Mrs. O’Neil

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Mrs. Diane O’Neil was special. She was one of those rare creatures who is beautiful, inside and out.

In her forties, she was lovely to behold. She had a slim waist that accentuated generous curves. Her hair was a pale blonde, kept in a short, modern bob, and she always dressed stylishly. She was lovely in manner as well. Mrs. O’Neil was polite, and pleasant, with a lilting laugh. She was nice to everyone, I remember, although not everyone was always nice to her.

I was a young intern at the time. Many years ago now. My first job out of school! I was very new to the big city, having grown up and been educated on the prairies. I put on a brave face, but I was terribly nervous, on my own far from everyone I knew. Perhaps that is why I immediately liked and trusted Mrs. O’Neil. An administrator for the firm, she had come from a small coastal fishing community many years before. I imagine that she understood how I felt. As I said, she was a beautiful person, and she made efforts during breaks and at lunch, to include me, and make me feel like part of the team.

Everyone seemed to have crush on Mrs. O’Neil. Certainly many of the interns did, but it seemed like everyone, from the accounting staff right up to VP’s had a special interest in Mrs. O’Neil. She seemed to be wholly unaware of her admirers.

I certainly admired Mrs. O’Neil a great deal, although from a far. We had spoken often, and we became friends, but I was very careful not to let my true feelings show. I was from a small town, and there were manners and propriety to respect! I had never met Mr. O’Neil, but I was certain he must be a fantastic fellow, to have gotten a wife like her! I had also been made aware of harassment laws when we did case studies in school. I certainly didn’t want to upset my friend and ally by telling her I thought she was wonderful, or that I had dreams about her that left me aching and sweaty during the night! She had enough on her plate, I figured.

The company, while powerful and successful was one of the last hold outs of the ‘Old Boys Club’. Everyone in authority was rich, white, and male. The overpaid sales staff was fat and lazy, strolling in late to read the newspaper at their desks. Lunches often included a ‘barley sandwich’ or three for the executive team. Women, sadly, could not raise above a certain scale in the company, and endured a great deal of sexist treatment.

I was disgusted. I sat quietly through many a racist monologue from one senior staffer or another, during breaks. I am of mixed heritage, but was able to fly under the radar. I wish I had been stronger, or smarter, sooner, and had drawn the line at this sort of behavior. But I was new, and young. I was also very poor – my intern salary was not large, I had a large student debt and a small apartment I could barely afford. For months I did not rock the boat.

Until one day I did.

It was Mrs. O’Neil’s birthday. At lunch the company had brought in a cake for her, and as she cut and served it (yes, she cut and served her own birthday cake!) plans were made to celebrate after work at a fancy establishment down town. Normally I would not have afforded such a place, but it was a Friday, a pay day, and Mrs. O’Neil’s birthday. I went home to shower quickly, and rode my small motorcycle through traffic to the pub.

The drinks had already started when I got there. Mrs. O’Neil was at the center of the table surrounded by ‘gentlemen’ from work. They were pressed around her, proffering drinks and trying to charm her. She had a glass of white wine and she seemed to simply let their efforts slide off of her, as she always did. She never stopped smiling, and laughing. Her brown eyes shone with amusement, and somehow none of them really got to her. She caught my eye and smiled as I came in. I waved and looked for a place to sit. Of course, as the new guy, and with so many people focused on Mrs. O’Neil, I could only get a spot at the end of the table.

I felt invisible. Both to most of my co-workers, and to the wait staff! I tried flagging the waitress down a number of times before I gave up and attempted to join in the conversations around me. I eventually found an untouched glass of water and sat back to watch. I didn’t want to stare at Mrs. O’Neil, as lovely as she was, instead I turned slightly to scan the crowd. I quickly became lost in thought, marveling at the change in my life! It seemed like not that long ago I was driving a patched up tractor on my parent’s modest farm. And now here I was, out of my league, trying to fit in in the big City, thousands of miles from home.

“Can I buy you a drink, Sailor?” came a warm voice from beside me, followed by a musical laugh. I turned to see Mrs. O’Neil’s round hip almost touching my shoulder! Shamefully my eyes dragged slowly up her lean middle and lingered on her large breasts before settling on her laughing brown eyes. I felt her beauty right in my chest! My heart surged and a lump formed in my throat! I could feel my face blazing as I managed a weak smile kartal escort bayan and a nod.

