Pair of Aces vs. Pair of 10s Pt. 02

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Cum Throat

Author’s note: In the story that follows you will read about a character named Eric. Eric was previously known as Ric in two preceding stories (“Pair of Aces in a Poker Club” and “Pair of Aces vs Pair of 10s”, respectively), but readers felt that the similarity between Ric and Richard made the action a little difficult to keep track of. As such, Ric will henceforth be known as Eric. I appreciate the feedback. Enjoy!


The four of them sipped on their drinks and chatted. The air was light and there was absolutely no awkwardness to it. Although this was only the second time that Eric and Joy had hung out with Richard and Candy, it was like they had known each other for a very long time. Richard and Candy had been together since high school and had moved to this area for college, and then stayed. At 28, they were reasonably successful. Richard was a doctor and Candy was a registered nurse. Both earned a good income, which explained their big house in the Highlands. It also explained how they moved their hot tub downstairs to the walk-out patio on a whim. Just inside the garden doors of the walk-out basement was their play room. You could probably call it a recreation room, that is, if creative sex was your recreation of choice. They felt that having the hot-tub nearby was mandatory and shared their aspirations for a pool in the big back yard along with a tall privacy fence.

They had earned the moniker of “Pair of 10’s” from Eric and Joy. Richard had a healthy 10″ package, and Candy was listed as 5’10” on their swinger profile (but was actually closer to 6′ by Eric’s estimate). Eric and Joy now thought of them as a pair of 10’s on the swinger-fun scale. Although they weren’t perfect physical specimens (no one is), their confidence, enthusiasm, and willingness to please their playmates made them 10’s by anyone’s estimation. PairOfAces was Eric and Joy’s swinger handle on a well-known swinger web site, and Richard and Candy had talked about them almost continuously since their last rendezvous. They clearly agreed that Eric and Joy were, in fact, aces!

They’d been in the hot tub for about 15 minutes and everyone’s face was starting to get flushed. Joy was sitting by Richard and had been having trouble keeping her hands off of his dick. She was trying not to be too insistent just yet as she didn’t want him to become uncomfortable with a persistent erection. Well, at least not until it seemed like everyone was ready to play. Joy noticed that her husband, Eric, who sat behind Candy, was starting to kiss her neck and massage her breasts. Candy’s floating bosoms were about as large as they could be while maintaining their perkiness. With the intense tingling in her clit, Joy didn’t want to wait any longer. She leaned in to kiss Richard grabbed his dick more firmly. He was a good kisser and responded to her lightly probing tongue, gathering her in his arms. She used both her hands on his shaft, being a little more aggressive. Squeezing tightly, then stroking lightly. He moaned into her mouth at this treatment and kissed her deeply. Richard reached down and lifted her to sit crossways on his lap. His thick cock slid between her legs and against her clit. The head of his cock was exposed above her legs and she grasped it, rubbing the underside of his head gently. Using her other hand Joy pressed his fat cock against her clit and shivered. Using the side of his shaft to work against her pussy, Joy ground on it firmly. For several minutes she had her head back, grinding contentedly. Joy’s pussy was catching on fire as she remembered the way he fucked her last time.

“Oh fuck” Joy sighed, “I need you inside me, badly.”

Eric could see the lust on Joy’s face and smiled as she leaned in to kiss Richard. Eric leaned back down and continued kissing the back of Candy’s neck. He liked the way her plumes of red hair were up and neck was exposed. Eric moved one of his hands, sliding down from her big beautiful tit, to touch her clit softly. He pressed gently and felt her clit begin to swell. Eric really liked that big clit. He applied a tiny bit of pressure and movement as he lightly pinched her nipples with his other hand. Candy’s nipples, like the rest of her body, were larger than life. Eric blew at them softly making a cool breeze to kiss them with. They stood up even taller. On a whim, he gave one nipple a hard pinch and pressed hard on Candy’s clit. She jerked and moaned softly, pleasure washing across her. He did this two or three times more, inducing more small shakes. About that time Richard and Joy stood up. Joy had one small hand holding onto his absurd cock. Richard had a massive hard on and it seemed obvious that Joy had done a great job teasing him up to his full potential.

