Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 12

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Kyle Petersen was in a strange sort of semi-darkness. It was too dark to see anything but he was holding himself up on his arms looking down on his wife, Jill. his cock was firmly implanted inside her and he felt completely satisfied. Despite the darkness she was clearly visible, her firm, hemispherical breasts with their hardened nipples had the rosy pink glow they always had after a session of satisfying sex. She smiled at him, her brown eyes sparkling, “You know I’m not me.” she told him, adding, “It’s cold.”

It was cold. He shivered slightly and the scene disappeared as he awoke. There next to him was the thin form of Sally Czarwitz. He remembered. They had just had a session of sexual activity that rivaled some of the best times had had with Jill, dead now for over a year. He thought of Jill and how much he missed her, how she wouldn’t be able to watch their three children grow up.

He and Sally were in a hotel room he had gotten for them while his mother watched the kids. They hadn’t turned out the lights and were laying on top of the bed covers. There was a small puddle of his semen between them. Sally seemed to be sound asleep.

He slowly moved her as he removed the soiled bedspread and then managed to roll her under the covers. As he covered her she woke up, sort of. She reached out and grabbed his penis. “Nice cock,” she said and fell back asleep. Her grip loosened and he got under the covers behind her, wrapping his arms around her skinny body.


Sally was disoriented. She was under the covers of a strange bed in a darkened room. She shook her head remembering that she had had a wonderful love-making session with Kyle. but it had been light and the room lights had been on. She remembered being able to examine every vein in his penis through those tight, nylon briefs. She turned over. Yes, that was Kyle and this was the room she remembered.

The clock said 7:30 and daylight was seeping in through the edges of the thick hotel room curtains. She got up to pee and returned to the bed. She was tired, but not ready to sleep. She crept head first under the covers and took the limp penis. She rolled the foreskin back and began licking at the bottom of the head. It slowly responded and began swelling.

Her actions woke him but he didn’t move. He remained still, pretending to sleep while enjoying the sensation of her tongue and mouth on his ever more sensitive cock. Then she began gently stroking his balls. He used all his will power to stay still, not to tighten his crotch or to move. He managed to suppress a shiver of delight that began to travel from the tip of his over stimulated cock. Her mouth was wrapped entirely around it and her lips were gently moving up and down. Her tongue was performing a relentless massage of the tip. Sensations of pleasure were radiating to his entire body. He attempted to remain still and relaxed but it was clear he could only remain still if he tensed every muscle in his body. With a tremendous act of will he neither moved nor tensed. Then a sudden, tense shiver forced itself from the tip of his penis, down the shaft and throughout his body. He tensed, driving his cock hard into her mouth and grabbed her head forcing it down on him.

Sally had known he was awake from the slight involuntary movements he was making and despite his attempts the cock occasionally wiggled in her mouth. When he drove his cock into her mouth, she almost gagged but then, with the help of his hands moving her head, she increased the intensity and speed of her movements. He jerked with a loud groan and she felt and tasted his warm semen flowing into her mouth. She didn’t swallow and let it fill her mouth as she continued to suck it out of him. As his orgasm subsided, she used her hand to push as much of the liquid out of the shaft as she could. She moved her head from under the covers and gave him a gentle kiss.

He returned the kiss, holding her warm, soft skinned body and pulling it to him. He opened his mouth slightly and she opened hers. A slightly salty yet sweet and musky tasting thick gravy-like liquid dripped into his mouth. He was startled and almost pulled back from the kiss when he realized what it was. This young woman was full of surprises. She intensified the kiss, forcing him to swallow his own cum. His tongue swept the inside of her mouth clean.

He had to return the favor and, pulling back from the kiss he flipped her onto her back. He dove into her crotch where he began fingering inside her vagina, stimulating her G-spot and licking rapidly at her clit. She writhed in pleasure and he continued stroking and rubbing and licking at her genitals until she squealed in delight and spasms of orgasm pulsed through her body.

He pulled the covers back over them and they fell back asleep, bodies intertwined.


The hotel room phone rang, and rang again. Sally woke, not sure what the noise was. Kyle realized it was the phone and moved over the naked girl’s body to güvenilir bahis reach the phone. His cock brushed against her and responded to the warm flesh. “Hello.”

“Mr. Petersen?”


“Check out time is 11. It’s 11:30. We can allow another half hour but we will require you pay the additional day use fee if you cannot check out by then.”

Kyle covered the phone, “We slept past check out time. we need to get out in a half hour,” he told his bed-mate.

“Can’t we stay?” she asked. She had felt his cock brush against her and now it had expanded slightly at her waist. She began stroking it.

“We’ll need longer. I’ll pay the day fee.”

“That will be fine Mr. Petersen, The day checkout time is 6 PM. We will need to charge for another night if you stay beyond that. Please let us know by 4 if you intend to stay another night.”

He hung up the phone and lay back, allowing Sally to play with his enlarging penis.

“Your penis is definitely swollen,” Sally used the phrase Kyle’s daughter had used. “I think it may need some attention.” She laughed.

“I think the attention is why it’s swollen,” he laughed back, grabbing her and pulling her to him. Despite the feeling in his hardening cock he wasn’t sure he could handle another sex session.

Sally snuggled against him, enjoying the feeling of his cock pushing on her abdomen. Penises were her obsession, she knew it and reveled in it. And this one was one of the finest she knew. Not because of its size or shape or any physical characteristic. No. it was because of the pleasure it gave her. And not just pleasure, this was the only penis she knew that actually made love to her and to her vagina. As she snuggled she acknowledged that it was the owner of the penis that did that, not the penis. But, she wondered was he actually in love with her or was it that he approached everything with love. Thinking about the way he interacted with his kids she realized it was the latter. Jill had been a lucky, lucky woman. “You know, you called me ‘Jill’ last night.” She snuggled closer.

“Oh, I did? I’m sorry.”

“Oh, don’t be. I was flattered to be compared to her, to someone you loved so much.”

He wasn’t sure what to say and decided to return the compliment she had given him yesterday. Was it only yesterday? It seemed like a lifetime. “You’re a great lover.” He added wistfully, “Just like she was.”

“Well you’re fabulous yourself.” She sensed his sadness and changed the subject. “You know, I’m hungry.”

He got up and picked up the room service menu from the dresser. As he returned to bed she watched his limp cock, maybe five inches long now with only the tip showing beyond the foreskin. It swayed gently with each step, brushing over the testicles which dangled beneath. She found the genital show a source of amusement and pleasure.

Breakfast was no longer being served so they decided on the small lunch platter. When he had finished ordering Kyle went into the bathroom and Sally went in when he came out. She slipped on the translucent, silken night outfit she had purchased just for last night even though she wasn’t sure she would wear it.

Room Service

She came out as room service knocked on the door. Kyle had put on one of the hotel supplied robes and went to answer the door. He hadn’t noticed that Sally had come out of the bathroom. Sally debated retreating but decide to stand as provocatively as she could next to the bed.

Kyle let the waiter in to place the tray on the small table and both men saw her standing, displaying herself. She smiled, laughing internally at the waiters attempts not to look and Kyle’s inability to do anything else. She giggled aloud as Kyle fumbled with the bill. The waiter took a longer look at Sally as Kyle signed for the food.

As Kyle closed the door she rushed over to him and thrust her hands under his bathrobe, rubbing her fingers through his chest hair. “Did you see the look on his face?” she laughed. “For that matter you should have seen the look on yours.” She pushed the robe apart so she could rub her face in his hair and feel his manhood grow at her touch.

He had been startled by her appearance and wondered why she hadn’t stayed in the bathroom. But now he saw she did it for amusement. “That’s quite an outfit. I guess I was too busy checking it out to notice his expression.”

“You weren’t checking out the outfit.” She laughed lightly.

“No I guess I wasn’t,” he admitted. Giving into his temptation he took her head in his hands and kissed her.

She pulled the bathrobe apart and pressed her body against his, feeling his hardening cock push against her flat belly. She pulled away and stroked the hard shaft. “I’m hungry, can we eat?”

He turned to move to the table and began wrapping the robe around himself. She caught it and pulled it back off him. “You don’t need this.”

In a spirit of fun he asked, “You get to wear something but I don’t?”

She spread her arms and rotated türkçe bahis to show him her body through the translucent fabric. “If you’ve got see through briefs, sure!”

As they sat to eat she added, “Of course those tight things you were wearing last night were almost as good. They showed every vein.” She smiled at him and raised one foot under the table, placing it into his crotch. She left it there for the entire meal, gently rubbing at his testicles and penis as they ate and talked.


After they completed the meal, Sally pushed back so she could rest both of her feet in his crotch and he began massaging her toes. “Hey, I wanted to try the Jacuzzi as soon as I saw it,” she told him.

“Go ahead, I’ll watch.”

“No, you’ll participate! It’s plenty big enough for two.”

She lay in the tub with the swirling waters massaging her body. Her back against his chest. She closed her eyes and felt his cock growing against her back, his hands moving across her breasts, along her abdomen and then to her crotch and back up again. She had managed to adjust one of the nozzles to shoot the water against her genitals but now it seldom reached her since his hand blocked its path. Every once in awhile a finger would pause to massage her clit or push inside her vagina. “He’ll be ready to fuck again soon,” she thought and fantasized about “making love” for a third time and taking a shower with him afterward.

As they sat in the swirling water he found himself relaxing more and more but yet becoming more and more sexually excited. All thought of not being able to perform again today had left his mind. His penis had grown to full erection and pressed into the small of her back as he fingered her and felt the silken wetness inside her vagina.

She leaned her head back as far as it would go against his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Let’s fuck.”

He was always a bit surprised with her directness and blunt language but she had expressed exactly his desire. “Okay. Here?”

“Much more comfortable and enjoyable in bed. I want a long one.” She reached behind her and grabbed his cock to emphasize the double meaning.

She managed to turn around without losing her grasp and kissed him as she gave the stiff rod a couple of hard strokes.

As she got out of the tub and stood shivering slightly she watched watched him stand and began to regret her decision, she wanted him NOW. As he reached for a towel she considered her options: the hard floor, wet, in the bed or take the time to dry off. She chose delayed gratification. “Besides, drying him off would be fun .” She reached the towel before he did.

There was no doubt that she was obsessed with penises. She just found them fascinating, exciting yet funny. This was the first chance she had to fully examine Kyle’s. It was long, almost eight inches and close to an inch and a half (well, maybe an inch and a quarter) in diameter. Uncircumcised, maybe half of the rough, dark pink head peeked out from the foreskin. She pushed the foreskin back, rolling it back over the shaft, exposing the entire head.

The inside of the foreskin seemed ivory white and was covered with exquisitely thin purple veins which branched like the branches of a bush to cover the skin with almost invisible lines. There was an eighth of an inch ridge demarcating the head which was a rough dark pinkish color and covered with narrow, shallow crevices. She traced some of the crevices and ran her finger around the edge of the head. She always thought it especially interesting the way an isthmus of skin breached the under side of the ridge and stretched up to the pee-hole. She ran her finger up it and then gently pulled the pee hole open.

She allowed the foreskin to roll back in place and began tracing the many veins that ran overt the surface of the shaft.

“Sally,” Kyle said gently.

She interrupted her examination of his pleasure tool to look up at him.

“There’s more of my body to dry than my penis.”

“Oh, Sorry. I’m just admiring it.”

“Really? Well let’s get dry and admire each other in bed.”

“OK, let me get a look at you as you stand there.”

She backed up and as she looked, couldn’t suppress a giggle. The darker flesh of his penis and testicles, the testicles dangling below and the hard penis sticking straight up didn’t seem to belong to the light pinkish flesh of his groin. And the the sharp tan lines from his time with his kids at the water park and beach just added to the incongruity.

“First you say you’re admiring it and now you laugh?”

“Just look,” she giggled, directing his gaze to the full length mirror on the wall. “Doesn’t it just look stuck on. Right in the middle of the palest part of your body?”

She had him turn to the side to see how the genitals were seemingly hung outside his abdomen, the hardened penis sticking out at an angle, the testicles dangling from them rather than from his body. “I love it!” she laughed.

“I’m glad güvenilir bahis siteleri to be a source of such hilarity.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” she smiled. “I love what it does to me. I love the way you’ve trained it to make wonderful, tender love to me. AND, I love the pleasure I can give you through it. I love the way it looks, I’m laughing in delight.”

The Book of Genesis

As she dried him off and then herself, letting him dry her back she told him a story.

“I believe the Bible left out a key section. After God had made the woman from Adam’s rib he looked at her and decided she needed something more. So he took a finger and inserting it between her legs made a cavity of the most exquisite softness and pleasure. She squealed in delight as he finished and removed his finger.

“The man was standing under a walnut tree and God took from it, two of the nuts, a twig and a large leaf. He made a bag of the leaf and placed the nuts inside, Then he attached the nuts to the twig and attached them all to the man’s body. He touched the twig and it softened and drooped. He stood back with the woman and they laughed at the sight.

“God told the woman, ‘this will be a continuing source of amusement and pleasure for you and for Me. When you wish you can turn the twig hard and it can bring great pleasure to the cavity I have made for you. The hardened twig can implant in the cavity a seed which can grow into children which will be a continuing source of delight through your life.’ “

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!” Sally jumped into the bed with her feet at the pillow and her legs spread. She looked at his drooping cock, “I guess my story wasn’t too stimulating.”

Kyle lay next to her, his head on the pillow, his limp cock at her face. “I’m sure you can remedy that. Like the story says.”


“I don’t get a lot of chance to see soft ones. They seem to harden in my presence,” she joked. In fact, Kyle’s was growing as she spoke. It had been only a couple of inches long and the foreskin completely covered the head. At that time it was puckered almost a quarter inch beyond the tip. Now it was over three inches long. She could make out the complete outline of the tip as is crept up the foreskin, spreading it open. She didn’t touch it and it stopped growing at four or five inches, the foreskin just covering the tip. She reached out to feel his balls.

Kyle relaxed, looking at the soft, down covered genitals she presented to him. Soft pillows of flesh around a slit from which peeked two thin, pink petals. He felt her caressing his balls and reached out to gently touch the petals. They responded by growing slightly and becoming subtly more pink. Dampness glistened on the inner surface as they separated at his touch. He spread them with his fingers to see the tiny nub glistening inside its protective hood. It hardened and protruded from its hood as he massaged it lightly.

Sally felt the hard, oval balls rotating leisurely in their wrinkled, hair covered sack. She began gently tracing the veins on the shaft with her finger and watched the bright pink tip once again emerge from the foreskin. She pushed the foreskin off the tip and began to move her tongue around the raised edge. She gasped as Kyle pushed two fingers into her. She wrapped her mouth around his cock, licking at the tip which exuded salty pre-cum.

Kyle drove his fingers into the warm moist cavity up to her cervix. He felt around the cervix and then withdrew until he felt the roughness of her G-spot. He began massaging the G-spot while his thumb worked on her clit. Suddenly the soft, warm genitals where pulled from him and her mouth was no longer surrounding his cock.

Before he could ask what she was doing she had pushed him onto his back, straddled him and sat. His cock sunk into her vaginal sheath up to the hilt. She began rotating her hips to bring pressure on all sides of the fleshy shaft inside her. He reached up, grasped her at the waist and began thrusting his hips repeatedly upward. She moaned as his pubic hair repeatedly brushed at her swollen clit.

He threw caution to the winds. Before he had penetrated her gently and slowly. Now he drove himself into her hard and fast. She found herself unable to continue rotating her hips in the face of his relentless pounding. Instead she just moved herself up and down on the shaft in time with his thrusts.

He felt the tension rising in his groin but continued his movements. He tightened his crotch to hold back the oncoming orgasm and continued to drive into her. The sensation became unbearable but he continued. He was unable to hold it back and with a groan he exploded into her but continued thrusting up and down.

Sally was reaching the point of maximum arousal when she felt the warm liquid oozing out. He was driving into her so furiously that she hadn’t noticed his orgasm and as he kept it up she began gasping only to shudder with the exhilaration of her own orgasm.

As she shuddered and he felt her abdomen quiver he knew he had reached his goal and relaxed, allowing her to settle onto his cock which now began to shrink. She collapsed onto him. He stroked her hair as she ran her fingers over his chest.

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Safe At Home

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Home Alone

There was nothing worth watching on TV and every song in his iPod had been played re-played and shuffled a hundred times. Even surfing the web was boring tonight. Just then a spam ad popped up on the screen of his laptop that promised;

Thousands of horny housewives performing live on their private web cams! Free!

“Free? Really? aw,what the hell!” CLICK!

The computer screen blinked, and he was whisked away to one of a thousand so called horny milf websites. He was told to sign in as a “guest” and he dutifully followed the instructions. It only took a minute, and shit, it was free after all. Clicking on page after page trying to find a nice looking lady who he could stand “performing on her private web cam” for more than thirty seconds was a real challenge, but finally he found one and clicked on the profile of a fine looking lady named “Stormy”.

“Dear lord,” he thought, snickering under his breath, how long must it take for a stripper to come up with a stage name?”

“What the fuck.” he thought. Tonight I’m with Stormy!” He clicked on her little pretend bedroom window and the pretend curtains opened. There she was, in shear red panties and bra, rubbing her obviously enhanced, way too perfect breasts. A text window popped up on his screen with a pre-written;

“Hello!” blinking on it. “What can I do for you tonight?” The text window prompted.

