My First Story

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I’m at work things are hectic, three high risk moms are delivering. One is a seventeen year old diabetic with no family support system. I get a page to come to the front desk, my co-workers are smiling. A big bouquet of roses with babies breath is on the desk with balloons saying I love you and a card.

“These are for you Princess.”

I get chills up my spine, my heart starts to beat fast, and butterflies fill my stomach at the sound of your voice.

I turn around and there you are with a big smile on your face. My face lights up and I walk into your open arms, looking up into your face, and you know by the look in my eyes how happy you just made me.

I whisper in your ear. “You are the best! Thank you for making me feel so special, so loved and so appreciated! You couldn’t have picked a better day!”

Then we kiss, but not too passionately, because I am at work, and my associates are watching. You do grab my ass though, and I grab your crotch. You whisper in my ear. “What time is your dinner break?”

Then you look at me with a devilish smile, kind of chuckling.

“Seven forty five, which is in about twenty five minutes.” I tell you as I look at the swatch watch you gave me for my birthday last year.

Answering you with a seductive smile knowing that you are up to no good and getting excited thinking about the last time you surprised me. The blood rushes to my face, heat sears my loins as you press your hardness against me. I can feel my panties getting wet.

A big smile on my face. “As usual you have everything under control.” Seductive smiles meet your charming ones.

“So what are you planning Honey?” You respond with one of your looks that promises endless teasing and pleasure. My pussy feels your words and instantly responds in moisture.

You can see the hunger and desire in my eyes, you know I want you to take me now. As you say good bye to me, your body envelops me, you grab my breast with one hand and squeeze my pussy with the other. Feeling my warmth and dampness, you breath into my ear.

“Be patient my kitten, I’m going to tease you and please you like never before.”

Then you walk away, leaving me breathless, hot and flustered! I can hear your evil laugh as you walk down the corridor and into the elevator. As I watch you walk away I think to myself how lucky I am to have you as a friend, lover and partner, you are the very best!

Blissful sighs as I get back to work. My co-workers tease me all shift because you managed once again to catch me off guard. And last time I swore to them I wouldn’t let you make me turn all red, hot and bothered in front of them.

You have the POWER! My colleagues are looking at me giggling. I get pendik escort this feeling that something is amiss, something is going on that I don’t know about.

I look at Cheryl and I ask her. “What’s going on, are you in cahoots with him on something?”

She can’t answer me, her patient is moaning out in agony, time for Stadol shot. She runs into the room. I tend to my patients. A few hours later I get another page to the desk, I’m so wrapped up in my patients that I forget about the last page. I walk to the desk and I see you again dressed to the T and carrying a garment bag.

“What is this about?” I ask under my breath. My smile radiates as I get closer to you thinking to myself how awesome you are, how handsome, and how much I love you. My panties are wet again just from seeing you!

You walk up to me and hand me the garment bag, “Go change Lis, we have dinner reservations.”

And I think to myself Oh my god! There’s that wicked smile of yours again. My heart is racing now, I’m so excited.

I look over to Cheryl just as she is looking at you, then I know. You have gone behind my back, and deviously planned this scheme.

Cheryl just looks at me and smiles.

“You have the rest of the night off, in fact you have tomorrow off too. And don’t worry about the kids.” Why would she say that about the kids I’m wondering. Oh well. I go into the locker room.

I shower shampoo and shine, put on make-up and unzip the bag. Excited looks light up my face, my eyes opening wider, to see a beautiful, dark blue silk dress. One with a low back, short, very sexy, and very elegant. Internal dialogue. He has the BEST taste! Matching pumps, cool he thought of everything.

I walk out of the ladies room, and I can tell by the look on your face that you are thinking.

“I’m so glad I bought the blue one, its perfect with her eyes. Wow she looks beautiful”

I smile a huge smile, a knowing smile.

“I love you” I mouth the words as I walk up to you. You hand me your arm and say to me so gallantly.

“Your chariot awaits My Love.” I grab the roses, say goodbye to my co-workers and wink. The night is crisp, the smell of fall is in the air, and the moon is full. You take me in your arms and kiss me passionately, deeply touching my soul, capturing it for a life time. Parked outside the hospital is a limo.

I ask you. ” I wonder who has been admitted??”

You walk me to the limo and the driver opens the door, you rub my ass as I crawl into the back and sit down in the leather seats. You sit next to me putting your arms around me and holding me close.

“Oh, honey, you are spoiling me rotten, I love it!”

“Thank you honey!”

Now where are maltepe escort we going?”

A chuckle resonates in the back of the limousine. “Its a surprise Lis, sit back and enjoy.”