“Kiss him good bye, I’m going to go bury this pretty cock inside me for a while…” Joy said coyly, pulling Richard’s cock toward Candy. Candy’s clit tingled remembering the sight of her husband’s thick rod disappearing inside Joy’s hungry pendik escort pussy. Candy reached up and grabbed his balls, pulling him closer before taking several inches of his dick into her steaming mouth. He let out his own moan, stroking slowly into her mouth gently while Joy continued to put pressure on the shaft of his cock. After a dozen strokes or so, Joy gently pulled his cock away.

“Damn baby, that’s as hard as I’ve ever seen that cock.” Candy said, giggling. Joy smiled back at her, blew a kiss at Eric, and led Richard inside, never once letting go of his dick. Candy turned to face Eric and grabbed his dick, kneeling between his legs.

“It looks like she likes playing with her new toy.” Candy commented.

“I like mine too.” Eric said as he raised his hips slightly and pressed her tits around his dick. His cock felt incredibly good in her cleavage. She floated there, stroking her tits over him. This is what Eric had been dreaming of. Her tits were so big that the head of his 6″ dick never saw the light on the other end of her cleavage. Eric caressed Candy’s cheek and looked her in the eyes and said,

“I’ve been fantasizing for two weeks now about those tits. I’m going to cover your chest with cum tonight.” Candy smiled and lifted his hips up. She bent her head and gave his cock a special kiss. Pursing up her thick lips as if to kiss, she pressed her tight kiss over his dick slowly, pushing her lips all the way to the base of his dick. Up and down on his length she repeated her kiss. Eric loved her technique. Finally, after several minutes of sucking contentedly, Candy stood and started to leave the hot tub.

“I do want your cum on my tits, but I have something else on my to-do list tonight as well.” Candy said over her shoulder. Eric didn’t move and instead marveled at her body as she stepped out onto the patio. Although she was nearly 200lbs, it was all spread out nicely across her six foot frame. He hips were wide and supple. Her ass was thick and shapely. She turned as if to invite him to follow and he admired her tummy, so pleasant and only adding to her curvy appearance. Her skin was tight all over her body and she was free of cellulite or fat rolls. She was simply a big beautiful woman, perfectly proportional and wonderfully plus sized. Eric sighed as he moved to follow her inside, toweling off as he went.

Joy led Richard inside to the bed. He laid her down on the edge of it and pressed his heavy cock on her clit as he leaned in for a kiss. Richard moved down slowly, trailing kisses down her cheek and neck, to her hard nipples. His cock slid down just right and that thick head pressed ever so slightly at the entrance to her furnace. Joy did need some wood for her furnace, and at the moment, she wanted a lot of wood. She wiggled at him but he didn’t press into her. Instead, Richard lapped at her tits before he dropped down, putting her legs over his shoulders, and started to eat her pussy. What a tease. Richard’s tongue skills were adequate, and he lashed her clit nicely. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy, getting her even more wet. Richard wet a finger and Joy’s pussy eagerly accepted it with no resistance. He smiled as he returned to her clit with his tongue and pressed a second finger into her. Joy closed her eyes and hummed as she massaged her own tits, enjoying the sensations. Soon he added a third finger. Richard pressed his fingers into her, dragging along her G-spot. His tongue went this way and that, making her shudder slightly. They were both at a breaking point with their anticipation. Richard slowly stood in front of her and looked around for the lube. Candy was right there waiting with a handful. She grabbed his cock and lubed him up nicely, squeezing and stroking him.

“I wanted to watch this part.” Candy said as she turned him towards Joy. He spread his legs, lowering himself to the right height as he stood at bedside. With Candy guiding his cock he pressed against Joy’s pussy. Joy held her legs apart and whimpered slightly in anticipation. He pressed a bit more and Joy’s pussy parted for him invitingly. They both groaned as he slid half of his cock in on the first press. He paused for a moment, working his hips in little circles. Joy put her feet behind his ass and pulled at him, her body begging for more cock. Richard obliged her and pressed his remaining length into her. They groaned together again as his cock slid all the way in, Joy’s hungry pussy lips grasping tightly at the base of his cock. Candy murmured something lustfully and caressed her husband’s ass as she turned and walk away.

Richard could feel Joy’s cervix resting lightly on top of his cock and could feel the back of her hot tunnel resisting the advance of his dickhead. Joy shuddered at the feeling. That enormous, thick cock felt amazing inside of her, stretching her insides to conform to his shape. Joy held him in tightly with her legs and began to swivel her hips in little circles. For many long escort pendik minutes Richard remained at full penetration, barely moving his hips as she worked him with her own. His dick twitched occasionally as did her pussy. Tiny orgasms from the pressure on her G-spot made her squirm and clamp down on him.