She was really cute too. A very tall thin brunette, ironing board flat stomach, long shapely legs . . . a real beauty. He figured her to be maybe around thirty-something. A real MILF!

“Free? Well, there’s nothing else to do tonight. Here goes!” he said to himself.

“Take off your bra!” was about all that sprang to mind, and though not very original, he figured it would be as good a place as any to start.

“Love to!” she leaned over and tapped into the laptop keyboard lying on the night stand next to her bed. “That’s easy!”

Her breasts were obviously bought and paid for, but he had to admit, they were fucking perfect.

He started wondering what else she’d do for free.

“By the way, what’s you name?” She asked.

“Bud” he typed back laughing at the ridiculous name he’d just invented for himself. What the hell. As long as the wife didn’t get any “Welcome to our Website” emails from this place, he’d be fine. He could always say that he didn’t know how they got this IP address and besides, he’d just tell her “There ain’t no Bud here, so get off my back woman!”

He was really cocky when he wasn’t really talking to her.

“Anything else Bud?” or are you done for the night?” More text suddenly appeared on his screen.

“Shit, I don’t know. Take your panties off and finger yourself!” he speed typed, feeling the excitement starting to grow inside him.

“Wow! This is incredible, this hottie is my sex slave for the night. This is great!”

“I’ll need your credit card number to do that Bud,” she typed back. She got up from the bed and slowly walked closer to the web cam and started pulling down her panties.

“I’ll do any dirty little thing you ask honey. It’s only Fifty Six ninety-five for each hour and I can go a long time with you Bud. Now what’s that Credit card number baby?”

A sickening vision roared into his head. “Hey honey, what’s this new charge on our card? And what’s a milf?”

“Shit!” CLICK! and off went Stormy into the great unknown.

“Fuck!” he shouted out loud, “Another sure thing gone bad. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. Now what?”

She was pretty fucking hot though. The image of that hot body was etched in his brain now as his mind wandered. What would it be like to really have a girl that looked like that? he wondered.

The years had not been kind to him or his wife as far as looks go, but he tried his best to stay in shape, and could still get it up when he had to. His cock was a healthy and thick seven inches that didn’t know it’s actual age.

His pretty wife had taken very good care of herself over the past sixteen years. She taught yoga for the over forty set, and still had a pretty firm little body. But after that many years. . .

“Hey it’s the same old meal on a different night ya know? A man needs variety!” as his buddies would say.

And what a set of tits that Stormy had. Holy shit!

“Man, I’d love to put my throbbing dick between those beauties and have her blow me.”

He could easily imagine her slender fingers grabbing and pulling at his big dick, staring at it with her warm, wet mouth, open and panting, licking her lips, hungry to swallow every drop of cum he could shoot at her pretty face.

His dick instantly reacted to the fantasy. One hand made it’s way down to his crotch and slipped inside his pajamas. He started squeezing his half soft dick and stroking his balls until it started to swell. “Fuck it. I’ll just get off right here, thinking bahis firmaları about that little whore, and be done with it. Then I can grab a cold beer and watch the end of the game.”

A perfect night at home alone. Just him, a beautiful stripper, a can of beer, football, and a tissue full of cum.

The wife was out for the evening, and he always used this quiet time in the house alone to jack off. It wasn’t often, but whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would head straight to the bedroom where he’d lay back with a handful of lotion and treat himself to a raging orgasm usually fueled by mental images of a hot neighbor or two, or one of the sexy blond newscasters he ogled every night.

Their sex life together had gradually gone to shit, like so many long-time couples, but he still loved jacking off whenever possible. It was pretty much all he had left for a sex life.

But right now, he couldn’t get the sight of those outrageously perfect breasts out of his mind.

“My god. . . what would sucking on something like those beauties feel like? Taste like? I’ll bet she smells like fresh cut flowers.”

His hand was full of thick, hard cock by now, which he pulled out of the opening in the front of his PJs. Next, he undid the two well worn buttons, which never actually stayed closed by themselves anyway. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby!” His fantasy girl was virtually stroking his big cock between her amazing tits, and he felt it get harder with every dirty word he said to her. His balls started to ache, and he considered going to the bedroom to shoot his load, but right now, right here, this felt really good. He couldn’t move. His legs started to tighten. His polka dot jammies dropped completely to the floor as he reached down to hold his balls.

His mind drifted away. “I’ll bet she’s an amazing blow job.” Pulling down hard on the shaft of his now steel hard rod, he could feel that rush from deep inside his balls signaling that shooting his cum all over the face of his fantasy sex slave was just around the corner. His breathing got faster and louder, his hand working his cock like a jackhammer breaking up concrete. Stroking it faster and . . .


The old hardwood floor just outside of the TV room suddenly made the unmistakable sound of someone stepping on the one squeaky board that he’d been meaning to fix for years.

“Honey I’m home. We left early because. . .” his wife said, turning the corner slowly. Her voice sounded soft and almost apologetic for coming home earlier than expected, and she was about to continue her story. . . when she abruptly stopped and froze in place. Any other time, she might have turned and quietly slipped back into the kitchen, and the situation would never again be mentioned. But instead, this time, she just stood, mouth agape, and stared. She let her purse fall to the floor with a thud.

“Holy shit” he said, shocked out of his dream state, trying to hide what he’d been doing, but not hiding it very well. He hadn’t even heard the screen door open, he was so lost in his fantasy.The silly look on his face clearly gave him away. He feared she may have heard all the dirty words he was muttering to Little Miss Sugar Tits. It was totally obvious what he’d been doing, since his hard dick was previously standing straight up in his hand, like the main mast on a schooner.

“What are you doing honey? She whispered with mock naiveté. “It looks like you’ve been having fun here without me!” She’d had a few glasses of wine at dinner with the girls from the office and staggering, just a little, was clearly feeling no pain.

“Oh! Hi! I’m sorry hun, I was um. . . you know. . .surfing the web and I um. . . sorta got turned on by some naked pictures, and ya know, I just got really horny and one thing kinda led to another and. . .” His voice trailed off.

“Oh don’t apologize hon.” she said, kicking off her heels, and slowly walking closer to where he was sitting. He quickly slammed his legs back together.

His pajamas however were still at his ankles and the huge hard cock laying against his stomach completely gave him away.

“My my,” She smiled coyly, “What do we have here?”

She came closer still, and he knew he was busted. It was over.

She lightly touched his pulsing cock and whispered “May I help you with that?” Those were words he hadn’t heard in a very long time.

“No, that’s OK hon, I just got a little carried away, I’m sorry.” His voice became a childish whimper.

She leaned over, just inches from his face, and supporting herself by gripping the arms of his chair, she whispered:

“Then may I watch?” A wicked smile crept across her face.

Those words were exactly the ones he wished he’d heard so many times from her. Many times over the years, he would quietly masturbate in their king size bed when he knew she was sound asleep. And he always kaçak iddaa fantasied that she’d suddenly wake up and want to watch him while he made himself cum. But the years past and it never once happened. So instead, he would just clean himself up, roll over and go to sleep.

He liked showing off his massive cock at any opportunity through the years. In men’s locker rooms where fat men with tiny dicks were in everyone’s face, the nude beaches where naked bodies pranced about on sunny days with swinging dicks much smaller than his. Even getting out of the shower at home, he always hoped that she’d be watching and waiting in bed to see his prized possession. He’d step out into the bedroom still drying himself off very slowly and spending more time than actually necessary at his cock and balls.

But she was always sound asleep by then.

He knew he was blessed with something special between his legs and he loved the chance to show it off. But SHE always had to have the lights off and the sheets pulled up to her neck!

Therefore, he was truly shocked by her question, but figured that the wine had lowered her inhibitions tonight to the point where he might actually take advantage of this moment. “What a save!” he thought.

“Oh babe, I’d love it! He said. I mean if you’d really like to watch. Sit down here on the ottoman in front of me. Are you sure you don’t mind? Because I’m getting really turned on at the thought of you watching me get myself off.”

“Actually darling, I’ve wanted to watch you do that for years,” she said. But I always fall asleep too quickly, or you take too long to come up to bed, so I think I probably always miss it. And I’m just too embarrassed to ask you.”

“Wow. If I’d only known,” he thought. I’m gonna have to keep the wine flowing around here!”

She sat down, a little tipsy, right in front of him on the black leather ottoman and watched him lean his head back into the big chair and close his eyes. The thought of her being right there, that close, watching his big strong construction worker’s hand squeeze his cock, made his erection come back to life. He worked it slowly at first, lightly stroking the shaft from the base to the area just below the head. He’d do a few fast strokes then slowly pull it downwards to make it grow even bigger. He loved feeling it throb in his hand.

“Wow, he’s so slow, he’s actually teasing himself!” she thought. He would occasionally open his eyes to see her watching him intently as if she was sitting in the front row at a Sex Ed class. She loved the way he held it in his hand. Differently then the way she had done it for him during so many nights of routine married-people sex. He never once stroked it with a full-on death grip, like she had, but rather caressed and squeezed it with a lighter touch.

She’d pushed and pulled on it for years in their bed, as if she was yanking carrots out of the ground. Not at all the way he was doing it now, to himself. He’d pulled her hand away more than once to make her stop, so she naturally thought she would never learn how to please him correctly. Tonight, she was the student.

Having lived the sheltered life of a good Catholic girl, she’d never been so close to a man pleasuring himself before, and it was starting to turn her on like crazy. She could feel her blood pressure climbing, her breathing quicken. Her limits were being pushed and falling like a house of cards. She started to sweat, and she felt a forgotten warmth stirring once again between her legs. She so wanted to turn around and sit on that beautiful hard cock as she had done a number of times before in bed (in the dark of course) but this time was very different. And she was loving it.

His hand was pulling down on his cock making the skin so tight she thought it would split open. The lights were on and the fire was crackling in the enormous fireplace he’d built using field stones from around their little cabin here in the woods. No neighbors. No traffic. No lights. Just peace and quiet out here. Their vacation getaway. The curtains she’d made herself, were open just enough to hear the rustling trees outside. The kids had moved on and now It was just the two of them up here. Together. She secretly longed to get up and turn off the lights, but the heady buzz from the wine dulled that thought tonight. “Screw it.” She thought. Besides, she wasn’t sure she’d make it over to the light switch without falling over. Her head was spinning from a combination of red wine, and raw passion.

He reached down between his legs and rubbed his balls briefly and let out a quiet, satisfied groan. She watched closely as he sat way back and reached lower still, down to his ass, and stuck the tip of his finger inside himself.

That was all she could stand. Her hand reached down and pulled up on the hem of her skirt. Yanking her soaking wet panties to one side, she found kaçak bahis her steaming hot clit and started rubbing it in little circles. She felt wilder than ever. In full view of her man, nothing to hide, she wanted to just scream out with pleasure. She too leaned back and spread her legs open wide. Her free hand grabbed at her breast, squeezing it, pinching her nipple. Hard. Her mouth hung open, panting like a bitch in heat.

Hearing her heavy breathing, he opened his eyes ever so slightly to glance over at her, and couldn’t believe the sight. He’d never seen her like this in all their years together. This was a night to remember. Her finger slid deep inside her wet cunt, drawing out her slippery juice and vigorously started playing with herself right in front of him. Her mouth was wide open. Furiously rubbing her clit with her other hand, she was even shocked at herself, but she couldn’t stop. She stared at his bulging cock and her mouth watered. They watched each other intently, breathlessly panting directly into each others faces.

“Oh yes! Fuck! Don’t stop now! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum” she whispered, barely able to breath out the words.

“I want to watch you cum! Right now! Cum for me baby! Show it to me! Give me that hot cum!” Her voice was slightly louder now, moaning every obscenity she’d ever learned, and he knew it would be soon for both of them. This new version of his loving wife was driving him out of his mind. He focused only on giving her exactly what she was begging him for.

His balls really started to ache inside and he could feel the cum rising up, reaching that point, ready to explode out of that massive throbbing cock like a volcano spewing hot lava. He jerked off his swollen dripping cock faster than ever before. Harder. Faster.

“Oh MY GOD!” He yelled out.

This was so much better than having cyber sex with Stormy! He thought. And besides, he wondered, how the fuck could he ever keep typing?

His orgasm kept getting closer, closer, and closer still. Sweat was beading up on his forehead. She noticed another glistening drop of, what she later found out, was called pre cum, dribble from his huge throbbing dick that he used as a lube to stroke it even faster. She saw that his massive cock was wet and shiny now from his own slippery fluid. He was right on the edge, at the point of no return.

She too, rubbed herself faster and faster, following his lead. She jerked her head back and her hair flipped back over her head and down her back. Her fiery dark eyes were wide open and staring at his cock as never before, as if her gaze alone would make it shoot. Her legs started to shake uncontrollably. Her orgasm exploded as a loud scream came from the bottom of her soul. She grunted and bucked against her hand, fucking herself with two soaked fingers. Her entire body was shaking. He opened his eyes to see her sitting spread eagle, vaginal walls clamped tightly around her soaking wet fingers, eyes blazing at his throbbing, glistening cock.

“Put it in your mouth! Now!” he shouted at her, and she immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. Spreading his knees out even farther, she buried his pulsing, cum-squirting cock as far back into her mouth as far as possible, and felt the warm, salty fluid she’d been waiting for, shoot down the back of her throat. She licked his dick up and down the slippery wet shaft while his cum continued to flow out from his big full balls, leaking out of her mouth, down his shaft, between her fingers and over her lips. He had to pull her away after being completely drained of every last drop, and fell back into the chair in a heap of man juice, saliva and sweat. She licked off every drop of the warm cum she’d let fall from her mouth onto his balls and pubic hairs, and swallowed the little bit that was left in her mouth.

“He tastes so good.” She thought. He’d often said that about her, but this was a first for her. She promised him, and herself, it would not be the last.

He reached out and pulled her close to him and laid her head on his chest, damp with sweat.

Still on her knees, her hands held his sticky, wet cock and balls between her two bare breasts. “Where the hell did my bra go anyway?” she wondered.

She softly kissed his stomach, licking up whatever drops of his cum she found along the way. He stroked her hair, hoping they might fall asleep like this. It was Heaven on earth.

“That was incredible, she said. I’d love to watch you do that again, whenever you want. Just wake me up if I’m sleeping. OK? Please?”

She looked up at him glassy eyed, and smiled.

“You’re amazing baby,” he said, wiping a small drop of his cum from her chin. I’ve never seen you do that before.

We’ve both learned a lot tonight huh? I guess you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!”

“We need to do this again. . . soon.” She whispered.

Slowly drifting off to sleep, he whispered back: “Absolutely baby, whatever you want.”

You know. . .life is good. He thought to himself.

And even better. . . when it’s free!

The End

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My Mom Made Me Very Popular

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Alt Babe

All characters (that have sex) in this story are at least 18.


To me, my stepmom (we’ll call her Debbie) is fairly average – nothing I thought any of my friends would call a MILF – probably really cute when she was younger. (A 7 out of ten maybe?) She was, however, very nice, doing all the things a kid like me could ask for from a mom. And she liked it whenever I had friends over after school.

All through school, I was never very popular and only had one or two friends that only visited occasionally. In my senior year, however, as we all started turning 18, I began to have more and more guys befriend me and join what became a regular study and gaming group at my house. We would all do our homework and studying together, then most of us would all go jump on the game systems, taking turns gaming. Those that were waiting their turns usually ended up discussing video games and movies or playing cards around the dining table.

It all started about half-way into the school year, when I commented to my stepmom, that both of my friends had turned 18 this last weekend and wasn’t that a cool coincidence. She got this odd look in her eye and asked, “Aren’t you turning 18 next week?” I knew she knew when my birthday was.

Once we’d finished our homework, the three of us decided to take turns on a one-on-one fighting game, leaving Mike out for now. Debbie asked Mike if he could help her reach something for her, and we didn’t see him until just before his turn on the game. He seemed to be a bit unfocussed, but he snapped out of it pretty quick as he and I battled.

I didn’t notice Jeff’s absence until it was time to switch again. He came out of the back hallway, a bit unfocussed, like Mike. “Are you okay? What were you doing?”

“I was just helping your mom put something away. I’m fine. Is it my turn again?” And nothing more was said.

Thinking back on it, this seemed to happen every time my friends came over, which now was every day, not just a few times a week. Soon, some of my other friends started coming over, too. This is how the group grew, as I’d described above. Debbie was very interested in how old each of my friends were and seemed to need a lot of help with various projects in the back of the house and garage. Every time she needed help, she would ask a different guy to help her (never me, though, as she explained I was the host and should always tend to my guests), so that just about everyone had helped her with some small task by the time they left. She even made it a rule that only guys that had turned 18 could help her – for “insurance purposes,” as she put it.

A few months in, my dad went on a business trip, and Debbie commented at dinner, that I was the man of the house until he got back. We laughed and she asked me if I wanted some wine. Like any kid, I’d tried alcohol on the sly – one time I snuck a beer out to the back yard, and couple of times my friends and I had snuck a bit of whiskey. But this would be my first time with wine, so I said yes and she poured me a glass. I liked it a lot more than the other stuff I’d tried.

