Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife Pt. 03

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Author’s note. This part is a bit heavy on sex and depictions are pretty graphic. You should look elsewhere if you want a slow build up to the point where the people actually have sex. All characters are above eighteen years of age.


When I returned from the US I realized that life in the corporate world was not the one for me. With a heavy heart and a lot of hesitation, I went into business with my father. Along the way I got married, one of those marriages that was more about bringing businesses together rather than families. My wife and I fulfilled our obligations by producing two boys in double-quick time. I settled the southern metropolis of Chennai.

Arun, meanwhile, moved to Delhi and joined his uncle’s hardware business. Needless to say we grew apart as time went by. We did wish each other on our birthdays and kept abreast of the happenings in our lives as much as we could. But our calls and email exchanges became very sporadic at best and then we eventually stopped communicating.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, about twenty years went by. We were in the middle of the social networking era when our families reconnected, thanks to our wives. One day I returned from one of my clients to find my wife beaming with expectation.

“Guess who is here!” she said as she opened the door,

I was in no mood, so I said, “I give up”

But I looked up and there was a familiar looking man sitting in my living room. It took me just a couple of seconds to realize who it was.

“Arun! Man, what the hell are you doing here? How are you?! You should have told me…”

We hugged and laughed and talked over each other in our excitement. Then I realized there was someone else with him.

“Hello,” I said to the young girl, who was sitting and watching us with some amusement. I felt like someone had punched me softly in my stomach. I was looking at a splitting image of Madhu, Arun’s wife! In an instant, I was transported back to my days in Bangalore. The young girl looked so much like Madhu. My Madhu. The face, the hair, the body …

“Dey, Ramu, this is my daughter Shilpa. We came here for her summer project.” And then turning to her, he said, “Shilpu, this is Ramu uncle. Mummy and I have …”

Shilpa beamed and flashed a beautiful smile. “Yes, dad. I know! Ramu uncle, it seems like I have known you all my life. Mum and Dad keep talking about you all the time!”

We all sat down to chat. Arun had put on a lot of weight. I guessed he must have continued his drinking and smoking habits and had not paid much attention to his body. He was a very successful businessman, though, so what would I know. He was my friend and I did not want to judge him.

Turned out that they were here to see if they could get a project for Shilpa for the summer as she was in between her first and second year of college. Unknown to me, my wife had come to know about this trip and had planned to have them stay overnight at my house. It was a pleasant surprise!

I could not help noticing how young, innocent, beautiful, and I dare say sexy, Shilpa was. She looked to be a very healthy and confident girl. The way she spoke, her actions, her smile, laugh and exclamations – all brought back memories of Madhu to me.

+++++ Flashback ++++++

I looked down from my room and saw Madhu chatting with her grandma. They were getting ready to go out shopping this morning. Madhu had a great ass. She was wearing light colored pants, and not her usual salwar-kameez. Her pants stretched across her ass and even from where I was, her panty line was clearly visible. Her full back panty bit into her ass cheeks and the edges of her panty were outlined. Wait! It was one of the panties I had given her last week! She had started wearing them! I felt my cock rising in my shorts. I wanted to walk downstairs to her and cup her ass cheeks and feel her tight flesh and her panties. She bent down to tie her shoelaces and her shirt rolled up her back and her pant down her waist and a good portion of the striped black panties came into view. The panty fetishist that I was, I enjoyed this glorious view to the fullest. But for now, I burned the image of her ass, her panties, her thick thighs in my mind. I took out my turgid cock from my shorts and stroked it. If I was lucky, I would get the chance to meet her the next day in our usual place at the terrace.

The next day I saw Madhu at the gate talking to a fruit seller. Arun was out and I knew this was a good time. I rushed up to the terrace, fully excited and waited till Madhu turned and noticed me. I did not have to wait long. She too came up the stairs huffing and puffing, and whispered, “Hi Ramu!”

I pulled her to me, and we kissed. Just like our first time last week, electricity coursed through our bodies. She opened her mouth instantly and I sucked her tongue, and she, mine. Suddenly, both of us became aware of my cock growing thick, pressed between our bodies.

“Ramu!” she exclaimed as she pulled away.

I knew what I had to do. In one quick move, I pulled bahis firmaları down my shorts and underwear, and my erect, veiny cock jerked up from my loins and stood thick, proud, smelly between us.

