Milking You Ch. 03

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You know you better focus on what I just asked or you are more likely to forget the question.

“Well my life is pretty basic. I work in an office job and get paid pretty well. I live in a condo on the east side of town and I get a good view of the sunrise from my window. I don’t have to deal with too much noise from my neighbors except for the ones next door who like to fuck a lot. How I know this is because they are always loud and love to talk dirty to each other. Sometimes when I’m horny and alone I’ll listen in and get off to the sounds of her moaning. Hell even one time they invited me to join them but I declined. But you want to know something. Now that I’ve heard you I’ll never go back to listening to anyone else,” you say.

I find myself blushing a bit as I realize that you heard me earlier. Oh well that’s okay. I thought I was quiet enough but I guess not. Well if you thought that was great just wait until you have me impaled on your cock. Then you really will hear me moaning. I won’t be able to stop myself.

You see me blushing and it makes you smile. You know that I thought that you had no idea about what you heard but you did. You weren’t going to say anything but it just slipped out as you were telling the story. Besides you just know there’s a lot of loud moaning that you have yet to hear from me. But that is going to change very soon.

I am satisfied with that answer but now I am dying to ask the second question. I just have to know the answer to that one.

“So I have another question for you Kevin. I want to know what you are like in bed. Are you wild or mild?” I ask.

Wow that’s a loaded question. You think about it and you know that either way you answer this it’s going to get you hornier than you are right now. Seeing you already revealed about your naughty neighbors and that I told you all about how I like my sexual encounters you figure it’s only fair to dish about your sexual likes.

“Well since we are being honest here when it comes to sex I’m pretty much what some would consider normal. I enjoy burying my face in a wet pussy and getting a good blowjob with the occasional ass play. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not bi sexual by any means. There are just some times that I like to feel something stroking my prostrate when I cum. But seeing it’s really difficult to be quiet and keep that secretive I usually only save that when I haven’t cum in a few days. If you’re wondering how I am with my performance I’m usually good to go at least two rounds before I’m spent. I give as good as I receive. No woman has ever been left unsatisfied I’ll tell you that much. Can’t say I’ve ever really done much of the other stuff you mentioned but I am finding that with you I’m willing to try anything you dish out. So does that satisfy your curiosity my little sexual kitten?” you say.

Oh for sure what I just heard definitely satisfies my curiosity. In fact it’s done better than that. It’s given me a wonderful idea. Knowing that you enjoy the occasional prostrate play I decide to have some fun with you right here on the loveseat. I just know you’ll enjoy it. Of course this play will only be for long enough to make you hard again. Then I think I will take you into my back room and let you fuck me. With a smile I move my hands off your chest and stand up wiggling my ass as I turn and look at you.

You are confused but intrigued as you watch me start to walk away from you. You see my ass wiggling and you let out a wolf whistle letting me know how much you are enjoying the sight before you. Keeping your arm on the back of the couch you wonder what I am up to you.

I see you staring at me and I just wiggle my ass a bit more as the sound of your whistle. Man I love it when I get whistled at. It’s been so long since that’s happened though but still it’s good to hear it every once and while. Turning my gaze back to my plan I eye the object in question that I am dying to use on you. With a smile on my face I walk over to my table picking up the prostrate massager. I’m so glad I brought this. I knew it would come in handy. I then look at the vibrator wondering if I should bring it too. As I stand there I close my eyes for a quick second and picture me using it on you. I could hold it to the underside of your cock with my left hand and tease your prostrate with the massager using my right. Of course I won’t use the vibe on you for very long. I just want to see how you’ll react to it.

It’s true that I’ve never actually used it on a man before. No wait I’ll take that back. I used it once on that one client of mine who wanted me to make him cum using only the vibe. He was a strange fellow. But to be honest I don’t really even count him. So I’ll just say that I’ve never used it on a REAL man before. Yes that’s better. Grabbing the vibe in my other hand I go to turn and walk back towards you. I then remember the lube. Ah yes how I am going to work the massager up your ass without this. Knowing I’m going to need some place to put the lube I set the vibe down real quick and grab it sliding the tube in my pocket. Then I grab the escort ataşehir vibrator and turn back towards you winking as I walk back to you. God this is going to be so fun.