You run your hand up and down my leg, inside my thigh to my wetness and you slide your fingers inside me as your lips bore down upon mine, owning me with a deeper kiss.

“I am going to tantalize you tonight.”

I spread my legs opening myself up to you and return your passionate kisses. The car takes off…

On the way to the restaurant in the limo you have your hand between my legs and I am purring in your ear, rubbing your belly, my hand wandering down lower to your pants. Unzipping them but not letting my fingertips graze the plump head of your thick shaft.

I want to tease you. I lick your lips with my tongue, then nibble on your ear lobes.

Then I slide my finger deep inside me and gently dab it on your bottom lip only to lick it off of you before you get a chance to taste it. I kiss you deeply then you taste me as you do you plunge three fingers inside me.

I rub the outside of your pants feeling you get harder, loving to the feel of you. Harder you thrust, you can feel my pussy squeezing your fingers my hips are moving back and forth to meet your thrusts. I am very aroused, my nipples are hard, and my eyes are dilating.

“Lis, you are so beautiful when you are turned on.”

“Oh god, oh god! You are the only man who can make me feel like this. Honey, I am so hot for you, god I want you so bad!”

You are in between my legs now, raising my dress above my hips, I have no panties on and you can smell me you begin to kiss the inside of my thighs.

I moan out loud as I feel your tongue gliding along my silky thigh, barely touching my soft lips. I lean back and spread my legs wide open, playing with my clit, you move my hand away and suck the juices off my fingers.

“No my Goddess, let me.”

You bury your face into my essence, delving your tongue and tasting my nectar. Tongue fucking me as your fingers artfully circle my magic button, I am moaning out in pleasure.

“Oh yes that feels so good, oh, fingers, more, more!”

Your finger trades places with your tongue, the tip of your tongue dancing on my clit, suckling it, nibbling it as your fingers thrust and pound into me. Your head raises.

“Cum for me my Goddess, show me how much your love your humble servant.”

My hips are moving, my breathing and moans louder now as I get closer to climax.

“Oh, Oh, oh, don’t stop don’t stop more, please more!”.

Harder, faster you pound feeling my cervix sucking your fingers

“I am so close, I want to suck your cock kartal escort when I cum, please, I beg you!”

“Please let me suck your cock!”

My love juices flowing all over your face, my sweetness sticky on your lips, my clit hard you are suckling on it. You make it easy for me to grab your swollen cock, and my mouth goes down on you fast, taking all of you into my mouth.

I can feel you throbbing as my tongue licks and circles you pounding the back of my throat, as your fingers pound my cervix.

“Oh I’m going to cum.”

You can hear me moaning as I suck your thick hard cock, my mouth stretched, my hands cupping and fondling your balls. My head bobbing faster now taking you into my mouth to the base of you, almost gagging as I taste your sweet pre cum.

Your finger and tongues delight and pleasuring me to the heights of ecstasy. I cum all over you in waves, gushing juices you are sucking up. Hungrily I suck your cock, faster, deeper and harder.

I feel you close, I want your cum all over my face. All over my lips, I want to watch you watch me as you cum.

You sit up and I kneel between your legs.

“Please My Lord and Master, let me worship you please, bless me with your love show me how much you love me.”

“Cum all over my face let me suck the cum out of you.”

I grab your hard cock, I lick and suck your balls taking your hardness into my hot steamy mouth, sucking and licking as I go down on you. Up and down sucking, harder and faster taking you deeper and deeper down my throat.

“Oh!” I moan out, as my desires are burning again.

“I get so turned on sucking on your cock. I love your cock, I worship it as if it was my God, you are my God. It is my only desire to love, honor and obey you.”

Your hips pumping into my face now hard and fast, your are holding my head, holding my hair.

“Oh, Lisa, my baby doll, that feels so good, be a good lil cumslut and take all of my steamy seed.”

“Fuck my face! Oh, please Fuck my face!”

I am making love to your cock, with so much passion, showing you how much I love you.

“Cum all over my face please! ”

Throbbing rigid rod in my mouth, my pussy dripping juices on the leather seat under me, my head and mouth ramming down on your cock. Faster and deeper. I feel it coming. I can taste it. Squirting on my face, hot shots of your love.

Opening my mouth obediently for you, splashing my lips and my tongue. Streams of ropey semen speckled over my checks and neck, warming it.

Licking up every drop then when you are spent you lick the cum off my face and kiss me deeply so passionately and we hold each other and you whisper to me.

“I love you Lisa, I want you to be happy, I want you to know how special you are to me.”

“Oh honey, I love you too! You are so special to me too.” Big smiles and more passionate kissing.

“So what restaurant are you taking me to??”

“Seafood babe, your favorite.”

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