Second Time is the Charm

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As she walked into the bedroom, she could see the flicker of the candles burning on the night stands. She knew what he wanted, what he was up to, but didn’t quite know what was in store and how he planned on getting it.

As she walked towards the dresser to get her pajamas out, she saw more, dim lights through the crack in the door to the bathroom. Her curiosity led her to open the door. When she looked inside the bathroom, there was a bath ready for her, complete with bubbles, a glass of wine, and soft music playing quietly in the background. Her silk robe was on the surround for when she got out. Diana expected to see Steve in the tub waiting for her, but he was missing. Just a note-

“You’ve been busy so it’s time to relax and take a load off.”

Without hesitation, Diana stripped off her daily clothes, and daily grinds to slip in the tub. Enjoying the ambiance with her glass of wine, she was wondering where he was. Regardless, it felt good for her to just relax and let go. Minutes seemed to slip away. As she finished her glass of wine, she hopped out of the tub, dried off a bit and slipped on her robe that was set out for her. She walked out of the bathroom towards the bed expecting to find Steve. After all, he wouldn’t stay away that long. His curiosity would get the best of him.

As she walked out, she turned towards the full mirror she just bought and hung from her closet door. “You look beautiful!” was written on it in red marker. “Take off your robe and appreciate your body. If you don’t, I will.” Was this a test?

Steve knows I am very self conscious about my body. I think my hips, thighs and ass are too big and my tits are too small. He used to always say everything was perfect. I haven’t heard him say that for quite some time though. This only added to my insecurities.

“What the hell?” I thought. After I looked around the room for him, to no avail, I dropped the robe. I stared at myself. First my face. Long, straight blond hair, subtle blue eyes, high cheek bones and somewhat pouty lips. I blew myself a kiss and put on my best seductive look as I giggled at myself in the mirror. My eyes hesitantly went further south. “They are too small” I thought. But then caught myself and chuckled as I thought how lucky I was that gravity wasn’t going to affect them. My little nipples surprised me as I realized they were somewhat erect. I reached up slowly and gently cupped my right breast with my hand. Not by accident, my finger tickled over my nipple. Much to my surprise, I felt a bit of freedom as 2 fingers squeezed my nipple and made it harder. This is something that I don’t do. Steve is always trying to get me to touch myself, anywhere. He usually likes some lights on when we have sex. “I like to see what I’m doing,” is the common excuse. I am always too worried about myself, how I look, and what someone would think if they were to see me. Right now, that was gone. I felt a bit more comfortable. Probably because of the relaxing bath. I just didn’t really care.

The further south my eyes went, so did my hands. My stomach is flat. My best quality by far! It used to be ripped, but I think you could still bounce a quarter off of it. My hands slid down the sides of my torso to my hips, then came to the middle to my lower abdomen. They rested on my pubic bone and could not go any further. MENTAL BLOCK just got in the way!

Just as I heard a squeak in the floor, I looked over my shoulder in the mirror to see Steve walking up behind me. Dressed in his birthday suit, with all of his glory bouncing in the air as he walked closer, he put his hands on top of mine, which were now back on my torso. “I Love Your Body” he whispered into my ear. “I want to explore it together.”

Steve is a husky type of guy. He carries a belly, and not very well. Get rid of that and he is still a solid creature. Not fat, not muscular, but solid. How is he as comfortable in his skin as he has to look at the belly every day? It just doesn’t seem to bother him. Everything else is fine, but I would think it would make him self-conscious too. I wish I could be more comfortable in my own skin.

As his hands guided mine back up to my small breasts, his lips started to kiss my neck. Slowly and methodically working the sides up to my ears, around the back, and to the other side. As my head rolled back enjoying the pleasure, he quickly took the top of my ear between his teeth and nibbled. This really triggered something as I felt a flutter in my belly. Our hands still roaming my chest, felt very freely as we tickled and pinched my nipples together. I brought his one hand up to my mouth so I could suck on his finger. Rolling my tongue around his finger held my oral fixation at bay. As our hands roamed, I felt his cock slowly poke at my ass crack. This must have turned him on because he quickly dropped all four of our hands to my hips, with a firm grab he pulled me tighter to him. I felt his hard cock tuck between my crack and slip down between my legs. Without thought, I spread my legs a bit to allow his size tuzla escort to slip through.