You keep your eyes focused on me as you see me walking back to you. You feel your body respond with each step my feet make. You feel like a naughty little boy right now who is being schooled by his ridiculously hot teacher. You know the one you want to fuck but never get the chance too. The thought excites you. This day/night is getting to be hotter than you ever thought it would be. So many things are happening that you never planned on. And from the look in my eyes you know that I have something in mind for you.

I see you staring right at me. Mmmm that’s good. I don’t want you to so much focus on the toys in my hand. I know that you are so used to playing by yourself that having me use them on you might be quite a shock at first. But I know that you’ll get used to it. In fact I can bet that you’ll be quite addicted to it once I’m done with you. Closer and closer I walk towards you keeping the toys behind my back. I feel so naughty doing this and I love it.

You feel your heart racing faster as I get closer to you. You can clearly see that I am hiding something behind my back but be damned if you know what it is. You know it will be something fun but the question is what. Well I guess you’ll find out soon enough.

I keep holding onto the toys as I reach you. I know that I am going to need for you to get in position for me. That won’t be very hard for me to persuade you to do. Bending down slightly I bring my face right up to yours getting so close that I am in kissing range.

You catch your breath as you feel my face close to yours. You can see everything from my deep brown eyes, to my glasses, and my lips. The lips you long to kiss. The lips that if you lean forward just a bit you’ll be kissing. You long to do it. You ache to do it. Leaning forward just a bit you start to try to kiss me.

Ah I see what you’re trying to do. Nope I’m not going to allow that. Not yet.

“No baby. No kissing yet. I want you to scoot forward, get on one knee on the loveseat, and place your other leg on the floor,” I say.

You are definitely confused now. Why in the hell do I want you to get in that position? You feel like you want to protest but then you remember if you do that I’ll ask you to leave and you won’t get your reward for being such a good boy. Nothing is worth risking that. Pulling back a bit you do as I ask. Moving your body up towards where I was sitting you place your right leg on the loveseat and your left leg on the floor knowing in this position you are open.

I smile as I see that you are very good at taking orders. That’s such a turn on and gives you extra sex points. I let my eyes feast on your naked body as I get behind you on the loveseat. I sit down and place the toys on the floor next to me. I am so nervously excited to be doing this and I can tell you from experience that I am never nervous. Reaching into my pocket I grab the lube and pop open the cap. I just love using this lube. It’s specially made to help ease any discomfort that might be felt. Taking the lube I spread some on my fingers as I let my eyes focus on your taut ass. Do you realize what kind of ass you have? It’s such a spankable one I’ll tell you that.

“You have such a nice ass baby. Very spankable. Now I want you to relax. I’m going to apply some lube to your ass hole. This will help,” I say.

You aren’t sure you heard me right. I’m using lube? It takes only a second for you to realize what I’m going to do. Holy fuck. If you are right I am about to use a toy on you. And even if you’re wrong it doesn’t matter. You’re about to get pleasured once again and that’s all you care about. Taking a deep breath you slowly relax your back and your butt.

I can tell from the way you just reacted that you weren’t expecting this at all. Honestly I wasn’t even expecting to do this but after hearing your story I knew I had too. Bringing my lubed hand up to your ass I rub it around your hole letting my fingers play with you. God this is definitely a new experience for me. Now I know what all those porn stars see in this. I am transfixed by this moment.

You feel my fingers playing as I apply the lube. The feeling of having something there besides your occasional toy is exquisite. It feels so different and so new. You never thought you’d be on your knees with fingers near and inside your hole. Especially not my fingers. You can’t help yourself. You have to moan and let me know how it feels.

“Oh that feels so incredible. So god damn fucking incredible,” you say letting a moan escape at the same time.

I just bet it does. I know for me on my end it’s pretty damn good too. I know I have to get on with the program though. Letting my fingers play a little bit more I pull them away as I reach down next to me. I know you are ready for my prostrate massager. Taking my lubed hand I grab the massager and turn it on. There’s something about this toy that I love kadıköy escort bayan and that’s the fact that it is super quiet. No loud noises will you hear. Only a quiet buzzing sound. It’s awesome. Keeping my voice to a small whisper so that only you can hear I lean forwards just a bit.