Candy and Eric made off toward the other side of the play room, past the pool table, to a specially made ‘yoga’ chair. She sat on a low part of the chair facing him and invited his dick back to her mouth. Candy loved to suck this perfect dick. Eric sighed as her soft lips trailed back and forth over his shaft. He enjoyed it for a few moments, and then looked down at her and says,

“Lemme’ guess what’s on your to-do list.” Eric thinks as Candy worked his cock in her mouth. The most remarkable thing about their last encounter was that he had been the first one to make love to her ass. He hazarded the guess, “You’ve been dreaming of my cock in your ass, haven’t you?” She looked at him lustfully, nodding with his dick still in her mouth. “Good, because I liked working that fresh ass. If you’re a good girl, you might even get your first ass-fuck tonight.” Candy sucked hard and squeezed her thighs together, then moaned past his dick. Eric did like a hot piece of ass, and his cock hardened further in agreement. He pulled out of her mouth and pressed his cock into her cleavage while gathering her tits in each hand. Eric stroked up and down and Candy smiled pushing her chest out toward him. She appreciated the way he manipulated her tits around his dick. Eric took a chance and pinched her nipples, using them to pull her tits together around his dick. Candy threw her head back and whimpered and shivered.

Without warning, Eric pushed her back and went to his knees. He drove his cock immediately into her wet pussy, aiming right at her G-spot. Candy groaned, needing no warm up, and immediately threw her legs up as he began to pump. He remembered her squirting for him just like this last time. Eric went to work, thrusting over and over and could feel her juices beginning to cover his sack already, slapping wetly against her asshole. For several minutes he thrusted accurately, with increasing intensity on her G-spot. Eric reached down and pressed his thumb directly on her engorged clit and she immediately jerked and moaned. Her hips twitched this way and that while her pussy rippled around his cock. It didn’t take terribly long before Candy moaned loudly, gushed fluids, and squirted a little on his stomach as a reward. Eric smiled and slowed his pace, allowing her to enjoy the fireworks in her pussy. He was pretty certain Candy came for him even quicker this time.

Richard could no longer feel Joy’s cervix on top of his cock and hoped that meant she was fully aroused and ready for a little fucking now. He’d only been in her pussy for a short time, but he was incredibly hard and his balls were already starting to ache. Joy smiled when his movements became more exaggerated. Richard was starting to pump a little and the feeling was exquisite. Each stroke bumped into the back of her pussy and created a tiny orgasm. Richard steadied his hips as his strokes slowly grew longer. He’d realized in his young years that this wasn’t a cock you could just pepper a pussy with. One had to keep a consistent angle to avoid banging against any sensitive parts, especially her cervix. Joy knew how to handle a large cock too and kept her hips locked in place as his strokes became longer and longer. Her pussy was on fire with the sensations and she unconsciously spread her legs wider. His thick shaft stretched her with every stroke, nearly pulling out each time before plunging deep into the back of her. Joy bit her lip and started to shake all over, gushing around his cock. The orgasm made her want to squirm all over but she kept it together, not wanting him to stop. The Joy she spread her legs, offering her pussy up to his firm strokes spurred him on. Richard pumped hard in her suddenly sopping cunt and crashed his pelvic bone into her clit with every stroke. Joy whined and whipped her head from side to side in ecstasy.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Joy chanted. A moment later and another orgasm wracked her body. She gushed again and his big balls slapped wetly against her cum covered ass. The convulsions in her pussy were too much to take and he tensed up, releasing lightning into her cunt. His hot cum filled her already full pussy. Their juices seeped out from around him. Joy let her legs down and wrapped them around his thin waist. She enjoyed the dump of dopamine in her system and secretly hoped he’d fuck her again, and longer. As she relaxed, with him still inside her, she decided to make that her mission.

Now that Candy had squirted for him, Eric decided it was time for some of her tight ass. He couldn’t think of any good reasons to make her wait. Eric went to his knees again and started nibbling at her clit. He slid a finger into pendik escort bayan her pussy and used a knuckle against her slick asshole. Eric moved his hand brushing his finger across her G-spot while working a knuckle against her sphincter. It was apparent that she was relaxing as her ass tried several times to gobble up his knuckle. He sat up and motioned, she passed him the lube without being asked.