We talked and drank wine through dinner, then took more wine out to the living room and sat on the couch, me pretending to be an adult and enjoying myself to no end. I vaguely noticed that each time she got up to do something, she’d sit a bit closer, but didn’t give it much thought. I was feeling mellow and enjoying talking to her like this, as she and I had never really talked much before. I started to understand why my dad had been attracted to her. She was very easy to talk to. Sooner than I’d realized, she and I had cuddled up close to each other. I commented that this was nice, admitting I was very awkward with girls. Before I realized what I’d just told her and gotten embarrassed, cuddling close was her favorite thing.

Then her face flushed and she stared at my lips, as she brought her illegal bahis face close to mine, her hot breath smelling of wine. Why I didn’t protest, can be blamed on my drunkenness, I suppose. But we started kissing and couldn’t stop. At one point, she threw one of her legs over mine, straddling me. We made out like this for a while and just went with the flow from there. I found out she was very experienced and very patient, as we took what we began on the couch, to finish on her bed.

The next morning, over breakfast, Debbie told me that she never expected that to happen and that we should do our best to forget the event. She didn’t let me blame myself, putting all blame on herself. She swore she’d never done anything like that before, never cheated ever, and that she deeply loved my dad. I was embarrassed and swore this would be our secret. But I had to admit to myself that I really wanted to do it again – this time sober!

So, we agreed to sweep it under the rug and go back to normal. My dad got back from his trip the next day, and neither of us said a thing. As the next week passed, I struggled not to think about it, but failed. I couldn’t help wishing we could do it again. In fact, one day, just after my friends had all left, I cornered my stepmom in the kitchen and tried to put the moved on her. She rebuffed me, shocked that I would try anything like that. She reminded me that she was married to my dad and that we had agreed that one time was a mistake. She wasn’t a cheater and hated herself for getting drunk and allowing what happened to take place. I sheepishly backed down. I could see she was right and I was very ashamed of myself. It took a while, but I put it behind me. I went back to concentrating on school and enjoying my after-school gatherings, and Debbie went back to being a really great step-mom, who needed help with various afternoon projects.

During one such gathering, I noticed Debbie didn’t need to ask anyone to help her any longer. In fact, they kept asking if she needed help and practically fighting over the opportunity to assist, always coming back very relaxed. My curiosity piqued and I went down the back hallway, to see what she was working on that demanded such eager participation. As I neared at the closed door to her office, I heard an odd sound and bent my ear to the door. I could make out a repeating “thup-thup” sound, followed by a breathy gasp, and Debbie’s muffled voice. I carefully opened the door, so as to make no sound and peeked in through a narrow crack. I could see Mike standing with his eyes closed, in the middle of the room, leaning back against Debbie’s office chair. I panned down to see a dirty-blonde head moving back and forth around the level of his waist. confused, I continued to watch. Just then, Mike grabbed the head of blonde hair, net forward, and jerked as if he was being electrocuted. Then he sagged and let go of the hair. That was when I saw the mass of blonde hair was my stepmom. Mike’s dick was sliding out of her mouth with a popping sound, and she was smiling up at him. The last thing I saw as I carefully closed the door, was Debbie wiping her lips and Mike pulling up his pants. I quickly raced out to the group and blended in, just in time to see Mike emerge from the hall.

As he sat down, he coolly told Jeff that Debbie needed his help and reached for a handful of chips from the bowl. Jeff smiled, got up, and disappeared. I noticed that when Jeff got back, Dave approached him. Said, “I’m going next.” they fist-bumped and Dave went down the hallway.

So, Debbie’s been sucking off all of my friends?!! How long had this been going on? Weren’t blowjobs the same as cheating? How come she’d never blown him? He’d sure like a turn, too! And why couldn’t she let him fuck her again, if she was blowing everybody anyway?

I began to think of the best way to confront her about this. Should I burst in, illegal bahis siteleri catching her with a dick in her mouth? Should I wait until she finished everyone off and catch her outside the door? Should I wait until everyone has gone home? I wasn’t sure. I finally came up with the best way. I would wait for all the guys to have a turn, then I would show up as the “next guy” and get mine off, as well. (That one night we’d gotten drunk and fucked, she never once put her mouth on my cock, so I was eager to experience this, too!)

I watched the guys as they emerged from the back hall, noting if they tapped another guy. Soon enough, Billy came out and didn’t talk to anyone. I gave it a minute as I made a round-about way to the hall and noticed that no one was heading this direction. Now was my chance. I headed down the hall, catching my stepmom just as she was coming out of her office. She was startled to see me and asked if there was something I needed. I told her, “Yeah. Jeff said he thought he’d left his wallet in there when he was helping you earlier. I said I’d get it fo him,” and guided her back into the room.

“It may have gone under the desk. Could you check for me? I’ll look over here.” With a curious look on her face, she agreed and got down on her hands and knees to look. After a minute, she gave up the search and turned in my direction, only to bump her nose on my dick. She looked at it with crossed eyes, shocked, and started to protest. “Yeah. I found out you’ve been smoking pole back here for all my friends. And now you’re going to suck MY dick, too,” I said, placing my hands on the back of her head. I could tell she knew my next move but opened her mouth to protest anyway. I shoved my meat into her open mouth and as far down her throat as I could. She choked a bit, but I didn’t back off. I kept it in that warm cave half a while, before letting up. Then forcefully face-fucked her for a solid minute.

She pushed against my legs so that she could get far enough back to talk. “What are you doing? I never-.”

I didn’t’ let her finish. I still had hold of her by the head, fingers intertwined in her hair. “You wanted to suck dick, so I’m giving you more dick to suck.” I pulled her face back onto my hard-on and choked her with it again – just for a moment this time. “Giving me all that shit about not being a cheater. Making me feel like shit about that night we had sex.” I slid it most of the way out of her mouth, then slowly pushed it back in. “You’re not getting out of this,” I said, and after a few times of this, she got the message and started to comply, so that I could release the firm hold on her head. “You’re no innocent. You ARE a cheater. You cheated on my dad when you started sucking everybody off, you were a cheater when you seduced me, and you’re still a cheater.” By now, she’d resolved herself to the task and was really getting into it, just as she had with my friends. “Just admit it, Debbie. You’re a cheater. You like cheating. And you’ll always be a cheater.”

At that, she looked up at me, tears in her eyes, and stopped bobbing her head on my shaft. She closed her eyes briefly and nodded yes, my dick still in her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her face-hole and demanded, “No. I want to hear you say it. Convince me.”

“You’re right. I’ve been cheating on your dad. From the time i first met your dad, I never even thought of cheating. I don’t know what brought it on. But when I heard that your friends had turned 18, I just couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I decided to see if I could get them alone and give them a kiss or something – like a birthday gift now that they were men. The kiss I gave Mike went a bit far and we ended up making out. Then Jeff came back, and I decided that, if I’d made out with Mike, I could make out with Jeff. But I got all hot and when he pulled my hand onto his erection, I just couldn’t help canlı bahis siteleri myself and blew him. After that, Mike wanted a blowie, too. Then it became a kind of regular thing, which got a bit out of control when other guys found out and wanted some head, too.”

It had all come out in a rush, followed my tears. At first, I started to feel sorry for her. But then I remembered it was all her fault. “Its okay, Debbie. We’ll work it out. Trust me,” I said. She smiled up at me and started to rise. Pushing her back down, I told her, “But right now, you need to finish sucking my dick.” With a hurt look, she resumed sucking and slobbering up and down my penis. Like the others, I came in her mouth and she swallowed like a champ, pulling her mouth off my dick with the same popping noise I’d heard before.

Once all of my friends had gone home, she stood in the kitchen and accused me of being rude and disgusting, saying it was over – all of it. She wouldn’t be giving any more BJs or cheating again, making it seems as if it were somehow all my fault. She said she was turning over a new leaf and vowed to be totally faithful to her husband from here on out.

“I understand,” I nodded. “You love my dad and you’re sorry for cheating. You just want to make things right and return to normalcy. I totally understand, Debbie. I do. heck, I would probably make the same decision, too.”

But I had the advantage, and I knew it. “But its too late for that.” I stepped towards her, as her eyes went wide in shock. “You can continue to blowing my friends. They’d probably raise hell, if you stopped, anyway.” I paused. “As for the rest of it,” letting it hang menacingly as I backed her against the, getting right in her face, “you know how my dad would react. He’s an attorney. He’d toss you out onto the street without a dime and make your life utterly miserable. You’d have nothing but the clothes on your back and nowhere to live.” After a beat, I added, “And you’d have to get a job!”

She gasped and started to cry again. “So, as long as you do as I say, I won’t tell him a thing. It’ll be our secret and I’ll even help you cover, if he ever gets suspicious about anything. I’m in this too.” She looked down, considering. “You can still be the loving, caring step-mom you’ve always been, reminding me to take out the trash and stuff – just like always. But when my dad’s not home, I’m in charge. Got it?”

She looked up at me and nodded in defeat. I left her to clean herself up before my dad got home, and we talked about it a bit more civilly the next day before school. She told me it might take some getting used to, but she was willing to try, and I assured her I wasn’t going to be any kind of tyrant or anything. I just wanted to have sex with her. And I confessed I kind of got a thrill knowing she’d been blowing so many guys 5 days a week. She laughed at that, and we went about getting dinner ready.

After this, things went back to normal. My friends would come over, taking turns giving her throat a protein poke-job, while the rest of us studied, talked, and played games. Once they left, most days she and I would play hide the sausage if dad was going to be late, otherwise she’d give me a quick blowie.

She loved it! Turns out she’d suppressed her nymphomania and was now always down for sex in any form. We talked a lot about sex and what girls/women were looking for and liked – it was quite an education. During the summer, I got to fuck her a LOT: in the jacuzzi, in the pool, on the patio, in the kitchen, etc., even though my friends still came over to “visit” almost every day. Now that she’d come to grips with it, she was up for anything at any time.

One day, she asked me if I’d ever heard of anal sex. I told her I had, but it seemed really gross. Debbie laughed and assured me it wouldn’t be as bad as I imagined. Turns out, it was my dad’s favorite thing, and she liked it up the butt just about as much as any other way. (Like I said, she was a nympho!)

I lived at home while attending the local college and didn’t move out until I was 24-25. My dad thinks I visit home so often, because its him I’m coming to see!

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Miracle Cream

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Yes, this is one of those stories, if it’s not your cup of tea. Then I suggest you find something else to read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Thanks WAA01 for the edits.

For the unedited version due to Lit’s rather idiotic rules you know where to find it.


Cory Miller wasn’t gifted with an athletic body, or a brain with the IQ of 180. No. This is a story about a boy who, through no fault of his own, yet due to the genetic lottery, was born with a rather small penis. Yet, that wasn’t the worst of it, his mother had walked in on him, by accident, when he was measuring it when he turned eighteen last summer before his senior year. How he wanted to die that day when his mother dropped the laundry basket she had been holding as she doubled over in laughter. She couldn’t keep it to herself. No. Not his mother. She had to spread it around the family that their son and their brother had a teeny tiny cock. She even went as far as to give him the nickname of ‘Li’l Stanley.’ It was never ‘Hi Cory!’, ‘How you doing, Cory?’ and such, no, it was “Hi, Li’l Stanley!’ His two older sisters took the most pleasure out of his torment. Some days his mother, and even his father, would join in. Was it his fault he was born with such a small size? If anything that particular genetic anomaly falls on his parents; he was, after all, a mixture of both of them.

“Hey, Li’l Stanley.” How he sneered at the sound of his twenty-one-year-old sister’s voice. “I need some help, you mind helping me, you’ve always been better at math than I am,” Dayana said, in a sweet tone to butter up her brother. Her blonde hair brushing along her chest. Her t-shirt was tight against her 38B breasts foretelling she wore no bra underneath.

“First, you insult me, then you ask for my help? Go fuck yourself, Dayana. Don’t you have some party to slut it up at?” Cory asked, his venom wasn’t hard to miss.

“Hey, you can’t talk to Dayana like that?!” Zoe said, defending her older sister. “If you don’t like it, grow a bigger dick!” she spat.

“If I could I would. But you see there’s this thing called DNA, something you two college know-it-alls should be aware of. You simply can’t change it. If you want to look at someone look at your parents. They’re the ones who did this to me,” Cory sneered. “And shouldn’t you be surrounded by your football team, blowing each and every one of them in your bukkaki fetish?” he asked, peering over at his middle sister. Knowing that Dayana had bought Zoe booze when they were out given how Zoe was almost twenty.

“Mom!” Zoe yelled for their mother. Her sandy blonde hair matched their mother’s along with her 32D breasts given how they had swapped out bras when the strap of their mother’s broke one day. Their mother, Celeste, stood a little over six feet, being forty-two, his friends, those few he brought home, were always smitten by her and his sisters. ‘If they only knew the real them.’ He would always say to himself when they would go on and on about how hot they were. Cory didn’t see the appeal. He had lived with their verbal abuse for the past five years and he was growing tired of it. He was so glad he was almost done with high school. Then he would leave for college and most likely stay there for the next four years, then find himself a nice job far away from his parents.

“What’s the matter?” Celeste’s smooth, sinful voice drifted up the stairs.

“Li’l Stanley is in here calling us whores and sluts,” Dayana called back glaring at her brother.

“Cory! You get your ass down here right this second!”

“No, thank you!” Cory shouted back stunning his sisters. No one said no to their mother, not even their father, she was that much of a force of nature. Sure, his heart was racing when he heard her feet on the steps, yet he was going to face down this fire-breathing monster. They might have crushed his spirit, pushed him into depression, and his low self-esteem, yet he wasn’t going to have it any longer!

“You’re in for it now,” Zoe snickered as she and Dayana backed away to enjoy the show. They both looked perplexed when Cory turned his chair to face the door with his arms crossed.

“Yes, just barge in, no knock or anything,” Cory said, coldly. Silently taking note of how that stopped her… if only for a second.

“What’s this I hear about you calling your sisters sluts and whores?” Her green eyes burned in her fury. No one, not even her son used that term for her daughters.

“What? Don’t like the truth?” Cory asked, arching an eyebrow. “If they don’t want to be called sluts and whores maybe they shouldn’t be sluts and whore…” Dayana and Zoe gasped as the slap reverberated loudly in Cory’s room.

“You do not use that language in this house! Do I make myself clear!?” Taking a step back as Cory pushed himself out of his chair. Sure, she had seen the anger in his eyes whenever they would tease him, yet what she saw… even she knew she went too far.

“So…” Taking a steadying breath, “Those sluts, and you, can belittle me for five damn years for something I had no control over. Thanks by the way for the weak genes you passed on. And yet I can’t call them what they really are? You sure bahis firmaları you want to go down this path?” Cory growled standing nose to nose, or as close to it as his five feet ten inch height would allow.

“Or what, you’ll kiss me? Why else are you standing so damn close to me,” Celeste taunted. “Do you want me to kiss your little hurt feelings and make it all better? Do I need to pat that little cock of yours to make you feel better?”

“Please,” rolling his eyes, “why the fuck would I want anything like that from you?” Blocking her slap, then another before he lightly pushed his mother backwards. “You only get one.”

“You’re grounded! You hear me!”

“Oh, woe is me! Whatever am I to do?!” Cory said, playing up his role. “Oh, right, don’t listen to the three bitches of Eastwick.” Darting his head back to avoid her swing. “You missed,” he stated cockily seeing the shocked expressions on his sisters faces. Smirking wickedly at how red in fury his mother’s face was getting.

“You are not to leave this room if it isn’t for school, work, or dinner. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear!” Celeste growled restraining her anger.

“Yeah, yeah,” shooing his mother away, “why don’t you go slut around with your daughters maybe that will dislodge the stick you have up your ass,” Cory taunted, loving how that cheek of hers twitched.

“Just wait till your father gets home, he’ll have his own words for you,” Celeste spat, spinning on her heel. “You’ll always have a little dick! No woman is going to fuck you, so you better just start to learn how to suck a cock. Because that little thing is nothing more than a pussy,” she sneered before slamming his bedroom door closed.

“Whatever,” Cory rolled his eyes as he retook his seat in his chair and turned back to his computer. Opening his browser, typing in how to make your dick bigger. Blowing out a breath as he scanned through pages and pages of sites that offered some miracle pill, some fruit, or some weird ass techniques to grow the size of one’s cock. He was about to give up and resign himself to the fate that was handed to him when he reached the bottom of page twenty of his search. However, that all changed when a curious popup, something that shouldn’t have been able to happen given the blocker, appeared on his screen. He was about to close it out when something within him whispered that he should check it out. Clicking on the link, reading carefully so he wouldn’t be duped into wasting his money. Turning down the volume of the speakers, playing all the testimonials the site had on their page. While he didn’t wish to see other dudes cocks, yet if it was true from the before and after photos he knew this would work for him. He was about to head to the cart to checkout, until he saw the testimonials of the wives or girlfriends of the men on the site. Cory wondered if they knew how they debased their men on there until they got to the point of after their men had used the product. Arching an eyebrow at how gushing most of the women were about the increase in their size. He wondered if their husbands ever watched their tapes. If they did, he knew most of them would be divorced by now. The pointer moved back and forth along the screen as he debated on paying the seventy-five dollars the cream cost.

“This better be worth it,” Cory said, blowing out a breath after he hit the purchase button.