Madhu gawked at it, open-mouthed. “Wha.. no. aiyoo what are you doing? No.. I am. Imust go…” But I blocked her path.

“Madhu, come on. Touch it. I know you want to. Come on.. It won’t.”

‘ I cannot. What will..”

I just waited. But I needn’t have worried. Madhu put out her hand and gingerly touched the underside of my cock. Then she wrapped her fingers around it. Her fingers were cold on my warm cock. Still staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed, she started stroking my dick. Her first time touching and fisting a cock.

But just as she started, she stopped. “Aiyoh, enough. Put it away. I must go…”

“Wait! Let me finish.. Come on,, two minutes!” I pleaded.

“No. Let me go! And she wrenched herself free.

“Wait, take this,” I said and handed her a small packet.

She did not wait to ask what it was. She just grabbed it and rushed past and left me standing with my hard dick in my hand.

The packet I gave her contained an illustrated book of sex positions and video CD.

+++++ End of Flashback ++++++

I found myself staring and gawking at and ogling Shilpa. My wife and Arun were chatting but I was not paying much attention as my eyes and senses were riveted on the sexy young being in the room. She wore a tight salwar-kameez that clung to her body and accentuated her curves. Her bra outlined her boobs clearly. You’d have been blind to not see how her narrow waist flowed easily down to her wide hips and thick thighs. Every man and every woman who passed her in the street would have noticed her sexy and alluring form. So why not me? She was right there in front of me!

My eyes followed her as she rose and walked around the room, looking at things. She was definitely a sportswoman. Her arms were toned and her face had the sharp and firm texture of someone who worked out regularly. Her tits were small, but firm under her dress. They hardly shook and held firm as she moved around. Her bra held them tight to her chest. Needless to say, just seeing her that way aroused me.

I must confess that I was not a faithful husband. I tried being monogamous for about a couple of years after marriage. But as the excitement of being married wore off, and the duties and responsibilities of having a family increased, I found it more and more easy to seek pleasure and satisfy my lust outside of marriage. I had many liaisons, but no serious affairs. All along I kept up my panty fetish, adding to my collection as time progressed. I took along a few favorites on my business trips and enjoyed multiple masturbatory sessions.

She must have sensed my interest in her, as once or twice she turned around to look at me but I was quick to look the other way. Once she walked to the kitchen to get something to drink and as she came out I instinctively looked up at her face, and surprisingly, her eyes sought mine out just as immediately. Our eyes locked for an instant before she abruptly looked away.

“When was the last time I fucked someone other than my wife” I asked myself. “Come to think of it, when was the last time I fucked? ” Business was taking more and more of my time and recently, and I realized it was about three or four months since my wife and I had sex. Her sex drive had decreased and she was now paying more attention to social events that to those at home. I masturbated regularly. It had been a while since I had laid a pretty, young thing as Shilpa. What the fuck! She is just as young as your son,” a voice whispered in my ear. “So what!” another voice responded. “She is a young, healthy, sexy girl, no close relation to you. What is wrong about fantasizing about her? Or fucking her?”

I faked interest in the conversation, but raked my eyes up and down Shilpa’s body. Multiple times, from various positions and locations in the room. Man! I know what I would be doing tonight, I said to myself. I was looking at Shilpa, moving my eyes up her shapely legs to her thick thighs, to the area where her thighs met, fantasizing about the kind of panties she’d be wearing. I fervently hoped she’d be using white cotton fullback panties. I was imagining the gusset of her panties pressed against her hairy mound. I was getting aroused and my cock thickened inside my pants. I suddenly got the sense that she was looking at me! I quickly raised my eyes to hers, and yes, she was looking straight at me! I was caught! I immediately averted my eyes and joined the conversation. I was filled with guilt. A fifty something man, a lecher, ogling and voyering a girl young enough to be his daughter, fantasizing about her underwear, about fucking her! She knew I was looking at her. She was old enough to understand the effect she had on men. She knew what I was imagining, for sure! What would she think? Would she tell her dad, my best friend from my childhood?

I couldn’t meet her eyes though I knew she was looking at me. We took a break and kaçak iddaa my wife went to prepare dinner and I showed Arun and Shilpa around our house, but I couldn’t get myself to address her directly. I answered all her questions without making eye contact. I was damn certain she wanted me to look at her. I had the sense that she was willing me to look at her. And the only way I could know for sure if she was not offended by my lechery was to see it in her eyes.