“You’re a fast learner. Pull your knees to your chest for me.” Eric instructed. Still on her back, Candy did as she was told and her ass was exposed to him clearly. He set the lube in front of him and leaned in to rim her tight little hole. Eric ran his tongue all around, and pressed it into her ass. She cooed and wiggled for him. Her ass was very receptive as Eric pulled her cheeks apart, munching her ass happily. He added some lube to his hand and stroked his dick as he rimmed her ass with his tongue. He pulled his face away from her ass just far enough to watch his middle finger slide into her tight little hole. She ‘pushed’ at him without being asked. With a finger in her pussy and another in her ass, Eric resumed his tongue lashing of her clit. Her clit quickly swelled and started to throb again. He worked his fingers around and around, pressing at her ass and stimulating her G-Spot all at the same time. After several moments of this, he began working his fingers in and out, hitting her G-spot more directly now with a finger pushing deeper into her ass. He strummed her clit with his tongue expertly and she started moaning. Her vocals grew louder and louder as he kept a moderate pace.

“Uhhhhhhhh!” Candy groaned as she squirted again. Eric withdrew his fingers and caught some of her hot sauce in his hand. His dick was hard with this little cum machine in front of him. Candy was still spasming in front of him as he rubbed her love all over his cock, stroking it brusquely. She hadn’t even opened her eyes again when he pressed his tattoed cock against her ass. She pushed at him without even thinking and his green shamrock disappeared as he slowly slid all six inches of cum-slick cock into her ass.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Candy sighed, still recovering from her powerful orgasm. “My ass so needed to get lucky.” Eric moved only slightly, pressing into her. He offered only the tiniest motion as he held her thick ass cheeks in front of him. He held his cock in her ass for what seemed like forever, her eyes still shut. Eventually she opened her eyes to him smiling back at her. She smiled back as if she were caught. He pulled her legs down and placed her feet on his chest. Candy sighed again and further relaxed.

“Work your hips on my cock.” Eric demanded with a smile. Candy bit her lip and did as she was told. Using her feet for leverage, she slowly twirled her hips and enjoyed the feeling of his dick working in her ass. Eric could feel her relaxing her ass as she concentrated on using other muscles. He milked some pre-cum, making his cock swell briefly. Candy hummed and continued her work, feeling this slick pre-cum easing her motions. Eric lubed his hands again was attentive to the area of his shaft that met her asshole. Making good and sure that everything was lubed, he used his thumbs to gingerly pull at the edges of her ass, stretching her ass a little more her ass was worked up nicely. He started stroking in her ass ever so slowly. It felt so good he leaned back, sighing. As Eric opened his eyes, he saw Candy looking back at him in the mirror overhead.

“I have an idea.” Eric announced. He had Candy move in the sex chair such that she was on her back and her ass was pointed toward the ceiling and knees rolled up on her chest. Eric straddled the chair, providing his knees with relief, and hovered over her. With a touch more lube he ordered her to spread his ass for him. She did so and he eased his dick back into her. Candy was very receptive this time and he immediately started pumping into her lightly. Eric leaned back slightly and looked up, still pumping himself into her ass. They could both clearly see his dick moving in and out of her slick hole in the mirror. It was extremely sexy.

“You like to watch me fuck your ass?” Eric asked sweetly. Candy nodded and spread her ass cheeks again. He leaned back again so she could see and then started driving his dick into her ass, a little harder each time. Her sphincter muscles gripped at his slick dick with futility, unable to hold on to him. She could feel the head of his cock stroking in her ass. Then her ass started to tingle, along with her pussy and clit. Eric kept fucking and fucking, watching her expression. Candy’s mouth was open and she was panting,

“Oh yea! Oh yea! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” Candy demanded. After a long, slow crescendo Eric pressed her clit once and she came hard. He looked down and her pussy was gushing onto her own heaving belly, all the way to her big tits. The sight was amazing and his cock started to twitch. Unable to hold back, Eric released his hot load of cum into her ass. She wimpered again at this new sensation. Candy hadn’t gotten this experience last time and reveled at the sensation. Her ass could feel every throbbing vein in his twitching cock.

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