Cory blew along the paper watching the eraser crumbs tumbling along its surface after he had erased the mistake he had made on his homework. Looking to the clock when he heard a car pulling up. Knowing his father had just gotten home from his construction job. Sighing when he knew what would be coming. Turning towards the door, leaning on the armrest with his chin resting in the palm of his hand as he waited. That fear all children have knowing they were about to get punished grew and grew as it crawled up his spine at the heavy footfalls of his father’s boots. Watching his door being thrust open, and the pair of boxing gloves his father always used to solve their disputes came flying towards him.

“Backyard, five minutes, or I’ll whip your hide worse than I would fighting a man,” Jairo said, angrily.

Sighing as Cory leaned down and plucked the gloves from the floor. He knew he had lost all the other times they had done this; Cory was determined to win this time. He was just going to have to keep his anger in check and not let it lead him astray, like it had in the past.

“No more, Li’l Stanley, no more depression, no more self-esteem issues. After tonight it’s a new start for me,” Cory said, pumping himself up.

Cory noted how his mother and sisters were all outside sitting in the same old spots they always took when his father made him do this. Ignoring his mother’s hateful glare and the snickers from his sisters as he strapped the gloves on. Seeing his father waiting for him. Then the uncertainty began to grow as his eyes ran down his father’s muscular body, one he had gotten from his years in construction.

“So, want to tell me why you’re calling your sisters those names?” Noting how his son was bobbing and weaving as he threw some soft kaçak iddaa jabs. He would beat him sure, but not to the point of incapacitating his son.

“If the shoe fits,” Cory said, shrugging his shoulders. “You got to wonder if they’re sluts does that make Mom one?” he asked, noting the anger in his father’s eyes. “Touch a nerve, did I?” Chuckling as he backpedaled. Cory knew he couldn’t win outright. His father just had too much strength for him to simply overpower. So, he took a tactic from his old man and got him off-kilter like he always did with him. Cory’s uppercut slipped through his father’s guard, landing squarely on his chin. He didn’t give his father any time to recover as he pressed in on him. He heard the exhalation of his father’s breath as he knocked the wind out of him. Then something happened, something marvelous as he felt bone crunching under his fist as it landed squarely on his father’s nose. Yet the elation didn’t last long as Cory felt the searing pain in his chest feeling a few ribs cracking due to the force of his father’s punch.

“Jairo!” Celeste shouted seeing the blood pouring down his face. Ignoring her son as he laid on the grass holding his chest. “Honey, we need to get you to the hospital.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” Cory spat bitterly. Fighting to tamp down the pain that was flooding his body.

“Fine you big…”

“I think I cracked his ribs,” Jairo said, cutting his wife off.

“Oh, for fucks sake,” Celeste uttered in disappointment that her husband didn’t win like he always had. “Come on, li’l…” Her voice stilled as her son batted her offered hand away.

“Fuck off, you cunt.” An audible gasp filled the air as those words left Cory’s lips.

“Cory?!” Jairo growled through the pain.

“What?! You all have been degrading me for the past five fucking years, every single fucking day. You don’t like how I degrade you fucks, too fucking bad!” Cory grunted through the pain as he pushed himself up off the ground. “I’ve dealt with your verbal abuse all this time, and not a peep out of me. The one time I speak my mind you people get your panties in a fucking twist. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out…” Cory felt himself falling backwards. All he knew was dizziness and lightheadedness as he blacked out from the pain.



“Shh… you have two fractured ribs, best to talk slow and with light breaths.” Cory’s eyes began to focus revealing the late fifties woman as she hovered over him.

“How did I get here?” Wincing as he tried to sit up.

“Your father carried you into the ER, I’ll get the doctor,” she said sweetly, lightly patting his shoulder.

Ten minutes later Cory saw the doctor walking in with his mother behind him. “Make her leave,” Cory demanded.

“Cory, listen I…”

“Too fucking little, too fucking late. Get out,” Cory stared hatefully at his mother while holding his ribs.

“Alright, I’ll be outside,” Celeste said, hiding the pain in her eyes at what she had caused.

“So can I go home now?” Cory asked, once the doctor had done all her tests to see if he didn’t have a concussion.

“In a minute, I need to ask. How did you hurt your rids? It wasn’t physical abuse was it?” Cory could see how her eyes were running down his wiry body compared to his fathers.

“You’re going to laugh when you hear how it happened. So here comes Dad walking into the kitchen Mom’s not paying any attention as she’s getting out the mop to clean up the spill she caused. Then bam!” Smacking his hands together. “Mom opens the closet door right in Dad’s face hitting him squarely in the nose. I hear him holler something fierce. So, I’m rushing down the stairs to see what’s going on. Then wouldn’t you know it, I slipped on the very spill Mom was trying to clean up! So my arms were all over the place as I try to regain my balance. Then I saw the table as I felt my feet slipping out from under me. I tried to correct myself, seems I overcorrected, given how I ended up here.” Watching how she was fighting back her laughter as he told the biggest lie of his life.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with you other than your ribs. I’ll have you discharged soon,” she said, lightly patting his leg.

“You have a gorgeous smile,” Cory said, truthfully. He wasn’t trying to hit on her, he just thought the compliment was warranted.

“Awe, that’s so sweet, thank you…”

“I wasn’t hitting on you, I genuinely think you have a gorgeous smile,” Cory said, hearing the strain in her voice. Knowing she must get hit on constantly.

“Sorry, its…”

“No, it’s cool. I understand. Guys can be asshats seventy-five percent of the time,” Cory said, a smile stretched from ear to ear at how cute her chuckle was.

“True, they can be, I thank you for the compliment and for the laughs. You take care of yourself, alright?”

“Sure thing, doc,” Cory nodded.

“I’ll have the nurse bring you some pain medication while I get your discharge forms ready.”

“Thanks, so don’t want to do this again,” Cory chuckled lightly.

“I can imagine.”

Cory watched her leave wondering what her ass looked kaçak bahis like beneath that white coat. So wishing she would come back as he noted how his mother slipped into the room. That once warm smile quickly faded as he rolled over. Swinging his legs off the bed, wondering where they put his shirt as he looked around for it. Looking to his left when his mother tapped him on his arm seeing his shirt in her hand.

“Cory, I’m…”

“Five years is a little too late to say your fucking sorry.” Hissing as he lifted his arms, knowing he was going to have to watch his movements until his ribs healed.

“I was apologizing for what I said today,” Celeste said, watching how his shirt slid over the ace bandage they used to wrap his ribs.

“It seemed to me you meant every word of it,” Cory said, keeping his back to her.

As Celeste opened her mouth to have this out with her son her phone chose the worst time to interrupt. “Hey, Zoe, did you get your Dad home okay?”

“Yeah, gave him his meds, I put him in bed when we got home. Dad’s going to have two black eyes for a while. I can tell they’re already starting to form. I’m on my way back to the hospital. Has Li’l Stanley woken up yet?”

“Yes, and don’t call him that any more. Thought we had this discussion?” Celeste spoke in a stern motherly voice.

“Yeah, but I’m not saying it to his face. The ass called me a slut, Mom! I’m not a slut!”

Sighing in her mind, “How long will it take you to get here?” Celeste asked, knowing this wasn’t going to end any time soon.

“Twenty minutes.”

“Good. Cory should be discharged by then,” Celeste said, noting how her son hadn’t once turned to look at her.

“Cory! Cory!”

“W-what?!” Cory jolted awake after falling asleep on the ride home.

“We’re home, come on, let’s get you to bed…” Looking away in sadness when Cory once again brushed away her hand. She watched how he held his side as he ambled towards the front door.

“Look who’s home, did it feel good breaking Dad’s nose?’ Dayana asked, in a snide tone.

“Yep, did it feel good doing your first gangbang?” Cory retorted as he walked towards the stairs. Not seeing how murderous his sister glared at him.

“I still need help you know!” Dayana called after him.

“And you can refer to what I told you to do earlier,” Cory stated as he climbed the stairs. “I’m not your damn calculator!”


Five days later…

For five long agonizing days Cory has watched the USPS website to track the progress of his package. Walking hurriedly home knowing his package should be in the mailbox. He so hoped what they said would work. Even if it was just two inches he would be ecstatic. At least then they will never be able to call him that name again. The moment he opened the mailbox he was saddened to find it empty. As he closed the lid, his gaze lifted noticing his father’s truck and his mother’s car in the driveway. Which was odd for this time of day. Looking oddly at it as he walked along beside it to the front door, he noticed something strange, something that didn’t belong to his mother within it. However, that all went out the window when he walked into his home and was met with a wall of moans. He was thinking about walking back out, but then he thought, ‘Fuck it!’ Why not ruin their fun? Nevertheless, Cory was not expecting to find his parents and two strangers he’s never seen fucking each other.

“Oh, God, you got a nice, big cock!”

“You like that cock don’t you, slut?!”

“Mmmhmm, it’s all nice and hard, fill me up…”

“I’ve been waiting for this all month,” a rather big breasted Asian woman cooed as she rode his father.

“I’m so posting this!” Cory chuckled.

“Cory!” Celeste gasped in horror.

“What the hell, man! You can’t just walk…”

“This is my house numb nuts I can come and go as I please. But I’ll let you four sluts finish. Do steam clean the furniture,” Cory said, laughing madly as he walked away. Checking the kitchen to see if his package was there, he found the mail on the kitchen table but no package. Heading up to his room hoping that it was there. Closing his door, blocking out the noises from below, his eyes going wide with glee as he noticed the sealed package on his desk. Setting his bag down beside his desk like he had always done. Tearing open the package, reaching in and pulling out the item that would change his life, or so he hoped it would.

“Fountain of Eros[1]?! What the hell is an Eros?” Cory muttered running his eyes along the label. Flipping the box over reading the instructions, nodding to himself when he saw the size of the dosage for the length of growth that he wanted. Noting how it was to be applied when he was hard and masturbate using the cream as lubricant. Ignoring the warnings that it should not be use more than once a day and not to use more than a tablespoon at a time due to the unknown effects it could cause. At that point in time he didn’t care what the side effects were. He just really, really wanted to prove to his family he wasn’t small any longer. He also didn’t notice the fine print that you would need a magnifying glass to see where it stated it wasn’t responsible for the increase sexual attraction once the cream had worked its magic. Quickly shoving the box into his drawer and closing it just as quickly when he heard someone coming up the stairs.

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Lady’s Second Month

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Check out Lady’s prior stories for a more complete adventure.

Month Two: A New Client

Rose and I stayed together every night we weren’t with an accompaniment. Some nights, we would cuddle and talk… or we would watch movies or play games. And the best nights, we would find new ways to satisfy each other. She was always soft and comfortable… sensitive to my wants.

But she never took herself too seriously. Her easy laugh and active listening were was drew me to her… But of course, the sex was nice too.

After a few weeks, I had a set schedule for clients. This was pretty common for most accompaniments. The clients requested the same girls again and again. They wanted someone they could spend dinner with or show off to business partners… before aggressively enjoying her body. They wanted companionship and conversation.

I spent almost every Thursday and Friday night with Tony. Business events, corporate fundraisers, art shows… we enjoyed dinners and theatre and dancing… and then we enjoyed touching and kissing and fucking.

I avoided Mr. Prick’s requests, although his gift paid off most of my credit card debt. And I had accompanied Alek a few times. He was a big guy with bulging muscles and a thick Russian accent.

The most expensive gifts came from Sir: stylish clothes, diamond jewelry, designer bags, sophisticated shoes. It only took selling a few of these items to start a comfortable savings account.

He alternated between Rose and me, giving us almost equal attention. But it was still obvious to us both, and to the rest of the mansion, that he preferred me.

Tonight was a rare night that he had requested both of us. I braided Rose’s long hair into a loose plait, and she powdered my face and lined my eyes and lips. We passed the other girls, ignoring their jealous stares, giggling together with our arms linked.

We waited for his car in front of the mansion’s large double doors.

Rose looked at me. “What’s the occasion?”

I shrugged. “He just said to meet his car here. No dress code, so I’m guessing a more casual night?”

We slid into the familiar black leather when the car arrived. It traveled out of the skyscrapers, past the suburban townhomes, and into the glamorous estates seated just north of city.

We were left in front of a luxurious hotel seated on a well-manicured golf course. Fountains exploded on either side of the front doors and uniformed doormen bowed and opened the door as we entered.

“No dress code?” Rose whispered to me as we took in the spectacle that was the lobby. Crystal chandeliers swung high above our heads. Marble floors sat below our feet. Large plants and posh couches surrounded an indoor pond beside a modern bar playing light jazz.

I saw Sir just as he saw me. Gripping a martini, he moved quickly towards us and greeted each of us with a peck on the cheek. “Good evening. You both look lovely.”

Rose’s easy laugh made all three of us smile. “We are both very underdressed. This place is beautiful. And you.” She said, motioning to his black suit and tamed hair.

Sir waived off the comment. “I was meeting a client.”

He led us to the elevator. “Besides, I’m only going to rip those clothes off anyways.”

We entered a large suite on the highest floor. The room was spacious and clean with white marble countertops and floors. Thick oriental rugs and glittering vases and dishes artistically decorated the space. The bed was covered in soft sheets and fur throws.

Now alone, Sir pulled me in. He kissed me hard and deep, letting our mouths fall open and our tongues instinctively dance. He pulled away and turned to Rose, repeating the passionate kiss.

They broke apart, and Sir turned her face to mine. She kissed me hard. Her lips were soft and her breath was fresh. I pulled harder, and she leaned me on the bed, straddling my body. As we kissed, Sir removed his clothes. He sat on the opposite side of the bed, gently stroking himself, watching us.

Rose lifted my shirt off, her lips breaking from mine for just a second. I unbuttoned her shirt, slipping it off her shoulders. Our bras followed, so we could feel our bare breasts clash as we kissed.

Sir was fully hard now. “Undress.” He said in his commanding voice.

We stopped our mouths and removed the rest of our clothes.

We stood, naked, before him, waiting for his next instructions. I glimpsed canlı bahis at Rose, her perfect breasts and juicy pussy. I could taste her already.

Slowly massaging his hard cock, Sir motioned us together again. “I have a job for you two… if you’re up to it. Please. Continue.”

With new desperation, Rose brought her lips back to mine. Our kisses were passionate and wet, with tongues and lips sucking and biting.

I laid on the bed, and Rose climbed on top of me. She split her legs to allow our pussies to meet. Our wet, excited pussy lips kissed as our mouths did, and she rocked back and forth on me, letting the juices slide us up and down.

Sir groaned quietly, still rubbing his cock, his eyes glued to our rubbing pussies, watching Rose gently hump me.

Rose pulled her lips away from mine and sat up, still grinding. Breathing hard, she asked, “what’s the job?”

Sir smiled and motioned us closer to him. “Come give me your mouths.”

We positioned ourselves on either side of him, and began licking and sucking on his cock. We moved together at the head, partly licking his tip and partly still making out.

“Perfect.” Sir groaned, placing one hand on each of our heads.

We stayed like this for a few minutes. Sir sighing in pleasure as we worked hard with our tongues. We paused a few times to enjoy each other, before returning our lips to his cock.

Then, he motioned us away. “God. You two are perfect. Stand up and stand over there.” He pointed at the end of the bed.

“Before I tell you the job…” He smiled cheekily. “Let’s have a little audition.”

He sat up slightly, his hand still stroking his hard cock. “Entertain me.”

I stood still, slightly unsure of what he wanted. But Rose was confident. She slowly walked in front of me, gently lowering herself. Her ass opened towards Sir. He sighed in pleasure, watching her hole gape open.

Rose held my thighs as she licked me. I squirmed and moaned as she slurped my juices. Her tongue was soft and warm, flickering gently to stimulate me.

By now, she knew my body… quickly finding that perfect spot above my pussy lips that was so sensitive. She pressed her tongue firmly, gently making circles.

I gasped and sighed. “Darling.” I groaned. “Don’t stop that.”

Sir smiled and stood up, moving towards a music player in the corner. Sultry jazz began to echo out of the speakers. Rose hummed gently along with the tune, creating a warm buzz that vibrated throughout my pussy.

I stepped back and fell onto a couch, opening my legs wider. Rose advanced, keeping her mouth glued to my clit. She became aggressive, lapping me like a dog, again and again.

Her mouth leaked with saliva and pussy juices, splattering my lap and the couch.

She moved to be beside me, and we kneeled together on the cushions. Without hesitation, she kissed me again. My own sweet, tanginess coated my tongue.

Sir moved closer, stroking his cock again. It sat, rock hard, just inches from our faces. He grunted as he jerked himself, aiming directly at our kissing mouths.

“More.” He demanded, in a stunted voice.

Opening our mouths even wider, we shared saliva freely. Rose ate at my face, licking my cheeks and chin. My entire face was sticky and dripping as we got more passionate.

Sir pumped himself faster. “Don’t stop.” He grunted. “I’m going to cum all over your sticky faces.”

We kissed harder at his words, anxious for his streams. I licked Rose’s cheek, slow and hard, all the way up to her forehead.

We were pressed together now, kneeling on the cushions. Sir stood directly before the couch, his cock bouncing beside our faces as he stroked up and down, harder and harder.

Rose’s perfect breasts bounced against mine. Her nipples were hard and pointed, stabbing against my breasts. Streams of saliva dripped down our chests, creating a lubricant for our bodies.