Before I knew what was happening Mrs. O’Neil had pulled up a chair, and pressed a glass of beer into my hand! I tried to protest her buying me a drink on her birthday, but she would have none of it. I found myself in the middle of the party, right beside the woman of the hour! Skillfully she drew me out in front of the crowd. She got me to tell stories about life on the farm. Lots of people seemed amused by my tales of escaped calves and swimming in the dugout. I could see that some of the people judged me for the hay in my hair. With Mrs. O’Neil smiling and laughing beside me I had new confidence, and did not care!

The evening wore down, and many people left. Soon there were only twos and threes. Mrs. O’Neil was telling me about dulse, a dried seaweed that was a delicacy from her home, when Mr. Sanderson slid behind her chair and started rubbing her shoulders!

“Guess who?” he sang out drunkenly. Mrs. O’Neil’s smile slipped.

“Hello Garry,” she said in a sing-song, long suffering tone. Mr. Sanderson was a VP of Accounting, he was small and ugly, and a very powerful man in the company.

“Do you like your birthday massage?” he slurred as his pale fingers slid dangerously low down her front before he clumsily pinched her shoulders up. Her face wrinkled with distaste as his massage pulled her skin up and down, causing her breasts to rise and fall provocatively.

“Please Garry,” she said softly, “stop.” Garry shook her shoulders back an fourth, again making her breasts jiggle.

“But it’s for your birthday, Diane” he protested, his face by hers, looking directly down Mrs. O’Neil’s blouse as he pulled her skin again lifting her breasts.

“Mr. Sanderson!” I growled as I stood up so quickly that my chair tipped behind me. Mrs. O’Neil’s eyes were closed tightly and I thought I could see tears forming. At over six feet tall I towered over the middle aged accountant. He barely looked my way before dismissing me.

“This is none of your concern, Boy,” he growled waving his hand dismissively at me. I grabbed his wrist tightly. I hadn’t been gone so long from the farm, my hands were still calloused, and I had a grip borne of milking cows before and after school.

Mr. Sanderson’s pale watery eyes swung toward me finally and he let out a surprised grunt.

“Sir,” I said in a low and grave tone, “it is time for you to go home to Mrs. Sanderson.” He started to growl and me and attempted to jerk his wrist free. With a cold rage I tightened my grip on his clammy wrist until I heard him gasp. I jerked him away from Mrs. O’Neil and leaned close, “Now, Mr. Sanderson.” I grated.

“Do you know who I am?” he started to mutter. A waitress was walking by and I caught her attention by calling out in a deep voice,

“Ma’am, this gentleman would like a cab!” I was loud enough that the remainder of the staff turned to look at Mr. Sanderson and I. I slackened my grip and Mr. Sanderson tore free and scurried to grab his coat. Massaging his wrist he left, but not before throwing me a murderous glance.

I turned towards Mrs. O’Neil, “Are you all right?” I murmured. She smiled wanly at me.

“Thank you,” she said bravely, “but you shouldn’t have. I am afraid you will have some trouble over this on Monday.”

I sat down beside her. “He is a bully. We had creeps just like him, even in a small town,”.

“Well you certainly were impressive,” she said, “but I guess the party is over.” I turned to see the remaining staff heading out the door opposite to the one Mr. Sanderson had used.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your evening,” I stammered.

“Oh sweetie, you didn’t ruin anything,” smiling sadly, she got up and gathered her handbag and scarf. “Now, my chivalrous knight, please walk me home!”

It was late spring, and the evening was cool. I offered Mrs. O’Neil my arm on the empty sidewalk outside the bar, and she snuggled close for a moment before we walked down the street.

My little motorcycle was parked under a lamp in the parking lot, and I gambled that it would be safe while I saw Mrs. O’Neil home. Besides the cool air would be good to clear my head before I rode home.

We continued to chat quietly about the simpler lives of our respective youths as we walked the deserted streets of the downtown. We made our way to a tall, well appointed building.

I whistled low, “You live here? It’s amazing!” I turned to look down at Mrs. O’Neil. She looked up at me with moist dark eyes, moaned in her throat and reached up and grabbed my head! She pulled me down to her and kissed me hungrily!

Surprised I tried to pull away. She bit my lip hard and held me for a moment until my resistance dissolved and I kissed her back, fiercely!

“Come upstairs with me,” she moaned between kisses. I pulled back and looked directly into her eyes. A kiss was a relatively small indiscretion, I was thinking. “Shh, don’t escort maltepe say anything,” she murmured as she took my hand and dragged me into the abandoned foyer. In a daze I stumbled along behind her. I can remember wondering if I was having another dream that would leave me drained and exhausted in the morning.

