Kitchen Shenanigans

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The moment she got home, Indy took off her shirt. Going with just a bra was much more comfortable. She set her master playlist on shuffle and turned it up as loud as it could go. She texted Ethan before she set down her phone.

*I’m home, front door is unlocked ;)*

Seconds later, she got a response.

*On my way! cutie*

Grabbing a spoon, she spun around the kitchen and shouted and danced to the lyrics. She didn’t even hear the front door open.

She didn’t know he was there until he was behind her, hands bracketing her waist. Her voice broke off and she leaned back into his chest.

“Whatcha doing?” he murmured into her ear.

Indy smirked and said “enjoying myself. Messing around.”

Ethan’s hands tightened around her. The way her hips pushed back into his was not an accident.

“Mind if I mess around with you?” he asked.

She responded by pushing her ass back into him even more and tilting her head to expose more of her neck.

“Good girl,” Ethan whispered against her skin before grabbing a fistful of her hair. He pulled it so that she was turned the right way for him to kiss and suck and lick his way up her neck. He smiled when her breathing hitched.

When he met her lips she turned the rest of her body so that they were flush against each other. The kiss was needy and passionate. Indy swiped her tongue over his lips and put her arms around him. With one hand, he lightly dragged his nails across her back, making her shiver a little. He grabbed her ass with the other hand and pushed his growing erection against her.

The hand on her back drifted to her bra. Ethan skillfully undid the clasp like he had many times before and they stepped back from each other. She slid it off her arms and onto the floor. He smiled at the fading hickeys on her tits, thinking of last time they were alone. He had beautiful pictures of her chest covered in his cum and the fresh hickeys he’d given her.

They moved towards each other at the same time. Indy immediately reached for his cock while Ethan went for her tits. A small sound escaped her lips when he made contact with her nipples. He brushed his thumbs over them, and they quickly became hard from her arousal.

Indy was already having trouble focusing on stroking him through his shorts. She was getting impatient too. When he started to move to replace one of his hands with his mouth, she stopped him.

“Less clothing,” was all she said before she grabbed the bottom of Ethan’s shirt and discarded it. She went to remove his shorts but he was faster. He undid her button and zipper and pulled down her shorts. Indy was in nothing but a light blue thong.

“Perfect.” Ethan brought a hand down on her ass. She gasped at the unexpected flare of pain.

She didn’t meet his eyes when she whispered “harder.”

“What was that?” he asked, trailing a finger up her neck so she’d look at him.

“Harder,” she said louder.

He slapped her ass again, harder this time like how he knows she likes it. Indy moaned at the sting. She hoped there would be a handprint.

Ethan hooked his thumbs around the top of the flimsy thong and pulled them down around her ankles.

“Should we go somewhere more comfortable?” He gestured around the canlı bahis kitchen and family room.

“I don’t care,” she breathed. He shouldn’t have expected an actual answer.

Ethan placed a hand on her chest and guided her to the nearest wall. Once she was against it, he gathered her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head. Indy pushed against his grip just so he would hold her tighter. He was very close to her, with one hand holding her wrists and the other lazily brushing her inner thigh. She squirmed at the teasing touches.

“You must be horny or something,” he muttered. He knew her body like the back of his hand. She was obviously horny.

“No. I’m not,” she said defEthantly.

“Don’t lie.” The hand on her thigh stopped moving and came to rest between them, but not quite touching her.

Her breathing was very deep and shaky. They stayed like that, neither willing to give up ground. Until Ethan couldn’t resist touching her.

Indy moaned at the contact.

“Seems like you’re horny to me.”

He ran a finger up and down her soaked pussy. He pushed one up inside her and she moaned louder. He pumped out in and out of her a few times before moving to her clit. She twitched. Ethan rubbed her until she was having trouble standing. He withdrew his hand.

“Nice and wet for me.” He held up his glistening finger for her to see. She blushed, but then nearly moaned at the sight of him sucking the wetness off of his finger.

All he gave her was a warning look before he picked her up. Ethan set her down on the edge of the table and gently pushed on her chest again. As she laid back, Ethan knelt on the floor and spread her legs. He held her thighs and gently ran his tongue all the way up her pussy. He did this a few times until he gave in and focused on her clit, making her moan loudly. He was incredibly skilled with his mouth, and Indy was close within minutes.

Ethan repositioned himself to finger her while continuing to go down on her. He was very satisfied with the way her thighs squeezed his head. He picked up the pace, and when her breathing stopped and her back arched he pushed his finger deep inside her. He didn’t stop licking her clit which made Indy twitch through her orgasm.

She sat up once he’d finished making her moan and twitch- for the time being anyway.

“Can I suck your cock?” She asked, already knowing his answer.

“Of course you can baby. You’re delicious by the way,” he winked and stood up.

Indy slid off the table and onto her knees. She pulled off his shorts and underwear in one motion, freeing his hard cock. She stroked him a few times and then licked the head of his cock, all without breaking eye contact. Ethan let out a low groan at the sight. She licked and sucked up and down his shaft and tasted precum on her tongue. When she had as much as his thick cock in her mouth as she could, she moved her tongue around, making him twitch and grab her shoulder for stability.

With his other hand, Ethan pulled her hair so she stopped and met his eyes.

“On all fours,” was his command.