Sir continued jerking himself, grunting with pleasure as he watched our bodies. “I’m going to cum.” He said again. “All over your faces…” He groaned again, his eyes glued to us. “And you are going to suck up every drop of it.”

Rose and I moaned together as we kissed, desperate for his cum.

It happened fast and satisfying. Thick streams shot from the head of his cock, splashing our faces.

We giggled and kissed as he groaned his finish. Rose licked my face, cleaning off Sir’s cum with her tongue. bahis siteleri I did the same to her, tasting his saltiness.

Sir smiled as our messy face and breasts. “Go clean up.” He said. “We have a visitor coming.”


We washed up and reapplied makeup before returning to the bedroom, still completely naked.

Sir was there with another women.

She was short and feisty, with furrowed brows and a bob of straight brown hair. She stood confident and impish in her perfectly tailored pantsuit complete with bright red stilettos.

Her face immediately lit up when she saw us.

“Jakey, you’ve outdone yourself.” She said, eyeing our naked bodies.

Sir smiled at us. “Girls, this is Mia.”

“New client?” Rose asked, her voice full of excitement. Female clients were rare at the mansion.

Mia wandered towards us. “Sort of.” She answered.

She approached us and softly placed her hand on Rose’s hip, gently moving up her body and squeezing her breast.

She moved around us, looking at us from all angles, admiring our curves and features.

She stopped in front of me and wet her lips, staring right at my eyes. “This must be Lady.” She said without question.

She pulled me to her and kissed me slow and hard. Her lips were firm and igniting. I opened my mouth and let her in… her tongue pressed against mine.

She moved closer and let her hands caress my body. One moved to my pussy and began to fondle my lower lips. I sighed as she backed away suddenly, breaking the kiss.

“You know my brother’s taste.” Mia said to Sir, her eyes still fixated on our bodies.

Sir laughed and shrugged. “It’s my taste, too. You know that.”

Mia moved to Rose and took her hand. Nodding at me, she said, “take your Lady.”

Sir waved me to him, and as we left the room, I watched Mia turn to Rose and begin a kiss. Rose answered with passion, and I felt a twinge of jealousy flit through me.


We moved to a connecting suite, and I fell onto the bed as Sir mixed drinks.

I couldn’t help myself. “So… Jakey?”

Sir chuckled.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“Mia is an old friend. And her brother.” Sir handed me a drink and sat beside me on the bed. “I’ve known them since way before I was Sir.”

I took the drink from him and sipped it. I couldn’t imagine Sir before Sir. But he wasn’t always auctioning off pretty women. I imagined Sir as a child, learning his alphabet and how to read. He was a teenager once. Did he date? Did he have a first love? Where are his parents now? Does he have siblings?

“You look so focused.” Sir laughed. He could tell exactly what I was thinking. “My real name is Jacob.” He sighed. “I grew up in a small house in a small town on the East coast. I lost both my parents when I was nine, and spent the next ten years being raised beside Mia and her brother in their mansion.”

“Nine is so young. How did they die?” I replied.

Sir shrugged. “They didn’t. I just lost them. And good riddance. Mia’s parents weren’t parents though. We were raised by nannies and boarding schools mostly.”

I moved closer, listening intently to the rare moment of transparency from Sir. I leaned in and nestled into his arms, enjoying the peace and intimacy. He absentmindedly drew circles across my bare skin as he reminisced.

“On my 18th birthday, they gifted me a full ride scholarship to the college of my choice.”

“That was nice.” I said.

He shrugged again. “They weren’t compassionate. But they were smart. And they could tell I was smart. They took me in because they saw my potential. And they saw they could profit from it. Regardless, I’m appreciative.”

“Well, do they profit from you?” I asked.

Sir smiled. “I studied actuarial science for one year before meeting Tawny. A stunning blonde with a perfect ass and an empty head who showed me just how amazing sex can be. And all it took was a few diamonds and designer handbags to show others.”

Sir was tracing circles on my naked skin. He moved to my breast and began rubbing and tickling my nipple, slowly and meticulously turning my body on.

He continued his story. “So I dropped out, took a loan from my adopted father, and purchased my mansion. Besides a portion of my profits, he gets to enjoy the merchandise whenever he wants.” Sir gave my tit a soft squeeze as he said this.

I rolled over to bahis şirketleri lay between his legs and began to undo his pants. His cock was still soft, but getting harder each second. I began to kiss his shaft and delicately tongue his cock head.

He placed a hand on the back of my head, subconsciously reminding me that he was in control. I wrapped my lips full around his cock, and he pushed my head down, letting most of his shaft fill my throat. He sighed in pleasure feeling my wet mouth encompass him.

After a few gags, I pulled back up and began kissing and licking his balls.

“Want to meet them?” He asked.

I looked up at him, my lips still making out with his balls.

“Hmm?” I murmured.

“Want to meet Mia’s brother and parents?” He asked again. “I need a date.”

“For?” I asked, moving myself to snuggle beside him.

“A little celebration.” Sir replied.

He set his glass down and moved to lay between my legs, reciprocating the favor. He kissed my inner thighs, teasing me with his lips.

“And the job?” I asked, changing the subject. “You said you had a job for the two of us.”

I could feel Sir’s smile between my thighs. He tilted his head slightly, so he could see my face. With his eyes glued to mine, he tongued my pussy in teasingly slow licks.

I shuttered and moaned at the sensation. I could feel gushes on fluids rush out of me with excitement. But Sir didn’t stop. Slow and exaggerated, he continued the licks until my body trembled.

I felt a rise inside of me… the sensation was too much. I shook as the organism built… waves began to rush over my body.

Then he stopped.

“You know the rule.” He smiled as he moved up my body. He hovered his face right over mine and slowly, with his eyes just inches from mine… his lips just inches from my lips… slowly entered me.

His cock was rock hard and slipped inside me easily. My pussy immediately accepted him and clenched its walls around his shaft. I groaned, but held back.

I knew the rule. As soon as I orgasmed… it was over.

“I need you and Rose to entertain some special guests.” He said, gently rocking inside of me. I felt his cock flick with excitement as my pussy involuntarily squeezed it.

“Special guests?”

“A gift. From Mia to her brother.” Sir said, panting a little. He began humping harder, letting his cock enter me again and again… still slow and controlled.

I lifted myself, allowing him to enter even deeper.

He groaned in pleasure. “The idea of this perfect pussy getting wrecked by a cock that’s not mine…” He smirked at me and sped up.

He pumped hard, pushing his hard cock deep inside me. His balls slapped against me with each thrust. He was still hovering over me. His strong arms bulging as he held himself up. My hands rested on his waist, feeling his core work hard as he continued the motion.

His sparkling eyes were glued to mine. Eye contact wasn’t unusual, but this was different. His face was soft and passionate. The cold, aloof businessman had left. He was enjoying more than just my body.

I smiled at him and he smiled back with a whisper. “The idea of another cock in this perfect pussy…” He shook his head, but maintained the intense eye contact. “You’re mine.”

He pushed deep into me and pressed his body close to mine. Beads of sweat on his abs and chest flattened as our bodies embraced.

He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. It was different. Our tongues danced a slow waltz instead of the quick, passionate tango we were used to.

The sensation wasn’t centered in my pussy like before. A new feeling built deep in my chest. Like a million butterflies had burst from my heart and were fluttering down to my stomach.

He let his lips hover barely an inch from mine, and whispered. “You can cum now.”

As if on command, my body responded with spasms of pleasure.

My pussy contracted and squeezed his cock. I moaned and closed my eyes, tilting my head back, grunting and gasping.

His cock responded with a spasm of its own. Shooting deep inside of me, I felt his streams mix with my own cum.

I laid still, soaking in the satisfaction… soaking in an orgasm that seemed more than shallow pleasure.

When I opened my eyes again, he was still watching me. His eyes still sparkling, his lips curved to a soft smile.

He pulled his shrinking cock out of my pussy and laid on his back beside me.

We were both silent. Something different hung in the air around us. Without a word or glance, Sir reached over and took my hand. We laid still, holding hands… staring at the ceiling.

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Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 08

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One thing Elaine Moore hated about her rented place was the thin walls. She and her fellas were an inventive and unfortunately loud lot and after a couple of gang-bangs the neighbors reported the noise. “She works out or moves the furniture or something all the time,” one older resident had complained. Laney had briefly considered letting them in on her secret and inviting them to join the party, but thought better of it.

Fucking in her classroom was exciting but dangerous, frequent motel stays strained a teacher’s salary in this county and cars were…well, they just cramped her style.

Elaine’s predicament was shared by other women she knew in Greenleaf, other gals who liked to party with the town’s young men. Most were older and married, and were protective of their reputations.

So when one of Elaine’s studs would text her that he had a place to himself for a day or two, as Brandon Crane had on Friday morning, she’d send up the bat-signal…so to speak.

By Saturday morning the Crane homestead was the scene of an orgy, with clothes strewn everywhere and a dozen people fucking in various combinations.

Elaine shared one big overstuffed chair in the living room with Trey Aldrich, one of Brandon’s best friends. They were naked and fucking, but for a change he didn’t have his prick buried in her mouth or her cunt. She’d talked him into trying something a little “different.” So now he was straddling her lap as she fucked his tight asshole with a long strap-on dildo.

“Kee-rist!” Trey yelped, rubbing his shoulder blades deliciously against her swollen brown nipples as he struggled to take the big fake cock. “Uhngh…Oww! Laney, I can’t believe I’m letting you?Jesus!”

“You digging it though, we can tell,” Elaine laughed, nuzzling his ear with her tongue as she reached around in front to twist his nipples. “Can’t we, Lucy?”

Lucille crouched between Trey’s legs, sucking him as if demon-possessed. Her lean, lithe figure, one result of devoting herself to yoga practice since her thirties, trembled sinuously from head to toe as she sucked. Her fine, shoulder length gray hair whipped in an agitated cloud around her rapidly bobbing head, except for the few sweat-darkened strands that clung damply to her face.

“Oh yes,” she said, releasing his cock for a moment. “I’m sure I’ve never seen the Trey quite this hard or this big. I do think we ought to introduce all these young men to the pleasures of regular prostate massages.”

“One more thing to love about these young guys,” Elaine said. “Once you get the big engines between their legs revved up they’re freaks. They won’t admit it. But they’re up for anything that’ll let ’em bust their nut some new and kinky way.” She pulled the dildo half way out of Trey to adjust the straps around her big hips. “‘Samson’ here was my best boyfriend in college and I thought he oughta meet some of my new lovers.” Elaine lunged her hips upward and corkscrewed the fake rubber cock home again.

Trey howled. Clear goo bubbled out of his cock slit, more pre-cum than Lucille had ever seen. “Yes, yes, yes,” she murmured, licking his prick knob clean before plunging her mouth down over the shaft again.

When she’d become a grandmother at forty-five Lucille had panicked, fearful that mid-life changes would soon rob her of her ability to enjoy sex. She had no such worries now, as lubrication fairly coursed from her pussy. She imagined it puddling on the carpet between her widespread knees.

Boys, she marveled. Lucille was personally convinced, whatever medical science might claim to the contrary, that the main reason most women’s sexual interest dried up in middle age was the unavailability of sufficiently stimulating partners. Older men like her husband, paunchy and complaining of their work stress, blood pressure and mid-life emotional crises bahis firmaları were anything but sexually enticing. Teenage studs, on the other hand?so trim, and athletic, always ready to fuck and eager to learn. Guys whose cocks stayed hard for hours and who could shoot cum into her over and over without losing interest.

Lucille couldn’t get enough of Trey’s tasty spunk and sucked him whenever she had the chance. As far as she was concerned, jism spewing from a young man’s cock was the fountain of youth.

She reached between her legs to play with herself, slipping a finger up her gray-fringed pussy. ]I’m going to need a prick up there soon.she thought, and glanced over her shoulder at young Luke Gable. He and Bobby Tilson had Moira Richards spread-eagled on the living room carpet a few yards away. Luke was deep inside her pussy, just stirring his cock back and forth enough to make her moan aloud while he sucked her gumdrop nipples. Bobby had placed two throw pillows under her shoulders so that she could lean her neck way back and open her throat. He fucked her mouth with easy strokes, pushing all the way in each time until his balls bumped against her upturned nose.

She can spare one of them, Lucille thought sourly. Moira was a recent convert to the ways of teen cock worship and the old saying about no fanatic like a convert held true in her case.

Moira was younger than most of the women here this weekend. Six months ago and just out of college she had moved into town with her husband and two toddlers to take a job as a nurse at the local hospital. Shortly thereafter a minor injury during a scrimmage had resulted in Bobby’s soccer coach sending him over for an evaluation. Never sure afterward what had come over her and with only a few words of encouragement from Bobby, the young brunette had found herself peeling off her panties and mounting him in a curtained area of the main E.R.

Lucille knew that her own jealousy was foolish. If Bobby and his friends really preferred young pussy that much they’d have been with their girlfriends this weekend. Let Moira have her fun now.

Brandon was the only male in the room not putting the prick to someone at the moment. In fact he stared sullenly out a window, a thousand miles away in his thoughts. Trey and Brandon were Lucille’s favorite partners and her heart went out to him now. She knew his home life was not easy. She remembered both of his parents from their own teen years. Nicki had been an adorable girl, but George Crane had been and remained to this day a thuggish, irresponsible lout. Under the terms of a plea bargain for drunkenly beating a man in a tavern over a football wager, George currently reported every Friday afternoon to a nearby city jail to serve out a lengthy weekend sentence. His father’s lawyer had done the best he could.

Where Brandon’s mother had gone off to this weekend was anyone’s guess. Lucille decided that she’d do her very best to comfort the youngster this afternoon…as soon as she finished Trey off.

“Come on, Elaine, put a little English on that thing,” she said. “Make the young man squirt.” Elaine slammed the dildo hard into Trey’s ass, burying the toy between his cheeks in swift, stabbing strokes.

“Ohhhhh… God, I’m gonna blow!” Trey yelled. He convulsed and bolted almost upright. Elaine wrapped her arms around his hips and held him tightly in place for Lucille. Cum poured from his cock, flooding Lucille’s mouth. She swallowed greedily, trying to catch it all but there was too much. It seeped from the corners of her mouth and rolled down her chin. “Agghnh?motherfucker!” Trey swore as it seemed his entire insides gushed out through his prick.

Yes…the very best, too, Lucille thought contentedly. She kept on gulping down the thick sap flowing from her son’s cock.


Mid-morning light kaçak iddaa shone in through the wide windows set into the long curved wall of the Jacobsen house’s lavish master bedroom. Nicole luxuriated in the warmth on her back. It added to the afterglow of her orgasm, one of several provoked this morning by Mai Jacobsen’s skillful sucking of her cunt.

Mai still nibbled delicately at Nicole’s tender cunt flesh. The redhead in her turn continued to lick Lindsay’s inner thighs, concentrating on the soft area where her legs blended into her pussy mound. And Lindsay lustily sucked and plunged her tongue into her mother’s welcoming slit.

The three women occupied most of the huge Italian modern bed which sat in the middle of the room. Marc and Tony had wandered off into other rooms of the suite for the present, hoping to catch a few hours of badly needed sleep while the voracious females of the household sufficed for themselves for a while.

“The female body is a marvel of nature,” Mai reflected. “The elasticity of our tissues, for example. That giving birth does not destroy our capacity to give and take our pleasure thereafter with mortal men seems miraculous.”

“Mmmm.” The women moved away from one another. Nicole sat cross-legged on the bed, admiring the feminine beauty that surrounded here. “I’ll tell you, Mai, fucking Marc for the first time felt like I was giving birth in reverse.” She rubbed her pussy, appreciating the new sensitivity brought about by the lack of pubic hair. Shaving was something she’d done once or twice in her younger days, giving it up when she accepted that nothing was going to spice up her tepid and occasional sexual encounters with George. Last evening Lindsay had waxed away all but a narrow “landing strip” of red curls from her friend’s mound. Nicole had inaugurated her new style…and, she promised herself, her new life…by taking Tony and Marc in succession while the Jacobsen women had cheered them all on.

“Yes,” Mai agreed. “Cristian was similarly well hung.”


“His father. A young Spanish courier employed by my husband,” Mai said. “I was selective about the men whose offspring I chose to bear. Certain…physical requirements mattered. No single man could completely satisfy them all.”

“That explains your family’s…diversity,” Nicole understood at last. “Did Stephan know?” Her heart raced at Mai’s intimate confessions. She noticed Lindsay also listened keenly, though she was sure that none of this was news to the girl.

“He suspected, he was not blind. He was too prideful to ever accept and act on his doubts. I knew this.” Mai wrinkled her nose as if at unpleasant memories. “Stephan was a cold old man, quite conservative. He would never have accepted my sexual indulgences with our offspring. This presented a great problem when the time came that I was ready to fuck Marc.”

“Mai…” Nicole began warily, “what exactly killed your husband?”

“His heart finally failed,” Mai said. “It was a natural death for an eighty year-old man. Especially for such a man who had been sucked off four times in an hour by his wife.”

“My God!”

“He was at peace,” Mai grinned wickedly. “He smiled down at me, at the end. His cum dribbled into my mouth as the Dark Angel took him.”

Lindsay giggled. “Come here, girl!” Mai said sharply. The slender blonde crawled across the sheets to lay her head in her mother’s lap.

