Sedona Heat Ch. 06

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We giggled like teenagers as we shared a few drinks of water, basking in our nudity and the pure sensuality of the day. Your body was beautiful… dark caramel colored skin stretched taut against your chest and ribs; chiseled abs and a sloping v that brought my eyes to your hardening cock as I pushed you back onto the bed. I pull a piece of ice from the glass and ran it along the center of your body from neck to navel; your skin puckered into goose bumps but you didn’t move as I traced along your tight nipples and then the slant of your hips. My lips take yours softly before following the path of the ice cube, my lips and tongue warming the chilled skin; teasing you I licked at your nipples savagely before dipping my tongue into your belly button and scooping out the cool water. Over to your hips, my fingertips and mouth descended until I was eye level with your gorgeous cock.

I growled deep in my throat as I looked up at you with heavy lids and smoky eyes; watching your face change as my lips encased the helmet of your staff; my tongue churning and sweeping across your hard surface, focusing on that sensitive cleft on the bottom before grazing your balls with my teeth. I moaned joyfully against your length as I took you in all the way to the back of my throat, delighting in the way your body responded to my touch and the tug of my lips. I felt you tighten and I drove my mouth down onto your shaft, sucking and tasting, muscles clenching around your cock as it pelts the back of my throat with tangy juice. I moaned again as my body reacted to your climax; I shiver and my pussy tightens as a small quake seizes me while you slip your still hard shaft from my mouth.

You pulled me up and lay me on top of you, our eyes met. I’d never experienced the level of passion and lust that filled me as I looked down at you; you were simply the most beautiful man I’d ever known inside and escort bostancı out. My mouth fell upon yours, my kiss fierce while a vast sea of emotions surged through me. I wanted to make you mine, I wanted to give you more pleasure than you had ever experienced and I nearly vibrated with the need to make that happen. I sat up and straddled your lap, rising slightly on my knees so I could press down slowly onto your cock. My body was ready for your invasion, the lips and inside of my pussy so wet and swollen that your length slid in without hesitation. I rose up until you were barely inside and slowly slid back down. Our eyes locked, one hand gently cupping my breast the other sweeping low along my hip. I rode you soft and then I rode you hard; each orgasm brought a change in position, a change in sensation. Me on top… then you on top… then on all fours and fucked me deeper then you had thus far, I felt every inch of your thick cock fill me, the edges stimulating the inside of my body, first with long, slow thrusts then ragged pounding until you felt my walls contracting around you. As my body is flooded with the rush of juices, both yours and mine, I rise to another level and nearly scream with release as the last of the body rocking spasms cause me to go nearly limp beneath you.

You pulled gently from me and together we lay down, limbs entwined, a light shimmer of sweat beading where our sizzling skin overlapped. You whispered softly to me as we returned from our trip to the stars, your native tongue like music, your voice like pure melted chocolate. Getting drowsy we snuggled deeper, you pulled the covers up and over us, humming softly in my ear and add

“Pink Jeep Tour… 10am.”

“That’s perfect,” I whispered before sleep took over.

I’m not an early riser but my body was from another time zone and though the clock read only 8:15 it was ümraniye escort 3 hours later to me. I slipped quietly from the bed and stifled a giggle as I surveyed the damage our marathon night of love making had caused the suite. I took a quick shower and as I was drying I could hear your soft rumbling snore coming from the other room; the sound was absurdly musical and I couldn’t help but smile.

Wrapped in one of the big fluffy towels I ordered one of everything on the breakfast menu and hummed softly as I dressed. I was ready for a day of outdoor adventure and the jeep tour was just one of the items on my itinerary.

You were lying on your tummy nearly uncovered with one arm thrown over the side of the bed, your face close to the edge and so peaceful as you rested. I knelt next to the bed, my eyes lingered over your face before taking in the lengths of your hair, then the broad shoulders and the thick bicep; down the curve of your spine to the firm peaks of your bottom. I felt my face flush as I admired your body, I didn’t notice the change in your breathing but as my eyes returned to your face I met your silver blue ones and blushed deeper, your face creased in a smile but I didn’t look away.

“Good Morning, Hawk.” I whispered as I placed a timid kiss on your shoulder. Your arm wrapped around me and within a fraction of a second I was lying beneath you, up close and personal with your beautiful lips. This kiss was so tender but the ardor that I saw in your eyes belied its softness.

“Good morning, my lady.” I giggled while you dropped soft kisses on my nose and cheek “Are you ready for our Jeep tour today?” I nodded enthusiastically my excitement already growing because I knew the roller coaster ride that waited for us.

“I’ve ordered some breakfast, but you better get your butt moving if we’re to meet the driver at 10.”

“I need to run kartal escort bayan out to the bike, I’ve got a fresh set of clothes in my saddlebags.” You realized how that sounded and stammered “What I mean… is… shit… I wasn’t expecting or assuming.” I laughed as your tanned skin reddened slightly “I always have a…”

“Hey,” I held up my hands. “I know the rules of the road… every self respecting biker carries a fresh set of clothes when hitting the road. What a convenient excuse though, don’t you think?”

You lifted yourself off of me as we laughed again, I sat up, straightened my shirt and when I looked up you were standing there in front of me; your glorious taut belly and the funnel of muscles that led to your hard cock staring me in the face. I didn’t hesitate but quickly took you in my hands and mouth; I knew breakfast would be there any minute so I sucked hard and fast, my hand stretching the skin tight then pulling up and over the head. Your hands were knotted in my hair and you tugged at my head drawing my mouth farther and farther along your length. I felt your muscles flex, heard the ragged breaths and I moaned slightly as my own body came alive. You pulled from my mouth before you reached the top and immediately pulled me to my feet and quickly undid my shorts, your actions were quick and harried as the material was yanked down around my hiking boots…

I knew exactly what you wanted so I turned around and bent over the bed, raising my ass in the air with reckless abandon. Without hesitation you stabbed into me hard, your hands grasping my hips as I met your plunges… you roared deep in your throat and pushed harder and deeper into me… my sounds echoed around the room and I had completely forgotten about room service until we heard the knock on the door. You never missed a beat… just kept fucking as you shouted you’d be with them in just a second and with that you started to shot deep inside of me, my pussy gripping and constricting as I joined you at the top. Another knock… you shouted I’m coming and I couldn’t help but laugh as I ran for the bathroom and you for the door wearing nothing but a sheet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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