We sat opposite each other at the dinner table. And involuntarily, our eyes met. I tried to avert it but something in her stare made me stop. She was almost smiling at me. Naughtily. She knew I had ogled her, that in my mind I had done things to her – cupped and sucked her tits, spread her legs and fucked her. But her look suggested that she was okay with it! Fuck! After that first look, we made longer eye contact, each of us getting bolder as we went along. We went long intervals without looking at each other, acting normal and making comments on the dinner conversation. But our eyes kept drawing to one another.

When dinner was done and we sat down for dessert, Shilpa said, “Oh, Ramu uncle, dad used to say you had a great collection of books – rare ones, first editions and all that stuff. Can I take a look?”

It was an innocent question, but to me it was a loaded one. Would I take the bait and take the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with her? My wife butted in, “Oh! He has sooo many books. He loves them more than he does me. He won’t let anyone touch them or borrow them!”

We all laughed. I said, “Come on, I will show them to you. Hey Arun, you too. Come!”

Arun was not one to get off the couch. “No, no, da. I am happy here! Chitra and I will just chat…”

I walked to my study, my heart beating faster and faster. Shilpa followed a couple of steps behind me. Fuck! What to do? I reached the shelf where I kept my rare books and made a show of opening the glass door. And then I turned and looked at her. She was ready to return my look. We were adults, though there was about a thirty year difference between our ages. But both of us knew there was a connection being established here.

I started, wanting to apologize for so openly leering at her. “Look, Shilpa.. I .. I am ..,” But she interrupted me. “Oh uncle, so many books. Wow! Must have spent ages collecting them. Must be expensive!”

“Uh.. yes… yeah..I am still know,” I mumbled.

“Aunty said you never allowed anyone to borrow your books!”

“No, Yes,.. I mean, yeah..these are rare books,” I explained. Then added, “But I think I can make an exception for you.”

“Really? Will you do that?” She asked, turning towards me and staring directly into my eyes.

I stared back. And after about ten seconds, she asked in a whisper, “Do you .. have you.. ever.. given your books to any girl?”

Instinctively, I answered, also in a whisper, “Have you allowed anyone to give you a book? Have you borrowed a book from …”

She cut me off. She smiled, sweetly, naughtily, slyly, and whispered, “No. Not someone like you.”

“You mean, old like me?”

She stiffened. “What has age to do with …a…a book?”

I wanted to play along. To see where it would lead me. “You know what? Why don’t you come back another day.. Just you and me.. And I will pick a good one for you?”

“Oh no! I cannot. We are leaving tomorrow!”

“Really?” I shot back, disappointed.

“Yes, It has to be today!”

I didn’t know what to say. The shelf was positioned in such a manner that it was not visible to people outside my room. One would have to enter the room and then turn left a few paces to get to the shelf. So both of us were hidden from view, not that anyone was coming. We could still hear Arun and Chitra. Arun was regaling her lougly with some story and we could hear her laughing. As I turned, Shilpa stepped directly in front of me. Still looking at me, she reached up to the shelf and pulled out a book. She did not look down at the book, but was staring into my eyes. “How about this one, uncle Ramu? Is this a good book?”

“Yes,” I whispered. “It is a fine and rare book.” I was afraid. I desperately wanted her to make the first move.

She did. She turned and opened the book. And stepped back into me. My crotch pressed against the small of her back, and instantly, both of us realized the hardness of my cock.

“Oh, uncle. This is a nice one!” she hissed.

“Shilpa, no..,” I hissed.

“Why not?” she whispered back. “Come on, uncle. I know you want to!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I placed my hands on her hips, and felt the small roll of fat there. I crouched and softly pressed my cock, which was not straight against the fly of my pants, to her firm ass. “Ah!” she said, softly.

I moved from side to side until my cock was against her ass crack and I rubbed up and down. She gasped as I did that, and stifled a moan. I put my hand on the side of her thighs and felt the heat and thickness of it through the material of the cloth. I crouched some more and ran my hands down kaçak bahis both her thighs. Oh! So thick and firm! I could feel the muscles and the roundness of her thighs above her knees. As I raised myself to my original position, I held her steady with one hand and moved the other to her crotch, to the area between her thighs. As my palm cupped her pussy, I could sense her hair and the soft, supple flesh of her mound through the dress and her panties.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” she whispered and gasped in tune with the rotation of my hand. She reached behind her and placed her hands on my crotch, trying to encircle my whole dick with her fingers. I let her feel the hardness, heat and thickness of my penis. I pushed her hand away and rammed my cock against her ass. My fingers were digging into her cunt, trying to assess the outer lips of her vagina, poking into her cunt hole. I could sense the moistness there.