“This one’s father was an international bank officer with whom Stephan had frequent business. An Olympic medalist swimmer, in his youth.”

“He’s a great fuck, too,” Lindsay volunteered.

“Hush, now.” Mai cradled her daughter’s head. She pressed a taut brown nipple to Lindsay’s mouth. Lindsay mewled and began sucking happily. Mai closed her eyes beatifically for a moment, one hand roaming down over Lindsay’s belly kaçak bahis to her pussy. Lindsay wriggled pleasantly as Mai slid three fingers into her and stirred them slowly about. “It’s true, Sean shares my enthusiasms and is still a frequent guest in the house. You must meet him sometime soon.”

Nicole listened, fascinated, as Mai went on to talk about Tony’s father. He had been her husband’s competitor in business, in fact the rivalry had been a bitter one.

“You didn’t feel disloyal?”

Mai looked genuinely shocked. “A touch, perhaps. Never when Sean and I fucked. At those times knew only the bliss of attention from a man whose sexual stamina matched my own.”

Lindsay’s breath came in short gasps. Mai slid another finger into her daughter’s pussy and the girl stiffened, whimpering into the tawny flesh of her mother’s tit. “She is coming,” Mai said matter of factly. “Aren’t you, dear?” Lindsay gave a little nod. “I feel the ripples inside you. Come. Come hard for Mother while you suck me so nicely.”

Lindsay shivered and clamped her legs tight around Mai’s hand as if to prevent the source of her pleasure from escaping. After a long time she relaxed and opened her eyes to look up mistily up at her mother and at Nicole.

“I know how to please the girl,” Mai said. “Her body responds much as mine does. She always has, since the beginning.”

“Years and years ago,” Lindsay remembered. “Just after I turned eighteen. I woke up in the middle of the night to the most wonderful feeling I’d ever experienced. There was Mom crouched between my legs. She’d worked my pajama bottoms off while I slept and was sucking my clit like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“It is, to me,” Mai said. “My nature is to fuck.” She shifted her hand slightly inside Lindsay and the blonde’s eyes widened. She gasped sharply and wriggled. “Again,” Mai said softly. “Mother will make you come again.” She covered her daughter’s mouth with her own.

Nicole’s own mouth was dry with lust. “You don’t feel guilty? About anything?”

Mai broke the kiss with a shake of her head adamantly. “Nothing. Stephan all but purchased me from my poor family. I willingly did everything he required and expected. I became all that he desired of me as well. If I was also unfaithful…”

“I mean about this,” Nicole said.

“Ah. Of course not. I am true to my own desires now. As are my daughter and sons. As you should be.”

“I do,” Nicole confessed. “Feel guilty, that is.”

“I don’t believe it,” Mai replied. “You feel shame, which is quite another thing. Shame is imposed upon us. It is taught. Your father was ashamed. I do not think that his intention was that it should have been his last lesson to you as well.”

Nicole wasn’t sure how long she sat staring open mouthed at Mai Jacobsen, absorbing her words. Long enough, at least, for Mai to bring Lindsay to another peak. Afterward, Lindsay smiled at Nicole and said “Told you, didn’t I? You and Mom can do a lot for each other.”

“You’ve all surely done a lot for me,” Nicole said. “Thank you, thank you…”

Marc and Tony returned, bearing an elaborate lunch on trays. The eldest son had recovered enough energy to be busy in the kitchen again. Nicole was famished and the meal was delicious, though not enough so to completely distract her from what she really hungered for. That was already tenting the front of Marc’s dressing robe.

“You’re quite the chef,” she said, undoing the belt on his robe. “Is that what you do? I mean, I know Tony’s, uh ‘profession…'”

She could see the question amused him. It’s just a hobby,” Marc answered. “I’m an attorney. Family law.”

Nicole thought the joke a bit silly. Her eyebrows arched when she saw that he was serious. “You’re a divorce lawyer.”

“Sometimes. I’m very good.”

“Yes you are.” Nicole turned on to her back on the bed. She leaned her head over the edge and opened her mouth wide, holding Marc’s huge cock in one hand as she guided him. “You’ll have to tell me all about that while you fuck my throat.”

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Sara’s She-cock Stories Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Sara pushed the shopping cart almost aimlessly as she wandered up and down the aisles of the grocery store, on the hunt for something that couldn’t be bought or found on any of the shelves. The perky, pregnant blonde was looking for someone, though she didn’t know who, not yet anyway. But if she found them, she was sure to know, and then the hunt would really get interesting. Sara absentmindedly put one hand on her belly as she used her other to steer the cart around an end cap and down another aisle, letting her instincts guide her.

Ever since Sara had consumed those wonderful, delicious eggs that Megan birthed, a product of, what Sara could only imagine as, a night of wild, crazed sex with Lindsey, the young blonde had an insatiable appetite. From the moment she woke to the time her mind slipped into sleep, sex was her primary and almost sole motivator. Before her encounter with those mutagenic eggs, Sara was an incredibly horny girl most days, but was able to live a fairly normal life, if not a little promiscuous at times. Once those eggs made their way into her system, it was as if her sexual inhibitors were wiped away. Her sexual cravings weren’t helped by the fact that for the past week, she had a permanent, and very unique, change to her genitals.

Megan and Lindsey warned Sara that consuming too many of their eggs, or consuming them too rapidly, might lead to some very lasting changes to her body. In spite of, and in fact because of that warning, Sara drank three eggs in a roughly 24 hour period, and was left with a seemingly permanent penis, one that had been with her for the last week. Unlike a normal penis, Sara’s resided inside of her until she decided to use it, or was aroused enough to have it begin to emerge on its own. The more she experimented with it, and the more she pushed her cock out of her womb, and out of her vaginal canal, the easier it became. She had begun to be able to do it almost on command, bearing down and forcing the monster dick out of her body when she desired, getting it erect and ready for action with a little physical touch and erotic thoughts.

At first birthing her cock was a little painful, her vagina stretching to accommodate such a large and girthy member, though it was never unpleasant. Sara likened it to the sting of being penetrated by a well-endowed partner; a bit shocking to the system at first but as it goes on, her body would get used to it and the discomfort would melt away into pleasure. Now, after being with her new member for the span of a week, the discomfort was all but gone, and each time she pushed her cock baby out of her pussy, the entire process filled her body with leg-quivering pleasure.

The young blonde had been experimenting with her new body, taking a leave of absence from her bland, office insurance job to figure herself and her new changes out. If she was incredibly aroused, usually by watching porn or thinking back on her sexual encounters with Megan and Lindsey, or both together, her cock would eventually emerge from her womb on its own, forcing her to bear down on it, sliding out of her fully erect and ready for action. It’s rigid and rock hard flesh would glide along her clit as it slid out from her, the ridges and ripples of veins rubbing against her button causing pleasure to arc through her lower half. If she wasn’t fully aroused (which was rarer and rarer by the day), she could bear down and push, birthing her cock in a flaccid state, letting the member dangle from her lower lips until she had become horny enough or massaged herself sufficiently to become erect, taking a bit of time as the behemoth cock filled and swelled to its full size.

For the last week, Sara must have ejaculated easily over fifty times, if not more. As she masturbated herself in new and exciting ways each day, her supply of cum seemed to be endless, or at least incredibly abundant. Her belly would grow bigger and fuller the longer she went without a release, as if her cum was building up inside of her womb. When she would birth her she-cock, she did so without testicles, and in combination with her swelling stomach, assumed they had to be internal, if she had any at all. The longer she went without a release the thicker and more gelatinous her cum would get too, though it was never a problem ejaculating it as her penile urethra was absolutely massive, big enough to stick a finger or two into easily. She had, in fact, birthed a clutch of eggs through that very same urethra the night she was given her glorious new gift, which certainly stretched and gaped to accommodate their not so diminutive size.

It had been close to twelve hours since Sara milked her cock and released her seed, and her stomach now looked like a woman seven or eight months pregnant. Even after a release, she still had quite the tummy, her ‘male’ genitals coiled up inside her womb, giving her a permanent pregnant look no matter what she did. But it didn’t bother her much, all things considered, since the sensations illegal bahis she felt with her new cock made any bodily changes seem insignificant in comparison. In fact, her newfound permanent pregnancy made her breasts much larger than the small, perky ones she once had, and thickened her already voluptuous thighs and ass to a new degree of sexiness, her curves fully enhanced and on display now.

Sara could feel her breasts jiggle and her ass sway as she continued patrolling the aisles of the grocery store, letting her instincts guide her along. She no longer seemed to have any sexual desire towards men, as if that part of her brain had been shut off and darkened since her transformation. And even her appetite for women changed a bit, finding motherly-type females to be irresistible, wide hips and thick thighs making her more aroused than anything. Of course she found other women attractive too, but she noticed her drive leaning more towards mom bodies, even when they weren’t quite the standard definition of beauty.

Today, after a week of solo playtime, Sara craved the touch of another woman. Rather than try to go to a bar or club to try and pick someone up, she went to where she knew she could find a whole variety of mom-bodied women; the grocery store. The blonde kept wandering, slowly and purposefully, down another aisle, tossing a loaf of bread into her cart to keep up the illusion that she was just a pregnant woman out shopping. Her cart had accumulated a few items to help with her ruse, somewhat random but also within the realm of believability to not arise any suspicions.

Sara noticed another strange development over the past week in regards to her sense of smell as well, and was able to pick up subtleties in the way a woman’s pheromones smelled. Her nose could seemingly let her know if a woman was fertile, something her newfound lust for mother’s and women with mom bodies corroborated with, at least in her mind. The consumption of Megan and Lindsey’s egg had changed her not only physically but mentally, altering her sex drive to focus on excellent reproductive mates rather than pure physical attraction alone. Though, Sara thought to herself, it certainly would be preferable if *both* fell into line together; a sexy, fertile woman who she could enjoy her time with AND spread her seed.

As she rounded yet another aisle, her nose and sexual desires guiding her, she caught the whiff of something, or someone, that piqued her interest. Near the middle of the potato chip aisle she spotted a woman with an absolutely enormous ass, pear shaped, with thick thighs and wide hips, dressed in a casual pair of black leggings and a form fitting tee. The woman walked about twenty feet ahead of Sara, and though she couldn’t see her face, the woman’s body sparked something inside her, her heartbeat beginning to face a bit as her excitement built. Each large ass cheek jiggled and bounced as the woman slowly walked, both of them round and appearing supple looking, delicious inside of their skin-tight pants. The woman’s brunette hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail and Sara guessed she was likely in her mid to late thirties, though she couldn’t tell for sure.

Sara got closer, not trying to get the woman’s attention just yet, and as she did, she inhaled deeply through her nose, taking in the woman’s scent, even from a fair distance. It was a powerful aroma, one that hit Sara hard as she sniffed, her eyes fluttering closed as she breathed in deep. It was a musky, almost earthy smell, absolutely intoxicating and pleasurable to Sara’s senses, and she instinctively sensed how heightened the woman’s fertility was by her scent. A quick glance into her cart told Sara that she was probably a mother, with a variety of fruit snacks, cookies, pudding cups, and other sweets mixed in with the standard grocery fare. As Sara examined the woman, both with her nose and visually, she couldn’t help but feel strange about the whole situation.

The predatory nature of what she was doing bubbled up into her thoughts, and she couldn’t help but feel a bit like a creep. Here she was, pretending to shop, searching the grocery store for a suitable woman to fuck, impregnate, and spread her condition to others. She was a smart woman, and knew that this change in her sexual desires was fulfilling a need the mutation her body experienced needed. It wanted her to change, to keep devouring eggs until it was permanent, and now that it was, it wanted her to spread it more, to sow her seeds in other women so they could birth eggs and repeat the cycle again. Sara studied a fair bit of biology in college, and knew a bit about parasitic entities, taking hold of their hosts’ brains, altering their behaviors, all in an effort to infect others and reproduce.

The sensation of being used and coerced by her newfound condition, her cock-baby that lurked inside of her womb, made her a bit uncomfortable. She could feel her cheeks grow flush, a cold sweat seeping in, her brow dampening illegal bahis siteleri and her armpits getting wet with nervousness as she slowly crept the cart forward. Was this all her body, her symbiotic relationship with this parasitic mutation, driving her to do what she was hoping to do today? Was it her cock’s own desire to inseminate as many fertile female wombs it could, to give others the same condition, the same sex drive, the same—

“But think of how good her pussy will feel wrapped around your cock!” Sara jumped a little in surprise as a familiar voice spoke up into her head; her voice in fact. Ever since she first experimented with the eggs, a second voice, her voice but somehow not her own, spoke up from time to time as an encouraging force. Sara did her best to ignore it usually, but unfortunately for her it often spoke a deep, underlying truth, and this time was no different. “You know you would LOVE to fuck that pussy…”

Sara let out a heavy sigh, and knew the voice—her voice—was right. She really wanted to fuck this woman’s pussy.

“I know, I hate grocery shopping alone too,” a voice said, this time from outside of Sara’s head. She looked up from her daze, and saw the woman in front of her had turned around and was smiling pleasantly at her. “My hubby seems to think I’m the only one capable of doing it.”

“I’m sorry, I uh—” Sara stammered, taken aback by the woman, now seeing her face for the first time.

Sara’s guess seemed accurate, she was likely in her early thirties indeed, and very attractive, though maybe not in a completely traditional way. She had a slender, small face with a small nose, which only accentuated her large, green eyes even more so. Her smile was genuine and pretty, and though her teeth were bright and white, she was a little bucktoothed, her front teeth splayed slightly, but not in unattractive way in the slightest. Her brown hair was a bit messy, pulled back into a loose ponytail, and Sara could tell that without the hair tie, it would probably come down just to her shoulders. She didn’t wear any makeup and her cheeks were a bit red in places, looking to be from a mild case of rosacea, Sara thought to herself. Flaws and all, she was remarkably pretty, and Sara couldn’t help but be attracted to her.

“Oh no no no!” The woman said, her cheeks getting more rosy as she spoke. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to—I heard you sigh, is all! I assumed you weren’t happy being here.”

“Please don’t be sorry, I was daydreaming hun! You caught me off guard,” Sara said warmly, checking the woman out up and down as best she could. She was very appealing, Sara thought, as she took in the shape of her body from the front. She had the weight and build of a mother, of a woman who spends a lot of time caring for her children and not for herself, but if she did, would be stunning. The brunette woman was slightly pudgy in places, with a small tummy, and smaller breasts that seemed perky. Even from the front, Sara could tell how pear shaped she was, her hips wide and her tights gripping her crotch hard, giving her the faintest impression of a cameltoe.

“Shove your nose in and smell it…” Sara’s internal monologue announced, almost demanding. The pregnant blonde ignored it as best she could, for now anyway, as much as she DID want to smell the woman’s cooch.

“Okay, good,” the woman said, her cheeks still red but her giggling easing the awkward tension that lingered in the air originally. “I wasn’t trying to offend or anything.”

“Don’t even worry, not offended at all hun,” Sara said, putting a hand on her belly instinctually, as if doing it would get the woman to—

“How far along are you?” the woman asked, falling right into where Sara wanted her. The trap was set and sprung and now the horny blonde needed to play it right, and if she did, she could soon be shoving more than just her nose in the pear-shaped woman’s crotch.

“Thirty six weeks on Tuesday,” Sara replied, giving her the line she had rehearsed in her head as she patrolled the grocery store.

“That’s so exciting! Is it your first? Boy or girl, or are you keeping it a secret?” The woman asked, now completely turned around from her cart after pushing it off to the side of the aisle to make room for any would be passerby.

“My first, and it’s a boy! A big, healthy boy!” Sara said, her smile widening as she did. “Do you have any kids yourself?”

“Oh I do, two; a boy and a girl, five and three!” The woman said, beaming with joy as she spoke about her kids. “They’re a handful, but I gotta do what I gotta do, with or without hubby’s help!”

“At least you have someone who can help,” Sara said, calculating her words but finding them spilling from her mouth faster than she could process them. “I’m just lucky I’ll have my parents around when I finally pop.”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry,” the woman said, frowning and making an almost exaggerated upset face. “I can’t even imagine how difficult it is, doing all this canlı bahis siteleri alone,” she said, motioning to Sara and the store around them.

“I get by, it can be tough but what can you do, you know?” Sara said, still cradling her baby bump, still basking in the scent of the woman’s pheromones and body. Her aroma was intoxicating, so fertile and erotic, the scent of a woman who bore children and would be a prime candidate for more. Sara could smell the musky pussy between her legs, her scent strong and sensual, and would do almost anything to be able to smell it in the flesh and up close.

“Absolutely, very tough!” The woman’s voice and attitude was sympathetic and genuine, if not trying a bit too hard to be overly friendly. “I can’t even imagine taking care of my littles without my hubby.”

“You seem like a wonderful mother, hun,” Sara said, leaning on the handle of the shopping cart as casually as she could. “I’m Sara, by the way!”

“So nice to meet you, Sara! I’m Katie,” the woman said, giving a warm smile, her cheeks still flush but it was hard to tell if it was her rosacea or not.

“Am I keeping you from anything, hun?” Sara asked, looking deep into Katie’s green eyes. “I don’t want to interrupt your shopping!”

“Oh, no, not at all! It’s nice getting to talk to another mother, or mother to be! I don’t get much time to just relax and chat anymore,” Katie said, her eyes darting down a few times as she spoke. “Besides, this is my alone time, and I’ll take as much as I can!”

