongue and inserted it into my mother’s dripping pussy, withdrawing it after a few moments with her tongue furled and holding a sizable glob of gelatinous spunk. She retracted this into her mouth, but some seeped out from her lips and dribbled down her chin. There was more of the sticky stuff plastered on her lips and around her lips from when she pressed her face against my mother’s pussy. She swished the stuff still in her mouth for a moment and seemed to savor it before swallowing it down in a single gulp.

I figured this was largely for my benefit, so I smiled at her to show my appreciation. She winked at me and said, “You know your mother and I share everything. I know she doesn’t mind me taking some from the mother load. But I’m sure it is even better direct from the source.”

The long hours of driving and all that followed had taken a toll on me, and I felt a sudden wave of weariness come over me. I hadn’t eaten anything for quite a while, so I got up, slipped on my boxers, and went down stairs to the kitchen. I found a three slices of left-over pizza in the refrigerator, so I heated them briefly in the microwave and chewed them down. They tasted dry and stale, but at least they satisfied my craving for food partially. I was still a little hungry, but I was too tired to do anything about it.

I went back upstairs to my room where I got into bed and pulled the covers over me. I was anxious to be alone for a while to reflect on the momentous events of the last hour or two. I was relieved that the burden of virginity had been lifted, and I wasn’t feeling any guilt about how that had happened. But, I was feeling some uncertainty and concern. How would my relationship with my mother change? What would our life at home now be like? We had gained a new way to relate to each other, but I couldn’t help worrying that something might have been lost, as well. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about all this. Before long, my consciousness slipped away and I drifted into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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