Sarah, The First Night

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Sarah was diligently working one of the slot machines when Richard entered the Casa Blanca Resort Casino and Hotel. He’d spotted her at one of the rows of slots near the registration desk and watched her as he registered and was issued his room keys and paid the clerk. A nicely designed sign pointed to the elevators and restaurants.

“What are the eating establishments?” Richard asked.

“There are two,” the clerk told the man. “Rosemary’s is fine dining and The Purple Fez is casual, coffee shop, bistro, that sort of thing,” he told the man.

“Thank you, Juan,” Richard said, noting the man’s nametag.

“Have a good night, Sir,” the clerk said as Richard turned to follow the directions to the Purple Fez.

Richard went to the maitre d’s podium at the entrance common to both the fine restaurant and the casual bistro. There he was handed off, as it were, to Carla the hostess for the Purple Fez. She seated him, left a menu for him and went to summon the waitress. Angie brought an iced water with a section of lemon wedged along the rim, greeted him and asked if he would like anything to drink first, or was he ready to order. He asked for Corona with lime and perused the menu. The big hamburger looked great and he decided that’s what he’d order. When the waitress returned with the Mexican beer he was ready to order.

“I’m sorry, the whatever goes on the damn thing, didn’t come in this afternoon and we’ve run out. I am SO SORRY,” she apologized.

“That’s alright. The Chicken Dinner Enchilada sounds great too.”

“Oh yes it IS good. You’ll like that. It’ll take about ten minutes.”

“Good. Thank you,” Richard said and Angie took the order to the kitchen. At a table in the next dining area, an older foursome was seated. After ordering they talked about the recent travels of the couple on one side of the booth, travels through New Mexico and the touristy things to do and places to see there. The man was talking about the cliff dwellings, but Richard listened how the man reluctantly could not participate in the more arduous tours. He did listen with attention to the man’s descriptions of the farming methods used, for example to grow corn in the desert, how they dug deep down to moist soil beneath the sand and grew what looked like stunted growth, but the stalk from roots to the first ear of corn was underground. The whole stalk was pretty much the same size as corn grown in any other place, it just looked different. A few other crops were grown in a similar manner. The discussion continued with conversation back and forth between the two couples while Richard eavesdropped and drank the first of two beers.

When his food arrived he ordered a second beer. After a few minutes Angie brought it out and sat it on the table for him. While he was eating, Sarah strolled through the bistro and out the east door just a few yards away from Richard’s table. After another few minutes she came back inside. Richard had admired her from the beginning, HIS PERFECT TYPE of woman, older, now that he was past 60, shoulder blade length hair, nearly drained of its color, yet still streaked with what used to be yellow and brown but had now turned mostly a creamy gray. She was short and heavy, a delicious plump, plus sized woman, Richard’s favorite. She wore a cream-colored peasant top that fell down past the waistband of the blue and gray denim shorts to mid thighs and, the latest fad footwear, crocs, on her feet. Her makeup was a little too overdone, her fingernails and toenails painted an outlandishly bright color that attracted more attention than hands and fingers SHOULD attract, but Richard was fascinated, nonetheless. She walked past the man, through the bistro and back into the casino.

Richard enjoyed his dinner, laid a generous tip on the table for the friendly and efficient waitress and left to wander through the casino. Obviously he was hoping to find Sarah still feeding dimes, quarters and dollar bills into the machines in the what ever they call the “floor” of the place. When he found her he stopped for a few seconds to watch the machine roll over and over and over again as she fed money into the hungry little mouth of the one armed bandit. He’d written his name and room number on the back of a card from the registration desk. He handed it to her and told her, “When you get tired of spending your money, you’re welcome to join me here.”

“Oh, thank you. Tonight is going to be a good night for you …” she said looking at the card again … “Richard. I’m Sarah, by the way,” the early 50’s looking woman said, putting out her hand to the man.

“Nice meeting you, Sarah. I’ll look forward to enjoying your company, at your leisure.”