“Okay now you are going to feel me slide something in your ass. Don’t be afraid. I promise it’s not a cock. That’s just a joke to loosen you up. Anyways what you are going to feel is my prostrate massager. I’m sure you already know what one is,” I say.

You laugh quietly at the joke. Of course you know there’s no other cock here. Only yours. You love that I said that though. You hear yourself groan as you know that you are about to have a massager inserted inside of you. You, of course, have used a small one before so you know what to expect. But still the idea of having me do it excites you so much. There’s just something about having a willing partner during sexual fun. It makes it all that much better.

I hear you laugh quietly. I am glad that you have such a wonderful sense of humor. Sometimes I do like to crack a joke when I’m working with a new client. It really helps to loosen them up (no pun intended). Okay back to focusing on you right now. Moving back a bit more I readjust my body letting my left leg fall down next to yours as I stretch out my right leg next to your body bringing my hips closer to your back and butt. It’s quite an interesting position I have gotten myself in but for this it’s quite comfortable. Keeping the massager in my right hand I bring my left hand and put in on your back to hold you in place. I then slide the massager forwards angling it just right as I slowly start to insert it inside you.

I can feel the resistance of your body trying to fight off the invader. I knew this was going to happen. Using my left hand I start rubbing your back as I scoot just a little bit closer. I want this to feel like an intimate moment between two lovers and not just a session. I want you to feel absolutely comfortable around me.

You start to grit your teeth as you feel the massager trying to work its way into your ass hole. Even with the lube it’s quite painful seeing you are not used to this size. You start to feel bad for all those women you tried to have anal sex with. No wonder they always cried and told you that it hurt. Of course you never continued with the sex except with that one woman from your work that you were with three nights ago. What’s her name again? Oh yeah Janet. She was all hot to trot when you were eating her out and fucking her. But when she begged for anal and you asked her if she was sure you could tell even though her answer of yes she wasn’t too much. But you gave it to her anyways even though she kicked her feet against the bed. Funny thing is when you tried to stop and pull out she told you to keep going and finish. You didn’t want to make her mad so you did it anyways. And now you feel bad for it.

I can sense you gritting your teeth and I am concerned. Did I read your signals wrong? Do you not want this? I’m not going to force it if you don’t want it. That’s one rule I won’t break. Keeping my hand steady on your back I start easing off with the massager pulling it back just a bit. I need to know if you want this.

“Do you want me to continue Kevin? I’m sensing you’re not comfortable right now. I can stop if you want me too. I was just doing what I though you wanted,” I say.

You are surprised by my words. You’ve never had a woman really be concerned about your sexual needs before. You know that you want this but you need something to help ease and relax your body. You know one thing that would work wonders but you aren’t quite sure you should ask me. But it couldn’t hurt right?

“Yes I want you to continue. But would it be too wild of me to ask if you wouldn’t mind stroking my cock while you do it? I think it would help a lot and to be honest I really want your hand on me again,” you reply.

Well that’s just fine with me. Of course it’s not too wild of you to ask that. I would think if you were trying to insert a toy into my ass I’d want your hand on my pussy. Oh god why did I have to think that? I feel my pussy throb through my panties as that image goes through my mind. It’s so hard holding back. So very difficult for me. You have no idea. But still I would be very happy to stroke your cock right now. I need to touch you again too. I need to feel you get hard in my hand. And I know even though I have the vibe next to my foot I’ll think I will wait until after I get you going. Taking my left hand down from your back I softly stroke your skin feeling your muscles tighten then relax to my touch. It feels so nice to be able to touch you like this. I know it makes it good for me as I know it does for you too.