“Okay, good,” Sara said, her eyes wandering across Katie’s body once more, admiring her shape. Such delicious hips she had, Sara thought, and what a wonderful ass… “I didn’t want to keep you from your ‘littles’ or your husband.”

“No, he’s probably fine without me, the kids are with my parents,” Katie said, and Sara noticed a hint of dissatisfaction in her voice. Her senses were keen, much more so than they had been, she noted. It was as if her mind knew exactly how to reply and what to say, like it knew the code to unlock the way inside the sexy mother in front of her. Asking about her husband, that seemed to hit a nerve, and Sara wanted to capitalize on it.

“I can’t speak from experience, but men are, well, useless when it comes to most things,” Sara said, giggling a bit.

“Oh god, tell me about it,” Katie said, smiling back at Sara. “My hubby, I love him to death, but he’d starve if I didn’t come home and make him dinner.”

“He makes you cook for him too? Gosh, what DOES he do?” Sara laughed, pulling her cart back to make room to stand closer to Katie. She casually walked around the side of her cart to stand next to the fertile mother, subtly trying to inhale deeply through her nose to capture her scent again. It rose to her nostrils, that musky, earthy smell, the scent of Katie’s warm snatch, nestled between her legs, only thin fabric separating it from the world around it. The smell was intoxicating, a damp, fertile scent, a natural, sexy odor that drove Sara wild. Sara crossed her arms casually, placing them gently atop her swollen belly, doing her best to contain her lust.

“Not much, if I’m being honest,” Katie said, her face getting a bit red as she giggled along with Sara. The pregnant blonde noticed her sniffing gently as Sara got closer, as if a scent caught her nose. “You smell so good, what are you wearing?” Katie asked, her face playfully surprised as she leaned in closer to sniff again.

“Believe it or not…nothing!” Sara said. Ever since her transformation, she stopped wearing deodorant. She found that, for whatever reason, she didn’t really want to anymore. Her body’s natural pheromones grew stronger, and she found that wearing deodorant only masked them. She didn’t have a floral or herbal scent to herself, but rather a pleasant musk that was quite strong if she didn’t do anything to cover it up, a scent she found to be oddly appealing and arousing. And apparently so did Katie. “I like to be natural, I think it’s healthier, especially since I’m expecting.”

“That’s crazy, you smell so good!” Katie said, leaning in to smell Sara again. “If I didn’t wear deodorant, I’d reek haha! That’s crazy,” she said again.

“Oh I doubt that, hun!” Sara said, the aroma of Katie’s pussy still wafting up to her nose. It changed a little, Sara noticed, getting stronger and more pungent. Am I making her horny, Sara wondered to herself, as she took it in. Her belly rumbled a bit, and she felt a shifting inside of herself, and knew that it would take a lot to contain her cock baby if this kept up much longer. “You smell wonderful yourself.”

“Haha thank you, I skipped my shower this morning but I always make sure to spray myself down!” Katie giggled, her face getting red again. She shifted as she stood, and Sara caught another fresh whiff of her cunt, and she couldn’t take it any more. The thick, veiny cock in her belly began to shift and squirm, and Sara knew it wouldn’t be long before she would have to give birth to it. “Sometimes it’s hard to find time to shower with the littles taking up so much of my day.”

“You rock on with your sexy self, Katie!” Sara said, laughing and gently pushing Katie’s shoulder. “Shower when you want, fuck it!”

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Elise Ch. 14: Jacques’ New Friends

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It was a Sunday so Lisa was day-off and prolly down by Star Ferry with the Filipino Community. Elise was out shopping, prolly down in Causeway Bay which was her favourite haunt, and Jacques was still in his pyjamas. The doorbell rang, and Jacques realised he was the only one around to answer it. Grabbing his dressing -gown he hurried to the front door.

Jacques opened the door, and there was a Chinese girl in an old skirt and top. Away on the street he could see others, boys and girls going to his neighbours.

“Please Master,” commenced the girl,” me no money for food. You small job I do. You give me 5 dollar, OK?”

Jacques’ head was in a whirl. What could he give her to do? Just givee her 5 dollars and close the door? He remembered that Elise had taken a bath and rushed out so the bathtub was still messy. “Come in, I have a little job for you,” said Jacques.

The girl looked up at Jacques and grinned, kicked off her flip-flops and then brushed past him inside. She stopped and looked around her, “Wah, ho ho leng nido,” she said, obviously impressed by the double-height living area.

Jacques, pointing across the room at the staircase, said “Seung bin.” Jacques turned and locked the door, then followed her up the staircase. He could see up her short skirt her taut rounded bum with white panties, but ragged with holes in several places. A very firm package between her legs. He noticed his cock giving a quick jump and wondered how he was going to handle this.

The girl paused at the top of the stairs and turned, flashing Jacques a broad smile and Jacques indicated towards the master en-suite bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, Jacques headed straight for the bathroom. He grabbed a brush, sponge and Fairy liquid, handing them to the girl and pointing to the bath. The girl needed no more bidding and immediately set to work bending over the bath to clean the bottom of the bath. Jacques took a seat on the bathroom chair alongside the bath. Once more the ragged white panties were now in full view, with that enticing package taunting him, with those peep-holes too and the girl was moving along the side of the bath, closer and closer. Jacques found his right hand trembling and realised that he was incapable of escaping illegal bahis the next move, and so as she came near his knee he half-turned and then slipped his hand between her legs, fondling the enticing package. The girl stopped what she was doing and, to Jacques’ relief, simply moved her feet back while opening her legs wider, hands firmly on the edge of the bath. She turned her head in Jacques’ direction, “You likee me!” she said with a broad grin. “Uncle likee me too. But he go back China. He likee put fingers in me and givee me 5 dollars. Sometime makee fukee-fukee and givee me 50 dollars. No tell mama. He say she no happy. You likee fukee-fukee too?”

Jacques was not sure whether to be happy or amazed, “But you are still very young,” he said.

“Me big girl now. Me sap bat soi,” she continued.

18, huh, fully run-in and willing. No choice. He sighed, visibly relieved and excited at having this little treasure for himself. He pulled the girl towards him, face to face, then reached under her skirt and rolled down the ragged white panties revealing a wonderful black bush. Willingly she raised her feet one by one to remove them completely. “Uncle say panties good smell. You likee?” Jacques took a deep and long sniff and nodded his head. “Ho leng,” said Jacques.

Smiling brightly the girl put her hands round Jacques’ neck and hoisted herself onto his lap straddling his knees so her legs were well apart. She then rolled back her top for Jacques to suck and lick the long nipples. Her breasts were still braless and taut but large.

Jacques’ head was in a whirl. He was in Heaven. Lovingly he massaged her clit and gently finger-fucked her with one, then two, and then three fingers. The girl let her head fall back and, with small groans of pleasure, moved her pelvis to meet Jacques’ fingers. Pussy-juice started to ooze from between her legs.

As they continued this magic foreplay, the girl fumbled with the front of Jacques’ PJ bottoms and slipped her hand inside the vent gripping Jacques’ hot, rigid cock. “Tai dai, maybe too big,” she said, “But we try”.

Jacques stood up and picked up the girl heading back into the bedroom. He threw back the covers and lay down face up, head to the edge. The girl mounted illegal bahis siteleri the bed and knelt alongside him, unfastening the pyjama cord and allowing his erect member to emerge. Now she straddled Jacques with her wet pussy in his face while she licked and sucked his rigid cock. Soon she stood up and turned locating the tip of his cock in her passage and gradually moved up and down coaxing the large member all the way in. She slid up and down over and over until Jacques could hold on no longer and shot loads of hot, sticky cum up towards her cervix. Jacques pulled her towards him and placed her back on his mouth to clean up.

“Best you take a bath,” said Jacques heading to the bathroom, putting in the plug and turning on the taps. “I wonder if we still have any of Angel’s old clothes. I shall check her room.”

Jacques came back shortly carrying a few tops and shorts plus a bag to put them all in. The girl was dressed and he gave her 10 by 10 dollar notes so mum would not be suspicious.

“Me come back next week with sister. Sister same me. You likee?”

“No, leung gaw laibai, two weeks, OK?”

“OK. Leung gaw laibai fanlai,” she replied. “Me Chiu Yuk Ching. Sister Chiu Yuk Ming. Dorche sai,” she said waving the fistful of bills and slipping on her flip-flops. “Joi geen.”

Jacques’ head was still reeling from the encounter. What a magic day. And what would two of them be like?

Two weeks went by quickly. Sunday, and the doorbell rang. Elise was ready to go out shopping as usual, and answered the door. “Jacques, dear, there are two young ladies here asking for you. Have fun! Catch you later, I’m off. Bye.”

Jacques got up from the sofa and headed towards the door, and sure enough there were two girls smiling at him, identical. Presumably one was Ching and one was Ming. But which? Later he found one had the same white raggy panties, and the other had little bunches of cherries and the tops were slightly different, but who cares?

The girls had discarded their flip-flops and were already heading for the stairs. Jacques followed and noticed the differing panties and tops as they climbed the stairs so he now knew who was the newcomer. The girls went straight to the master bedroom and canlı bahis siteleri Jacques popped into the en-suite bathroom to grab a large, white bath-towel. When he emerged, the girls had already discarded their panties which were hanging on the bedpost at the foot of the bed and rolled back their tops to expose their braless taut tits. They got up from sitting on the bed as Jacques emerged. Jacques threw back the blankets and placed the towel across the bed, discarded his pants and underwear and lay across the bed on the towel and he had done before.

The girls had clearly discussed how they were going to proceed, and Ching pushed back Jacques’ shirt then straddled his chest. While Jacques fondled her taut tits, Ching French-kissed Jacques. Meanwhile Ming was busy sucking his balls then taking his erect cock into her mouth and sucking hard. This continued for about 5 minutes until Ching looked round and called to Ming. They immediately changed positions but stayed facing each other with Ming’s pussy in Jacques’ face and Ching working her pussy down Jacques’ throbbing cock. The girls French-kissed each other as they worked their pussies into Jacques’ face and onto his cock. Shortly they changed with now Ching working her pussy into Jacques’ face and Ming working her pussy down Jacques’ shaft for the first time.

The girls had clearly agreed that they were not going to let Jacques cum, and kept changing from French-kissing Jacques and sucking his cock and balls to putting their pussies in his face and riding his shaft. After about 15 minutes, Jacques clearly was going to cum and so both girls moved to his cock. Ching sucked Jacques’ cock hard and long and Jacques exploded in her mouth. Immediately she offered his cock to Ming who quickly took the head and received the second burst. Gradually the girls slowed down with Ming continuing to lick the still-pulsing cock and Ching grinding her pussy into Jacques face.

The day ended with the girls enjoying a hot bath and Jacques sitting next to the bath enjoying watching the girls play with each other. Later he gave the girls a single Hung Sam Yiu, a red 100-dollar bill, and 10 by 10-dollar bills. When Jacques mentioned a revisit in two weeks they shook their heads and indicated a flow movement, so he assumed they were going to have their period so they agreed on three weeks. When Elise returned she got a full story and realised that Jacques now had a new regular commitment. Maybe she could stay around and watch next time?

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Pepper’s Penance Ch. 14

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Author’s Note

Pepper’s Penance is a slow burning romance that unfolds over the course of twenty-three chapters. This is not a wham-bam story. But, if you’re into that sort of thing, I think you’ll like this one.


Chapter 14: Love and Lust

I pulled Pepper down, with my hands around her waist, until she was lying against me, skin on skin. Feeling my tender flesh stiffen in her mouth, I heard her sigh. She was mine for the night. I wove my fingers into her hair, encouraging her with an arch of my back and a soft moan from my lips.

She seemed fascinated by my chest, cupping me in her hand, covering my skin with kisses. She traced lines with her tongue, swirling, teasing. She paused, hovering over my crinkled flesh with her open mouth, and began sucking a breath while she closed her lips around me.

I shivered and shook with the cool air rushing all around, bringing up goose flesh and causing me to squeeze my fingers, tightening my grip her hair. I surprised myself with a little squeak that bubbled up and burst out unannounced. I grinned.

If Natalie’s ghost were still in this room, she was smiling too, or she should have been. I’ve never witnessed Pepper so free and unfettered as she was now, and anyone who loved her would understand how much she needed it.

“Pepper,” I sighed.

I pawed at her neck and then her shoulder. I raked my fingers across the top of her back, gently at first then, as Pepper’s own moans began to escape her mouth, digging in slightly with my nails as her body writhed. The more animated she became, the more I wanted to feel her coming apart, letting herself go.

I dashed my hand to the waistband of her shorts and began to tug. Circling around to the front as she pushed herself up off of me, I fumbled for the button. Pepper reached down to help. It didn’t make a difference, neither of us could manage it one-handed.

Pepper rolled off the bed and with one swift motion, dropped her shorts on the floor. She stood looking at me, head tilted and eyes wavering. I was afraid maybe I’d lost her again. But then she climbed back up with just a pair of boy shorts, grinning, and hovering over me on all fours.

Pepper dipped her head to take a swipe at my nipple with her tongue before shifting her gaze to my jeans. I reached for the button. She reached güvenilir bahis for the waistband. The two of us working in tandem sent my pants sailing over Trixie’s back to land somewhere on the floor. Trixie huffed once and then continued to ignore us.

I looked into Pepper’s eyes. She smiled and lowered her head. The next thing I felt was her tongue, drawing circles around my tummy while I tried my best to keep still. Little kisses followed along behind.

“Tickles,” I complained.

“Just you wait.” She took the waistband of my underpants in her teeth.

I shuddered. A twinge from below caused me to arch my back and press my head into the pillow. Pepper reached up, brushing her fingertips over my exposed neck as I sighed. She never stopped tugging with her teeth and I could feel the elastic slipping lower over my hips.

Just as I thought I was to be completely exposed, she stopped. I shimmied my hips as encouragement. It did nothing to resume her pulling. Instead, she touched her tongue to my skin. The warmth and wetness caused me to pull my breaths more rapidly, digging my hips into the mattress.

“So smooth,” she said, and continued on, seemingly lost in the taste of my skin under her tongue. I shuddered and twitched, willing her to venture just a bit lower where she could discover smooth and wet. Very wet in fact.

As Pepper moved her mouth lower, the warm fingers that had been caressing my neck moved to the base of my throat, and finally stopped to cover my breast. I heaved. I arched and squirmed on the mattress, pressing my flesh into her palm, canting my hips, encouraging her to move just a few inches more.

Pepper took the elastic waistband, pulling it toward her. I squeezed my buttocks together, writhing, hoping. The elastic slipped her grip and snapped against my skin. I felt her tongue dart underneath, pulling it again.

“Dammit, Pepper,” I groaned, reaching my hand down to push my panties down on one side.

I waited for her to get the hint, but she only continued with slow circles of her tongue. I bucked my hips in frustration, but to no avail. Pepper was on her own timetable. Finally, I settled on verbal encouragement. Nothing else seemed to be working.

“Pepper,” I breathed. “I want you. I want your tongue. I want you to taste me. I’ve wanted this for a türkçe bahis long time. I want your fingers. I want to feel you moving inside me. Pepper… I want you. I’m yours.”


“Yes, Pepper, dammit! Would you just…”

She slid my panties down to mid thigh.

“Uhh…” I groaned.

Nothing from Pepper.

“It’s so cute,” she said, finally.

“Are you kidding me?” I grabbed her by the hair, preparing to steer her where I thought she ought to be by now.

She took a swipe at the inside of my thigh and I jumped. I must have cleared two inches off the mattress. I scissored my legs and kicked my underwear off. After that, Pepper gripped my hips with both hands.

She began circling with her tongue, drawing arcs around my swollen folds, darting in, pressing with her tongue and lapping at the moisture she pulled forth.

“Oh, gawd… yes!” I slapped the mattress with my hand.

Pepper went to work.

I reached down to where her hand rested on my right hip and touched my fingers to hers. My arm tensed, muscles rigid, fingers curled, as she quickly brought me near the peak.

She slowed and lingered. I unclenched my hand and once again searched for her fingers to weave in with mine. By the time I found them, she had me in a state and all I could do was hang on.

This went on, over and over, for countless minutes. Pepper’s expert use of her tongue, combined with my own pent up desire for this night, had me babbling like a fool while I squirmed and kicked under every little touch.

There was a constant, low moaning from Pepper as well that I could feel almost as much as hear. I shuddered.

The hand she had on my hip—holding me, stopping me from squirming too much—was gone. Only the hand with fingers laced up with mine remained. Pepper had gone exploring.

I felt the tickling touch on the inside of my thigh while I writhed, trying my best to not knock her teeth out of her head. Not that I had much self-control, but somehow I managed.

Then I felt her finger. She teased and parted me with ease. And for a moment I thought I heard her cooing as she slipped inside. Slowly she pressed, deeper… until…

My back arched, my eyelids fluttered, all despite my best efforts to remain in control. I gulped a great breath that came out as one long, lingering güvenilir bahis siteleri moan. Pepper had found the magic button, and she knew it.

She rubbed and caressed while I struggled to maintain sanity. I wanted so much to express my appreciation for her efforts, but all I could do was babble like a fool.