She held up seven or eight dollar bills and said, “This is the last of the money I’ve won tonight, and if it doesn’t pay me back I’ll be even, and then I’ll quit. If you can wait just a couple more minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll wait and watch,” he told her as she fed one of the bills into the proverbial slot. The numbers rolled over bostancı escort and over and then stopped, left box first, then middle, then right. No matches. Another dollar. Again, no matches. Another dollar. The windows rolled and rolled then stopped on a 7 in the left frame, a 7 in the middle and … WHOA! A 7 in the third frame. A handful of quarters poured out of the insides of the machine. Another dollar, only three more. Nothing. Another dollar, and only two frames matched. Another dollar, one more to go. And ANOTHER small jackpot of quarters poured out of the machine. She scooped them into the little plastic bucket like she’d done with the first jackpot and fed in her last dollar. Another disappointment, no jackpot. But she had made an additional $58.75 in quarters and walked away happy after cashing them in at the cashiers’ windows. She dropped the change into one zippered compartment of her purse and the bills in another. Turning from the cashier’s window, she took hold of Richard’s left upper arm and said, “Shall we go?”

“Yes, let’s.” The two walked out of the gambling floor, past the registration desk to the elevators. Inside, Richard pushed the 6 button and the doors closed.

After a few seconds she asked, “So why me?”

“Excuse me?”

She said, “Why have you hit on me?”

“I enjoy the shape of your body. You’re an older woman. I certainly don’t want a young shapely bimbo when I can enjoy a nice aged cherubic lady like you.”

“Wow, that may be the nicest thing a man has said to me in a LONG, LONG time,” she said. She stepped over closer and more in front of the man and raised her face up to kiss him on the lips. “Thank you,” she said.

“Of course, Sarah.” The elevator door opened and Richard pointed her to the left, left again at the hallway and around the twenty or so degree bend in the building and down most of the rest of the longer hallway. At his room he slipped his key card into the lock and the door latch clicked. He pushed the handle down and opened the door for his new lady friend.

“Care for a drink?” he asked as they entered his spacious room. The bathroom on the right opened to the left on a twin vanity, two washbasins, and two large mirrors mounted on the wall. She glanced around at the amenities the room had to offer, a hair dryer, steamer iron, coffee maker, the usual drinking glasses, REAL GLASS, in plastic wrappers, soaps, hand lotions, towels and wash cloths, and the closet with hangers and a stand for suitcases. In the bedroom were two queen sized beds, a safe, small room fridge, LARGE armoire that doubled as entertainment center and dresser, the 25″ television behind dual folding doors across the front of it and a three drawer bureau beneath. A table and four chairs occupied the far left corner of the room and the heating and air conditioning unit the far right under the second of two HUGE windows with heavy drapes drawn across them. Each bed had a bedside table one on the far side, one on the near side and one in the middle between the two beds. A table lamp rested on each end table.

“What do they have in the fridge?” she asked.

Richard had looked before. “All the good stuff,” he told her. “If it is all the caliber of the Scotch,” he was telling her, “It is all upper echelon stuff. What do you drink?”

“Rum?” she asked.

“With Coke or Pepsi?”

“Coke, please.”

“Coming up.” Richard slid his room card into the handle of the fridge and it opened. He opened two bottles of good rum, and two of Dewers Scotch, put several pieces of ice from the ice dispenser inside door into one of the two glasses and emptied the liquor bottles, two into one glass and two into the dry one. He topped hers off with Coke and handed it and the can to her and half filled his with the two small bottles of Scotch and topped it off with Soda.

She stepped up to him again and kissed his mouth, this time hers tasting of the fresh Rum and Coke. Her tongue swabbed the scotch and soda from his before they sat down at the table.

“Do you do this often, Sarah?” he asked the older woman.

“What? Go to just any guy’s room?” she asked, then answered, “No!” Richard looked into her still appealing face and watched, as her eyes seemed to reflect the wheels of the slot machines while she paused for further comment. “I saw you at the registration desk when you came in. I was sitting at one of the rows of machines right across from the entry and waited and watched to see where you were going to go.” She paused for a few more moments then asked, “What brings you here?”

“Long story.”

“I don’t mean to pry.”

“Not to worry. I am moving to Phoenix to stay for a while with my son.”

“You’re married, then?”

“Not any longer. My wife just passed away the 21st.”

“Of December? That’s recent, hon.”

“Yeah, it is. She’d had a stroke back in February and deteriorated until the last of the month.”