He made me look back in the mirror. As we looked down together, we could barely see the head of his dick peaking between my legs. He moved our hands to my pussy. There was a subtle pulse between my legs now. Was that his cock or was that my pussy starting to tremble? Who cares? It felt great having his arms that tightly wrapped around me. I pulled my hands away out of habit, hoping we could stop there and move to the bed. Nope. With both hands, he reached down to my shaved pussy and gently spread my lips. Subconsciously, I spread my legs a little further. Pulling my lips apart, I felt the coolness in the air, against the wetness of my pussy. Almost liberating as I put my hands back on top of his. Steve rubbed my lips up and down a few times, then reached a bit deeper and gently stuck the tip of each index finger near my opening. I could feel my wetness release from my inner body a bit. He glistened up his finger tips with my juices and spread them onto my outer lips. He continued to rub up and down with his fingers as they slid freely over my swelling pussy lips. My hands could not help it as one reached around back to grab his rock hard cock. Dry, no lubrication, made it hard to stroke. He did have a drop of precum seeping from his head, so I fingered that up and used it to roll around the head of his shaft. It must have been too sensitive because he quickly pulled his cock away from my hand.

He manipulated my outer lips with his gentle hands, stroking them up and down and sometimes spreading them to get a bit more moisture from me. He squeezed my outer lips together rather tightly and sandwiched them between 2 of his fingers. Vigorously, he rubbed up and down. This felt outstanding. Quickly, he spread my outer lips again and found my button with a finger. Slowly he grazed over the hood of my clitoris which sent shivers up my spine, then quickly went to ignore it again as I threw my head back in passion. I was left with a feeling of emptiness as my clitoris was stimulated then left alone. With my head falling forward again, Steve grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. My head back, chin up in the air, he moved his lips to my neck and started kissing while the other hand found its way to my very perky breast and hard nipple. I couldn’t take anymore so I quickly turned around and dropped to me knees. All I wanted was his cock in me. It didn’t matter where but my mouth was the one thing I could control.

On my knees, I grabbed his cock at the base with my right hand and guided the head into my open and eager mouth. My tongue reached out first and circled the head before I consumed it. Steve is rather large and I guess I have a big mouth because he fits perfectly, almost like his cock and my mouth were made for each other. This time however, he seemed larger than normal because as I took his shaft in my mouth I almost gagged. Maybe I was just being too eager. I bobbed up and down on his cock a few more times until he again grabbed a handful of hair and backed me off. Slowly, I pulled off of his big cock and kissed the head. I could taste the saltiness of his precum as another drop leaked from him.

Steve is generally a quick cummer so I knew he was backing me off to slow things down a bit. We both wish he could last longer. He has asked me to help him with his premature ejaculation but I don’t know how I can help. Maybe I should do my homework. After all, it could help make me a bit more satisfied and give him a little boost in confidence. He loves to please me, make me cum, watch me explode but I love having him inside me when I do, but we usually have to exhaust some good ole toys to get me flying high.

Steve lifted my chin to look up at him. I must have had a provocative look on my face because he smiled as he looked into my eyes. “Do you want it?”

“Mmmmhmmmm…” I mummered

“Where?” He asked

While still on my knees, I turned around and put my head on the ground, giving him a view of my ass and pussy from behind. “Right here.” A second later I was a little nervous because I did not want him to think I wanted it in my ass. “In my …”

Before I could finish my sentence, he plunged his big dick deep inside my pussy. There was nothing slow or gentle about it. He filled me up so fast that I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. All I could do was gasp and moan. “That feels sooooo good…!” Steve pumped me hard for as long as he could, only a minute, and then vacated my wet hole. He blew is load all over my ass cheek. “Uuuuggghhhhh!” as he let his cum drip all over me.

I don’t usually like him to cum on me, but rather in me. I guess it’s less clean up. None the less, I knelt there empty, unsatisfied, and not sure how to get up without having his spunk drip down my ass all over the floor as I make it to the bathroom. What happened though was Steve got up, swiped his finger in his cum, reached around and fed it to me. At first I was disinterested as all I felt was disappointment, tuzla escort bayan but something came over me as I licked his cum off his finger. It made me feel…dirty. It also made me maintain the “horny plateau” that I was currently on instead of coming down. Steve jumped up and grabbed a towel from the night stand to wipe my cheek down.