She quickly moved over to the carpeted floor and waited for him to get behind her. He slapped her ass once before burying his cock inside deep her with a slow thrust. Indy bahis siteleri let out a moan at the familiar feeling of being full of his cock. He stayed still for a little, just enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy. But then she started wiggling her ass against him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He was amused. He slapped her ass again, smiling at the loud sound it made, as well as the small sound she made. Wrapping his hands around her tightly for emphasis, he told her “I’m the one who decides how we fuck.”

Ethan didn’t give her a chance to adjust to him moving inside her. He just fucked the shit out of her.

The moans and gasps coming from Indy were music to his ears. He glanced down at her hands, which were desperately trying to grab the carpet like she always did to his sheets.

He slowed down his pace just a little so he could grope and slap her gorgeous thighs. Her moans got louder.

He kept fucking her, and once he knew she was close he fucked her much harder. He knew she came by the way her breath shuddered and her body twitched.

Once she came down from her high, she pushed back into him in time with his slow thrusts. Her ass met him halfway. She couldn’t get enough of his cock.

Ethan couldn’t resist. He leaned over her body, pinching a nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. The sharp inhale and the way her body writhed under him were very telling. He kept moving his hips all the while, just enjoying the feeling of his cock inside of her tight pussy.

“Ethan-” was all she could get out before she was cut off by her own moans.

“What is it baby?”

“Can I ride you?”

Ethan sharply thrust his hips forward at that, making her whimper.


He pulled back from her and she almost whined at the loss of him inside her.

He laid on his back and she was above him very quickly. Before she could lower herself onto his cock, he reached out a hand to her pussy. She was dripping wet. Her thighs were shaking on either side of him.

Withdrawing his hand, he let her slide down onto his cock. Fuck, she was wet. Indy put a hand on either side of his head and began to slowly move up and down on his cock. He had the perfect view of her tits, her blissed out face, and his cock sliding into her pussy.

He let her have her fun, then without warning he smacked her ass. She gasped.

“You’re so dirty for me Indy. I can hear how wet you are, just slowly fucking me.”

Just his voice made her pick up the pace.

“That’s it. Fuck yourself on my cock. Feel me deep inside you.”

His hands were on her waist now. Her tits were bouncing with how hard she was fucking herself on him.

“You feel so good baby. You’re so beautiful just riding my cock.”

She wouldn’t last much longer with him talking to get like this. Her moans were very high pitched.

“Cum for me.”

She squeezed the sides of his chest and quivered above him. He slammed her down on his cock, making her grind on him through her orgasm in those little circles. Her hips stopped moving, but then he pushed down on her shoulders, making them both groan with pleasure at the sensations.

Indy ground on him for a little longer, then they both knew they wanted a change. bahis şirketleri Ethan gestured back at the table.

He caught her in a kiss once she sat on the edge of the table. She pulled on his lower back, a silent demand for his cock. Instead, he slid his thick cock over her wet pussy. She moaned into his mouth. He moved his mouth to her neck and made her inhale sharply.

Indy wanted a turn, so she held his head in her hands. She licked her way up his neck and lightly pressed kisses to his jaw. She ran her tongue over his lower lip, but that’s when he became tired of playing games. His hips snapped forward and he was in her pussy with ease.

She moaned against his lips before laying back on the table. He moved slowly in and out of her. She was so tight and so wet for him. Being inside her was one of Ethan’s favorite places to be.

She mumbled something between moans.

“What was that?” Ethan asked.

“More,” was all she said.

He obliged. He fucked her and listened to her get louder. There was a ‘thank you’ in there somewhere.

“Do you like that baby?”


“What am I doing that you like?”

The moment she started to answer he touched her clit, hard. She yelped and twitched.

He repeated the question.

Indy couldn’t answer. She was rendered speechless by the pleasure. He loved it when he could get her like this. As her moans kept rising in pitch he knew she was close. He slowed his hips and lightened the pressure on her clit, holding her just near the edge of her orgasm.

“You don’t get to cum until you answer the question.”

She whimpered.

She gathered herself and told him “Ethan I fucking love having you inside me. I love being full of your cock and having your hands and your body all over me. You feel so so good every time and I just want you to fuck me so I can cum all over your cock.”

He gave her what she wanted. She said his name as she came which only made him thrust harder.

She said after her orgasm, “I want to make you cum now.”

Her pussy was so tight after her four orgasms and felt incredible to him, but he knew how good her mouth would feel. They traded places, with Indy on her knees and Ethan leaning against the table for support.

She immediately sucked his cock into her mouth. She had one hand on the base and he let out a low moan when her other hand touched him elsewhere. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock and she looked up at him. It was incredibly hot: the eye contact, her mouth and hands on his cock, and her hickey covered tits.

He took the chance to gather a fistful of hair and pull her head down on his cock. He was so deep down her throat, and he accidentally twitched deeper when she started moving her tongue.

She pulled back to catch her breath and licked her lips, then smiled up at him. She continued to stroke his cock. When he asked, she gripped him tighter.

“Where are you gonna cum?” she asked Ethan innocently.

“Your face and your mouth.”

That answer made Indy pick up the pace. Her hands felt amazing on his cock. She did the whole length, then just the head. She knew he was close when his breathing changed and his eyes closed.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said before he grabbed his cock. She was still on her knees with her mouth open. He came into her mouth and on her cheeks and chin and face. Some even dribbled onto her tits. She swallowed what got into her mouth and wished it was more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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