“I’m so sorry to hear, Richard.” She stood up and moved to the front of the man and ümraniye escort bayan sat astraddle of his lap. She took his head gently into her hands and softly caressed it as she placed her cool liquor flavored mouth over his again. She kissed him long and tender, longer still and more passionate, again, longer and more erotically. “I hope I can take away your pain for the night,” she said, raising her face up to look deeply into Richard’s eyes.

“Thank you,” he said taking her into his arms and kissing her again. He enjoyed holding the plus sized woman in his arms and began to caress her, feeling her delicious mass of flesh from her shoulders and upper arms, down her back and sides, then up again finding and cupping first one breast then the other. They were heavy in his hands. He felt and fondled each one, squeezing it gently feeling its weight and mass in his hand. Her nipples responded as he felt them and rolled them back and forth between his fingers and thumb. She squirmed in his lap and kissed him back even MORE passionately than before. Their tongues searched every crevice of each other’s mouths as they kissed and breathed back and forth from his lungs into hers, and hers into his, before they parted for fresh air and then kissed some more.

“Shall we move to the bed?” she asked.

“Yessssss, let’s.”

She scooted back off Richard’s lap and stood before him. “Would you like to undress me?”

“YESSSSssss,” Richard told her.

“I’ll refresh our drinks and be right with you,” she said. Richard couldn’t keep his eyes off her large body as she opened the refrigerator and two more of each of the sampler bottles of liquor and mixed their drinks. She sat hers down on the table and handed him his. He took a large sip of it and put it down next to hers.

She leaned down to kiss him again. As she did he held her dangling breasts in his hands through her blouse and bra before she stood back up. When she did his fingers began to work at the tie just below her throat buttons on the two front of her blouse, unfastening one, then the second, before her blouse fell opened. She raised her arms and Richard lifted the blouse up her torso until she shrugged out of it and let it fall to the floor behind her. Mildly fascinated with her breasts, since he wasn’t particularly a “breast man”, Richard fondled her hard nipples through the fabric of her bra and caressed over the exposed tops of the large globes with his fingers. She enjoyed the feel of his fingers half touching her flesh, half touching the top edge of her bra cups and her sensitive breasts underneath. He cupped them in his hands and fingers and lifted them and leaned forward to nuzzle over the slightly darkened skin having been exposed to the light of day, kissing and licking over the top of her left breast, down into the deep cleavage between, then and across the top of her right titty. She raised up straight and reached behind herself to unhook her bra. Richard continued to fondle her through the loose cups and then gently removed first one cup then the other, fondling her drooping breasts, feeling over her still hard nipples, feeling the crinkled terrain of her areolas. He felt the sides of them and lifted them with his fingers underneath them and leaned forward to lick around and over first one nipple then the other, kissing it, licking it, then moving back to give the first one a little suck, let go and moved to the other to suck at that breast’s nipple.

“Do you like my titties, baby?” she asked.

“Uhhmmm, yes I do, Sarah. But I am more interested in other places,” he admitted.

“Not a breast man, then?”

“I do enjoy them, but just like vegetables with a meal, the “main course” is somewhere else on the plate, like in here,” he said sliding his fingers down the front of her shorts, under her drooping tummy, and back slightly to touch the material covering the crease between her thighs. “Turn around for me, sweetie,” he said to her, caressing her waist and hips as she turned her back to him. He felt and fondled as she turned around slowly. He admired her bare back and the creases from her weight and wrinkles from her bra, the bulges and curves of her body fat, and her broad, still covered hips and butt. Richard slid his hands down her sides to her hips and buttocks and gave them a tender squeeze and feel then slid his fingers down the backs of her thighs to her knees and back up. When he reached the hemlines in the legs of the loose shorts she wore, he dipped his fingers underneath the edge of the fabric and slipped them farther and farther up the backs of the flesh of her thighs where they met with the curl of her big buttocks. He could have slid his fingers up into the leg openings of her panties at the same time but thought she might feel a little invaded or pressured. After caressing her big buttocks through the back of her panties he let his hands slide back down the backs of her thighs and then turned her slowly back around to face him.