After he cleaned up his mess, he sat down on the side of the bed and proceeded to clean himself up. Ya know, the leftovers. “Let me get that,” as I crawled over to him on my hands and knees. Spreading his knees to allow myself some room to climb between his legs, I took is limping cock in my mouth to suck up the leftovers. The mixed flavor of his salty cum and my juices powered my taste buds. I have tasted my own juices before when Steve would feed me his fingers after they just came out of my pussy, but this was almost intoxicating. It heightened my arousal as I was soon back to “fuck me” mode. Unfortunately, his cock went limp and there was no way that flaccid thing was going in me anytime soon.

“Your Turn!” Steve said as he quickly flipped me over onto the bed, bouncing on my back. Without hesitation, he buried his face between my legs. He did not attack my pussy right away, but first started out on the inside thighs. Licking, nibbling, massaging with his hands. I think my aroma captured him though because it did not take him long to start fucking me with his tongue.

As I lay back, I realized why he did not cum in me. He had this planned all along. He had to clean his pipes, but he was not satisfied either. I have never had an orgasm from oral sex. Not sure why. Feels good and all, but just can’t get there. This itself offends Steve. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s him. Who knows? I usually lay back and think about what is next and look forward to that.

Steve is devouring my wet pussy now. Licking from the outside in, inside out, from the bottom to the top. With a finger of each hand he slowly spreads my lips apart and exposes my button. A couple of light flicks with his tongue, he darted is tongue in and out of me then settles his mouth on my hood and clit. He sucks it into his mouth and moans with his own delight. That feeling sent shivers up my spine. The warm, wet vibration on my clit got my juices flowing. Now cupping my ass cheeks as if he was holding a dinner plate, he continues to lick his plate clean. Dishwasher like no other.

Knowing I will not achieve orgasm this way, Steve comes up for air. His face is wet, tongue is tired but he still has a lustful look on his face. “I want you to come hard for me.” He murmurs as he leans in for a hard, deep kiss. There is that taste again. It’s me, and it puts me in a higher gear. “Get my toy!” I command, anxious and eager for my own orgasm. As he leans off the bed to get my magic wand, I smack his ass, then lay back and mentally prepare for an earth shattering orgasm. Presenting me with my wand, he turns it on low and places it on my swollen pussy. I take it from him, spread my lips wide open to expose my clit and just place it on the sweet spot. Steve settles on his knees between my legs and starts to tease the lower part of my pussy. With him rubbing away at the bottom, and my favorite toy humming away at my clit I start to feel it coming on. This is going to be huge!

I remember looking at my pussy not so long ago when this started. It seemed dull at first. After we played with it together, I was amused by watching it grow. My heart rate went up, the blood started to flow and it seemed like my whole vagina just swelled up. My lips became more defined and shiny, they naturally opened up to expose my inner lips, and my hole showed a welcoming state. I could only imagine what my pussy looked like now.

Steve followed a hand down my seeping pussy to the rim of my butt. He slowly circled my sacred butt hole with his finger and gently applied just the right amount of pressure to the opening. He was not trying to penetrate my ass. This brought on a growing fullness in my lower abdomen and without knowing it; I switched my wand on high. That was it!

I threw my head back deep into the pillows, my hips pushed forward like I was reaching out for better contact with my vibrating friend, and my ass cheeks clenched so tight Steve nearly lost his hand. There is no doubt that I can’t fake an orgasm because when I cum, I yell and scream. Huffing and puffing, I howl in ecstasy as wave after wave rolls through my body, starting at my hips and rising up through my shoulders and chest. My hips fail to contact the bed as I continue to grind them in the air. I take the wand off my over sensitive, wet and shaven pussy but my legs are still pushing my hips in the air.

It takes a few moments, but I land on the bed. Out of breath, sweating, and sensitive to just a great orgasm. I can’t open my eyes, but if I could, I know I would see Steve’s smiling face staring at my body as a whole. I feel him touch my pussy gently and squirm away. “Too sensitive baby,” I quietly whisper as I push his hand away.