In the elevator Mrs. O’Neil pressed close to me, her face buried in my chest. I could feel her breasts pressing against my belly. I held her close, unable to hear anything but my pulse through my ears. Tenderly I leaned down and kissed the top of her head, and inhaled the soft scent in her hair.

She seemed to disengage reluctantly from me when the elevator door opened. She quietly opened the door to the condo and ushered me inside, closing the door behind us.

The condo was beautiful, with expensive furniture mixed with simple coastal antiques and paintings of maritime scenes. Mrs. O’Neil stepped out of her shoes as I turned around.

“Mrs. O’Neil,” I started,

“Please, call me Diane,” she murmured in a low husky voice.

“Mrs., uh, Diane, I need to ask. What about Mr. O’Neil?” She sighed, beautifully.

“I love Mr. O’Neil. Just as long as he is not here too often,” she smiled warmly. I knew he was away from home for work a great deal, but I was confused!

“I love him when he is here, and I am so glad when I see him go,” she explained simply. “We both prefer our space,”

I could feel myself start to shake as the possibilities entered my mind.

“Now sit here while I freshen up,” she guided me into a leather chair, and again pressed a drink into my hand. I saw her disappear into the darkened condo.

My teeth started to chatter, remembering her spontaneous kiss! Nervously I took a large pull from the glass in my hand. I nearly died coughing! My first scotch!

I was just getting my breath back when Diane hurried out to see what was wrong! I nearly choked again.

Diane O’Neil was gorgeous. She was in a long, pale green nightgown. The spaghetti straps drew my glance down the smooth pale skin of her shoulders and collar bone. Her cleavage was enticing and full, with a delicate vee at the top. I could make out large nipples pressing against the fitted gown. Her narrow waist flared out into delicious, womanly hips. The gown went down to the floor, but I could see small nimble feet flash as she quickly crossed the room to my chair! Gracefully she dropped to her knees to look concernedly into my face. I will never forget her eyes. I could see that she genuinely cared about me. It felt like she was the first person to really see me since I had left home! Her lips shone with fresh lipstick in the moonlight. Her white teeth flashed as she said, “Are you all right?”

I swallowed and nodded my head, I didn’t trust myself to speak. As captivated as I was with her eyes, my gaze was soon drawn to her fabulous breasts prominently displayed from this angle.

“Uh huh, I see that you are more than okay!” I heard her say, and it snapped me from my daze. Guiltily I looked up, expecting to have been caught looking at her breasts, when I followed her own gaze to my lap!

I was surprised by the large wet spot at the front of my pants! It was situated all around the tip of the erection that I hadn’t noticed I had had since our first kiss!

“I didn’t,” I stammered, hoping to God that I hadn’t!

“Come?” she laughed, “Not yet, but I bet you will soon, so let’s get that out of the way!”

I almost blacked out as she leaned up to press me back into the chair before attacking my belt! One hand pressed my groin furiously as the other threaded my belt through the buckle. I could feel my slippery cock head sliding against my underwear and belly as she fumbled with my button. It popped open and my zipper gave way. In a flash my pants were down my ankles and off. Mrs. O’Neil was between my thighs in a heartbeat!

“You are lovely,” she cooed. I looked at her with doubt. “You are so long and lean,” she pushed her palms up my flat, hairless belly, and dragged her nails back, making me jump.

“And with this delicious devil!” she grabbed by throbbing penis to emphasize the last word! I was slick from my own juices almost down my whole length, and I moaned loudly as she dragged her hand down and up slowly.

I could feel her soft breasts through her nightgown pressing on my thighs, and opened my eyes to try to memorize the view!

She caught my gaze and smiled mischievously. Still stroking me with one hand she slowly drew one spaghetti strap and then the other off of her shoulders. She held the nightgown in place and slowly increased the tempo of her strokes.

“Come for me sweetie,” she whispered as she let her nightgown peel down her chest. I can still remember the way time slowed down as the gown rolled down, and her hand slid up. Thick dark nipples pressed out from the center of large areolas. In slow motion her hand pulled my cock down to point at her front. They were the most amazing breasts pendik escort I had ever seen, and combined with the unusual direction she had pulled my cock, it was too much! I felt a pulse start at the base of my skull. An electric shock seemed to wash over my face and down my spine! The hair on my arms and legs stood on end as the pulse traveled through my body and down my penis! I erupted enormously onto Mrs. O’Neil’s incredible bosom! Again and again I spurted as she stroked me between jets. I howled my delight, and eventually dissolved into whimpering as she pressed my cock head against her breasts and across her stiff nipples. I trembled as I came down from the incredible sensations Mrs. O’Neil, Diane, had given to me.