She again leaned down to kiss kartal escort him as he caressed her slack titties fingering her nipples, gently pinching them and twisting them in his fingertips. Sarah stood back up in front of him. She pushed her right hand and fingers down inside her shorts and panties and swabbed her crease while Richard admired more of the detail in her breasts. Three dark blue blood vessels were prominent along the top of her left breast and four in her right. They converged into her areolas and disappeared underneath her thick rubbery nipples. Both her nipples rose out of deeply crinkled areolar flesh, both half-inch in diameter and half an inch an inch long. They flared at the ends to a good five eights of an inch across where multiple milk ducts opened visibly in her nipples. “Uhhhmmm!” Richard thought as he fondled them in his fingers, then told her, “I would have loved sucking these when they were filled with milk!” They were shades of variegated pinks and purples. He could feel them pulsating against his tongue and against his lips as he VERY LIGHTLY nuzzled them before opening his mouth around them and taking in her whole nipple and as much of her areola as he could suck into his mouth and nursed on each of her breasts for several seconds.

“Here, have a little flavor on those nips, honey,” she said when he let go of her throbbing breasts. She swiped her wet fingers over both nipples and areolas and then offered her fingers to Richard’s nose and then his mouth. He smelled her strong uriney smell and musky cunny scent on them and licked at them and sucked them into his mouth and cleaned them with his tongue and lips and saliva. When she offered it to him, raising first her right breast and then her left, he opened his mouth wide over as much of the front of her titties as he could get his mouth around and sucked and licked at the waste water with which she had painted them.

“Ohhh my gaaawd, Sarah, I can hardly wait to taste that directly from its source!”

“Ohhhh gaaawd, Richard, do you do that?”

“YESSSSS, Sarah, YESSSS,” he told her reaching out for the waistband of her shorts and panties. He peeled them down together, turning them upside down, inverted, between her thighs until only the gusset remained stuck in the tightness of her thighs touching together. Sarah reached down with her hands and pulled up on the large fold of her big tummy and raised her tummy pouch up out of the way of Richard’s view of her very hairy mound and cunny crease and the top of the insides of both her thighs. As hairy as she was in front he could only fantasize at the hair that would extend back between her legs and back between her bottom cheekies and around her bottom outlet.

“Lean down and smell me, Richard. See if you’d like to have me lay back onto your bed and raise my thighs back for you to eat my big hairy pussy.”

“Ohhh yess dear.” Richard leaned down to the inside of her big panties and tugged the gusset out from between where her thighs pressed massively together. To produce the wetness with which she’d painted her titty nipples, she’d had to go pee a little and the padded gusset of her panties was soaked with her urine. Farther back on the cottony padding of her panty crotch were darker yellow stains and current wetness from vaginal drainage due to her arousal. He leaned down to sniff at her panty gusset. “Ohhh this is a delicious smell in your panties, hon,” he said sniffing at them and looking up into her eyes. Looking back at the cotton liner in her panties he licked it and tasted it and sucked it into his mouth. “OH SARAH! This is nice, hon!” he said as he savored the flavor of her yellowy urine and darker creamy pussy juices. Still farther back on the cotton panel was a smear of brown from her bottom hole. He enjoyed the potent scent of it and continued sucking the cottony crotch panel of her soiled panties into his mouth until he had thoroughly enjoyed the dense, dark smell and flavor of the brownie streaks in the back of the gusset and an inch or so up the back of her under panties.

“Uhmmmm, Richard, you seem to be a fairly nasty man!”

“Well, at my age I’ve certainly enjoyed all the elementary facets of sexuality. I am now beginning to enjoy the more adventurous; I guess the DIRTIER, aspects of the body.

“When your wife was alive, how did you deal with her periods?” the woman asked.

“With Rhonda, it was only intercourse with her when she was on.” Richard admitted to tasting her flow, but in general it was rather distasteful and unpleasant. But he enjoyed playing with it, fingering her bloody and bleeding pussy and crease. He enjoyed painting most of her entire crotch red with the flow, up through her crease from her leaking vagina and into her pu hair, down through her bottom crease over and around her anus and the insides of her butt cheeks and thighs. “With Christie before her, and with Tricia before HER, I enjoy that time of the month orally as well.”

“GAAAAWD, you ate your wife out on her period?”

“Well, certainly licked and tasted. Certainly enjoyed the scent and the mess of it. I wasn’t terribly excited about the taste of it, except the VERY FIRST SPOTTING maybe … that was still very faint pink blood and still A LOT OF PUSSY FLAVORED JUICES,” he told her.

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