You moan softly as you let your body start to relax by the feel of my touch. You never knew two people who were practically strangers could share such intimacy like this. It makes you feel so special. You don’t want me to ever stop touching you. It just feels so escort bostancı god damn good. But just as you feel my fingers touching you that one thought that you’ve been trying not to let enter your thoughts suddenly does. And of course with that thought comes just a small bit of doubt. You wonder how many clients before you have had this kind of treatment. How many times have I had my hands on someone else and talked to them just like this? How many guys have I’ve made feel special like this? Great now that you have those thoughts you know you can’t let this continue until you know the answer. You feel like a bastard for asking the question but Damnit you have to know.

“So how many guys have you’ve done this with before? How many have you shared this kind of intimacy with?” you ask.

I stop touching your body as I hear the question. Where in the hell did that come from? Why are you suddenly wanting to know that? I mean it’s really not any of your business to know anyways. It’s true I’ve used the massager on clients before you but I’ve never been this gentle or caring with them before. Most of all my clients just wanted them to insert it up their ass while I was jacking them off. And it’s never been on the loveseat. Always when they were in the glory hole. You are the first one that I’ve ever dared to do it this way with. There’s no sense for you to be concerned.

“Well since you asked you are the first one I’ve ever shared this kind of intimacy with. It’s true I’ve used this toy on others but never like this,” I say.

You feel so ridiculous acting like this. You know you have no reason to feel suspicious of my actions. This is a business after all. Remembering that simple fact you relax and let the doubt leave your mind. It’s still good that I’ve never shared this kind of intimacy with anyone else though. You can’t explain why. You just know that it is.

“Hey sorry I went all crazy for a minute. I sometimes forget why I’m here to see you I guess. Forgive me?” you say.

I smile softly as I let my hand move softly down from your back and onto your arm. I let my fingers play upon your muscles there as I run my hand up then down. I understand perfectly what would have caused that sudden bit of doubt in your mind. This experience is obviously new for you in some sort of way so I totally get it.

“It’s okay. I forgive you. I understand where you’re coming from. But if ever during any time this you want me to stop just tell me okay,” I say.

You smile softly back as you feel glad knowing that I forgive you. But as for wanting to have me stop so you can leave you know for sure that won’t be happening until after you’ve gotten done cleaning my pussy up with your tongue. And besides you can’t forget that you are part of this business now so you’ll be here a lot. Letting your thoughts go back to where they belong you allow yourself to enjoy the fact of feeling my hand on your arm. Darting your eyes over to the left you let out a moan as you watch.

I hear your moan and I let my fingers move a bit faster on your arm. I am so glad that you are back to focusing on the task at hand. It amazes me how worked up you are getting already by just feeling my touch on you. I haven’t even gotten to your cock yet but I can tell I am affecting you. Leaning my face in a bit closer to your body I find you are having quite an effect on me too.

“Where do you want me to touch you next?” I whisper.

You shudder and feel a warm sensation run through your body at the sound of my words. Oh you know exactly where you want my hand right now. You want it stroking hard and fast on your ever hardening cock. You close your eyes as you turn your head back towards the loveseat. You don’t want this moment to ever end.

“Touch me wherever you want. Just keep your hand on me please,” you say.

Oh I have no intentions of moving my hands off your body. I am becoming too high from just being around you to stop now. Letting my hand move down off your arm I snake my hand underneath as I plant my fingers on your chest flatting them. I let a moan escape from my lips as I start running my hand up and down. God your chest feels so good. You are so strong and so manly. As I touch you I feel a warm sensation running though my own body. I feel it enter though the top of my head and leave though the tips of my toes. I suddenly find myself shuddering.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” I whisper.

You hear my words and my moan. You know I am feeling the same way you are now. It’s such a unique feeling. Like a warm blanket covering your entire body. You don’t know what it’s called but you don’t give a fuck. You just want me to continue. Reaching forward you grab onto the loveseat with your right hand causing your back to arch just a little bit.

I feel your back arch and I easily readjust myself by just moving my right leg up a bit further onto the seat bending it slightly at the knee. I feel my breathing start to increase as I slowly run my fingers down your chest. I am getting so close to your cock now and I know you are probably quite hard again. Fuck I am so excited to find out. Closing my own eyes I move my hand down lower feeling my fingers come into contact with your hair. I moan softly again as I let my fingers move just a little bit lower as the tips come into contact with your hardness. I knew it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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