He continues escort tuzla to reach for my throbbing pussy and I give in. “Just not my clit. Way too sensitive.” Steve explores my swollen wet pussy while he slips a finger in. My legs are now resting on his as he sits between my thighs. Steve starts rolling a finger around inside me and every now and then he hits a spot that just renews my sexual energy. I can smell my sex in the air. The pheromones are sending me back to a sense of need. I need to elevate to another euphoric orgasm. I am not sure how, but Steve must have sense this and slid another finger inside me. He quickly found that spot that triggered my “need” and gently works it. There he goes, rubbing my clit. Not sure how he was able to fuck me with two fingers and rub my clit at the same time, but I didn’t care. His other hand roamed my stomach and pubic bone. Kneading and applying pressure at random. “That’s it.”

I thought as I reach for my magic friend again. No working up to it, just go on ‘high’ and get me higher. I asked him not to stop what he was doing with his fingers and simply attacked my clit with my friend, replacing his thumb. Mere moments later I am screaming in ecstasy again. Howling his name and screaming “I’m Cumming!” again. This time I felt my juices flow more freely. My hips riding his fingers. I guess my pussy contracted and pushed him out of me as my hips gyrated uncontrollably. I threw myself all over the bed as the waves of not another, but multiple orgasms drove through my entire body. One after another, after another. Unable to catch my breath, I forced myself to lay back, close my eyes and take myself out of this state. I was afraid I would pass out or something as the room was spinning in one direction and my body spinning in the other. I forced myself to be grounded.

Laying on the bed, spent and still twitching, I feel a wet spot under my ass. Was that all of my juice? Did I cum like that? I usually don’t secrete that much. Pondered and questioning, Steve moves down, kisses my right breast and fondles my left nipple with his hand. His right hand moves to caress my neck and cheek as I move my mouth to it. I want something in my mouth and his fingers will have to do. As I notice that taste again licking his fingers, Steve surprised me by moving down and lapping at my soaked pussy again. “Enough,” I say. I was ignored. “ENOUGH!” “Nope” he murmurs through a muffled pussy filled mouth. “I want you inside me. All the way inside me. Now!” I commanded him.

Steve climbed up my body. As his face approached mine I lusted to kiss him. Wrestling tongues met as our mouths connected. The fury of tongues settled into a long, deep kiss. My legs went into the air and as they did, Steve slipped right inside my welcoming hole. He reached under me, pulled my hair which lifted my chin, and nibbled his way around my neck. I felt pure joy as my legs wrapped around his torso. No pumping, just a large cock in me that filled me completely. We rocked a bit together as I squeezed my pussy around his cock working him from the inside. I felt like a million bucks right now. The man that I love was loving me, and I was loving him. It just so happened that we were having sex at the same time.

“I want you to come for me baby,” I said as I squeezed him tighter to me with my legs. “Let’s come together,” he said. “I don’t think I can again.”

“Sure you can,” he said as he dismounted me. I felt empty from him evacuating my swollen pussy and full at the same time from him wanting me to have more pleasure. I have already had 4 orgasms. I don’t think I have enough in me to have another.

Steve lay back on the bed and told me to get on him. As I started to straddle him he told me to turn around. I remember this one now. I climbed on board that cock train and guided it back in me. I adjusted my hips forward just a bit to pin the head of his rock hard cock against the front wall of my insides. Grinding away as I rocked my hips his head explored all around me. Once I found a sweet spot for him to nestle in I started rubbing his balls. I was surprised by how heavy and full they were again!

Steve loves when I tickle and play with his balls. It usually triggers his orgasm pretty quickly but not this time. I guess with his prior orgasm things are going to take a little more work. I was happy to oblige. I lifted my hips up and down on his cock for a couple long strokes. His head would see the candle light filling the room for a moment then I would quickly impale myself on him again. Steve grabbed a handful of my ass and pressed me down on him as he lifted his hips to shove his big dick in me as far as possible. I gathered this was getting him close and he was not ready to cum yet by the way he would not let go of my ass and allow me to stroke. I conceded and went back to rubbing his heavy balls again. From my side, Steve handed me my wand. “You know what I want you to do.” I received the wand and found a way to snuggle it in between us. It settled on my clit again but also got his shaft as I could feel the vibration carry up his cock and made his head vibrate inside of me. With something to grind against and a vibrating cock inside me, I reached down and continued to manipulate his full testicles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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