Somehow, I think that was enough for her. Pepper was positively purring down below. And after a long fought battle to pry my eyes open, I glanced down her way.

Pepper looked up, with a twinkle in her eye and a big grin plastered over her lips. She pushed out her tongue, knowing I was watching, and again lowered her head. That’s when I knew my sanity was lost.

Rather than expressing my thanks, or my love or lust, or whatever it was we shared that night, I let my head flop back on the pillow and moaned. With one hand I squeezed her fingers. With the other I gripped the bed covers.

Up and up the hill she sent me, so close to the peak, and held me there with her perfectly timed touches. I was pulling my breaths in gasps and had been for some time now. Exactly how long, I don’t know.

Pepper seemed determined that I should die here on this bed, die of wanting, of a climax always within sight, but never quite close enough to reach out and seize. That’s the way the thoughts flowed through my mind as I writhed.

“Pepper,” I moaned.

I bucked my hips. I felt her grip tighten on me, pushing me back to the mattress.

“Pepper.” More urgently this time.

I heard something, perhaps a chuckle. I could picture her in my mind, smirking as I came apart in her bedroom.

“Pep—” I didn’t get to finish.

Finally, she stopped teasing and drove me onward.

I shuddered and shook, dug my heals into her mattress. I swear I must have raised myself six inches off the bed. I gripped her hand in mine and grunted.

“Oh, my… Oh, my… Cayenne Pepper Alverez… Oh, my gawd!”

If she wasn’t grinning before, I’m sure she was now. I collapsed onto the mattress, fully aware of the sweat-soaked coverings underneath me now. Pepper began disentangling herself from my limbs and crawled up beside me. Her cheeks and chin were covered in my lust.

“You screamed my name, Ash,” she said, with the stupidest grin on her face.

I smiled and closed my eyes. That was about all I had energy for.

“My full name.”

I puckered up, hoping she would find my lips and kiss me. She did. She smelled of sex. Her lips tasted like pussy.

“Cayenne Pepper Alverez,” I said, and sighed. “You were wonderful.”

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Rivalry Settled

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Rivalry Settled

Just a quick story while I work on another one. As always if there is interest I will consider a continuation, although at this time I have no plans to continue this one.

Shiyani sighed and rubbed her temples, knowing that she couldn’t take any more for the headache that was coming on. She heard a chime and blindly pushed the button.

“Yes?” The response was from a woman with a strong German accent, her secretary.

“Principal Sunder, Lyra and Adelina are here as ordered.” Shiyani sighed and avoided swearing only through years of practice due to being in education.

“Send them in.” The door opened to reveal two young women, one with long dark hair and the other, dark of skin with dyed crimson hair. She pointed to the chairs set up in front of her desk. They glared at each other, but both sat as directed. The dark haired girl started to speak.

“Principal Sunder, why am I here? This bitch attacked me without any reason.” Shiyani shook her head and held up a hand.

“Enough, two teachers had to separate you. Meaning you are both in trouble. This has been an ongoing issue. At least once a week I hear from teachers that some incident has occurred between you two. Now with this latest I have decided that I have no option, but to suspend both of you.” The shock was clear on both of their faces, wide eyes and mouths part open. The dark skinned girl was the first to respond.

“But Principal Sunder, how can you give me the same as her, I was only trying to avoid getting my eyes scratched out.” Once more Shiyani held up a hand to silence them both.

“Lyra, each time you claim self-defense and sometimes someone bears you out, but not always. You both appear guilty in this rivalry. However I don’t care, because it will stop, now.” Both girls remained silent for several moments before Adelina spoke.

“Does this mean we can avoid getting suspended?” Shiyani nodded.

“Yes, if we can settle this, here and now, we will say no more about it. Although if I see a repeat of this, suspension will be automatic.” They nodded slowly, although Adelina was quick to speak.

“Settle things? How?” Shiyani smiled.

“I don’t expect you to like each other, but maybe less antagonistic. Look at each other, make eye contact.” The two turned to look at one another, but slowly and with sidelong glances. Lyra finally spoke.

“Okay, but how long do I have to stare at little miss hates the sun?” Adelina hissed, but before she could speak Shiyani continued.

“Now I want to hear a sincere attempt to compliment one another.” They both turned to her, but when they saw the look on her face they turned back to each other. Adelina spoke first.

“Well, your nose isn’t too big.” Lyra tensed and a hand clenched, but again Shiyani spoke, more sharply this time.

“No, a sincere compliment, nothing back-handed, remember you are trying to avoid suspension.” Lyra inhaled slowly and tensed before opening her mouth to speak.

“Your skin looks like rich cream.” Adelina’s mouth dropped open. After a moment she made several attempts to speak, but closed her mouth when no words came out. However she eventually spoke.

“I’m…jealous of your hair.” This time it was Lyra’s turn to be speechless. Shiyani sat back to observe as Lyra finally continued.

“I didn’t know you had such amazing eyes.” Adelina gasped and inhaled sharply before speaking.

“I…uh…like your breasts.” Both girls blushed furiously and turned away, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Eye contact, girls. In fact turn your chairs to face one another.” The girls turned their chairs, but struggled to meet their eyes. “I think we’re ready to take this to the next level. Kiss.” They quickly turned to look at her, but as quickly turned back to each other. They stared at each other’s lips, but made no effort to move closer. Shiyani rose to walk over to them, where she pushed their heads closer together till they were about an inch from each other.

At this point she released their heads and stood up straight. Slowly they leaned closer until their lips met. Almost immediately they pulled back as if shocked. They stared at one another for several moments before they leaned into kiss one another again. This time they held the kiss for a short time before slowly pulling back. With less hesitation they leaned back into kiss bahis firmaları once more, this time they held the kiss for some time and even opened their mouths to use their tongues. When they broke the kiss they sat back and tried to catch their breaths. Shiyani smiled and spoke.

“Lyra, how about you take this one step further? Kiss her neck.” Lyra looked briefly at Shiyani, eyes wide, before turning back to Adelina. She slowly leaned forward as if to kiss the other girl’s lips, but kept going and after momentarily hesitating pressed her lips to Adelina’s neck. A quiet moan escaped Adelina’s lips and a hand tentatively went to Lyra’s hair. Lyra continued and Adelina’s hand tightened on her head. After several moments Lyra sat back, Adelina’s eyes remained closed and her breathing was a touch fast. When at last her eyes opened Shiyani spoke.

“Would you like to try that, Adelina?” Adelina suddenly looked to Shiyani, turned back to Lyra before returning her gaze to Shiyani, slowly nodding. Shiyani gestured for Adelina to continue. Adelina slowly nodded and leaned forward with somewhat more hesitation than Lyra had shown. However Lyra’s moans were if anything louder when Adelina’s lips made contact with her neck. Lyra’s hands went to Adelina’s head and ran her fingers through the other girl’s hair. Shiyani watched with an index finger to her chin, beginning to wonder how long Adelina would kiss her rival’s neck. However in time she pulled back, blushing. Shiyani smiled.

“Do you want more, Lyra?” A nod. “Remove your shirt and bra.” Lyra turned suddenly to Shiyani, eyes wide and struggling to speak. But when no words came out she quickly unbuttoned and removed her shirt to reveal a green half bra that showed off her breasts. Adelina gasped and she began breathing harder when the bra followed the shirt. Adelina leaned forward to get a better look. Lyra stared unspeaking as the other took both breasts in hand, hefting them to feel their weight and squeezing to feel their firmness.

She gasped when the other girl’s fingers found her nipples. This soon turned to moaning when the other girl’s lips closed around a nipple. Her hands closed on Adelina’s head and pulled her in tightly. Lyra moaned and briefly loosened her grip, so Adelina took the opportunity to switch to the other nipple. Lyra moaned once more and Shiyani felt her own breasts, but was blocked by the suit jacket, so she removed it. Shiyani felt her breasts through the shirt as she watched Adelina’s efforts. Soon Lyra gently pushed Adelina away.

As before Shiyani watched as Lyra sat with her eyes closed, breathing heavily. Shiyani gestured for Adelina to remove her own shirt. The young woman nodded and pulled off the t-shirt advertising a goth-metal group, that Shiyani was also a fan of, which clung to her breasts. She had a red bra that wasn’t nearly as exciting as Lyra’s, but still sexy. The bra quickly followed the shirt. A short time later Lyra opened her eyes and when she saw Adelina’s breasts she licked her lips.

Without prompting she leaned forward and took both in her hands, feeling their weight. The smile indicated that she didn’t care that they were somewhat smaller than her own. After a few experimental hefts she leaned into take one nipple in her mouth, while still holding onto the other girl’s breasts. Adelina moaned and a hand went to the other girl’s head to stroke her hair. Shiyani smiled approvingly as she removed her shirt and quickly put her bra on the pile that included her jacket. Her hands returned to her breasts and she squeezed lightly. Lyra switched to Adelina’s other nipple, causing fresh moans from the other girl. Adelina’s voice went higher as Lyra tightened her lips to suck harder. It was ultimately Adelina who pushed Lyra away. Lyra sat back, once more licking her lips. Shiyani stepped to the side of the desk and both turned to her.

“Alright, who wants to be next?” They both raised their hands, but Adelina lowered hers to gesture to Lyra. “Good. Lyra, finish stripping and climb up onto the desk.” Lyra blinked, but didn’t object as she stood. With a little effort she lowered her tight jeans, removing her shoes as she did so, followed by her tiny panties that matched her bra. Once naked she sat on the desk and shifted into position.

“Spread your legs, Adelina go to it.” Lyra spread her legs and Adelina looked blankly for a moment before kaçak iddaa dropping to her knees between Lyra’s spread legs. She looked up at Lyra, who stroked her hair reassuringly. Adelina lowered her head and after a tentative lick began kissing all over Lyra’s pussy. Lyra moaned and rested her legs on Adelina’s shoulders with her hands on the other girl’s head. Adelina was clearly inexperienced going down on other girls, but as she licked rapidly it was equally apparent that she didn’t lack for enthusiasm.

Lyra moaned loudly and gripped Adelina’s head tightly. Shiyani removed her skirt and slowly rubbed her pussy through her panties as she watched these two lovely girls in the throes of young lust. Lyra’s eyes rolled back in her head as she closed her legs around Adelina’s head. She was on the verge of falling back on the desk, so Shiyani placed her hands on Lyra’s shoulders and slowly lowered her to the desk. Lyra writhed under Adelina’s tongue, her moaning becoming louder as the other began thrusting a finger inside her.

Shiyani slowly closed a hand around one of Lyra’s breasts, causing the younger woman to suddenly tense up, practically rising off the desk before collapsing once more. Adelina slowly stood as she looked down at Lyra, who was breathing hard, but otherwise seemed asleep. Shiyani pointed to the desk next to Lyra. Adelina nodded and climbed onto the desk to lie down next to the other girl. When Lyra’s eyes slowly opened she turned to see Adelina, who moved her head forward to kiss the dark skinned girl next to her. After a moment they broke the kiss and Adelina moaned softly.

“Hmm, you taste really good, Lyra.” Lyra licked her lips.

“I guess I do. But now I want to taste you.” Lyra wasted no time in climbing to the floor and lowering her head between Adelina’s legs. Lyra kissed Adelina’s thighs before making one long lick from the bottom to the top of the other girl’s pussy. She stopped briefly to stick two fingers in her mouth to coat them with saliva. Once her fingers were thoroughly coated she slowly thrust them inside Adelina, who moaned and writhed on the desk. As she continued her thrusting Lyra lowered her head to take Adelina’s clit in her mouth and sucked hard. Adelina cried out and wrapped her legs around Lyra’s head. She soon collapsed onto the desk. As she recovered Lyra climbed up onto the desk to kiss her. When they broke the kiss Adelina spoke.

“You’ve done that before, haven’t you?” Lyra smiled.

“A couple times. You weren’t bad though.” They looked up as Shiyani approached.

“You two got me so worked up, care to get some more practice?” They looked at each other before nodding and climbing off the desk. They knelt before her, with Adelina pulled into her pussy and Lyra her ass. Lyra briefly struggled, but soon both girls were licking enthusiastically with Adelina using a finger thrust between Shiyani’s lips. With the enthusiasm of both girls she was soon moaning and writhing on top of them, struggling to remain standing as well as maintaining her grip on them. Lyra had never licked anyone’s ass and so had been initially resistant, but once it became clear that she couldn’t get out of Shiyani’s grip she focused on the task at hand. She soon found enthusiasm for fulfilling Shiyani’s desire.

As Shiyani’s grip pressed both of them in tighter, both sought to penetrate deeper and further explore her depths. Adelina was on her knees exploring the second pussy of her life and considered how the two pussies differed in taste as well as in areas of sensitivity. Whereas Lyra had been fairly passive, beyond a hand on her head, Shiyani was actively pulling her in tighter as well as grinding against her face. Shiyani spread her feet further apart in an effort to remain standing, the result being that she was further opened to the efforts of the two young women whose faces she rode. She moaned louder, but ultimately stopped them before she could cum. They both looked up in surprise, but it took her a moment to catch her breath.

“Just…a moment…girls.” She turned around and pulled them in, Lyra now to her pussy and Adelina to her ass. Lyra returned to licking with enthusiasm, while Adelina remained unmoving, even more reluctant than Lyra had been. “Come on Adelina, just go with it.” Adelina hesitantly stuck out her tongue and made a quick jab, retracting it immediately.

However her kaçak bahis face was held in place. In time Adelina tried an experimental lick, followed by another. Her licks were still hesitant, but now they were more consistent. Lyra was now sucking on Shiyani’s clit as hard as she could and thrusting between the lips with two fingers. Adelina held Shiyani’s cheeks apart and pushed her tongue between trying to penetrate as deep as possible. Shiyani’s moaning grew louder and she ground into both of them.

Suddenly Lyra began feeling the lips tighten around her fingers and Shiyani thrust her hips into Lyra’s face harder than ever. Adelina felt herself released, but continued to attempt to thrust as deep as possible. Shiyani cried out before making a series of shallow thrusts. At last Lyra’s was released and Shiyani nearly collapsed onto the desk, breathing hard. The two girls stared at each other for a short time.

Adelina leaned forward to lick Shiyani’s juices from Lyra’s face. The other girl was surprised, but allowed her face to be cleaned. When Adelina was satisfied that Lyra’s face was clean she gently held the other girl’s face while she leaned in for a kiss. Adelina eagerly explored Lyra’s mouth with her tongue and Lyra was so surprised by the other girl’s aggression that she allowed it. Lyra was starting to feel turned on from the kiss when she heard a soft laugh. Both girls broke the kiss and looked up. Shiyani was coming around the desk toward them. Both girls’ mouths dropped open when they saw that she was wearing a strap-on.

“Alright ladies, how about you give this a try?” Both nodded eagerly and with the dildo between them they took to licking both sides and her thrusting between their mouths. They moaned around the dildo and she ran a hand through their hair. After several moments she pulled back and pointed to the desk. Both quickly climbed up onto the desk and lay down side by side.

Shiyani lined up her dildo with Lyra’s pussy, finding easy entrance she readily plunged in, eliciting moans from Lyra. As she got up to speed Shiyani saw the girls turn to each other and kiss. As she thrust into the younger woman Shiyani could see that their tongues were dancing back and forth between their mouths. Shiyani reached down to pinch a nipple, eliciting louder cries of pleasure from Lyra. After short time she shifted to rubbing Lyra’s clit while she began thrusting a finger into Adelina. Now Adelina’s moaning joined Lyra’s, even if both were somewhat muffled by the other’s mouth. Lyra writhed on the desk and she added a second finger to Adelina’s pussy, causing her to become even louder.

Suddenly Lyra broke the kiss and cried out as she began shuddering. Shiyani continued her thrusting and Adelina endeavored to hang onto the other girl. At last Lyra lay still, although Shiyani continued to thrust for a short time. Shiyani slowed and pulled out, she came around the desk to Adelina. Adelina needed little prompting to take the dildo in her mouth, soon to take it all in. Shiyani thrust in and out for a short time before pulling out to return to the other side of the desk.

As she lined up with Adelina’s pussy Shiyani noted the younger woman was licking her lips and sighing contentedly. Shiyani grinned as she thrust into Adelina’s pussy. The younger woman’s contented sighing suddenly turning to a cry of pleasure. Shiyani gripped Adelina’s hips and began to increase speed and force. Adelina’s moans grew louder, almost with each thrust. Shiyani shifted her grip to Adelina’s ass and squeezed, eliciting further cries of pleasure from the younger woman. As her thrusting continued Shiyani lifted Adelina’s rear to thrust even harder. Adelina’s hands went to her breasts as her whole body tensed and her cries became almost too high to hear. At last she stilled, but Shiyani prevented her from slamming into the desk. Shiyani carefully laid Adelina on the desk.

By the time the two girls stirred Shiyani was dressed and seated once more at her desk. The girls sat up and turned to face her.

“Okay girls, this took a little longer than I would have preferred, but I think this was a positive step forward. We’ll have to do this again sometime. For now goodbye.” The girls dressed and walked out of her office. Shiyani smiled as she noted that they were holding hands. As they left her office Lyra turned to Adelina.

“That was…intense.” Adelina nodded.

“Yeah it was. Want to do it again?” Lyra grinned and the two skipped to a nearby bathroom. It was a struggle to keep quiet, but soon they were past caring.

The End

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