With a sudden start I realized there was no noise coming from the living room. She realized that too, and as she started to mouth some words. But my wife entered the room! Fuck!

“Hey, Ramu, Shilpa.. Where are you? Wanted to see if you want anything…” Luckily it took her a second or two to see where we were. “Ah, there you are! Do you want hot cocoa or something before bed?”

Shilpa had flopped to the floor, making as if she was looking for a book on the lowest shelf. I had turned my back to the door and picked the first book that I could out of the shelf. I dropped my hands so the book covered my crotch as I turned to Chitra, and in as normal a voice as I could, said, “Ummm, no..Hey, Shilpa, do you want…” Shilpa did not get up and answered from where she was, “Oh no Aunty… I am fine!”

“Ok, then. We are ready to go to bed. Arun is tired, he says. Shilpa, you have the small room, sorry!”

“That’s OK, aunty Chitra! That will do!!”

Shilpa stood up, and we looked at each other quietly. Then we made our way back to the main room. Chitra was giving them some directions about sleeping etc. I made a note of the room Shilpa would be sleeping in, and as I walked to our bedroom, I caught her eye. We just looked at each other for a few seconds, before she turned away.

As was usual, Chitra and I chatted in bed before we went to sleep. We would indulge in some touching and foreplay before we dozed off. I would squeeze her tits, feel her nipples, and then put my hand between her legs, feel the hair there and then draw my fingers on the line of her vagina. Sometimes, we would fall asleep as I rubbed my cock against her ass cheek, enjoying the feel of her flesh on the underside of my cock.

Today, though, I was only thinking of Shilpa. The feel of her body, her hips, thighs, pussy mound. I had a raging hard-on. I reached and pulled down Chitra’s panties, and placed my warm, thick cock on her ass and started to rub. She reached back and grabbed my cock and fisted it. Then she turned around and faced me, and as she stroked my cock she asked, “Hey Ramu, do you remember the last time we did it?” I shook my head. She said, “It was when my uncle came to visit. You fucked me when we had a guest in the next room!” She giggled, and then said, “Do you want to do it? You seem ready! Come on, it will be fun!!”

Fuck! I wanted to have a long, jerk off session. Jerk-off thinking about Shilpa. Her mouth, lips, tits. ass, her cunt lips and hair. But now my wife wanted to have sex! Before I could say no, Chitra had pulled off the sheets and she rose, bent down, and took my cock in her mouth!! Fuck! Her mouth was cool against my warm cock. She started moaning, “Ummmm. Ummmmm, Ummmmm! Man, so good. It has been so long Ramu!” I was aroused too. But it was not my wife’s mouth that was sucking my cock. It was someone else’s.

My thick cock stretched Shilpa’s mouth. She could hardly fit her lips around my cock. She struggled to get it in. I held her head with both my hands and rammed my penis into her mouth as far as it would go. I pummeled her mouth with my cock. I pushed her head into my crotch, making my cock touch the back of her throat. I thrust upwards. I was grunting and moaning “Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck! Fuck!

Chitra raised her head from my cock and hurriedly lay down on the bed. She raised her ass and pulled her nightie under her and raised her legs and parted her thighs. “Come, Ramu! Fuck me!”

I raised myself and got ready to insert my cock into her cunt, when she stopped me. “Wait! Put your finger in. Make me wet! ” I put my palm on her cunt and poked and pushed till I found her cunt hole and inserted it. I finger fucked her like this. She pulled the nightie off of her body and now both of us were naked. She grabbed my head and pushed it on her tit and I sucked her nipple like a baby. My hand was soaked with her juices. She stopped me again. This time she picked up her nightie and wiped herself between her legs. “Suck it, Ramu. You know I like it! Suck it!” She put her hands on her cunt, and even in the darkness I knew she was parting the outer lips of her vagina and exposing her clit for me to suck. I obliged. She guided my head and tongue on to the hard knub and the top of the line of her vagina, and I placed my lips on her clit and sucked. It was small, much smaller than the nipples on her tits. She held my head and rotated her torso. “Yes, Ramu, yes! Suck it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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