“Oh my, you needed that,” she was saying, demurely dabbing at her chest with a handful of tissues. She got up, her gown stayed fitted to her waist, and she extended her hand to me. Her breasts swayed as she pulled me up, into her arms and a slow sensual kiss. “There, now you feel better and will be a little calmer!” I nodded.

My knees were weak as she guided me to her bedroom. She sat me on the edge of her bed and excused herself to the ensuite bathroom. I sat in a daze until she came back, wiping the last of me off of her breasts with a face cloth.

She pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor before going around to the other side of the bed. gracefully she lay down and beckoned me into her arms.

I lowered myself to her embrace. I kissed her deeply and ran my hands down her sides. I grasped her buttock hard and she moaned into our kiss.

“Help me,” she gasped as she pulled away. I looked down to see her offering her breast to me. In an instant I slid down and popped her nipple into my mouth! She cooed soothingly and cuddled my head to her breast.

I was in heaven as I licked and sucked and kissed her beautiful bosom. I could tell by the way her hips were rolling that Mrs. O’Neil’s needs had begun to shift!

I continued to nurse as I ran my palm up and over her hip. My fingers pressed into her mound as I slid lower. I ran my fingers in slow circles over this area, and was delighted when Mrs. O’Neil’s low moans turned to mewling little wails! I let her nipple out of my mouth long enough to take a nip with my front teeth as I dragged the hem of her gown up as high as I could. I quickly slid my hand under the hem and up her inner thigh. Her legs practically jumped apart and my hand found its way easily to a pair of smooth satiny panties. Panties that were soaking wet! I noticed my own excitement had more than renewed when her leg bumped my stiff cock, smearing us both with yet more of my juices!

I had been rubbing Mrs. O’Neil through her panties. Deftly I went up to the top of them and slid my fingers inside. I luxuriated in the feeling of her wetness from her panties on the back of my hand. I could feel a strip of pubic hair before I found the lovely little ridge I was looking for! I slid my fingers back and forth across the ridge and Mrs. O’Neil began to wail!

“I need you in me!” she gasped before long, “Right now!” In a flurry her gown was discarded and her panties slid down her smooth legs! I didn’t have to be told twice! I climbed above Mrs. O’Neil, and she positioned my drooling cock at her entrance. I did a test push before entering fully into the body of my friend and fantasy, Mrs. Diane O’Neil!

It was exquisite! Ungentlemanly, I collapsed my weight onto her. I felt her slip her arms around my back and she started pushing against me! I remembered then to thrust against her, and we soon had our efforts in time.

I was breathing hard as I nestled my face into the small of her neck, but I still managed to give it a nip and a kiss. Mrs. O’Neil stiffened for a moment and clutched my body hard against her! Her hips began to rock at double speed, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last! I tried to pull out, but she locked her heels behind me, and gasped, “I want to feel it! Please, deep! Fill me up!”

I had no choice. I buried myself deeply into her and gave her everything. The world went black.

During the night we ended up spooned. I remember waking and vaguely remembering where I was. Mrs. O’Neil was curled up into a ball inside my arms. My arm was under her arm and she was grasping my hand to her breast. Exhausted as I was I was quickly falling back asleep. I gave her breast a little squeeze. She made a cute sound hugged my arm closer, and snuggled her ass against my lap. I smiled and fell back into a contented sleep.

I woke in the morning to the smell of coffee and the sound of the shower in the ensuite. The bed was a twisted mess, and Mrs. O’Neil was nowhere to be seen. My hard on quickly returned as I surveyed the scene! I got up and padded to the bathroom. I cracked the door open to a waft of steam from the shower. Silently I padded to the shower. Mrs. O’Neil was inside, with her back to me. In one swift movement I swung the door open and stepped inside.

Mrs. O’Neil squealed delightfully as I pulled her to me and hugged her from behind! She giggled as she reached between her legs to touch my stiff cock that was pressing in the crack of her round bum! She leaned back and I kissed her on the cheek as I fondled her soap covered breasts.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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